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After the old man and the young girl got into the city, Li Feng Er arranged them to stay in a big stone room in the outer region. Then, she asked the visitors about their origin.

"My name’s Long Zhu. I’m a hunter in the Divine Great Land. This is my granddaughter, Long Ying. A warrior chose her to be his disciple when she was young, so she got some achievements. Thanks to her, I could dodge the pagans and survive until now. Eventually, we got the chance to come to the Perpetual Night Forest."

The old man named Long Zhu answered neither slowly nor fast. His eyes were misty.

Long Ying smiled, but didn't say anything.

Li Feng Er frowned, looking at them for a while, but she couldn’t figure anything else. She then said begrudgingly. "You guys stay here. This is the outer area of the city. You can go wherever you want. However, please excuse us as you are not allowed to enter the center of the city."

Long Zhu smiled and nodded. "We will remember. Thank you, miss."

Li Feng Er nodded, leaving with a skeptical look on her face, as if she felt something was wrong.

Waiting until she left, Li Zheng Rong knocked the dragon cane on the wall of the room with a strange countenance. After a while, he frowned, his face astounded. He seemed to get something.

"How is it, grandpa?" Long Ying laughed cheerily.

"Excellent," Li Zheng Rong smiled and then said, "This stone wall is made of a combination of different rigid stones. Very good for defending. Seems it was quenched with high temperature. Really good! The one who could build this city should be a peerless blacksmith. In our Divine Great Land, only some can achieve this."

Long Ying was terrified. "So, this place is a base of Human Clan? Grandpa, why don’t you use your Soul Consciousness to sense?"

Li Zheng Rong shook his head as he explained smilingly. "It's not polite to do so. They are nice enough to let us in. We shouldn't break the rules. In any place, using the Soul Consciousness to peep into people's secrets is taboo. You little girl, you shouldn't mess up here."

"Harrumph!" Long Ying’s eyes were disdainful. "With your power, even if the pagans are raging, we’re still alright. Without them, we still live well."

"It’s different. Girl, you have to be thankful." Li Zheng Rong shook his head grudgingly. "This city isn’t finished. They have to bear big risks by letting us in. Haha, their bearings aren’t similar to the seven ancient factions. If they were Lin Meng or Nie Ruo, they would give us no chance to visit the place."

"Hmm, so why do we need to go to the Ice and Fire Secret Domain?"

"Lin Meng and Nie Rou, even if they are more selfish, they belong to our Human Clan. They are protecting the human bloodline. They’ve saved many people." Li Zheng Rong frowned, his face gloomy. "If the alien tribes are about to attack us on a big scale, we have to contribute our part."

s.h.i.+ Yan didn't put those two people in his mind. He was still busy portraying the formations. He continually made the hand seals and released his energy to imprint the walls.

The silver city had six gates. Besides the four general directions, it had two more gates in the roof and underground. The underground gate led to the deep place in the earth, connecting with the earth’s pulse.

The city was divided into the outer and the inner areas. The outer city was arranged with countless traps and dangers, created by so many barriers and formations. The inner part took one-fifth of the entire city, which was established with a Giant Universe Soul Gathering Formation. It could take the energy of heaven and earth through the gate in the roof.

To build this city, s.h.i.+ Yan owed the Monster Clan a big deal, as he had almost gathered all of their sources.

The Yang family, the Cao family, the Winged Clan, and the Dark Devil Clan had temporarily stopped their cultivating process to focus on this mega construction.

Of course, without the Monster Clan’s contribution, it was impossible to build such ma.s.sive city in short time like this with only the human labor.

Li Zheng Rong had given him the inspiration.

"Little Yan, don’t destroy yourself like that. Take a break. No need to hasten." s.h.i.+ Jian came out of nowhere, walking to the lake with affection on his face.

s.h.i.+ Yan smiled, looking really tired. "It’s okay… I can still endure. The force of the seven ancient factions would come here in any minute. We have a little time. We must do our best to survive the pressure from the seven ancient factions."

s.h.i.+ Jian sighed. "Your grandpa’s useless. I can’t help you much. Sigh, when we came to the Endless Sea, we knew how small we were. But, when we came to the Divine Great Land, we realized that we were the worst. Our vision is narrow. If we could go to the Endless Sea or the Divine Great Land earlier, we would have been able to help you better perhaps."

"It’s alright. As long as we live, we still have time for everything." s.h.i.+ Yan comforted him. "Grandpa, you should go to work. Please take care of the others. Ask them to save their strength. Don’t get paralyzed due to tiredness." 

These days, many people had fainted because of running out of energy and bearing the big pressure.

A vigorous warrior fainted, which showed how exhausted his people were. Although Li Zheng Rong had refined many pellets, the number of warriors who needed to use pellets was increasing. Their medicines and pellets were in a shortage.

Luckily, at the critical time, the Cao family, Fan Xiang Yun and Man Gu had given the medicines and pellets they had stored for a hundred years. At this difficult moment, they had used the pellets to support for a while. Otherwise, it wasn’t just a small number who would have had pa.s.sed out.

It had come to the most critical time. No one had a different thought. To survive, they had put forth everything, becoming united more than ever before. People supplemented pellets, spiritual herbs, materials, and their physical strength.

In hopeless situations, people’s potential would bloom. It was worth every moment. Without this city, they would never have had this state.

Another day had gone by…

In the thick forest outside the silver city, a group of one hundred human warriors was talking boisterously while walking in the forest. They all wore beautiful clothes.

Two elders took this group, an old woman with a glowing face, and an energetic old man. They knew each other, as they were discussing something along the way, their faces solemn.

Right behind them were dozens of Spirit Realm warriors, and some Sky Realm and Nirvana young men. All of them looked vigorous.

Among them were two appealing women. Surprisingly, they were He Qing Man and Qu Yan Qing of the Endless Sea.

They were talking with each other in a low tone. Their faces were gorgeous. The long trip didn’t wear them out. It only tangled their hair, giving them a different wild beauty.

Qu Yan Qing didn’t wear her mask. Her beautiful face, which could even bring down a whole city, was exposed like a naturally magnificent gemstone. People would be mesmerized looking at her.

It was unknown what they had experienced, but they had reached the Peak of Sky Realm. Their aura was thick and surging, as waves of energy rippled from them.

There were many Nirvana and Earth Realm warriors walking near them. Sometimes, they would peep on them, revealing their yearning emotion with the hot look.

"Qing Man. We will arrive at the Ice and Fire Secret Domain soon. It’s where the seven ancient factions of the Human Clan gather in the Divine Great Land. It should be interesting there. I know many people of the seven ancient factions. Can I take you around to visit the place?" A handsome young man holding a jade ruler chuckled, talking naturally.

He Qing Man frowned, but it was almost invisible. She shook her head. "Wei Zhai, I’m not close to you. Please don’t call me Qing Man anymore."

Wei Zhai didn’t change his countenance and just chuckled. "You little girl, you’re so polite. My teacher and your teacher have a good relations.h.i.+p. So, you are my little sister. Why should we be too distant?"

"I can’t reach that high." He Qing Man talked with a cold face as she was impatient. Wei Zhai was good at observing the situation. He got it right away, so didn’t say anything more. He s.h.i.+fted his look to Qu Yan Qing.

However, right before he was about to speak up, Qu Yan Qing sneered. "Stop it! You can try your luck with the others. You’re not my type."

Wei Zhai was always dissolute, and it wasn’t a secret here. Girls falling into his hands would be ignored when he got tired of them. He didn't consider his dissoluteness a shame, but pride. He often bragged about the details of his hunting for beauties, which ashamed his exes.

However, Wei Zhai was the biggest disciple of the old man who took the lead of this group. He had the Spirit Realm cultivation base. Not only did he have a profound realm, but he also had the benefits of distributing pellets and materials, which made the other girls, despite the crooked facts about him, admire him and want to be with him. Usually, these girls would lose both their bodies and reputation. 

"People from the barbarian place like the Endless Sea, where no heroes were born, what do you have to have such cold manner?" Wei Zhai was surprised, but he didn't get angry. He still babbled. "I just want to befriend you guys. We can talk. We can discuss the cultivating techniques we like. Perhaps you are overthinking." 

"No heroes?" Qu Yan Qing frowned, snorted, then said, "As I know, when s.h.i.+ Yan arrived in the Divine Great Land, he defeated Lie Feng. Wei Zhai, you said that you’re cool. Can you beat Lie Feng?"

Wei Zhai put on a dark and sinister complexion. He shouted coldly. "s.h.i.+ Yan again! Along this trip, how many times have you mentioned that name? I’m so annoyed by this name!"

"It’s you who said that our Endless Sea has no good heroes. If you can defeat s.h.i.+ Yan, I will consider you the number one. Now what?" He Qing Man intervened disdainfully. "s.h.i.+ Yan had spent ten years to reach the Peak of Sky Realm. Could you do that?"

Wei Zhai’s face became more grimaced.

"Brother Wei, why do you need to get angry over a dead man? Even if he is more dangerous, the pagans will kill him soon. You don't need to be like that." A young man interfered.

Wei Zhai smiled faintly. "I hope he’s dead. Otherwise… harrumph!"

However, this troop stopped all of a sudden. The old woman and Wei Zhai’s teacher were surprised, looking at a dazzling silver city from a distance.

"Ah, a city’s over there. Last time when I came here to train, it didn’t exist!" The young man who had just interfered them acclaimed. He Qing Man and Qu Yan Qing looked at the area ahead of them. They didn’t know what mysterious thing was over there.

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