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The seven statues were the replicas of the seven Demogorgon during tens of thousands of years of the Demon Clan. Each Demogorgon was an existence that surpa.s.sed the King G.o.d Realm.

Direct descendants of the seven Antiquity Demogorgons would probably have the Demogorgon's blood, with many different marvelous effects. Usually, it had a ma.s.sive energy, with the mysteries of the martial path. 

The Immortal Demon Blood was one of the Demogorgon’s blood kind, which could heal the body and predict friends or relatives’ activities.

s.h.i.+ Yan had never known that the Immortal Blood in his body was the blood of the Demogorgon of the Demon Clan. He finally got the information from Bao Ao.

"What happened to the Undying Demon Tribe? Why did you a.s.sume that they were exterminated?" s.h.i.+ Yan pondered for a while and then asked.

"The Undying Demon Tribe was combative innately. They were the true fighters. However, this tribe didn’t have a large population. It was usually like that. During fighting in the Antiquity, they were always the pioneers to expel the G.o.d Clan, while the other clans followed behind them. In battles with the G.o.d Clan, if the Undying Demon Tribe’s members weren’t the vanguard, the other clans could never have endured. Eventually, the G.o.d Clan left, leaving the Undying Demon Tribe with severe losses. That battle had cost them four-fifth of the population."

Bao Ao continued his explanation. "Not long after the G.o.d Clan left, the Nine Clans Great War happened. As the Undying Demon Tribe had the strongest fighting competence in the Demon Clan, they continued to shoulder the most important missions of the clan. In that war, they had almost no members remaining. In the end, when Human Clan rose, the Undying Demon Tribe disappeared. Otherwise, Human Clan would never have a chance to rule the continent," Bao Ao growled.

"Where had the seven Antiquity Demogorgons gone?"

"Some of them had left before the war with the G.o.d Clan, and some left after that to the foreign land, since the heaven and earth energy in the Grace Mainland wasn't enough for warriors at their levels to continue their cultivation. Whenever we gain a Demogorgon, the other clans have to be afraid of us the most," replied Bao Ao.

s.h.i.+ Yan frowned, pointing at the drawing of Lao Luo. "Do you know him?"

"He was a precursor of our Demon Clan. According to the description from the Demogorgon statues, he was called Lao Luo. In the Antiquity and after the war with the G.o.d Clan, he was one of the most prominent warriors of our clan. He had reached the King G.o.d Realm at an amazing speed. Later, he didn't wait for too long. Or perhaps it had happened in that time when heaven and earth energy wasn't enough to help the King G.o.d Realm warriors in breaking through the next realm. He didn't continue to break through here to become the eighth Demogorgon. He left early. This precursor called Lao Luo was a miracle of our clan during that period. He had comprehended the power of Darkness. He didn't have many rivals for his whole life."

s.h.i.+ Yan was struck as he could confirm the demon on that drawing was Lao Luo.

From the Blood Vein Ring, he got a streak which said that Lao Luo was one of the Eight Cortege of Bloodthirsty, and he was the weakest. He must be the entourage of the Blood Vein Ring’s previous owner.

"Have you ever heard about anybody that Lao Luo had submitted to?" s.h.i.+ Yan suddenly asked. He was quite tense, as he thought that he was about to get the answer for the mysterious profile of the Blood Vein Ring.

For the previous owner of this ring, the ring that had given him so many miracles, he had sincere respect.

It was because even if he had reached the True G.o.d Realm, he hadn’t gotten the approval from the ring spirit. This spirit didn’t even care about him, as it thought his power was too weak to be worth being the ring’s new master.

"What kind of joke is that?" Jie Ji intervened, shaking his head continually. "In that period, Lao Luo was invincible. There was no hotshot of any clan who dared to provoke him. How could he be someone’s entourage? By the time he left the Grace Mainland, he was the most intimidating existence of that time. I can’t think of anyone who could subdue him."

s.h.i.+ Yan’s eyes brightened.

He had a new conclusion: The Blood Vein Ring didn’t belong in the Grace Mainland.

Lao Luo was apparently one of the Eight Cortege of Bloodthirsty. If he were so strong at that time as one of the most mighty existences of the Grace Mainland, there would be no one eligible to subdue him and make him call that one master.

Then only one possibility was left. It had happened after Lao Luo had left the Grace Mainland. Someone in the endless starry sea of the universe had subdued him. And this person was the previous master of the Blood Vein Ring.

From this point, the Blood Vein Ring apparently didn’t belong to the Grace Mainland.

As this train of thought crossed s.h.i.+ Yan’s head, he had a better understanding of the universe. Now he knew that the universe had existences that went beyond his imagination.

"If we’re prepared, we should do it now. I’ve been waiting for this moment for such a long, long time." Bao Ao rubbed his hands, talking excitedly.

s.h.i.+ Yan nodded, pressing down the thoughts of the Blood Vein Ring and Lao Luo. He smiled faintly. "How to open it?"

Bao Ao didn't answer him. Instead, he walked with Jie Ji towards the pond in the center of the Hall of Demogorgon. When their reflections appeared in the pond, the black burning flame flew and got into the seven Demogorgon statues.

The sight at the lake bottom revealed little by little. It was an enormous demon drawing, which was inexplicable to the acme, containing endless mysteries. The seven Demogorgon statues had become seven nodes of that mysterious drawing, as if they were some kind of a formation eye.

Bao Ao and Jie Ji stood right at the center of the seven Demogorgon statues. Under their feet was a magic formation sketched by demonic patterns. Demon energy was seething, releasing the aura that could distort people’s souls. 

s.h.i.+ Yan was stunned looking at it.

"Come here," Bao Ao waved at him, signaling him to come. He laughed contentedly. "The entrance's here. However, once it opens, this place will be ruined. The Hall of Demogorgon won't exist anymore. The seven Demogorgon statues will go with us. Anyway, it's not important. As long as we can find the top-grade Demogorgon statues in the First Demon Area, we will get a better inheritance. At that time, we can escape this place."

"We don’t need to prepare anything?" s.h.i.+ Yan asked with uncertainty.

"Don't worry. We've prepared everything before you came here," Bao Ao smiled. "We just need only one thing, your Demogorgon Blood. With the Demogorgon Blood as the key, we can activate the other things we’ve prepared." 

"Hurry up. Don’t delay here. We’ve been waiting for you for almost one year." Jie Ji was hurried. "You brat, you told us it would take only half a month. Turns out you wasted one year. If we weren’t so bored, we wouldn’t play with the Ghost Mark Clan, leading to their rebellion."

As they had been waiting for s.h.i.+ Yan in boredom, they came to the Ghost Mark Clan to see if they could use their secret technique to contact the Demogorgon statues in the First Demon Area.

However, when they arrived at the Shady Firmament Old Mound, they found something abnormal. Not only Ca.s.sidy was resurrected, but many clansmen of the Ghost Mark Clan had also become stronger.

Members of the Ghost Mark Clan had used the Yin Written Charm Scripture to convert heaven and earth energy into Mysterious Yin Qi to supply to the shriveled clansmen, making them vigorous again.

The heaven and earth energy was a limited source. The two leaders of the Demon Clan were afraid that if they let the Ghost Mark Clan convert natural energy ma.s.sively like that, they wouldn’t have enough energy to open the First Demon Area. So, they attacked the Ghost Mark Clan immediately to erase this threat.

In the next moment, an immense will spread out from the Yin Written Charm Scripture. At that moment, they realized the scripture had changed and revived the patriarch of the Ghost Mark Clan. Although his power had been recovered just a little, they had to struggle hard.

That fight ended with Bao Ao and Jie Ji’s defeat. They returned immediately. Not long after that, the four clans had joined hands and started to attack them.

As the patriarch of the Ghost Mark Clan knew it would take a lot of energy to open the First Demon Area, he had led the other three clans to attack the Demon Clan. They all knew what they should do to prevent the Demon Clan and save time for their clans.

If s.h.i.+ Yan had broken through the True G.o.d Realm in half a month, the Demon Clan wouldn’t have suffered such a significant loss. That was why Jie Ji got mad at him.

s.h.i.+ Yan rubbed his nose as he felt a little bit embarra.s.sed. As Jie Ji urged him, he didn’t delay and walked to them.

Under his feet were the extremely complicated demonic patterns. They looked like an unceasing, exquisite sketch drawn by the Almighty.

Although s.h.i.+ Yan had knowledge of formations, even after scrutinizing the formation for a while, he couldn’t understand any of its subtle features. The magic characteristics of this place had surpa.s.sed his knowledge.

"Where should I drop the blood? And, how many drops does it require?" s.h.i.+ Yan put on a bitter face. "I’ve just condensed the altar, which consumed a lot of my Immortal Demon Soul. You’ve given me a high price."

"Three drops is enough," Bao Ao glared at him and chuckled. "Of course, we know the Immortal Demon Blood's precious. We won't trap you. Ah, yeah, I forgot to tell you that if you can complete replacing your blood, you can increase your body’s competence tremendously. At the same time, you can receive the ancient power of the Demogorgon’s Seal. And, besides this stuff, you can restore the real body of the Undying Demon Tribe, the immortal body."

s.h.i.+ Yan was struck, feeling dizzy. "Replace blood? How?"

"You have the Immortal Demon Blood in your body, which carries the infinite, refined energy. Use it to replace your own blood. Only the clansmen with the Demogorgon blood can do that. You’re that sort of clansmen, you lucky b*stard," Bao Ao smilingly said. 

s.h.i.+ Yan got stirred up, but then he went begrudgingly.

Was it a piece of cake to condense the Immortal Demon Blood?

Each drop was extremely precious. Although he had the mysterious martial spirit to condense it, he had created just a little number of drops until now. Building the soul sacrificial altar had taken half of the drops he had. At this moment, he had to spend three more, leaving only ten drops stored in his body then.

Using the Immortal Demon Blood to replace all the blood running in his vessels was a construction that would be many times tougher than building the Utmost Eight Purgatories City. He felt his scalp tingling thinking about it.

However, the benefit he could have was quite desirable. s.h.i.+ Yan couldn't help but dream about it. ‘Maybe if I can kill enough for the mysterious martial spirit to refine the energy, I can do that, right?‘ s.h.i.+ Yan thought.

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