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Ice and Fire Secret Domain…

Inside a plain meeting hall built with flame stone, Lin Meng of the Pure Land, Yun Hao of the Radiant G.o.d Cult, Nie Ruo of the Devil Temple, Qin Gu Chuan of the Heaven Temple, Guan Hu of the Martial Spirit Palace, Luo Miao of the Spirit Treasure Sect, and Yu Wan Jian of the Fighting Union, the leaders of the seven ancient factions, were gathering. 

These seven people were the overlords of the entire Divine Great Land. Each of them had ruled the richest parts of the continent for so many years.

Today, in this meeting hall, the hotshots of everywhere were gathered. Their faces were grim, looking at the bronze cauldron in the center of the hall.

The bronze cauldron was five meters high, with three supports as big as human legs. The cauldron was covered with magical patterns, including the clouds, beasts, alien tribes, ghosts, and demons. All of them looked animated, as if they were living creatures crawling around the cauldron.

Green smoke wound from the cauldron, while a refres.h.i.+ng fragrance was dispersing in the place, that could revitalize people and calm their souls.

It was the Original Universe Returning Cauldron, a divine tool of the Pure Land. Lin Meng had treasured it in the Pure Land; she didn't let the others see this treasure, as if it were the root of her life.

Lin Meng and the other six were sitting in silence, waiting for the green smoke to get thicker. Then, they released their G.o.d Soul, turning into seven beams of light flying towards the cauldron.

Their souls then found a spot for each on the mouth of the cauldron. Then, they united the soul power into one flow, s.h.i.+ning on the center of the cauldron.

The patterns on the Original Universe Returning Cauldron glowed. Twisting soul fluctuation shot out from the cauldron, dragging the entire Ice and Fire Secret Domain into a fierce soul vortex.

After an unknown period, Ling Meng’s G.o.d Soul reached the center of the cauldron. It hovered in the crystal clear s.p.a.ce inside, constantly using the soul power to clear the s.p.a.ce.

Lin Meng’s G.o.d Soul seemed like it had escaped the Grace Mainland, wandering into an immense galaxy. As if it could sense something magical, it flew in a particular direction. 

The star sea was mysterious and endless. Lin Meng's soul was like a little fish strolling around, not daring to act rashly or sense the prestige of the other stars. It only watched over a spiritual platform.

Long after that, Lin Meng’s soul power was consumed by a big part. She was bewildered, reaching a vast milky way.

It was like a dream. Lin Meng tried to control her mind, constantly releasing the soul thought to seek the prestige of the Human Sages, trying to make contact with them.

It seemed there was something really intimidating dormant in the center of the soul sea. These soul fluctuations had scared Lin Meng, as if they could burn her G.o.d Soul into ashes any minute. 

All of a sudden, Lin Meng’s soul shuddered, as she had caught a feeble soul fluctuation. She pulled herself together, trying to reach the source of the soul fluctuation.

However, right at this moment, an icy cold thought shot toward her from a corner of the star sea.

Lin Meng had neither seen the target nor established a connection with it. But, her G.o.d Soul was disordered, turning into a beam of light and retreating from the soul sea immediately.

The Original Universe Returning Cauldron was shaking violently in the hall. Images of alien tribes on the cauldron seemed to be activated. They started to show their claws and bare their fangs, as if they wanted to get rid of the cauldron. 

The G.o.d Souls of the other six were trembling hard. They hastened to release their soul power, pouring into the cauldron.

The Original Universe Returning Cauldron slowly quieted down. The beasts, ghosts, and demons rising on the surface of the cauldron were oppressed, as if an invisible giant palm was pressing them, preventing them from causing any harm.

Lin Meng’s G.o.d Soul was shaking violently. She hurried to get back to the body from the Original Universe Returning Cauldron, and the other six followed her.

The seven strong True G.o.d Realm warriors of Human Clan in the Divine Great Land were pale and exhausted, as though they had just fought a fierce battle. Their soul power seemed to be completely drained.

Blood trickled from the seven apertures on Ling Meng’s face. She looked distressed, just like someone had hurt her. It took her a long time to steady her breath.

She was still frightened, her voice helpless, "I don't know what has happened. My Grand Teacher seemed feeble. I don't know what has happened to her."

Yun Hao and Nie Ruo were scared, their faces glum.

"We know your Grand Teacher is the last one who had reached the King G.o.d Realm. She’s the peerless warrior of the Divine Great Land. Her power and cultivation base could be deemed invincible. Did she meet anything unexpected in the Endless Foreign Starry Sky?" Nie Ruo couldn’t hold his fright. "How dangerous is the Endless Foreign Starry Sky that she couldn’t form a connection with you?"

"Millions of years have pa.s.sed. We have countless warriors who had reached the King G.o.d Realm, which gives them the ability to escape the Grace Mainland. They took turns and entered the Endless Foreign Starry Sky. Besides the extraordinary warriors of the Human Clan, there were the Grand Seniors of the Demon Clan and the Dark Clan. After they left, they sent no news back to us." Lin Meng was hesitant. "When my Grand Teacher left, she told me that when we encounter dangers we can’t resist, I should use the Original Universe Returning Cauldron to contact her, and she would help me. However, I could sense she isn’t well either. It seems… she’s confined."


The hotshots of the seven ancient factions changed their visage. A strange light appeared in their eyes as they were startled.

Lin Meng’s Teacher was the peerless hotshot who existed in the nearest era to the current epoch of the Divine Great Land. When she disappeared from the Divine Great Land, Yun Hao’s group were still teenagers who had just entered the path of cultivation. Anyway, they knew about her legend. She left when she had reached the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm. 

It was so many years; her realm should be more profound. However, she was unexpectedly imprisoned in the Endless Foreign Starry Sky… What was going on?

"In the Antiquity Time, the G.o.d Clan had disappeared completely from the Grace Mainland... the whole clan. It has been more than one million years. I wonder if they still exist. In that era, the rulers of the Demon Clan and the Dark Clan had also left one by one. None of them have been heard to come back. It has been so many years. No one knows if they are dead or alive." Lin Meng sighed. "The existence at such a level isn’t something we can predict. If we can’t establish the connection with my Grand Teacher, we have to think about some other way around."

"Some of the oldest books of our Martial Spirit Palace describe an era that was earlier than the Antiquity Time… The Immemorial Epoch. I heard that the clans didn't exist during that time, and there were the Immemorial living beings, which were much stronger than us. They seemed to have an endless life. I heard that those immemorial living beings could create a whole new world, where their bodies were the world. We can say that they were the origin of legends and myths. The Immemorial living beings were there before the ten clans. They disappeared one after another from the Grace Mainland. The only thing I know is that after they had reached the peak of their powers, the Grace Mainland couldn’t nurture them anymore." 

Guan Ho of the Martial Spirit Palace considered his word choice, talking with a frightened face.

Everybody was panic-stricken by his words. Their hearts sank.

"Our strength is nothing to the warriors in the Antiquity time, let alone the living beings in the Immemorial Epoch," Lin Meng forced a smile. "Seems like we can’t rely on the external forces. We can only depend on ourselves."

"There are so many small s.p.a.ces outside the Grace Mainland. Most of them belong to the other clans who couldn't get here in the past. After the Great s.p.a.ce Fission happened, they could arrive here through the s.p.a.ce slits. At this moment, we have to recognize the existence of the invincible warriors from the Demon Clan, the Dark Clan, and the Dark Spirit Clan. Later on, it will be more unendurable," Guan Ho sighed.

"After so many years, the alien hotshots from the Antiquity Time are dead, or have left to the Endless Foreign Starry Sky. The ones that have just come are their grandchildren. Otherwise, we would have been killed already," Yun Hao snorted. "Not really that dangerous. At least… We haven’t seen any at the King G.o.d Realm."

"But they all have the inheritance. The inheritance of our Human Clan isn’t complete anymore, after so many years." Lin Meng shook her head. "The survivors of the alien tribes are all intimidating. They have survived many dreadful challenges. We have only this number of limited hotshots. It’s really tough to resist the other clans."

Lin Meng paused, then her countenance turned cold as she snorted, "Moreover, we have some b*stards in our team."

At this point, Qin Gu Chuan, Guan Ho, and Luo Miao had their faces darkened.

Yun Hao kept silent. He felt agitated, but he didn't know what to say.

"Dares to join the alien tribes! Should kill them all! We should prevent them from being a big trouble in the future." Qin Gu Chuan sneered. "That boy named s.h.i.+ Yan isn’t bad. If we let him do what he wants like that, he will cause a lot of troubles. I think we should take action earlier. Before the other clans come here, we should clean this wild gra.s.s."

"s.h.i.+ Yan belongs to the Human Clan," Yun Hao knitted his brows, his voice uncertain. After he heard Yan Long talk about the alien bloodline of s.h.i.+ Yan, he wasn't sure whether his decision was right or not. "They are a force anyway. If they are alive, our Human Clan will have support in the future."

"I propose to kill them all," Qin Gu Chuan suddenly stood up. "We should vote. Who approves this?"

Lin Meng, Nie Ruo, Luo Miao, and Guan Ho voted to kill s.h.i.+ Yan’s group.

Among the seven of them, besides Yun Hao, only Yu Wan Jiang of the Fighting Union, the City Master of the Celestial Emperor City, the Hegemon of the Fighting Union, didn’t vote.

"Yu-ge, how about you?" Luo Miao looked at him.

"That kid has a good relations.h.i.+p with my Fighting Union. I think he’s not bad," said Yu Wan Jiang faintly.

"Among the seven, five agree. According to our rule, this is settled." Qin Gu Chuan looked at Lin Meng of the Pure Land.

Lin Meng nodded.

"Alright, before we have the war with the alien tribes, we will kill the insects first!"

Qin Gu Chuan was sinister. "Our five forces will carry out this operation. The Radiant G.o.d Cult and the Fighting Union don't need to join us. But, I hope you guys won’t interfere."

Yun Hao and Yu w.a.n.g frowned. They didn’t answer, as they knew it was difficult to solve the matter.

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