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Chapter 127 -> Zhui Hun, the armed escort


The incident was so sudden which left everyone, including Thunder and Lin Detian stunned for a moment. They actually couldn’t even react, only heard the sound of three hidden weapons fell to the ground.

“What just happened?”

Even though they had night vision device, but still they totally failed to catch these flying hidden weapons in the darkness, whose speed was equal to the speed of a bullet in general. However, if it were not Ye Feng, who had made a prompt move and got rid of them, then the life of Lin Detian should be considered as done for, since these hidden weapons had certainly targeted his life.

Until the landing sound of these weapons echoed everywhere, Thunder and the remaining NSA soldiers couldn’t even notice a thing. After that sound, they looked down through their night vision devices and saw few weapons lying on the ground, around Lin Detian’s feet, which immediately brought a huge change in their complexion.

Someone wanted to Lin Detian!

Although, the remaining 29 NSA soldiers didn’t even get any direct order from Thunder, but still, they instantaneously ran up to the side of Lin Detian at the same time and surrounded him tightly. Meanwhile, they also withdrew their various kinds of precision equipment, and thus by this way they immediately entered the highest garrison state.

Soon, a high-alt.i.tude flashlight bomb shot, which lit the surrounding several kilometres of area up in a flash. Now, it could be clearly seen that the area, almost a kilometre away from the factory, was extremely shabby and had totally deteriorated, the entire periphery was also piled up with tall overgrown weeds.

In addition, those eight hairy freaks had been shot and slain, and their corpses were sprawled on the ground, accompanied by two overturned military trucks, which were also in a huge mess, with several parts scattered everywhere.

While on the other side, intelligently, by taking advantage of this light, Lin Detian lowered his head and as soon as he saw three sharp knives lying around his feet, he gawked.

“The armed escort, Zhui Hun?”

Actually, he recognised the ident.i.ty of the opposite party at once!

“Chief, did you recognize him?”

Thunder’s complexion suddenly dignified : “I had heard around five years ago, there was a man, named Zhui Hun, who was known as the great armed escort, was a cut-throat killer of this arena, and had a very special expertise in killing people while being invisible. Later on, especially, he was listed by the government as the most wanted criminal, however, ever since that announcement, he vanished without leaving any trace ……”

“Correct, I had never thought he would unexpectedly appear at a place like this.”

Lin Detian frowned as he said that, then he raised his head and looked ahead around twenty meters away where Ye Feng was. This young masked man had such a terrific capability to stop the sneak attack of that armed escort, and on top of that, in the midair, and that also quite easily, his martial arts skill was indeed remarkable!

The armed escort, Zhui Hun?

At this moment, Ye Feng’s Soul Search Technique was still active, therefore, he easily heard the conversation between Lin Detian and Thunder, from quite afar. Now he was aware that this time, the enemy was the master of hidden weapon, and was also the most wanted criminal. Apparently, he must be one the puppets of Cai Shaohong.

Cai Shaohong must have known this armed escort from quite a long time, and most probably, he would have relied on him at the time of the extermination of Southern Heavenly Gate. As a profound cultivator and the great master of the hidden weapon technique, exterminating a gang of the secular world, wouldn’t have been a big deal for him.

Holding a long golden sword, Ye Feng was looking around, all alert from the surrounding, so that if any suspicious character would enter his 100 meters of range, he would immediately act!

Moreover, just a moment ago, Lin s.h.i.+qing, who was thrown on the ground by him, got hurt in her b.u.t.tocks, and as a reflex action, she couldn’t endure but lightly produce a “hissing” sound.

However, she was not that kind of pampered and spoiled young lady. She recovered at once, by propping her hands against the ground, she stood up, but her captivating silhouette appeared somewhat weak. Immediately she threw her glances all around, and shouted out: “Where is Xiao Qi?”

She had already caught her breath, and now suddenly she thought of her best friend, wasn’t she brought here, then she would be certainly in danger, right?

Seeing that his father, Lin Detian was almost, her heart was already hopping crazily, how couldn’t she think about Xiao Qi, who was already going through lots of sufferings? If it were not that nearby standing masked man who rescued her, she would certainly have also suffered a mishap.

Quietly, she looked at Ye Feng who was standing nearby at present, holding a long golden sword, and suddenly she thought that having this kind of courageous masked man around could really render a very strong sense of security.

Who exactly was he after all?

Why did he wear a face mask?

She was really ashamed of herself for completely misunderstanding him before…………..

“Jee Jee.”

Zhui Hun’s gloomy voice echoed in all directions, like a ghost : “Where is that young lady of Xiao Clan, shouldn’t you ask this from the person who is standing next to you, Miss Lin?”

As soon as she heard his words, she couldn’t help but look sideways towards Ye Feng, her beautiful facial cast at once got infected with a hint of doubt.

Without waiting for the people to respond, he continued saying hazily : “Mo Jiuge, indeed your stratagem and strategy are worth praising, who could have thought that you have been planning this for quite a long. However, in the end, you betrayed Miss Long, didn’t you? Now, your new plan is to take hold of this young lady of Lin Clan, right? Pretty good, Jie Jie, whether it is martial arts world or common world, you want to be on the top in both areas, by reaching the highest power point, which is just round the corner ……”

These words fell and all of a sudden gave a powerful shock to everyone present on the scene.

Subconsciously, Lin s.h.i.+qing drew back a few steps, simultaneously, somewhat alarmed, she gazed at Ye Feng with a bit of bewildered expression. However, not very far away, Lin Detian, Thunder and all the soldiers of the NSA suddenly buckled up, their spirit also rose up all at once, even more than before.

Could it be that this masked man and that armed escort were fellow accomplices?

It seemed that everything was already vividly explained!

Killing Cai Shaohong? Destruction of evidence? And currently, at this moment, he appeared to rescue Lin s.h.i.+qing, didn’t he?

No matter what Cai Shaohong had done here in this country, at present, the goal of this masked man was crystal clear: Approaching Lin Clan! Hearing the rumour that Cai Shaohong was Lin s.h.i.+qing’s beloved, this kind of hindrance for the ambitious masked man, Mo Jiuge, was certainly very baffling, so naturally wouldn’t he try all means to get rid of him?

However, no one could see that under the white grimace face mask, Ye Feng was also little disturbed and suddenly frowned.

It was obvious enough that Zhui Hun’s words had instantly implanted the conflicting views in the minds of everyone and had also distracted their focal point, making the attention of everyone including Lin Detian s.h.i.+ft from him to Ye Feng. It was an undisguised trap, and he also turned out very successful in establis.h.i.+ng it!

However, this guy, how could he know the relations.h.i.+p between Ye Feng and Long Wan’er? Could it be that this guy had seen Li Hua of Heavenly Sword Palace before?

Since it was totally impossible for Long Clan to publicise this matter outside. Besides, his relations.h.i.+p with Long Wan’er, it was also known to Ye Wentian, but it was highly unlikely that he would leak this matter out. Hence, it could only be inferred that this matter had spread only from the mouth of that crazy and perverted man, Li Hua. It seemed that soon the whole martial arts world would know this matter ……

Naturally, this thing didn’t matter to Ye Feng at all, as he could see that it was the ident.i.ty of Mo Jiuge which was misunderstood here. At present, the vital matter of this moment was he must find and kill Zhui Hun, otherwise keeping such a profound hidden weapon master, lurking around in the shadows, would definitely let people have sleepless nights.

“Cut the c.r.a.p.”

In a lower voice he said that and suddenly grabbed Lin s.h.i.+qing standing nearby him. Then he looked ahead towards Thunder and Lin Detian : “Don’t move heedlessly, just ensure your safety, that would be pretty enough.”

Ye Feng was disinclined to explain anything, just uttered two or three sentences which were also inexplicable. He believed that as one of the senior officials of the country, Lin Detian would have understood by now that what he was supposed to do in this situation.

“Remain on standby, and stay alert all the time!”

Indeed as expected, Lin Detian was very an experienced and attentive person, therefore, without further ado, he promptly issued an order. Even though he saw his daughter, Lin s.h.i.+qing was captured by Ye Feng right before his eyes, but still, he maintained a calm face, without letting any disturbing thoughts take over his mind. Whatever the goal of this masked man was, at least for now, he was on the same where they all were.

And the current situation was their opponent Zhui Hun was hiding somewhere in a secret place!

Meanwhile, Lin s.h.i.+qing, whose arm was tightly held by Ye Feng, also started struggling : “You let me go!”

Afterall, she was young, her temperament wasn’t as calm as her father, Lin Detian.

“Less wordy.”

Naturally, Ye Feng had grabbed her, just because he wanted to use her as a hostage, so as to avoid the attack of any advanced hidden equipment of the NSA soldiers, which could make him incautiously meet with a disaster.

Single-handedly, he slipped his hand around her soft slender waist, and immediately his Zhenqi started moving under his foot, and the next moment, Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace was cast out.

Since it seemed that Zhui Hun wouldn’t show up on his own, therefore now, Ye Feng really needed to act on his own initiative, to track him down. He already had Soul Search Technique in his command which was equal to having the precision radar of hundred meters of range. As soon as the opposite party entered his hundred meters scope, he could never escape from his keen sensation.

Holding her body, all of a sudden Ye Feng’s stature vanished right in front of everyone, just like a ghost in the night sky.

“Over there!”

Hastily, Ye Feng dashed towards the direction of the factory, by depending upon his Soul Search Technique, instantaneously he sensed the presence of a person hiding in the thick bushes, besides, his position was quite covert. Without a doubt he was Zhui Hun for sure!

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