Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 255

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Chapter 255 "Cheeky Bai Zheng Xiang (1)"

Bai Zheng Xiang's heart would always ache in pain whenever the thought of how close he came to taking owners.h.i.+p of the Flower Brothel.

If not for this wretched woman, would Bai Yan hate me, hate the Bai House so much? It's all her fault that I can't use my positon as the father to make claim to that organization!

Bai Ruo sneered: “Based on what can she not let me and my son go? Based on Di Cang's backing? Too bad, it won't be long before Di Cang surrenders before me! Without that man's backing and the Flower Brothel in ruins, how can she still challenge me then?"

Regardless of what status of power an organization was in, it's still divided into ranks. For the Demon Beast Sect, it's considered to be at the top of the middle cla.s.s.

As for the three otherworldly sects that stands at the top of the pyramid, they are not even in the equation for Bai Ruo.

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What does it mean to be otherworldly? It's to be above the struggles of the mortal world and those who dwell in it.

Startled by her daughter's statement, the man urgently inquires for more: "Is what you say true?"

“Father, have you heard of the Demon Beast Sect?” Going vicious in her eyes, Bai Ruo was practically seething with poison in her tongue: "My husband had just gotten word that the Demon Beast Sect is very interested in my son Lin and will be coming over to our kingdom very soon. By that time, it's a certainty that my son will become the main disciple of the sect leader."

Despite her claim, the real purpose of those people coming was for the destined child, not her son. But a mother has her ways, and Bai Ruo had twisted the story to suit her needs as she deemed fit.

“Sister, is it really true that the Demon Beast Sect is eyeing my nephew?" Scrambling up from the floor, Bai Zhi was filled with excitement in her eyes.

“Of course, my son Lin is the ruler of the animals in this world. For him to attract the attention of the Demon Beast Sect is nothing to be surprised about," Bai Ruo nods to reaffirm the girl.

“If that's the case, doesn't that mean Di Cang would abandon Bai Yan and take me as his wife instead?" How disgraceful. Even now Bai Zhi still hasn't dispelled the notion of marrying the man yet.

This instantly causes Bai Ruo to break out into laughter: “Oh sister, you can prepare yourself to be a bride then. Even if he's not an opponent for the Demon Beast Sect, I still want him by our side. He will make a fine addition as a protector to my son."

“As for the Flower Brothel, it’s too much of a pity to destroy it," raising a smirk, "Mother, you should get ready too for taking over that place. Everything will be ours soon."

Yu Rong was shocked by her daughter's statement. She could barely believer her ears which left her baffled state: "Daughter, I can really…. Become the Flower Brothel's mistress?"

It wasn't all that long ago where they had to put in everything just to curry favor from that organization. But now the Flower Brothel was going to be hers?

This surprise had come too suddenly that she can barely take it in. From gloom to light, her entire being was glowing.

“As if the Flower Brothel is worth anything. In the future I'll give you all even more. However, that's under the premise that none of you ever betray me!"

For a selfish person like Bai Ruo, how can she ever have any love for her family? She only needs them to never forsake her, that's all. On the contrary, if Bai Zheng Xiang or Yu Rong does get in her way, it's not out of the question that she would remove them personally just to clear the way for her son.

After giving her warning, Bai Ruo once again turned towards the man: "Father, I believe in Mother, she would neve betray you. Even if a blood sample was done with the unborn fetus, I guarantee you it won't be a match. I know Bai Yan, she would've done something behind the scenes to make sure of that."

Going silent for a moment, Bai Zheng Xiang seems to have thought it through, "Very well, I won't beat your mother again."

With the a.s.surance that she wanted, Bai Ruo finally revealed her usual gentle smile: "That's good. Know that my husband cannot bear to leave my side. Even for this visit, I'm only permitted to return for an hour before I have to leave. So, it's time I went back. I will come again on another day. "

Her words are obviously lies once again. Nangong Yi clearly forbade her from returning due to the bad reputation of the Bai House, not because he can't stand to be away from her.

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