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Chapter 88 "Depose the Queen (1)"


As if being injected with adrenaline, Ning Dai promptly scurried up from the ground after recalling this key flaw: "Lord Cang, if you say Bai Yan's man is you, then who's the one that eloped with her six years ago? Explain that to me."

It's no secret that he's been inside the kingdom for the past few years, making it physically impossible for him to have eloped back then.

"And you people seen it with your own eyes that Bai Yan eloped with someone?" Using that bloodthirsty gaze, he provocatively scanned the audience here, paralyzing each individual as he did so.

It's exactly as he said, none had seen it at all. Regarding this point, it's all hearsay.

There's another reason underneath?

“Enough!” Nangong Yuan slammed the table with his hand in annoyance, “Queen, have you not shamed yourself enough? Go back immediately for self-reflection. Without my order, you are not to leave your quarters!"

A bit white in her complexion, Ning Dai shakily bowed her head in acceptance: "I-I understand…."

However, just as she's turning away to leave, a cold numbing voice chimed in again.

“When did I say the matter is finished after she tried to decide my marriage?”

Stunned, Nangong Yuan became tied in his voice: “Lord Cang, this woman may be foolish and ignorant, but she's still the mother of the crown prince. If I depose her now, it will be unfavorable to the kingdom's stability in the future."

Smirking a cruel and merciless smile: “And what does that have to do with me?"

It's exactly like Di Cang said. Even if the entire Liu Hou kingdom burns up in flame, it has nothing to do with him.

Nangong Yuan gently closes his eyes. For a long while, he did not say anything nor do anything, but once he did, his eyes were stern and decisive: "Someone come, drag the former queen away for the Cold Palace. She is not allowed to leave nor is anyone allowed to visit her!"

In that moment, Ning Dai couldn't even keep herself upright and nearly fell over to the ground. With disbelief in her eyes, she screams, “Your Majesty!”

His Majesty would actually obey Lord Cang's command, how can this be….?

“What are you all standing there still? Go and drag her away!" Standing up, he lowers his head a bit at Di Cang, "Lord Cang, is this fine then?"


Di Cang snickered at the question. To dare arrange his marriage, how can he - the king do the demon realm - quell his anger just like that?

Retracting his cold eyes, he strode towards his mobile throne and sat down, "Go to the Lan House!"

Howling in acknowledgement, the wolf pack immediately took to the sky without turning back and pulled their master along with them.

Now that the death G.o.d himself was gone, Nangon Yuan could finally exhale a sigh of relief. It's unsure when it happened, but only now did the man notice his back's been drenched in sweat like his forehead.

Likely becoming aware of the shocked eyes from the ministers, Nangong Yuan hurried to call out: "The meeting is adjourned for today!" At that, he left too without uttering another word to anyone.

Regardless of the unexpected ending, after today's incident, the news of the King himself fearing the Sovereign Prince will spread like wild fire in the kingdom.


Just before the end of the court meeting today in the throne room, the news of Bai Zhi being bestowed upon the Sovereign Prince had spread across the city.

Many women were envious of her, but more were leaning towards hatred than anything else. Not like they can do anything though when the girl had a crown princess as a sister.

At this moment while the outside world was going all turbulent, Bai Yan was rather quite relaxed inside the Lan estate. Leaning against a bench inside the pavilion, she was busy reading through a letter she received from a messenger pigeon.

The content went as following: "Mother, I heard my father is going to marry that bad woman from the Bai House. If he's willing to marry such a bad woman then he must have horrible eyesight. In the end I still like G.o.dfather more…."

Then at the bottom corner was the name signature: Your sweetest and most handsome good son Bai Xiachen.

Due to Bai Yan forbidding him from coming to find her, Bai Xiachen can only rely on such letters to converse with his mother.

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