Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 "Bai Zhi Becomes a Joke"

Despite being in the midst of the afternoon, the guards can only feel their skin s.h.i.+vering as the winds around them became colder and colder.

“Your Highness!” First patting her skirt to remove some of that dirt, Bai Zhi then shyly started to fiddle with her dress: "I wish to ask for your forgiveness. I didn't see you earlier, that's why I was so careless."

Maybe it's due to that charming and shy voice, but Di Cang finally moved his attention to the girl in question.

“Who are you?” The man's dominant voice was damp and cold, leaving Bai Zhi freezing up on the spot.

“Your-Your Highness, I… We-we met at the banquet before from the other night. I’m your fiancée.”

How can he not know who I am?

What used to be indifference in the man's face was now that of surprise after hearing her statement.

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“Little Yan Yan, did you put on a disguise?" Di Cang's lip curved into a smirk, "Unfortunately, I still prefer your original look better… With this new face, I fear I might become impotent due to fright."


The guards that came with him nearly couldn't keep their composure up and literally had to choke on their own urge to laugh. If they didn't know Di Cang's personality so well, they will no doubt be fooled into believing that superb acting skill portrayed by their lord today.

Pfff, seriously, at the very least this young girl is good enough to be called a fresh flower, but to be insulted like that, talk about cruel!

"Your Highness…" Pinching her lips together, a layer of water was starting to form on those eyes: "You've confused me with someone else. I am Bai Zhi from the Bai family."

It’s Bai Yan again, that b.i.t.c.h! What's so good about her to warrant such obsession from Lord Cang? But it matters not anymore. With Her Highness the Queen backing me, there's no way Lord Cang would dare refuse the arrangement.

Di Cang’s face promptly turned dark. From those seductive eyes, a spark of cruel and savageness starts to emulate out of those irises. “You are not little Yan Yan? You got some nerve to be impersonating my fiancée. You there, guard, what's the punishment for someone pretending to be a member of the royal family?"

“To answer Your Highness's question, the heaviest penalty is the death sentence for the entire family clan, the lightest being imprisonment inside the prison!"

Impersonating a royal family member?

Bai Zhi widened her eyes in disbelief, her lips trembling from fright: "No, I'm not pretending! I have here the Queen's decree. You cannot disobey her order!"

"Queen?" Di Cang's smile was cold and cruel: "The Queen herself is already banished to the Cold Palace so how can her decree still hold weight?"


Like an explosion inside her head, Bai Zhi's complexion instantly went white without an ounce of blood left in there.

Losing her balance due to her legs giving way, she was ready to fall again when her hands managed to catch onto the closest tree. Only like that does she manage to stay upright.

“No… I don’t believe you! How can Her Highness suddenly be banished to the Cold Palace? All of you must be lying to me!"

When it came to the last part of her sentence, that piercing cry was borderline crazy. Beads of tear came pouring out like rain drops.

There's no way I'm going to believe this. If it's true, then what's going to happen to my marriage?

“Immediately send her to the prison." Di Cang's smile had turned outright evil at this point, "Also, inform the world that Bai Zhi is impersonating herself as my fiancée to spread lies as well as having ill intentions for me. The crime is enough to warrant the death sentence to her entire clan, but thanks to Bai Yan's leniency, I will let this incident slide for now. If there's a second time, none of the Bai House family members will live to see another day!"

In the end, all strength had left Bai Zhi's body after hearing that statement. Squatting down to the ground after losing her bearing, she bit her lips and erupted an intense hatred in her eyes.

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