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Chapter 94 - I’ll Go!
Inside the Yin Valley.
An enormous galaxy pattern emerged from the blood of the sky snake.
In the middle of that galaxy pattern, thousands of lights gathered, forming into the blindingly bright Gate of Heaven.
All the warriors gathered in the valley were looking at the Gate of Heaven, but none of them dared to enter first.
On the other hand, s.h.i.+ Yan was quite calmly standing beside Han Feng and Ku Long. He was secretly observing the Gate of Heaven, feeling joyful inside.
He didn’t get any of the nine demon crystals that came from the carca.s.s of the Nine-headed Sky Snake. But seeing all those crystals getting destroyed made him immensely happy.
But as he thought of the frightening power which could s.n.a.t.c.h away the demon crystals from the hands of Sky Realm warriors like Chi Xiao and Beiming Shang, he was very startled, and thought of prudence.
Zhua Qi looked up into the sky, his expression was painful, and he kept murmuring under his breath, “Father, father…”
One of the demon crystals that exploded came from a Level 8 Mud Dragon. A Level 8 demon crystal could sustain a piece of the demon beast’s soul. So even if the body is destroyed, there is still a chance for resurrection because of the soul inside the demon crystal.
However, the spirit inside the Level 8 demon crystal was clearly lifeless and dull. Very obviously, it must have been refined by some mysterious technique, making it just a power source with no ability to think of its own.
That Level 8 demon crystal of the Mud Dragon had become a very important part in opening the Gate of Heaven.
Although Zhua Qi was vicious, he still had a deep love and admiration for the Mud Dragon. One can only imagine the despair he must have felt when seeing the last hope of resurrecting his father getting destroyed.
Beiming Shang, Chi Xiao, and Zou Zi He all quietly walked towards the Gate of Heaven. As the approached the Gate of Heaven, the more cautious were their steps.
“Mistress…” The two giant men next to Xia Xin Yan looked at the mysterious pattern in the valley and hesitated.
These two seemed to know some secrets about the mysterious pattern.
Xia Xin Yan shook her head. She silently gazed at everything in a strange light, and looked at the far standing s.h.i.+ Yan.
s.h.i.+ Yan was also secretly watching everyone, and once he saw Xia Xin Yan’s looking towards him, he was dazed for a second, then lightly nodded to Xia Xin Yan.
A complex feeling flickered through Xia Xin Yan’s eyes. She also slowly nodded towards him, but no one knew what thoughts were going through her mind.
“The Gate of Heaven has now opened, if you all are really not scared of death, then you may enter now.” Xia Xin Yan didn’t move from her place but saw Chi Xiao and Beiming Shang standing motionless before the Gate. She couldn’t resist the temptation to mock them.
“I’ll go!”
Unexpectedly, Zhua Qi, who was immersed in grief, suddenly roared, “I’d like to see what exactly is inside!”
Then, Zhua Qi’s body moved as fast as lightning, storming into the Gate of Heaven like a moth to a flame, and disappeared into the bright white light.
Zhua Qi’s shadow quickly disappeared into the Gate of Heaven. The Gate only warped for second, and did not show any other change. It still maintained its bright s.h.i.+ne, as if waiting for the entrance of another person.
“Brother Zou…” Beiming Shang looked at Zou Zi He, and pondered for a second, then said, “What do you think?”
Zou Zi He shook his head and said, “We’re already at this point. If I return empty handed, I will regret it for the rest of my life. If you want the riches, you have to take the risks.”
“Alright.” Beiming Shang nodded in agreement, he hesitated for a second, then turned to Beiming Ce and said, “Ce, you stay outside. Yin Kui, Jiu Shan, you guys take care of Ce.”
Pausing, Beiming Shang then looked at Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan, and furrowed his brows, “What do you guys think?”
“I want to go look inside.” Mu Yu Die knew that the Gate of Heaven would contain great danger, but she still didn’t want to miss this chance of a lifetime.
“Okay, you may go in.” Beiming Shang nodded, “Follow me.” Beiming Shang then followed after Zhua Qi and entered the Gate of Heaven.
Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan exchanged a look. They both looked determined, and followed Beiming Shang into the Gate of Heaven.
“Mister Chi Xiao, how about you?” Xia Xin Yan said casually.
“Of course I will enter too.” Chi Xiao smiled, he looked back at Zuo s.h.i.+ and s.h.i.+ Yan, and said, “Xiao s.h.i.+, you stay outside, I will go look inside alone.”
“Master, I wanna go inside it too.” Zuo s.h.i.+ pouted, and said reluctantly.
“As a teacher, I’ll go take a look at the situation first. If there are no problems, next time I will definitely take you along.” Chi Xiao scolded her with a straight face, then said to s.h.i.+ Yan and the rest, “What about the s.h.i.+ family? Would you send someone to go and take a look too?”
“Young Master, I’ll go.” Ku Long stood up, and said to s.h.i.+ Yan.
“I’ll go!” s.h.i.+ Yan’s expression was cold, he shouted with a deep voice, as if he didn’t care the dangers in the Gate of Heaven.
Deep down he always had a daredevil factor and he liked to challenge unknown mysteries. The very reason why he came to this world was because of his exploration of the blue holes.
Of course, he wouldn’t want to sit out on the exploration of the Gate of Heaven.
“Young Master, let Ku Long go.” Han Feng said anxiously.
“Don’t worry, I’ll go.” s.h.i.+ Yan shook his head, and insisted, “I’m very curious as to what really is in the Gate of Heaven. If I don’t go, I will regret it forever!”
Then, before Han Feng and Ku Long could try to persuade him again, he immediately sprinted towards the Gate of Heaven.
“Young Master!”
Ku Long and Han Feng both screamed in fear, and they also ran towards the Gate of Heaven. By the time when they arrived at the Gate, s.h.i.+ Yan’s body just so happened to disappear into the Gate.
The two exchanged glances, and without further hesitation, leaped into the Gate of Heaven.
“You guys look after Xiao s.h.i.+.” Chi Xiao told Wu Yun Lian and Chu Ping, then he also flew out and disappeared into the Gate of Heaven.
In the matter of a few minutes, all the masters in the valley leaped into the Gate one after another. Truly, like the saying, people die in pursuit for money like birds die for food.
In the Yin Valley, the only ones left were Beiming Ce, Yin Kui and Jiu Shan on one side, plus Zuo s.h.i.+, Chu Ping, and Wu Yun Lian on the other. Then there were also Xia Xin Yan and the two towering giant men.
“Mistress, this is a False Gate of Heaven!” One of the giant men whispered.
“Mmm hmm.” Xia Xin Yan’s eyes flickered, she stared at the Gate with the same expression.
Right now the Sky Realm masters were all in the Gate of Heaven, plus Xia Xin Yan and the two were at a distance from the other two sides, so no one could hear their quiet conversation.
“The False Gate won’t have the real G.o.d Domain, this is only a small s.p.a.ce created by a G.o.d Realm master. It won’t contain any unimaginable treasures, but it should contain the relics of the G.o.d Realm master. Miss, why don’t you go in? Maybe, maybe there’s even the Martial Spirit inheritance of that person!” One of the towering men said impatiently.
“Don’t you all think that somewhere, there’s an invisible hand that’s manipulating this all?” Xia Xin Yan snorted, “He already arranged everything on the chess board, and we’re all just chess pieces in his game plan. We are all together but still could not escape from his control. That old guy’s been dead for thousands of years and still won’t rest in peace!”
“Mistress, you’re saying?”
“The s.h.i.+ family’s half of the fragmented map was probably obtained by s.h.i.+ Yan. That half of the map was definitely together with the [Black Formula]! The [Black Formula] is only a Mortal level Martial Skill and only warriors with low capabilities would actually go and cultivate it. That guy purposely set the place in the Yin Valley, forcing the one who has the [Black Formula] to cultivate it to defend against the natural Yin Qi. Once the [Black Formula] is cultivated, it would naturally swallow the Yin Qi here to form the Yin Pearls. Once the Yin Pearls form, the objective is clear. If the Gate of Heaven really had the Martial Spirit Imprint, then only the one with the Yin Pearls could obtain it. Now is there even a need for us to go in?” Xia Xin Yan said resentfully, “... That old guy, he already planned everything completely, he simply won’t let anyone sabotage his plans. This time we came for nothing.”
“If s.h.i.+ Yan obtains the Martial Spirit Imprint of that guy, then he will definitely become one of the G.o.d Children of the Three G.o.ds Sect. If he could go to the Endless Sea, the Three G.o.ds Sect would treat him like a treasure! Miss, the Three G.o.ds Sect is very powerful in the Endless Sea, and they’re in opposition with us. If he really does obtain that person’s Martial Spirit Imprint, then he will definitely become the Star G.o.d of the Three G.o.ds Sect in the future. We better… take him out now!”
“I know what to do.” Xia Xin Yan said coldly.
The two towering men nodded, and became silent again.
In a place with pitch black darkness, there came a woman’s cold voice, “All of you go to the Gate of Heaven! Catch Mu Yu Die and a.s.sist the Lord to explore the mysteries of the Gate.”
“Yes, Mistress!”
A group of pale-faced warriors from the Dark World knelt down on one knee, with blank expressions.
The voice in the dark came again.
Dozens of warriors of the Dark World moved one by one, and soon entered the Yin Valley. Without even looking at the people in the valley, they walked straight into the Gate of Heaven.
“The people from the Dark World!” Beiming Ce shouted with a low voice, his expression slightly changed, “The Dark World should’ve been guarding on the outside, why would they suddenly enter into the Gate of Heaven?”
As Yin Kui and Jiu Shan watched the flow of warriors from the Dark World coming in, the look in their eyes became grim.
“It can’t be! We have to go in too, or else grandpa won’t be able to handle it on his own.” Beiming Ce pondered, and disregarding Yin Kui and Jiu Shan’s opposition, he also rushed into the Gate.
When Yin Kui and Jiu Shan saw that he went in, they could only follow along without hesitation.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Moto, Chancs and Vick

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