Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 "The Queen Summon"

From the moment she stepped through the door, Bai Yan had already known the old queen's been poisoned.

It's just that the toxin was the type to activate slowly, hence the reason why the patient herself didn't realize this.

“My dear, what you mean is…” she frowns. The dowager herself wasn't stupid so she quickly understood what the la.s.s was hinting at.

“It’s best Your Highness look for a trustworthy alchemist to check on your body. Remember, it must be a alchemist. Ordinary doctors can't discern your condition."

In truth, Bai Yan only needs a single Dan pill to resolve the poison inside the old queen. But this place was the palace, she has no intention of doing anything extremely eye catching here.

Sure enough, the dowager began to contemplate the issue at hand that she didn't even notice Bai Yan departing from the premise.

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However, as soon as Bai Yan came out of the Peace Wing, a palace maid ends up blocking her path.

Dressed in a pink dress, this servant had quite the ego with how high she raised her chin: "Miss Bai, Her Highness the Queen demands your presence."

“So I'm supposed to go over just because she says so?” Bai Yan shoots a glance at the girl, her lips provocative with that smirk: "And who does she think she is?"

Flushed with anger, the maid cries out: “This is Her Highness's order, are you going to disobey?"

p.r.i.c.king her brow, Bai Yan remains unfazed: "It's possible for her to meet me, she just needs to come for herself. I will be waiting at the palace garden."


The palace maid had never seen anyone dare to refuse an order like this. Just as her veins were popping out of her forehead, the bone chilling voice of Bai Yan's tongue suddenly exploded beside her ear.


Want to meet me? Alright, you can come in person!

Losing her breath under the hot searing sun, the palace maid looked on in astonishment at the departing back of that gorgeous red figure. Gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth, the only thought running through the girl's mind right now was to inform her mistress of this.

In the back garden, flowers are fragrant and blooming as Bai Yan took her seat inside the pavilion. Leaned against one of the pillars, she crossed her legs and used this brief moment of calm and serenity to enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery. For if she doesn't, that arrogant figure stomping her way over will soon break this wonderful atmosphere….

As beautiful as that face was, this newcomer clearly had anger in her eyes. And beside this queen, there's Bai Ruo with her usual pretentious face of worry.

Worry? More like gloating is the better term here.

“Bai Yan!”

Ning Dai didn't need to search at all for Bai Yan. Livid in her face, the enraged queen screams at the guards nearby: "How dare you! This is the palace, you think you can disobey me? Someone come, take this woman away for punishment!"

“Mother,” Bai Ruo quickly grabs at the queen's hand and shook her head. "Please, my sister here is only doing this because she resents me. I beg you to show mercy." At that, she promptly turns around to wink at Bai Yan like she's trying to give a signal, "Sister, hurry and apologize to my mother. This time we are here to inform you of a happy occasion so you should rejoice."

“Happy occasion?” p.r.i.c.king her brow, Bai Yan's smile remains unchanged: "It can't be that Her Highness the Queen here wishes to remarry?"

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