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s.h.i.+ Yan kept quiet, but he had thousands of thoughts in his head.

He would never have known about the existence that surpa.s.sed the King G.o.d Realm if Bo Ruo didn’t tell him. Also, now he knew that each continent had its own energy cycle, and the Grace Mainland was at the end of its cycle. Soon, this place would run out of energy.

He knew Bo Ruo couldn’t deceive him.

From many old books, he had found that there were invincible existences in Immemorial Epoch, and each of them seemed to have endless powers.

In that era, the seven Demogorgons that had surpa.s.sed the King G.o.d Realm had left the continent to the outer s.p.a.ce.

Those were enough to prove how thick the heaven and earth energy was in those two eras. Also, they had had so many rare and precious natural products, which helped them reach that level.

Currently, this continent was worn out by strong creatures in the Immemorial Epoch, and the experts of the Antiquity. At present times, it was hard to reach the high realm.

Time was running out!

If the Grace Mainland didn't have the natural energy anymore one day, warriors would have nothing to support their cultivation, which would hold them from reaching the higher realms.

Without heaven and earth energy, spiritual herbs couldn’t grow. Without heaven and earth energy, there would be no Essence Qi crystallization. s.h.i.+ Yan felt terrible thinking about these things.

Heaven and earth energy was the root of all strong clans. The day this energy was drained was the doomsday of all races.

When Bao Ao and Jie Ji opened the First Demon Area, it would increase the usage speed of heaven and earth energy. Losing one-third of the current amount, this energy on the Grace Mainland would be used up rapidly. No wonder why the other clans didn’t stay idle. Even if it were s.h.i.+ Yan, he would have to consider if he wanted to support Bao Ao and Jie Ji or not.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

Strange noises came from a wall of the Hall of Demogorgon, as if someone was setting a fire behind it.

Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si jolted, walking to that corner with surprised and happy faces.

The Hall of Demogorgon cracked open a slit. Bao Ao and Jie Ji walked through, bringing with them several thousands of warriors of the Demon Clan and their mounts.

Bao Ao and Jie Ji looked a little bit distressed. They had blood on their bodies. They seemed to be exhausted with different level of damage. Their auras were also weaker than usual.

"Masters," Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si kneeled down on one knee, shouting in a low tone.

Bao Ao waved his hand to lift them up. Suddenly, his eyes got brighter as he saw s.h.i.+ Yan. He nodded to the young man. "Kid, you’re here."

He looked tired, but he still walked directly towards s.h.i.+ Yan, and didn’t notice that Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si hadn’t stood up yet. His deep eyes gazed on s.h.i.+ Yan, his face astounded.

The foul-mouthed Jie Ji seemed to have worse wounds than Bao Ao. He looked as if he had sunk in blood. Just like a beast, he screamed and roared, wanting to find the Ghost Mark Clan and solve the grudge. While he was talking boisterously, he walked towards s.h.i.+ Yan. At first glance, he cried, "Ah, you got the demon soul sacrificial altar?"

"Nonsense!" Bao Ao cursed him. "This kid has the n.o.blest blood of our Demon Clan. Isn’t it natural that he got the inheritance from this Hall?"

Pausing for a while, Bao Ao continued with an odd expression. "But, I don't know why you have three sections beneath your G.o.d Soul. Besides the demon altar, what are the other two? Strange... It's extraordinary! I can't understand this at all."

s.h.i.+ Yan was startled inside as Bao Ao could see the mysteries beneath his G.o.d Soul with just one glance. Wasn't he a demon who wasn't good at soul knowledge? 

"How about you guys? The other clans hadn’t hurt you badly, had they?" s.h.i.+ Yan smiled.

"Don’t talk about it. F*ck the patriarch of the Ghost Mark Clan. That a*shole’s revived. He has a cultivation base of King G.o.d Realm. If his power had been recovered fully, we would have had no chance to return here. So annoying… They’re so annoying! If I had known it earlier, I would have killed the Ghost Mark Clan first," Jie Ji thundered. "And that b*stard of the Dark Clan could control tens of thousands of Yin spirits and hollow souls. He's also morbid. It’s lucky that we’re strong. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to meet you again."

"Okay, stop babbling. It’s good that we could come back here. We shouldn’t waste time," Bao Ao intervened. He looked at s.h.i.+ Yan with a solemn countenance. "Are you ready?"

"Ready for what?"

"Opening the First Demon Area, of course."

s.h.i.+ Yan’s face became serious. "I heard Bo Ruo said that it needs one-third of the Grace Mainland’s heaven and earth energy to open the First Demon Area. Is it true?"

"Isn’t it rubbish?" Jie Ji intervened, "If not, why the four clans would chase us crazily?"

"It speeds up the rate of destruction the entire Grace Mainland," s.h.i.+ Yan contemplated. "If the heaven and earth energy is running out, not to mention the four clans and the Human Clan, the Demon Clan will also find it hard to level up. Aren’t you a little hare-brained doing that? Do you worry for the next generations?"

Actually, s.h.i.+ Yan was worried about his people in the Utmost Eight Purgatories City, Yang Tian Emperor, s.h.i.+ Jian, his elders, and the others whom he respected a lot.

If the Grace Mainland didn't have heaven and earth energy anymore, they wouldn't be able to break through further, and their martial path would have been severed.

"s.h.i.+ Yan, I have a question for you," Bao Ao didn’t change his visage, frowning. "Even if we don’t do anything, energy on the Grace Mainland will run out one day, right?" 

s.h.i.+ Yan nodded. "Yes, it will. But it's a long time later."

Bao Ao beamed a forced smile. "That little time doesn’t work. Once the heaven and earth energy is emptied out, as the martial art pract.i.tioners, we will face a lot of disasters. If it has to be that way, we’d better open the First Demon Area and find the seven great Demogorgon statues. Then, we’ll see if we can find any solution. At least, Jie Ji and I can take the chance and break through to the King G.o.d Realm. At that time, we are eligible to leave this place. We will be responsible for the Demon Clan to find another foreign land, which is suitable for our clan to live and cultivate. Then, we will help Human Clan to leave too."

s.h.i.+ Yan was musing.

Bao Ao’s words were reasonable. Anyhow, the Grace Mainland was about to reach the end of its energy cycle. If they opened the First Demon Area, they would just accelerate it by one-third.

But if it were like what they said, the Demogorgon statues in the First Demon Area could store some good methods or techniques. At least, Bao Ao and Jie Ji could have a chance to receive the high-quality inheritance and break through the King G.o.d Realm. At that time, they could escape this continent and find a better place for the Demon Clan.

All members of the Demon Clan inside the Hall of Demogorgon kept silent, looking at s.h.i.+ Yan.

They all knew that s.h.i.+ Yan was the key factor for opening the First Demon Area. If he didn’t want to cooperate with them, their hope would be extinguished.

Most of the members of the Demon Clan had a clear understanding of the Grace Mainland's situation. They knew that this place would be drained soon. By the time they got out of the Second Demon Area, they planned to kill the other clans to reduce the consumption of heaven and earth energy in this continent.

Heaven and earth energy was used by strong experts to whet their martial path and perform attacks or defenses. No matter it was to restore the Essence Qi or breaking through new realms, it was closely related to using the heaven and earth energy.

In their eyes, if the other clans were all extinguished, leaving only the Demon Clan, the consumption rate would be slowed down, and they could have more time to prepare.

Of course, Bao Ao and Jie Ji had never given up on opening the First Demon Area. They had asked the Ghost Mark Clan to make the sacrificial altar to connect to the Antiquity Demogorgon to find this key.

But, it was too bad that they failed.

When they found s.h.i.+ Yan, they saw hope in him. Then, they made up their minds. No matter what, they had to protect s.h.i.+ Yan to open the First Demon Area later.

"Are you sure I can help you open it?" s.h.i.+ Yan pondered for a while and then gazed at the other two.

Bao Ao and Jie Ji nodded.

"It would be impossible without me?"

The other two nodded again with solemn faces, not seeming to be joking.

s.h.i.+ Yan smiled and then nodded. "Then you have to agree on one thing."

"Say it!" The two shouted hurriedly.

"If you guys can figure out the solution, my people should be benefited from it too." s.h.i.+ Yan spoke slowly.

s.h.i.+ Yan had considered it clearly. At this point of time, whether Bao Ao or Jie Ji wanted to carry out their plan or not, this continent would be emptied out soon.

If it had to be that way, it’d be better to work with Bao Ao and Jie Ji to find a new chance to survive.

There were intimidating existences in the Antiquity and the Immemorial Epoch in the foreign lands. Would it be better for them if they could meet those existences?

If it didn’t work here, should they go to another place and find a continent where the energy was still rich and abundant? Everything would be solved, right?

As long as he could take his people, s.h.i.+ Yan thought that cooperating with Bao Ao and Jie Ji wasn’t a bad decision.

"They are your family members. It’s no problem if you want to take them," Bao Ao made a quick decision and agreed immediately. "Moreover, you don’t have many people, so, it’s alright."

Jie Ji nodded continually.

s.h.i.+ Yan smiled relaxedly. "Okay, I agree to help you open the First Demon Area." He paused for a while and then asked, "What should I do?"

"Use the blood you extracted last time. The Immortal Demon Blood!" Bao Ao let out a low shout.

"Immortal Demon Blood?" s.h.i.+ Yan was surprised.

"Yes, the Immortal Demon Blood, the blood of the Undying Demon Tribe! The Undying Demon Tribe is the tribe that had the strongest fighting competence among the other tribes of the Demon Clan in ancient times. It's the only tribe that could fight face to face with the same realm G.o.d Clan members. And, the G.o.d Clan is considered the perfect race. In the Antiquity, a Spirit Realm G.o.d Clan warrior could kill three warriors at the same level from the other clans except for your clan. And, only the members of the Undying Demon Tribe could fight the G.o.d Clan's members one-on-one without falling into the disadvantaged situation."

s.h.i.+ Yan was struck.

Bao Ao pointed behind him. "See? The seven Demogorgon statues are all the experts of our Demon Clan who had surpa.s.sed the King G.o.d Realm during tens of thousands of years. Our Demon Clan has many branches. As far as I’ve known, the Demon Clan had more than dozens of branches in the Antiquity Time. Your Undying Demon Tribe is just one of them. However, there’re three out of seven experts who had surpa.s.sed the King G.o.d Realm, and were from the Undying Demon Tribe!"

s.h.i.+ Yan couldn’t help but get frightened. Bao Ao’s words had struck him vehemently.

"You have the Immortal Demon Blood. It’s the Demogorgon’s blood! It’s the same blood that those three experts had. And, the Demogorgon’s blood is the key to open the First Demon Area. Only the Demon Clan’s branches that have the Demogorgon could possibly have the Demogorgon’s blood, which is the blessing of our ancestors!" said Bao Ao with a respectful face.

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