Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 94

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Chapter 94 "Little Bai Xiachen's Been Exposed?"

Looking aggrieved in her face, Lan Xiaoyun had no choice but to follow behind her grandfather in this case. However, with every three step she took, she made sure to look back once. Then in her final moment, the troublemaker pumps a fist as a gesture of encouragement….

“You…” Bai Yan had just turned around when a cold hard lip pressed in against hers.

Together at last, their intimate figure was so beautiful that it's no understatement to call this a masterpiece.

“You still owe me seven kisses.” After a long and intoxicating kiss, he finally relented.

“Di Cang!” Bai Yan was a little angry now, “What the h.e.l.l are you doing here?”

“To kiss you,” the reply was smooth and shameless. "If I ever find out you've been secretly keeping my son from me… I will have you pay me back with a total of ten sons!"

Ten sons?

Does this guy take me for a breeding mare or something?

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Sneering in her voice: “Considering your status and ident.i.ty, there should be plenty of woman who's willing you give you a son. Why are you so insistent on haunting me?"

“So far, only you do not disgust me.”

Also, only this woman can make his manhood get a reaction.

A beam of frost flickered across Bai Yan’s eye. This man… only because I don't disgust him?

“There are so many women in this world, how can you claim I'm the only one who wouldn't disgust you? What if you encounter another in the future?" Making a sarcastic snicker, Bai Yan continued: "Then what, have me share a husband with another woman? Unfortunately for you, I will never share my man with anyone!"

After leaving behind this sentence, she no longer bothered to look at the man behind herself; instead, she turns to walk for the inner part of the courtyard.

Watching the departing figure, Di Cang's forehead inexplicably turned into a knot like a confused husband: "What did I say that's wrong here?"

This woman has quite the temper…. Seriously, when did I say she will share a husband?

While still standing on the side, the guards that came with him only had their heads lowered, too afraid to speak. However, they definitely had a lot to say right now.

Oh lord, that's not how you pursue a woman! How can you say you like her just because she doesn't disgust you? There's no woman in this world who would agree to that! That's pretty much what the guards were screaming in their heads.

“Your Highness…”

All of a sudden, a man dressed in black descends from the sky, his tone respectful as he spoke: "I've just finished my investigation. It's as you suspected, Miss Yan has a close relations.h.i.+p with the mistress (Hualuo) of the Flower Brothel. According to what I found, it's said that Hualuo was saved by Miss Yan several years ago and has since swore her allegiance to the lady."

This secret was no easy matter to discover because only those closely related to Hauluo would know this truth.

“And….” The man in black continues with his report, “Through my investigation, I found out Hualou recently bought a certain estate in the city not long ago."

Sneering, Di Cang's eye lit up with glee: “Bai Yan, this time, I like to see what sort of excuse you will make for me…"


In the eastern part of the city where the street was bustling with life, Bai Zheng Xiang was currently standing in front of a certain manor with his eyes staring intently at the doorway.

A little while later, a guard walked out from the inside: "Please go back Lord Bai, my little master doesn't wish to meet you."

Sure enough, the man's expression was a little disappointed at the news.

“This… then can I inquire about whether or not your little master is Miss Hualuo?"

A few days ago, he had already learned about the Flower Brothel buying out this manor, and according to his information, the one to carry out the task was one of the "Guardians" working directly under Hualuo.

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