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If he confirmed they were his mortal enemy, s.h.i.+ Yan would never show them mercy. Once he launched his attacks, they would be the full-force ones!

After the seven light columns shot out, he didn't hesitate to connect his Soul Consciousness with the Utmost Eight Purgatories City. The second attack surged immediately.

Cl.u.s.ters of clouds that looked like they were made of crystals shone gloriously. Each cl.u.s.ter was as big as a door, rumbling like thunderclaps, crossing the city walls to attack the seven ancient factions’ people.

Lin Meng and Qin Gu Chuan’s team were woken up. They put aside the astonishment and started to counter.

Her small hands exposed from the sleeves, waving. Pieces of willow leaves fluttered in the air. Green light flooded the entire sky, as beautiful as emerald, releasing a mesmerizing halo.

It was the Sacred Level treasure of the Pure Land, Leafiness Ode, made of nine thousand leaves of the ten-thousand-year-old willow, and other hundreds of precious materials.

The willow leaves expanded into a magical array. Its vitality surged like a vast area of green leaves, covering their heads. It was so thick that even sunlight couldn’t pierce through.

Light of thunderclaps shot out from the city walls, bombarding the green layer. Dazzling sparks scattered everywhere like the most blazing fireworks.

Ni Ruo, Qin Gu Chuan, Guan Hu, and Lu Miao wore an angry face. As they were enraged, the storage rings on their fingers sparkled, releasing their secret treasures.

A tenacious large gray cl.u.s.ter of cotton appeared above Ni Ruo’s head. Threads s.h.i.+vered, creating a magical array to dissolve the thunderclap in the sky.

It was Ni Ruo’s treasure, condensed from the murderous aura of the thirty-six Exterminating Caves. Murderous aura arose from the cotton threads, enlarging the cl.u.s.ter, covering the area.

Qin Gu Chuan, Guan Hu, and Lu Miao took out a jade pan pipe, a beating drum, and a bronze bell, turning into three different light beams above their heads. All then darted toward s.h.i.+ Yan on the city wall.

The three True G.o.d Realm warriors joined hands in an attempt to kill s.h.i.+ Yan with one strike.

In their heads, s.h.i.+ Yan had become the most dangerous character. They thought that when s.h.i.+ Yan died, this city wouldn’t be able to perform its defensive functions. At that time, they could break it easily.

Each city, which was established from formations, barriers, and restrains, always had a control center controlled by Soul Consciousness.

Apparently, s.h.i.+ Yan was the control center of the silver city. Once he fell, Yang Tian Emperor’s group could never have the power to promote the best power of the silver city.

That time would be the time of doom of the Yang family. Lin Meng’s team could see it.

Their strategy was correct, indeed. However, they had underestimated s.h.i.+ Yan’s power and the silver city’s intimidation.

The jade panpipe was unpleasant to the ears. The sound was so sharp that it could pierce through people’s souls. Under the urge of a True G.o.d Realm warrior like Qin Gu Chuan, its power was enhanced, which had strengthened its ability to s.n.a.t.c.h people’s souls.

Raging drumbeat rumbled. Each beat entered s.h.i.+ Yan’s Sea of Consciousness directly. If an ordinary True G.o.d Realm warrior got hit with such a strike, his Sea of Consciousness would explode, his Soul Consciousness would scatter, and his soul would perish on the spot.

The bell tolls rippled in the dazzling light, expanding like rising tides. It brought the torrential power of the vast sea. This kind of pressing power could smash a warrior’s body.

Qin Gu Chuan, Guan Hu, and Lu Miao were the True G.o.d Realm experts. When they acc.u.mulated their power for an instant-kill attack, even the True G.o.d Realm warriors like Di Shan and Li Zheng Rong could perish.

But, s.h.i.+ Yan wasn’t afraid of them.

The attack wave of the jade pan pipe and the drumbeat had pierced through people’s Sea of Consciousness. They were the soul cla.s.s secret treasures. To other people, this kind of attack was much stronger than physical attacks.

However, using soul attacks to deal with s.h.i.+ Yan was the worst strategy.

s.h.i.+ Yan was calm, gathering his energy. His soul was firm, and his still body was like a ma.s.sive rock bearing the two attacks.

His host soul wiggled, stirring his Sea of Consciousness a little bit. Flames of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame were released, cleaning all the soul attacks entering his body.

The only thing he was afraid was the bronze bell of Lu Miao. Waiting until the light ripples of the bronze bell dashed towards him, he became more solemn, extending his hand to touch the wall on his left.

A formation shaped like a lotus was triggered. From the center of the lotus, translucent lotuses which looked to be made of gla.s.s radiated dazzlingly with a furious pulling force.

The lotus was like a mouth that suddenly opened. From the city wall, it dashed forward, swallowing each ripple of the bronze bell.

However, after the lotuses took in the energy of the bronze bell, they exploded one by one. During their explosions, the attack ripples of the bell were dissolved.

The ground of the silver city shook several times, but it was nothing significant. Everything was normal.

s.h.i.+ Yan didn't sneer or mock. While he was trying to dissolve the attack of the three True G.o.d Realm warriors, he released the Soul Gathering Pearl. Many threads extended, rolling the Soul Gathering Pearl, making a circle above people’s heads.

The soul power of many warriors who were struck dead by the seven light columns was pulled into the Soul Gathering Pearl like a whale drinking water.

Seizing the chance, s.h.i.+ Yan urged his mysterious martial spirit. Within three seconds, he had taken in a large amount of Essence Qi. He was shaken, and his acupuncture points swelled immediately.

At this moment, s.h.i.+ Yan cracked a big smile. "If you want to break this city, you should try harder. With that sort of attack, I advise you not to waste your time. Get back to the Ice and Fire Secret Domain, don’t let the pagans kill you and end up dying in vain here."

Then, his body sank into the city wall, as if he had melted into a puddle, disappearing into the wall.

The Utmost Eight Purgatories City kept its quietness. No more brutal surging force or tremendous attacks shot out from everywhere.

Lin Meng and Nie Ruo were still controlling their secret treasures, creating the light defense to prevent the next wave of attacks.

Qin Gu Chuan, Guan Hu, and Lu Miao felt as if they had been slapped. Their faces were grimaced, and their eyes were sinister.

In front of everybody, leaders of the five forces had joined hands, but they couldn't kill s.h.i.+ Yan or leave a hole in the silver wall. They had let s.h.i.+ Yan retreat easily… This dispirited them!

"Too arrogant! If this kid isn't killed, he will be the biggest danger to the Human Clan!" Qin Gu Chuan was like an enraged hound. He rubbed his hands brutally, panting as he was talking through his gritted teeth. "We must attack them harder!"

Lin Meng, Ni Ruo, Guan Hu, and Lu Miao nodded. Flames of anger burned in their hearts, arousing their ruthless intentions.

From three miles away, Yun Hao and Yu Wan Jiang couldn’t conceal their fright. They looked at the silver city, which looked to be made it out of iron and steel, and didn't say anything for quite a long time.

Before they had gotten here, no one had thought that this silver city was that tough. They couldn’t imagine s.h.i.+ Yan’s strange and evil tricks. The silver city could easily dissolve a powerful attack of the three True G.o.d Realm warriors.

They didn't know that s.h.i.+ Yan could dissolve most of the soul attacks. They thought that s.h.i.+ Yan’s mighty power had depended on the Utmost Eight Purgatories City.

"Master Yun, you said… s.h.i.+ Yan’s considered the people of the Radiant G.o.d Cult. And, he has cultivated the Star Execution of the Radiant G.o.d Cult. I a.s.sume the method to construct this city is also from your sect, eh?" Yu Wan Jiang contemplated for a while and then asked him in a low tone.

Yun Hao wore an odd face. He shook his head with a forced smile. "He does cultivate the Star Execution. However, it is just a part of his power. He has many tricks… Even I can’t understand him." 

Yu Wan Jiang pondered. Later on, he beamed a smile. "I think our decision was right, then. I think, if they want to break the city, they will have to shed quite some blood."

Yun Hao said with a stiff countenance. "Never underestimate Lin Meng’s group! When they get stirred up, they could burst out with tremendous power. Moreover, they have divine secret treasures they haven’t used yet. All of them are holding back their real power."

Yu Wan Jiang’s face was heavy. He sighed, "Yeah, right. If Lin Meng and the others are enraged and use the divine treasures, I’m afraid this city will be broken quickly."

From behind Yun Hao and Yu Wan Jiang, Leng Dan Qing and Shuang Zhu Yu had cheerful faces. They watched everything with admiration, as strange lights sparkled in their beautiful eyes.

After they had arrived, these two were still worried that s.h.i.+ Yan wouldn't have any power to defend, and that Lin Meng’s team of the seven ancient factions would break the city right away and destroy his soul.

In the Divine Great Land, Lin Meng’s team of the seven ancient factions represented the invincible power. 

Although s.h.i.+ Yan was strong, he was still young. He was at one realm lower than the others. Such a gap had the two women worrying about him. When the battle began, they didn't dare to watch.

However, it was beyond their imagination, that once s.h.i.+ Yan took action, it was as reverberating as thunder. He had caused Lin Meng’s group a big loss.

However, the women were more astounded that s.h.i.+ Yan could stand still under the joined attacks of Qin Gu Chuan and the other two. Moreover, he had dissolved the attacks easily and retreated into the silver city.

These changes were like a pellet given to them, making them relaxed.

Zhu Yi, Bei Si, Bei Di, and the others were astounded. Light sparkled in their eyes as they felt complicated.

The power s.h.i.+ Yan had brought out had shocked them deeply. At this moment, they recognized that deciding not to join this battle was the best decision they had made in the whole life. 

"Qi Tian Oldie has a wide vision. It’s lucky that we listened to him. Otherwise, we would be dead bodies now."

The small forces that retreated because of Long Zhu all felt frightened. They also felt lucky that they hadn’t mingled with Lin Meng’s group.

The intimidation the silver city showed them spared them no more hesitation. Now, they just wished to stay as far away from the trouble as possible.

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