Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1143

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Chapter 1143 "Bai Xiachen's injured (4)"

Closing her eyes, a peerless face of a woman appears within Yun Ruo Xi's memory. Aside from her, this brat is the only other person capable of getting a response from the moon amulet, for that alone I can't let him live!

Under the effects of the glowing white light, Bai Xiachen's expressionless face gradually devolved into painful outcry. Crouching down, he roars out with both hands holding his little head: "You get out, you get lost!"

Yun Ruo Xi just stared at him in shock, What is he going on about? Does he think I don't want to run? He's the one who chased after me!

Curling into a clump on the dirty, the little steambun's body kept shaking and trembling like he's struggling with something from within. It's excruciatingly painful and tearing him up both physically and mentally.

“Baddie Father clearly sealed you inside of me, why are you coming out again? You get lost, you get out of me! I'm going to protect Mother on my own, you leave right now! You will hurt Mother! You monster, you monster! You get lost!"


Yun Ruo Xi didn't even know what's going on anymore; however, whatever the kid was going through didn't change the situation. Upon realizing this was the opportunity she needed to carry out the remainder of her plan, she did it and slowly paced backwards for a specific boulder that's etched into the hill. Reaching out with her palm, she gently pressed down at a certain indentation.


Next second later, the earth around the entire valley started to shake and a huge chunk of the earth in front of herself began to sink in like something was devouring the ground from beneath.

Knowing she's succeeded, an indescribable glee overtakes the woman and turned her eyes into mad crazed red.

This trap was something she discovered by accident many years ago during the turbulent times of her life. Back then some powerful enemies wanted to kill her and pursued her up to this point. Cornered and without help, the younger Yun Ruo Xi clung onto this specific rock with her back and begged for mercy. She was honestly lost for hope back then. A weak young girl against multiple powerful individuals that has her cornered like a rat, what else was she supposed to do? But then that's when she accidentally hit the indentation on this rock and activated the trap. She murdered those people with this stroke of luck. Now, just like back then, she's going to murder this brat tonight as well!

“Xiachen, be careful!”

Right as the ground beneath the boy's about to cave in and allow the bottomless pit to devour his existence, a loud screaming noise cuts in from above. Next thing Bai Xiachen knew was a long elegant hand reaching over and pulling him into a protective hug.

With Bai Yan's strength, flying away here should've been a breeze for her in this case. However, she doesn't know why either but there's a powerful attracting force from this trap that made it impossible to get away from. In the end, she and her son were sucked into there like it's some sort of black hole beneath their feet.

At the same time, Dragony had also landed on the ground after coming late. When she saw her immediate family were gone, the little missy hesitated at nothing and jumped in of her own volition…..

Half a ring later, the ground in this valley returns to normal and the bottomless pit that was here just moments ago were completely gone as well. It's as if the strange black hole never existed in the first place. Of course, that's not true at all because Yun Ruo Xi was still standing here to show it had all taken place, and right now, this treacherous b.i.t.c.h has had her entire back drenched in cold hard sweat due to the brief momentary eye contact she made with Bai Yan during her sudden intrusion.

Those sharp overbearing eyes, the strong and courageous att.i.tude, it's just like the image from all those years ago. There's no mistaking it in Yun Ruo Xi's mind, she's back! Furthermore, the crescent shaped amulet around her neck was burning hot right now till it's making a sizzling sound around her skin!

“How can it be… how can she be alive? I saw it with my own eyes when her soul got destroyed…." An ominous shudder rocked the b.i.t.c.h's heart.

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