Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 302

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Chapter 302

Chapter 302 “The Broken-Hearted Di Xiao Wan (3)”

The false fact that Bai Yan eloped with a man five years ago was undeniably a humiliating event for the Lan House; therefore, it also indirectly effected Dong Roulan too whenever she returned to the Dong House for a visit.


Unforgiving and unyielding, there were no mercy shown here by the demon princess in her ability to dish out a punis.h.i.+ng slap.

Because of the force involved, Fu Bao Yun (shameless woman) was actually sent flying out like a rolling pin this time. Different from Bai Yan’s kick but just as deadly.

Watching the abhorrent figure lying there on the ground, Bai Yan finally stepped in: “Xiachen, go call both elders out here for me. If they won’t get justice for my aunt today then I will have their Dong House turned upside down!”

In response to that statement, the

baby boy only had sympathy for these foolish people, especially at the cowardly man that’s standing there.

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“Mother, I will go right away.”

After saying this, Bai Xiachen immediately dashed out of his mother’s embrace and headed for the inside. Before long, that tiny body was gone from view.

“Do you think I will be afraid of those two old fools?” Climbing up from the ground by gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth, Fu Bao Yun simply doesn’t learn: “What are you still standing there for?! Did you not see her hitting me? GO TEACH HER A LESSON!”

Before Dong Ruo Qin (cowardly man) could say anything else to his wife’s order, their attention pulled to their back by the distant small figure running back over….

“Mother,” without delay, the baby boy had already pounced back into his mother’s arm. That angelic face delightfully bright as

as he spoke, “Did I do well? I also called for this ugly dragon to come over too.”

Normally Bai Xiachen would simply ignore such a ugly creature, but since this was about supporting his Auntie Xiaoyun, it’s only proper they boaster their aura to intimidate the other side.

“Grawrrrr,” working in coherent with his master, the Gla.s.s Dragon starts growling aloud to send the shameless woman straight back to the ground.

To be clear, the dragon made no attempt to scare anyone else here, simply the woman because he disliked her for that insult earlier.

“Be good, behave yourself,” patting the dragon on the head like a boss, Bai Xiachen timely stepped in before anything more could occur. “If you perform well today then I will give you some snacks as reward.”

Why did he hate the dragon before? It’s because he didn’t want another mouth trying to s.n.a.t.c.h

to s.n.a.t.c.h his food away from the already limited portions Bai Yan was willing to give.

It’s fine if this dragon was good looking, at least he can boaster his ranks with something nice, but he’s so ugly. There’s no way Bai Xiachen would want to share if he’s of no use.

“Cousin,” Lan Shaoyan (second male cousin) awkwardly rubbed the back of his head, “We’ve really troubled you this time to make you come so far.”

Neither pleased nor angry at the formality, Bai Yan only showed a faint smile at her bigger cousin’s demeanor: “Aunt is my family so of course I have to get involved.”

Looking at that brilliant face, Lan Shaoyan (second male cousin) was surprisingly shy. Coughing twice to clear the mood, he averts his gaze before he himself.

“Fu Bao Yun!” Just as the mood was calming down, a sudden roar from the back from the back instantly riled up the shameless woman on the ground. It was Dong Tian Ling (old lord) who came running out.

This was not all that surprising for Fu Bao Yun (shameless woman) to be taken aback by her father-in-law’s holler. Ever since she married into the family, not a single person would dare roar at her so this would be the first.

“Fu Bao Yun!” Surging with anger in his eyes, the old lord was practically screaming at this point, “You not only hurt my daughter, you even deceived us by giving her some fake medicine. What do you have to say for yourself?!”

Shockingly enough, Fu Bao Yun showed no fear nor repentance at the interrogating words shooting her way, only a mocking sneer like she has done no wrong.

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