Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 "The Queen Dowager's Summon (2)"

Besides, there are still her enemies inside the palace.

Phoenix Wing.

A certain woman was currently lying on the couch in a lazy fas.h.i.+on, nevertheless, the temperament and yellow dress gave proof to her prestigious status.

“Your Highness, the crown princess seeks an audience." A palace maid carefully enters the room and performs a bow.

Taking the teacup from the maid's hand beside her, Ning Dai first took a sip before speaking, "Let her in."

“Yes, Your Royal Highness,” the maid retreats to carry out the order.

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No later than a few moments, Bai Ruo had entered the room under the guidance of the palace maid.

“Child greets Mother.” Partially on her knee, Bai Ruo's head remains low as she spoke using the softest and most pleasant voice she can muster.

"Hurry and rise my dear, what matters do you have to come find me today?" Her soothing hand reaches out to gesture the end of the formality.

Hearing this, Bai Ruo's releases the most enchanting smile and slowly walks up to the queen.

“Mother, the first thing is of course to come pay my morning greetings to you, but I also got another matter I need to consult with you. I heard the queen dowager had summoned my sister Bai Yan into the palace."

“Bai Yan?”

Upon hearing this name, Ning Dai's face promptly turned into a frown as a disgusted light overtook her eyes.

“A woman who is not clean and chast would dare step into our palace door? It can't be that you also want to meet that woman?"

Showing an uncomfortable look, Bai Ruo silently nods under that forceful gaze from the queen. "We are after all sisters. She may hold a lot of opinions of me for stealing His Highness away, but I still wish to ask Mother you to grant me this audience with her."

“You stealing? Bai Yan actually dares to think like that?" Ning Dai (Queen) slammed the table with her hand, "I and Yi (Crown Prince) already didn't mind the fact that she was a useless person to begin with, but now she has the nerve to tarnish the royal family's name? It's clearly her who's at fault here and she still wish to pin the blame on you?"

“Mother please settle your anger." Bai Ruo hastily gets on her knee, her voice sobbing, "Sister is young and immature back then. It's not her fault. If anyone is to blame then it's I for not being there to stop her in time. Because of that, she did something so degrading…"

From the queen's annoyed face, a sigh came of this: "Forget it then, you don't need to take responsibility for her."

“Thank you, Mother.” Slowly getting up, Bai Ruo continues on with her act, “No matter how much my sister misunderstands me, I will forgive her because my mother always taught me sisterly love is absolutely important."

What a good sisterly love!

Years ago it was her who framed Bai Yan, it was her who pushed her to the cusp of destruction, and it was her who took everything that's hers.

“And… there's something I'm not sure if I should say."

“My dear, you have no need to hold back, go ahead and speak your mind. No what happens you will have me behind your back."

Obviously Ning Dai was very satisfied towards this daughter-in-law of hers. And if her son, the Crown Prince of the Liu Huo kingdom, did marry Bai Yan back then, there's no doubt in her mind she would go mad by the fact!

Biting her lips, “I plead for mother to make sister His Highness's concubine!"

“What?” Ning Dai became furious, "An unclean b.i.t.c.h like that, how can she become a member of the royal family?"

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