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s.h.i.+ Yan applied the drifting gold sand equally on the corners of Du Feng's door. Seeing the drifting gold sand eroding the barrier little by little, yet not causing any big commotion, s.h.i.+ Yan could finally ease his mind.

In the next period of time, he still used the Solid Pellet to recover his power and train his body. s.h.i.+ Yan didn't notice how fast time had pa.s.sed.

After an unknown period of time, s.h.i.+ Yan suddenly detected Du Feng's Soul Consciousness proactively come to him from his cabin.

s.h.i.+ Yan was startled. He crept to Du Feng's cabin and found that the drifting gold sand had eroded a small corner of the barrier. Du Feng's Soul Consciousness had sneaked out through that tiny corner.

"You can get out already?" s.h.i.+ Yan was struck. "Alright, what's your realm? Even if you can get rid of the barrier, will you be able to leave?"

"At this moment, I can't. Anyway, since the barrier is torn, I can send messages to you. Not long afterward, people from my Dark Firmament Divine Nation will come for me." Du Feng grinned fiendishly. "Wait until the hotshots of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation come. I will make that b*tch wish to die rather than to live!"

"Bi Rou?"

"Who else then?"

"Why have they captured you?"

"Doesn't matter to you!" Du Feng was so embarra.s.sed that he got angry. "You don't need to poke your nose in other things. What I've promised you, I will do."

s.h.i.+ Yan nodded. He didn't continue the topic but returned to his cabin.

Not long after that, Allard came down there another time to harvest the G.o.d Developing Pellets from the hundred-legged centipede. He put more materials into the insect, then gave s.h.i.+ Yan five more bottles of the Solid Pellet to help him recover his body.

s.h.i.+ Yan was happy and relatively free. He felt that it wasn't too harsh to live here. Every day, he used the Solid Pellets to restore his Essence Qi and whet his body, which would help him improve his powers. Eventually, s.h.i.+ Yan found that his realm had been advanced greatly. Such life where he didn't need to worry about the outer world and just focus on his cultivation was quite useful to his martial path. 

Fergie hadn't come down here anymore. Since s.h.i.+ Yan had scolded her, she got it and didn't visit him to be scolded again.

However, Bi Rou would come to check him from time to time as if she were interested in him. She was curious that he had never been exhausted as a human medicinal cauldron. Quite the contrary, he had been progressing well day by day.

s.h.i.+ Yan had no good feelings for this lady. Every time he talked to her, he just wanted to finish it quickly. Anything he could conceal about himself, he had tried his best to hide it all. If he couldn't hide, he would try to lie to make the lady confused.

Today, he stayed on the lowest deck of the steams.h.i.+p and took in three Solid Pellets at the same time. His spirit, soul, and Qi had gained a lot of benefits from this kind of pellets. s.h.i.+ Yan was glad to feel the wild, mighty power in his body.

Right at this minute, the giant bronze steams.h.i.+p suddenly had a grumbling explosion, as if a heavy object had just hit the s.h.i.+p. It trembled hard when an energy fluctuation as heavy as a collapsing mountain burst off on the deck of the s.h.i.+p. It woke s.h.i.+ Yan up with a pale face.

Du Feng immediately sent him a surprising message. "My men are here! Haha! I want to peel off the face of that b*tch this time!"

s.h.i.+ Yan was struck. He understood that he finally had a chance to overturn his situation. He didn't dare to crane his head out of the cabin, just waiting in silence at his spot.

The s.h.i.+p trembled harder. Tremendous energy attack bloomed from the upper decks. Such earth-shaking energy movement seemed to be strong enough to destroy an entire planet. It was so strong that it made s.h.i.+ Yan's soul tremble uneasily.


A ma.s.sive impact transmitted from the deck under his feet. This bronze steams.h.i.+p seemed to be pierced through as the intense gust of outer s.p.a.ce started to flood in, wrecking many small cabins.

Many human cauldrons were smashed under such formidable pressure.

s.h.i.+ Yan discolored a little bit. He understood that staying on the deck wasn't a wise move. But, since he didn't know the direction of the other party's attacks, if they hit his area, he wouldn't have a chance to dodge. Perhaps, he would be killed instantly.

s.h.i.+ Yan hesitated for a while. Then, he walked out of the cabin and climbed the staircase to reach the main deck of this ma.s.sive bronze steams.h.i.+p.

Du Feng didn't make any big commotion in his small room. He was still waiting.

s.h.i.+ Yan got to the main deck with a dark face, but his eyes were sparkling.

The outer s.p.a.ce was dark and frosty. Stars twinkled from far away, while energy storms were wreaking havoc around the s.h.i.+p.

Bi Rou, Allard, and the other three King G.o.d Realm experts were fighting the enemies, which were probably the armed force of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. They were wearing orange fighting clothes and gears, holding different sharp weapons in their hands. Those weapons were huge, around three or four meters long, exuding a brutal lethality.

Those people didn't come from the same race, but they wore the same uniform. The energy waves rippled from them were formidable. This group had five King G.o.d Realm warriors.

Those five experts were enough to stop Bi Rou, Allard, and the three King G.o.d Realm warriors of their side. Powers from their weapons were urged, which were the most profound power, creating the G.o.d Domain. They were like the most furious energy storms, destroying everything on their way.

Only the King G.o.d Realm warrior, who had the G.o.d Body and a certain control over the power Upanishads, could create the G.o.d Domain.

Each G.o.d Domain was different, but they were all sharp and lethal. One of them had the G.o.d Domain of Metal cla.s.s, which was almost unbreakable.

Wherever the G.o.d Domain pa.s.sed by, the rigid deck of the s.h.i.+p exploded, as if many sharp sabers had slashed on it. Such tyrannical energy movement had scared s.h.i.+ Yan seriously.

He understood that if the G.o.d Domain covered him, even his abnormal st.u.r.dy body wouldn't be able to stand a blow.

Allard was covered inside the G.o.d Domain. He had to use pellets continually to supplement the consumed energy. However, he couldn't endure for long. His body sparked like a block of metal being polished. He looked totally distressed.

The others had different of G.o.d Domains due to different power they had perceived. Their Domains also had different effects.

It seemed like Bi Rou was using Water techniques. After she released her G.o.d Domain, it was like she was covered by an immense, sh.o.r.eless ocean. Whenever the others' attacks reached her, they would be neutralized by the water power. After getting through many layers, all attacks were weakened to the point they could do no harm to her.

While they were engaging in a furious battle, no one had paid attention to s.h.i.+ Yan, who had just got out of the deck. s.h.i.+ Yan had time to observe the situation.

On this ma.s.sive bronze steams.h.i.+p, there were many warriors under Bi Rou's order. Around five hundred warriors with low realms were scared off by the G.o.d Domains. They had tried to stay as far away from the G.o.d Domains as possible.

Fergie was also there. She hid in the back area of the deck to watch the things happening on the main deck. Seeing the G.o.d Domain about to reach this area, she proactively moved aside to get rid of its coverage.

Seeing s.h.i.+ Yan, a strange gleam appeared in her eyes, but she didn't persist her glance on s.h.i.+ Yan as she had to change her location constantly.

Hovering not far away from the big bronze steams.h.i.+p was a dazzling amethyst war chariot, around five meters wide and ten meters long. It seemed to be cut and fabricated from a whole block of pure amethyst. In this dark s.p.a.ce, it radiated gloriously with a blazing halo.

There was a crown image portrayed on the top of the amethyst war chariot. Sitting leisurely under the crown was a charming and elegant figure. She was covered in layers of purple light that made it hard to see her real appearance. She seemed to not pay any attention to the battle over there. s.h.i.+ Yan could see that she was eating some kind of fruits relaxedly.

s.h.i.+ Yan could notice that Fergie had always glued her eyes on the amethyst war chariot. Her face changed continually with deep fear.

Even though Bi Rou and Allard were engaging in a fierce fight, they had to keep an eye on that purple chariot. Fright sparkled in their eyes, as if they knew the woman sitting there was really dangerous.

"My good brother, you want to hide away until when, eh? Get you're a*s out, quick!" A lazy voice that sounded like it came from heaven arose melodiously from the amethyst war chariot. It seemed to be able to run straight to human souls and enchant them. Her voice made people's souls sink into its beautiful melody and never want to get out.

A quick enchantment appeared in s.h.i.+ Yan's eyes. But he recovered fast, changing his face.

That woman had a voice that could pierce through people's soul naturally and charmingly. It was like the nightmare that could run directly to the deepest level of people's hearts, making them powerlessly lazy, and preventing them from raising their fighting will. This was a tremendous power indeed.

Many warriors at the Spirit Realm and True G.o.d Realm on the steams.h.i.+p under Bi Rou's command were bewildered on hearing that voice. They looked like they were struck by the Body Fixing Spell. Their faces were dull and dreamy, as if they were flying happily in their best dreams. Expressions of l.u.s.t appeared on their faces as well.

No one had seen her yet, but her seductive voice was enough to mess their minds. s.h.i.+ Yan acclaimed her inside his head while circulating the power of the Ice Cold Flame, using its icy aura to relax his Sea of Consciousness and prevent the other from s.n.a.t.c.hing his mind.

Du Feng's cold voice eventually arose from the cabin. "Sis, why are you here?"

"Well, if I didn't come here, did you want us to wait until they got you to the Underworld League and ask for several life stars and mineral stars as ransom?" The heavenly voice of the woman arose one more time. "Our father said that you will be grounded for ten years this time. You always make troubles. Sigh, you tell me, till when would our father no longer need to worry about you anymore?"

A young, handsome man with a cold, gloomy face walked out of the cabin. His clothes were full of dust. Pungent odor rose from him from time to time. He was Prince Du Feng.

"How could he get out?" Bi Rou paled. She s.h.i.+fted her look to Allard. "Didn't you say that the barrier has no flaws?"

Allard was still fighting with the others. Hearing her, he paled, screaming continually. "I don't know. Theoretically, he should have never escaped!"

"Muahaha! It used to be true. Your barrier can prevent the Soul Consciousness and seal all ways of communication. If I relied only on my power, I couldn't send my whereabouts to my men." Du Feng smiled darkly. Suddenly, he rose his voice. "Friend, where are you? We have always used the Soul Consciousness to talk, but have never met before. I don't know what you look like, mate." 

Du Feng's look raked through those people. An inexplicable smile hung on the corner of his mouth.

Bi Rou and Allard darkened their faces on hearing him.

Even the woman sitting in the amethyst war chariot got startled. Later on, she laughed cheerily. "Turns out you have got a partner. I say, you moron, how could you send the message while being confined! Who is so stupid that he helped my b*stard brother? Actually, I don't know whether to say thank or scold you for helping him. I don't want him to get out, you know? Haha!"

While the woman was talking, her amethyst war chariot slowly flew and harbored next to the giant bronze steams.h.i.+p. A purple figure floated up and then descended on the main deck amidst the scrutinizing look of so many people.

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