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From the city wall of the outer city, Long Zhu and Long Ying looked at the immense sky above the center of the city. They were watching lightning strikes forked in the sky like a bunch of worms, with serious facial expressions.

"Surprisingly, that kid has overcome it." Surprise filled Long Ying’s small and cute face. "Grandpa, you said that if he could get over it, you would help him. Are you sure? How about the seven ancient factions?"

"We just try to solve the mess. If we can’t do that, I think this kid has more abilities to preserve the flickering light of Human Clan," Long Zhu pondered, then said, "I think it’s time to talk with the master of this place."

"Grandpa, the seven ancient factions force is superb. Lin Meng’s group isn’t made of nice people. They won’t listen to others’ advise. If you want to go with them, of course, Lin Meng will never agree." Long Ying’s beautiful eyes sparkled as she was worried.

"Today, Human Clan is about to meet the most dangerous catastrophe. One wrong move can lead to the end of Human Clan. If Lin Meng’s group doesn’t want to wake up and want to carry out this war, I can only stay on the opposite side to them." Long Zhu sighed, not knowing how to express his idea. "I hope they would consider the whole picture. I think this city isn’t simple. Even if the seven ancient factions attack it, they can’t break this wall."

"Is this city as dangerous as you said?" Long Ying was scared.

"I have some knowledge of the ancient formations, but I can't understand the structure and operating mechanism of this city. The energy inside is really earth-shaking. I don't know how that kid could create this city. The only I can confirm is that if the True G.o.d Realm experts attack here, they will be hurt badly!" Long Zhu said in a low tone.

Long Ying kept quiet.

"The outer areas have the weakening and aging fields which oppress the spirit and deprive people’s power. Even my realm is restrained. When Lin Meng’s group gets here, I’m sure their realms will be decreased by one or more minor realms. Facing so many barriers and formations here, coming to the center of this city isn’t easier than fighting with alien tribes." Long Zhu’s face was heavy. "Perhaps this city will be the main fort of Human Clan in the future." 

"But… they have befriended alien tribes?" Long Ying was suspicious.

"In the future… humans will never be the sole ruler of the Grace Mainland anymore. Multiracial development is the new trend. I’m not sure this kid could see this trend or just grasped up to this step. However, I acknowledge his wise move of putting aside racism and creating a good relations.h.i.+p with other races. This is the only way to survive. If we keep the prejudice of the past, Human Clan will go extinct!"

"So, the seven ancient factions force is going on a wrong way?"

"At least it’s outdated. Different times require different changes of understanding. Dare to dream, dare to do! Or else, the other clans would expel you. I’m going to the Ice and Fire Secret Domain this time to persuade Lin Meng’s group to give up the prejudice of the past and consider how to live in peace with the other races. But I know… this is really difficult. Lin Meng’s group has conservative thoughts. I’m afraid it’s hard to convince them. At this moment, if we have a pioneer better then them, naturally, I have to help him."

While Long Zhu was talking, his face stiffened as the energy surged from his body like a tornado, plunging directly into the center of the city. 

Inside the city, many barriers and formations were triggered at once. Beautiful light shot out. Twisted evil fields appeared that could weaken the power and age people’s vitality. This made the city became a dazzling spot. Many areas were sparkling with blinding light.

Long Zhu looked like an ordinary old man, but when he released his aura, it could activate all the barriers of the city.

In the center of the city…

s.h.i.+ Yan had recovered his body, but his Essence Qi and Soul Consciousness were still weak. Suddenly, he sensed something abnormal. His face changed, as he shot up from his seat.

Yang Tian Emperor, Li Zheng Rong, and Di Shan were frightened. They couldn't help but shout. "So strong!"

"Who is that?" Bing Qing Tong paled. Her voice trembled. "Such surging energy, even Lin Meng can’t control this. Since when we have such an intimidating existence in our city?"

s.h.i.+ Yan’s face darkened. He squinted then used his soul to connect the Utmost Eight Purgatories City to detect the cause that stirred up his entire formation. "The old man in the outer city!" 

Everybody discolored.

"Hey little buddy, can we talk a little bit?" A clear, generous voice echoed through the city, just like thunder reverberating everywhere.

"Not good!" Yang Tian Emperor pressed down the anger. "It’s him! When that old man got in here, I had sensed him, but I couldn’t find any strange features. I didn't expect that he could conceal that much!"

Yang Tian Emperor couldn't see his realm, which meant his realm was much higher than his, at least more than Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm. At this moment, the Utmost Eight Purgatories City could only resist the First Sky of True G.o.d Realm.

The mighty power of the old man had frightened everybody, as they felt an incoming danger.

"At this moment, he doesn’t have malicious intent," s.h.i.+ Yan pondered and then said, "I’m going to meet him to see what he wants."


Yang Tian Emperor and Li Zheng Rong tried to stop him.

However, while s.h.i.+ Yan was talking, a formation glittered under his feet. Immense light covered his entire body, and s.h.i.+ Yan disappeared instantly.

Shortly, a halo expanded in the outer city where Long Zhu and Long Ying were standing. s.h.i.+ Yan emerged in the light.

Long Zhu smiled, then nodded to s.h.i.+ Yan. "It’s you. I didn’t think that you’re the real master of this place. What’s your name?"

"s.h.i.+ Yan."

"s.h.i.+ Yan… I have heard this name. Haha... You've been to the Dead Soul Mountain Range, and you've defeated Lie Feng. It's you. It's a surprise to me."

"And you are?"

s.h.i.+ Yan’s face was incomparably serious. He had prepared discreetly, and in case this old man had malicious thoughts, he would urge the barriers around him to kill him at any cost.

It was lucky that the Utmost Eight Purgatories City had been activated. Otherwise, he didn't dare to come close to this senior.

The aura of this old man made him irritatingly anxious. This feeling had appeared when he was facing Xuan Ming. Even his confidence was struck to somewhere far away. He didn't even have the intention to struggle.

Xuan Ming was the real owner of the Perpetual Night Forest, the greatest senior at the Peak of Level 9, of the Monster Clan. He had one foot entering the Level 10. It could be said that he was the strongest existence s.h.i.+ Yan knew.

He didn’t expect that the old man Yang Tian Emperor had let into the city had reached such realm with formidable power.

"I am Long Zhu. I didn’t deceive you guys," the old man smiled. "However, not many people know my real name in the Divine Great Land. They call me by the other name. Perhaps, you’ve heard about me before."

"I wish to know," s.h.i.+ Yan talked with a serious countenance. 

"Qi Tian Oldie," Long Zhu smiled.

s.h.i.+ Yan was struck. Light shot out from his eyes, his face astounded. 

‘It’s him!’

He was the most mysterious recluse in the Divine Great Land. It’d been several hundred years, and n.o.body had ever seen him operating in this continent. His position was higher than Lin Meng, Yun Hao, and Qin Gu Chuan. His age could be compared to the Monster Clan. The legend about him was always told in the Divine Great Land. Even the leaders of the seven ancient factions had to show respect mentioning him.

"Haha, seems you've heard my name," Long Zhu smiled, but his face was nonchalant. "I don't have bad intentions towards you guys. Quite the contrary, I have a presumptuous request. I wonder if you are interested in it or not?" 

"Precursor, please do tell. If I can do it, I won’t deny," s.h.i.+ Yan said cautiously.

"Uh, your city doesn’t look bad. I want to be part of it." Long Zhu stroked the dragon cane in his hand, smiling strangely. "The alien tribes are about to invade us, and I have no place to go. I want to find a shelter, and this city looks good to me."

s.h.i.+ Yan was surprised, looking at him deep into the eyes. He kept silent for a while and then asked, "The Ice and Fire Secret Domain is supposed to be safer. Why you don’t want to go there?"

"If I didn't visit this place of yours, I’m afraid I would go to the Ice and Fire Secret Domain. But now, I want to stay here more. The Ice and Fire Secret Domain’s the narrow s.p.a.ce outside the Grace Mainland. It’s not my homeland. I feel staying here is better." Long Zhu smiled and explained. "That’s why I told you my ident.i.ty. I don’t want you to misunderstand me, thinking that I have some wild plans or something. Haha, I wonder if you will grant me my wish or not?" 

s.h.i.+ Yan frowned as thoughts seethed in his heart. Long afterward, he cracked a smile. "Precursor, you are in the city already."

"Yeah, I’m in the city, but you guys haven’t trusted me yet. I’m just afraid that you will be distracted by me at the critical moments." Long Zhu continued neither fast nor slow. "Of course, I understand your worries. At this moment, I’m not going to the city center. After this wave’s over, if the city isn’t broken yet, I think you will understand me more."

"Why do you need to be that cautious? My grandpa thinks that you guys aren’t bad. That’s why he wants to help you. You do think that we’re going to harm you, don’t you?" Long Ying snorted indignantly.

"No, I think he doesn’t bear bad intentions," s.h.i.+ Yan could finally relax. He knew that a little girl like Long Ying could never have a cunning heart. From her att.i.tude, he could confirm that Long Zhu didn’t have malicious thoughts towards them. Finally, he could relax hi tense nerves. 

"I just want to make it clear about my ident.i.ty. So later on, when you figure it out completely, you won’t think that I have bad intentions towards you guys. Besides, I will prove my att.i.tude." Long Zhu waved his hand indifferently. "Little buddy, I know you’re busy. I won’t trouble you for more. The seven ancient factions will arrive around six hours later, I a.s.sume. You should be prepared."

"What would you do when the seven ancient factions attack this place?" s.h.i.+ Yan was startled. Then, he asked with a sharp look.

"I will help you defend the city. However, I won’t kill people of the seven ancient factions," said Long Zhu.

"What if I kill people of the seven ancient factions?"

"Perhaps I might not see it."

"Thank you."

s.h.i.+ Yan made a deep bow to him and thanked gratefully. Then, he turned around, his figure flas.h.i.+ng before he disappeared completely.

Although he didn't know why this most mysterious recluse of the Divine Great Land wanted to help him, he finally could put this worry aside, exhaling in relief.

"This guy is a careful person," Long Ying pouted. "I thought he would take us to the center of the city."

"Quite the contrary. If he did that, I wouldn’t appreciate him more," Long Zhu smiled. "His relatives and friends stay in the city center. If he carelessly let us in and if I did have evil plans, it would create a b.l.o.o.d.y disaster. He has to worry about it. Yeah, his deed shows that he’s a careful and meticulous person even though he’s still young. It’s a good virtue, especially at this moment. He needs to be careful taking each step. It would help them survive longer."

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