Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 96

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Chapter 96 "Bai Xiachen's Friends"

Little Rice was surprised by this because he didn't expect to return so soon when they had only just come out.

While the baby tiger was in busy contemplating, Bai Xiachen went ahead to toss the letter at him before standing up. First patting his trousers to remove the dirt, the boy then heads for the outside.

“Little Master, where are you going?” Little Rice asked.

Stopping in his step, Bai Xiachen frowns up: “Last time, w.a.n.g Xiaopeng (fatty kid) from next door invited me to visit his home. Now that I’m leaving, I can’t just go without saying goodbye to him. Then there is also his younger sister, w.a.n.g Xiaotong. Yesterday she said she wanted to become my wife. Although I don't want to marry her, but if I leave without saying a word, she will definitely a.s.sume I backed out due to fear."

Speaking up to the end, the boy's mood became ever more depressing.

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He never had a single companion around his age back at the Holy Island where their dainty little cabin stood, but now, he finally made some new friends only to be separated a few days later….

“Little Master, I remember w.a.n.g Xiaopeng gave you a golden bracelet as a gift. If you are going to bid farewell then shouldn't you also bring a gift too?" Little Rice kindly reminds the boy.

Sure enough, Bai Xiachen lightly tapped his own head in realization.

“I actually forgot to bring a gift for w.a.n.g Xiaopeng, how careless of me. But then my last piece of beef jerky is gone thanks to you…. Bad kitty! Now I can only give him my candy beans. I don't even know if he will like it or not…"

Not minding it, Little Rice swiftly ran over to the boy's side and rummaged through the pockets. From Bai Xiachen's possession, he picked out two bottles that he deemed safe to consume.

“These two bottles contain Dan pills that are only of the supportive type, making them safe to eat for a normal human. Don't mix them up, otherwise the other stuff will kill them!"

Dan pills are divided into two types. One was directly treating a person's wound, the other helping to support a person in their cultivation.

The former naturally cannot be taken at any time. If they are taken on a constant basis, the human body will explode due to the extreme effects. In contrast, the supporting types aren't so overwhelming because they are meant to supplement one's lack of talent when training, thus making them idea to be used on regular intervals. Of course, the time frame varies between person and medicine.

Bai Xiachen blinked and blinked: “Little Rice, you stay and don’t come with me then. w.a.n.g Xiaopeng is afraid of you."

Hearing this, the baby tiger made an accusing look at the boy, saying he's abandoning his friend for a girl.

But Bai Xiachen didn’t care. s.n.a.t.c.hing the two bottles up, he soon disappeared from the doorway, leaving only Little Rice staring at his direction in a grumpy fas.h.i.+on…

The w.a.n.g family's home wasn't far at all, its the very building that's separated by a single wall next door. Therefore, he only needs to take a short stroll outside to reach his destination.

Because of this reason, the w.a.n.g’s family guard knew exactly who this little guy was due to his constant visits recently and allowed pa.s.sage. However, the moment Bai Xiachen entered through the doorway, his ears immediately picked up the screaming roar of his friend from the distance.

“Hey! Hey! Father, quit hitting me! I've been framed!"

A ball-like figure practically rolled out of the building inside. Then from behind, a middle-aged man with a stick swiftly came chasing like a dog pursuing a chicken in the field.

“Stinking boy, and here I was wondering where your sister's underwear went, so it was you who s.n.a.t.c.hed it up! Today, if I don’t kill you then I will follow your last name!" w.a.n.g Deqiu's (the father) was obviously quite angry right now based on how steaming he was.

“Father, I’ve really been framed! How can I do such a beast like thing?" While the chubby kid was still trying to flee, he suddenly took notice to Bai Xiachen standing at the doorway. Lighting up in his eyes, "Xiachen! Quick, save me! My father likes you so he will definitely listen to your words."

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