Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 "Descent of the Adorable Baby Fox (10)"

Bai Xiachen waves his cute little hand in excitement: “Little Rice, come with me to pack our things."

This so called Little Rice was a baby white tiger sunbathing next to the doorway. Hearing the summon, he lazily looks up to send the boy a glance. “I’m a white tiger, would you please not take me as a kitty?”

Bai Xiachen immediately got unhappy. Stabbing his small little fist against his hip, he pulls down his face and said: "Now that's your wrong Little Rice. As a kitty, you not only refuse to accept your ident.i.ty, you can't even say meow?"

If the little white tiger were to be a person, it's a certainty his twitching face would become apparent for all to see.

To think he as an offspring of the prestigious white tiger race would be reduced to being a cat. And even more degrading was the fact that this little ancestor would feed him dried little fis.h.i.+es.

Oh I want to eat meat, what to do?

"Little Rice, hurry and say 'meow'. If you say 'meow' then you get meat." Its unsure where the boy managed to get a piece of roast meat from, but he's doing a fine job of dangling it in front of the drooling tigerling.

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Against that fragrant aroma, Little Rice's integrity as a white tiger instantly crumbled, "meow"

“See, now that's better." Bai Xiachen hands the roast meat over and gently pats the tiger on the head, "follow me and you will definitely get meat!"

Desperately nodding his tiger head, Little Rice didn't care how little principle he had so long as he got his daily supply of meat.

Pleasantly watching the interaction between the two small fries, Bai Yan only had this in her mind as she lay there comfortably on the couch, I will not let anyone destroy this warm picture in my life. If anyone dares to come take my son, they will pay dearly even if I have to upheaval the world!

“Come now, we will go to say our farewell to your grands.h.i.+fus."


The peach blossom courtyard in which they are located lies in the middle of the island where a sea of pink covered the landscape. Calm and peace gave evidence to the existence of this paradise.

That's of course a.s.suming one can ignore the loud booming explosion that occured just now…

"Someone is in trouble again…" Bai Xiachen mumbles after noticing her mother's dark expression.

Inside the wooded area, aside from the peach blossoms native to this region, there are also various herbs planted here by Bai Yan over the years. Seeing her work ruined in a flash upon arrival, she can only use bleeding in the heart to describe her current feelings.

Suddenly, Bai Yan raises her gaze at the three helpless old men in front. "Who's the one that failed while practicing alchemy and blew up my garden?"

Bai Xiachen timely adds in another sentence: "My three grands.h.i.+fus, honesty will get you leniency, and resistence will only get you more punishment. You all better fess up now."

“My disciple, this matter has nothing to do with me and your second s.h.i.+fu.” The one known as First s.h.i.+fu Zheng Qi righteously states this, his face apparently pained by the fact, "I and your second s.h.i.+fu only came over after hearing the explosion. And who would've guessed, Old Three here is simply too much! First he stole your Dan pill recipe, then he went ahead and tried it without permission! Now he even ruined your herb garden. We mustn't let him off!"

The one known as Second s.h.i.+fu Ren Yi coordinates his testimony perfectly: "That's right my precious disciple, we are here to catch the criminal. You are now free to dispose of Old Three, we won't get involve no matter how you scold and beat him."

“You… You… ” Third s.h.i.+fu Qiu Shu Rong was flus.h.i.+ng red on his face. Apparently he felt quite wronged by the shameless pair he called brothers, "in the future don't say you know me!"

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