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Chapter 86 - The Yin Field
The Yin Field was a place in the center of the Dead Swamp.
The Dead Swamp was surrounded by countless swamps; the muddy sludge could be seen everywhere. There was almost not a single dry spot.
However, the Yin Field at the middle of the Dead Swamp was an exception.
Here, there were no swamps, and no ooze. The ground was mostly flat, and although not especially dry, it was still not as humid as the outer area of the Dead Swamp.
The Yin field was an extraordinary place. The air above the field was covered with thick dark clouds all year around, such that not even the sun, moon, and the stars could be seen.
Perhaps that was the reason why the Yin Qi in the Yin Field was especially heavy. Anyone who enters would feel very uncomfortable.
The place didn’t appear to be frigid, but the Yin energy all around made people chilled to their bones. One would feel as if they had entered a supernatural s.p.a.ce, surrounded by evil spirits; it felt very creepy.
When s.h.i.+ Yan just entered into the Yin field, he frowned slightly. He took a deep breath and felt discomfort seep into his bones. Although it wasn’t very chilly here, it still made people uncomfortable all over.
Standing on the frigid earth, s.h.i.+ Yan gazed around and found some strange exotic plants growing.
These plants were not very tall, the tallest being only five to six meters, but they all grew in the weirdest pattern. There were various plants with very pale flowers, absolutely lacking any variance in color.
Especially with some plants, their flowers looked like ghastly faces, giving off an extremely terrifying feeling.
Just standing in the middle of those bizarre plants made s.h.i.+ Yan feel uncomfortable. When he looked at those plants, he always felt like they were going to leap towards him and bite him.
“The Yin Qi here is heavy, the plants that grew from it are very strange. Some plants could even suck in the Yin Qi and the corpse energies. While some others would attack as soon as they smell the breath of a human, and entangle onto that human until they die.”
Zhua Qi scowled as he looked at the different plants in the Yin Field and then continued, “Other than plants, you should also be careful of demon beasts. The demon beasts here especially hate strangers. If they see anyone coming, they will attack until you are dead. Usually when warriors go through the Dead Swamp, they would rather explore the outer perimeter than in here.”
“Slither, slither, slither!”
Silvery-white long snakes suddenly appeared from within the plants.
These snakes were about three meters in length. Their heads were cone shaped, and their tails kept making circular marks on the ground. Their soybean-sized eyes gave out a cold glare.
Several dozens of snakes slithered out from the plants. They actually understood how to split up, and came from all directions to surround s.h.i.+ Yan and the rest.
“Level 2 demon beast, Corpse Worm Snake.” Zhua Qi sneered, and suddenly stomped on the ground.
Strange ripples spread from his foot! With him as the center, the ripples formed in ring shapes, and attacked towards all directions.
“Pop pop pop pop! Pop pop pop!”
Wherever the ripples went, those dozens of Level 2 Corpse Worm Snakes exploded, sprinkling brown blood everywhere.
“I hate snakes the most!” Zhua Qi sneered, his face full of disgust. He turned back to Chi Xiao and said, “Before we come across the Nine-headed Sky Snake, I’ll take care of the obstacles on the way. I’ll let this be the bargain in return for partic.i.p.ating in the Gate of Heaven.”
Chi Xiao nodded, and replied, “You know this place well, so you can take the lead.”
Zhua Qi didn’t refuse and walked straight to the front of the group. Traces of strange green poisonous fog quietly spread out into the air.
When the plants in the Yin Field sensed the poisonous fog from him, they all contracted, as if they were actually afraid.
Many of the plants were originally three meters tall, but after Zhua Qi walked past, they shrunk to only one meter, clearly a whole lot smaller.
s.h.i.+ Yan was amazed; he watched with glinting eyes. Whenever he walked past those plants he would carefully observe them. He realized that wherever Zhua Qi went, the plants were very docile and submissive.
However, if he didn’t follow behind Zhua Qi and chose to walk a few meters in another direction, those same species of plants would actually open themselves up and try to entangle him, looking as if they wouldn’t give up till he was strangled to death.
“Kid, if you don’t want to die, you better follow me.” Zhua Qi suddenly turned his head and glared at s.h.i.+ Yan. In his mouth he was quietly muttering, “I don’t understand all of you. You knew that you were gonna enter the Yin Field, but still brought two burdens along. Do they wanna sacrifice them later at a key moment…?”
The burdens Zhua Qi was muttering about were obviously s.h.i.+ Yan and Zuo s.h.i.+. They both were only at the Human Realm, the ones with the lowest strength.
s.h.i.+ Yan looked indifferent, he was unmoved by Zhua Qi’s whispers.
But Zuo s.h.i.+ was not happy, she pouted and said, “What are you muttering about, big earthworm? Who are you calling burdens? Hmph! If you don’t wanna come along with us, then you can leave right now. It’s not like we can’t live without you.”
“Girl, who are you calling earthworm?” Zhua Qi’s dark green scale-covered face slightly shook for a second, he murderously glared at Zuo s.h.i.+, “Say that again!”
“Alright.” Chi Xiao furrowed his brows, and scolded Zuo s.h.i.+, “Zhua Qi is an elder, don’t be so disrespectful. We wouldn’t have been travelling so smoothly this whole way if it weren’t for Zhua Qi.”
Chi Xiao then looked at Zhua Qi and said, “Why can’t you stop being so foul-mouthed? If it weren’t for your stupid foul mouth back in the day, I wouldn’t have tried to fight to the death with you. Why are you doing it again?”
Zhua Qi snorted and fiercely glared at Zuo s.h.i.+, the scales on his face shaking again, but he stopped mumbling.
Zuo s.h.i.+ however, wanted to keep throwing a few more insults at him, but was stopped by Chi Xiao’s glare. She pouted her lips and stopped talking.
Xia Xin Yan and the two giant men were on the left side of Chi Xiao and the rest of the group. She didn’t talk, her expression was indifferent; she ignored Zhua Qi, but didn’t have the intention to talk to Chi Xiao either.
However, occasionally her eyes would drift towards s.h.i.+ Yan. The expression in her eyes was quite complicated, and no one could figure out what she was really thinking.
Since the day they came out from the swamp, she didn’t speak a word to s.h.i.+ Yan.
s.h.i.+ Yan was also sensible, he didn’t make a move to get close to her either.
This atmosphere between her and s.h.i.+ Yan made Chi Xiao, Zuo s.h.i.+, and the rest dumbfounded. But everyone pretended they didn’t realise, and n.o.body went to annoy and ask the two about it.
“Just come on and follow me. If you wanna live, you all better know your place!” Zhua Qi snorted, and purposely looked towards s.h.i.+ Yan.
s.h.i.+ Yan looked calm, he didn’t bother with Zhua Qi.
Just at this moment, Chi Xiao suddenly furrowed his brows, and a hint of confusion flashed in his eyes.
“What happened?” Xia Xin Yan’s expression moved, she keenly sensed Chi Xiao’s abnormality.
“Nothing.” Chi Xiao shook his head, and said calmly, “I just suddenly sensed something strange, but it was gone in a flash. I wonder if I’m just being delusional.”
After saying that, everyone got a little nervous. Zhua Chi said, “Could it be that Sky Realm master?”
“I don’t know.” Chi Xiao shook his head again.”
Chi Xiao’s reaction cast a dark shadow over everyone’s minds, and made everyone more cautious.
In the Yin Field, where there was dense foliage filled with plants.
A pale and tall middle-aged scholar silently stood there.
By his side were thirty five warriors with the same pale face and blank expression. One of the young men was only in his early twenties. With long hair to his waist, he appeared very handsome, but had a kind of evil temperament.
“Master, what have you found?” The young man asked curiously.
“The objectives should have entered into the Yin Field, and I just used my soul power to probe a little. Another soul power immediately sensed me.” That pale middle-aged scholar said.
“Is it someone from the Beiming family?”
“No, Beiming Shang got here a long time ago.”
“Why hasn’t he come to find us yet?”
“The objective is already here, Beiming Shang would come very soon.”
One day later.
In the area where that group of people had gathered, Beiming Shang arrived there alone; cold energy writhing around his body.
“Lord of the Dark World?” After Beiming Shang arrived, he put together his fists for that middle-aged scholar, and said, “How may I address you?”
“Zou Zi He.” The Lord of the Dark World looked calm, “I’ve long heard the name of the Head of the Beiming family. Now that I’ve met you today, you seem to deserve your reputation.”
Beiming Shang stretched his lips, and said emotionlessly, “Brother Zou, you should be one with the most wide-spread reputation. The Dark World has been dominant in the Fire Empire, and from that we can see that Brother Zou is truly a great talent in the world. Working with Brother Zou this time, hopefully everyone will be satisfied in the end.”
“Where’s that girl from the Mu family?” The Lord of the Dark World furrowed his brows.
“After exploring the Gate of Heaven, I will bring her to you myself.” Beiming Shang glanced at everyone from the Dark World and said, “Brother Zou, why have you brought so many? Aren’t you scared of being discovered?”
“We, the people from the Dark World, are good at hiding our trails, this you don’t have to worry about, Brother Beiming.”
“Alright then.” Beiming Shang nodded, then continued, “The other side has appeared, their target should be the Yin Valley in the Yin Field. If any mishaps really happen at that time, I wish Brother Zou would come out. But, I don’t want you to identify yourself too soon, or else Mu Yi Die’s resentment will grow.”
“She is merely a bereaved little girl, do you really need to care, Brother Beiming?”
“I don’t really care about Mu Yu Die, but there’s another girl by her side. The Martial Spirit that girl possesses could be of use to my Beiming family. I don’t want that girl to know that we gave Mu Yu Die to you, or else it would affect my plans in the future.”
“Sure, the reason I didn’t bring my mask this time, is to cooperate with you. I stand as the Lord of the Dark World, and I hardly show my true self to others. That Mu girl has never seen me, she will never know who I am. You can be rea.s.sured on this matter, Brother Beiming.”
“Good, then we will meet again at the Yin Valley. By that time I will use my soul power to send messages to you, I hope you won’t disappoint me, Brother Zou.”
Then Beiming Shang slowly retreated. His body faded into a wisp of cold energy, and dissipated into the air.
“Master, Beiming Shang is cunning in his schemes. This exploration of the Gate of Heaven, we should be careful of him, he’s definitely not the good kind.”
“Don’t worry, your mistress is here in the dark. If any great treasures really appear, they will surely belong to the Dark World!”
“Mistress is here too?” The demonic handsome young man exclaimed.
“Yes, she arrived at the Yin Valley a long time ago. With her attainments in concealment, no one in the Yin Field can ever detect her unless she shows herself!”
“Ha, then this exploration of the Gate of Heaven is in the bag.”
“Mmm hmm.”
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Moto, Chancs and Vick

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