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Chapter 91 - Dividing the Plunder
In the Yin Valley.
As s.h.i.+ Yan had absorbed all the Yin Qi between the heaven and earth, there was no Yin Qi left in the Yin Valley.
The dazzling sunlight fell in the valley.
The ma.s.sive body of the Nine-headed Sky Snake fell at the center of the Yin Valley with blood dripping from wounds all over its body.
Under the attacks of Chi Xiao, Zhua Qi and Xia Xin Yan, and without any Yin Qi, the Nine-headed Sky Snake finally died under the sun.
However, apart from Chi Xiao, Zhua Qi and Xia Xin Yan, there were other people who had also entered the Yin Valley.
The group including s.h.i.+ Yan and Zuo s.h.i.+ had also arrived in the valley by then. As soon as s.h.i.+ Yan saw the scene in the valley, his face turned gloomy.
Beiming Ce and Beiming Shang were standing there.
Yin Kui and Jiu Shan were naturally standing by Beiming Ce. Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan were excited to see the Nine-headed Sky Snake lying in its own in blood.
Beside the experts of the Beiming Family, stood Zou Zi He and a strange young man.
All the people in the valley were focusing their eyes on the Nine-headed Sky Snake in the center.
Chi Xiao and Zhua Qi appeared tired, with sweat all over their bodies.
Xia Xin Yan looked pale. Although she had taken a Sky Pill, her energy had not fully recovered.
The three had tried everything and used up all their energy in killing the Nine-headed Sky Snake, only to find that Beiming Shang and another Sky Realm expert had appeared in the Yin Valley secretly.
It was easy to understand their frustration.
After s.h.i.+ Yan entered the valley, he stood beside Han Feng and Ku Long, calmly gazing at Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan, who were quite excited.
“Everyone can have the treasure from the Nine-headed Sky Snake carca.s.s. This Sky Snake has nine demon crystals; how about we divide it among ourselves?” Beiming Shang frowned and said calmly, “You three really suffered a lot, so I won’t ask for much. I only need two demon crystals out of nine. One of the fire element, and the other of Yin Qi.”
“Why on earth should you have a share?” Zhua Qi’s face was twisted as he demanded with a hideous expression, “All the demon crystals of the Nine-headed Sky Snake belong to us! We brought out our all to kill this Snake, and now you want us to share the booty with you? Why should we?!”
“Why?” Beiming Shang said coldly, “Because we are here!”
“I want a cut also.” The Dark Master of the Dark World said peacefully as he pointed to one of the snake heads which could emit Yin Qi, “The demon crystal in that head is mine. The rest are all yours.”
“Hehe!” Zhua Qi showed a grim smile, “You have to first make sure you are capable of getting it!”
“Capable or not, you must know it better than me.” The Dark Master looked at Zhua Qi and said peacefully, “We tested each other at the perimeter of the Dead Swamp and you killed several of my people. However, that was in the outer area where you could use the swamp and poisonous air as your s.h.i.+eld. What about here?”
“Brother Zou.” Beiming Shang looked to the Dark Master and grinned, “There seemed to be three Sky Realm warriors, but that’s not the exact situation.”
“Miss Xia’s Martial Spirit is marvellous, but she is a mere Disaster Realm Third Sky warrior.” Beiming Shang pointed to Xia Xin Yan, “She won’t recover in a short time since she has used her Martial Spirit. We don’t need to worry about her.”
Xia Xin Yan’s face turned pale after she heard that.
Zhua Qi’s expression was also changed, and he couldn’t help but looked to her, “Is that so?”
As far as he was concerned, although he and Chi Xiao had consumed much energy, they could still make them give up the demon crystals as long as they received Xia Xin Yan’s help.
However, if Xia Xin Yan was only at the Third Sky of the Disaster Realm, then they would definitely lose.
Under Zhua Qi’s gaze, Xia Xin Yan nodded in resignation.
“Beiming Shang, why on earth are you here?” Chi Xia had some other concerns. He thought for a while and asked.
“What do you think?” Beiming Shang asked with a grin.
“I got it.” Chi Xiao sighed and nodded, “You have come for the Gate of Heaven, haven’t you? It seems you never let go of the treasure map.”
“Our sources in the Tianyun City are far greater than you can imagine. Nothing would go unnoticed if I care to know.” Beiming Shang walked over slowly to one of the snake heads, and continued calmly, “Let’s divide the demon crystals first, then we will have a discussion about the Gate of Heaven.”
Under the watchful eyes of the people present, Beiming Shang took out a demon crystal and said, “I want this one.”
The Dark Master from the Dark World didn’t move, and he demanded casually, “Mu Hui, get the demon crystals.”
That exotic young man nodded with a smile and walked to the two snake heads, without minding Chi Xiao and the rest, knowing they dare not fight.
Zhua Qi was in a rage, with his face as red as a tomato, but he stood there and clenched his teeth, “I will remember you two!”
Beiming Shang and Dark Master didn’t respond.
“Zhua Qi, gouge the remaining five demon crystals.” Chi Xiao sighed with resignation.
Zhua Qi also went up to the snake body.
While searching for the demon crystal in the snake heads, Zhua Qi seemed to try to release his indignation by acting in a rough manner, as blood and flesh flew out from those snake heads.
s.h.i.+ Yan was observing them coldly.
Beiming Shang and Zou Zi He apparently had planned all this and were waiting for the best opportunity.
Beiming Shang showed up while Chi Xiao and his friends were about to kill the snake and took advantage of Xia Xin Yan using her Reincarnation Martial Spirit to ask for a share of the plunder.
That was really malicious.
He conserved his energy by not doing anything, and by forcing Chi Xiao and the other two to consume their energy, he shared the plunder.
Once the Gate of Heaven was opened, he would get more chances to gain treasures than them with his energy at its peak.
s.h.i.+ Yan took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He didn’t say anything but observed the new groups while they were dividing the plunder.
Before long, the plunder was divided.
Of the nine demon crystals, the Beiming family got a fire crystal, and a Yin Qi one, while Zou Zi He got the other two Yin Qi demon crystals.
Of the remaining five, Zhua Qi got two poisonous ones and Chi Xiao got another poisonous crystal and a fire elementary one.
Xia Xin Yan also received a fire elementary one.
The nine demon crystals were thus divided among the experts present.
Later, the tusks, skin and saliva from the Snake was also harvested by the group.
Since there were several Sky Realm warriors, those rare materials like tusks were soon collected and divided.
This time, the s.h.i.+ family got five poisonous tusks, a piece of skin from the back of the snake, and three bottles of poison.
“This demon crystal of fire element is beneficial to your Martial Spirit.” Beiming Shang threw his hand casually and a demon crystal flew slowly to Di Yalan.
Di Yalan was rather surprised as she looked at Beiming Shang with uncertainty, and asked excitedly, “Bei… Beiming Family Head, you mean, you mean this demon crystal is for me?”
The fire element demon crystal was indeed beneficial to Di Yalan’s Blue Magic Flame, and it was from a Level 7 demon beast, which was very rare to her.
Beiming Shang nodded with a beaming smile, “Come, train hard with the help of this demon crystal. I won’t treat you unfairly as long as you are in my family.”
Di Yalan was hesitant as she thought that the demon crystal was too precious. She was too shy to take the crystal, which was floating before her eyes.
“Here you are, Sister Lan. Put it away.” Just then, Mu Yu Die grabbed the demon crystal and handed it to Di Yalan.
“Thank you, Beiming Family Head.” As soon as she touched the crystal, she could feel the strong flame power emitting from it. Di Yalan didn’t hesitate anymore, and paid her grat.i.tude to Beiming Shang quickly.
“We are family. You don’t need to say that.” Beiming Shang said indifferently.
Di Yalan was a little panicked as she understood the overtone of Beiming Shang. But still, she lowered her head and pretended she didn’t get what he meant, holding the demon crystal tight.
She couldn’t resist the temptation of the demon crystal.
s.h.i.+ Yan saw the whole thing, but he kept silent with a rigid face.
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Moto, Chancs and Vick

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