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None of the Heaven Temple’s warriors, including Qiu Hong, escaped death. Under s.h.i.+ Yan, Di Shan, and Li Zheng Rong’s slaughter, they were all dead bodies now.

Ji Mu and Yue Ying were indignant. They wanted to fight with s.h.i.+ Yan, but when they witnessed Qiu Hong getting killed easily, they felt a chill in their hearts. The energy they had acc.u.mulated discreetly slipped away.

It wasn't that they were scared, but they didn't want to see both sides bear losses. And, they didn't want to cause grudge against s.h.i.+ Yan.

In their eyes, s.h.i.+ Yan was crazy at this moment. He didn't have his cognition with him now. Facing with him under such circ.u.mstances wasn’t a wise move.

They wanted to wait until s.h.i.+ Yan restored his calmness to discuss again.

Ji Mu and Yue Ying didn't move, waiting at their spots in silence.

Their eyes were bright, looking at s.h.i.+ Yan without blinking. They didn’t care about the gazes that came from Di Shan, Li Zheng Rong, and War Devil.

s.h.i.+ Yan had told them his ideas. As long as they didn’t hasten and act rashly, they didn't need to worry about being oppressed.

Di Shan and Li Zheng Rong trusted s.h.i.+ Yan completely, and they would always follow his words.

Ji Mu and Yue Ying observed s.h.i.+ Yan’s demonic appearance, as fear and surprise arose from deep inside their eyes. The pale finger-sized ‘tentacles’ covered his entire body, condensed from the negative energy, between one to three meters long.

Looking at him from a far distance, s.h.i.+ Yan didn't look like a human anymore. He now appeared as a beast or demon that frightened people.

Yue Ying and Ji Mu could see that those ‘tentacles’ weren’t real. They were just condensed energy.

However, each ‘tentacle’ was releasing terrifying soul fluctuations. Even on standing a couple hundred meters from him, Yue Ying and Ji Mu seemed to be affected. The desires in their hearts were stirred up, generating negative moods.

They were petrified, although they knew s.h.i.+ Yan didn’t aim at them, as he didn’t treat them his enemy.

The ones s.h.i.+ Yan considered his enemies were Comoros, Ca.s.sidy, and Ivision. His surging soul fluctuation from the tentacles only aimed for those three.

A magical soul field was created by the pallid tentacles, turning them into soul ribbons, tying Comoros, Ca.s.sidy, and Ivision.

A negative, chaotic aura surged from s.h.i.+ Yan like a rising tide. The negative moods rumblingly covered the three of them, as if they were submerged in the deep ocean.

However, this mood just stayed for three seconds. Afterward, from deep inside their eyes, the feeble light of desires flashed.

A kind of energy that could distort the Sea of Consciousness filled the s.p.a.ce around s.h.i.+ Yan. The ‘tentacles’ emerged from his acupuncture points constantly released the negative moods, creating a magical Negative Field, which affected all kinds of creatures around him.

Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned were also affected. The desires hiding in their inner world rose. Their minds were occupied as they had entered the bloodthirsty state, the basic instinct of the Monster Clan. 

Yang Tian Emperor was also affected. He had already fallen into insanity. Under the effect of the Negative Field, his aura rocketed. Desperation filled his eyes, but his power increased one more time.

Waves of blood sea rose and splashed one after another, striking on Ca.s.sidy. Ca.s.sidy felt his chest heavy and pressed, as blood trickled from the corners of his mouth uncontrollably.

The blood wheel on Yang Tian Emperor’s hand s.h.i.+mmered with a bizarre red halo, covering half the sky. It even dyed the horizon blood red, and Ca.s.sidy sank in it gradually.

Holding the Sky Destroyer divine sword in his hand, s.h.i.+ Yan, at the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, could feel the magical effect of the negative energy deeply. He was still calm in the Negative Field. He gathered and poured the negative energy more into the sword, as more blood red eyes opened one by one on the sword.

The garnet pupils were like tongues of beasts, releasing an evil blood light that illuminated the whole area.

A destructive Intent Domain emerged from the sword blade, expanding everywhere.

Big trees shriveled, luxuriant green foliage yellowed and died, and insects stopped singing from deep underground. It seemed their life was reaped instantly.

s.h.i.+ Yan closed his eyes, adding the Intent Domain he had comprehended into the Sky Destroyer divine sword. The Death Intend Domain became a place to slaughter, gradually pus.h.i.+ng forward. 

At the same time, another vital soul thought of his shot towards Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned. His soul thought gave back the vitality to Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned, which saved them from the effects of the Death Intent Domain. Also, it helped Yang Tian Emperor promote his strength better.

s.h.i.+ Yan’s Death Intent Domain overflowed into the Sky Destroyer. A tranquil, sluggish thought started to transgress the area, while the foliage on its way had its life sucked away.

Ji Mu and Yue Ying kept observing silently. They looked at the thousand-year-old trees wither rapidly, as if they had been dead years ago. The luxuriant gra.s.s turned yellow, dried, and finally turned into dark fertilizer for the soil. The singing of insects disappeared instantly.

These signs outlined the s.p.a.ce in front of s.h.i.+ Yan, which was wrecked by the formidable, endless, destructive Intent Domain.

Ji Mu and Yue Ying couldn’t stand the sight. Their eyes changed in fright. Eventually, they realized that if s.h.i.+ Yan wanted to kill them, it wouldn’t be a difficult task.

Different from the brutal and crazy Yang Tian Emperor, s.h.i.+ Yan’s attack didn’t multiply or thunder. It was strangely quiet. But this quietness gave people a fierce anxiety. It was like the Death embracing the Earth.

s.h.i.+ Yan’s attack was like a calm stream with his Intent Domain as the pioneer, followed by his powers, which carried some meanings of death and destruction in this world. His attack had seized the minds of the three True G.o.d Realm warriors, Comoros, Ca.s.sidy, and Ivision. They couldn’t maintain their sound mind anymore.

The furious Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned were calmed down by his vital soul light. The two hotshots of the Monster Clan looked at the situation around them, staying silent.

Yang Tian Emperor was the only warrior who wasn’t affected much. He was still bombarding Ca.s.sidy. With the Blood Wheel in his hand, he looked like a b.l.o.o.d.y skinned man. Everybody would s.h.i.+ver at the first at him.

Ca.s.sidy had lost his mind. He forgot to use the advanced soul of the Ghost Mark Clan while wrestling with Yang Tian Emperor. They were entangling with each other in close combat.

With only one glance, s.h.i.+ Yan knew Ca.s.sidy was over. Yang Tian Emperor would crush him fiercely.

s.h.i.+ Yan had experienced the bursting power of the Yang family’s Immortal Martial Spirit in close combat. Yang Tian Emperor’s Immortal Martial Spirit had a high level. As long as he hadn’t burned all of his Immortal Blood, he could have an undying body. Only someone who had mental problems would want to fight face to face with him. 

Ca.s.sidy was that sort of a person.

"Help me kill that hotshot of the Dark Spirit Clan." s.h.i.+ Yan was calm. His eyes were like the tranquil water in the well as he talked to Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned. "Kill him. We all gain benefits!"

Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned were hesitant. At this moment, they couldn’t decide. They exchanged looks and used the distinctive body gestures of Monster Clan to communicate.

They were from the Monster Clan, one of the alien tribes. Cooperating with s.h.i.+ Yan had violated their rules already. If they joined s.h.i.+ Yan and killed the members of the Ghost Mark Clan and the Dark Spirit Clan, once it was exposed, the consequence would be like s.h.i.+ Yan’s, the seven ancient factions would reject them. They would become the crooked traitors of the Monster Clan.

They had shouted, telling Comoros and Ivision to wait and see their deadly powers. However, at this point, they were hesitant.

s.h.i.+ Yan frowned as he changed his mind. His eyes gave people an ancient, torrential aura.

The Big Dipper Bow was created one more time. He touched his chest, as countless star dots gushed out, turning into cl.u.s.ters of light which were as big as a finger, and shot forward thunderously.

This attack seemed to provoke the stars in the sky again. Abundant starlight above their heads showered like the water of the Milky Way. Starlight poured into the cl.u.s.ters of star dots, turning into the sharp Star Arrow, covering all members of the Ghost Mark Clan who Comoros had led to this place.

He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, they were blood red.

Flows of negative energy diffused from the ‘tentacles' on his body. At that moment, s.h.i.+ Yan’s evil aura rocketed. Shortly, after three breaths, his aura had surpa.s.sed Yang Tian Emperor!

Third Sky of Rampage Realm!

s.h.i.+ Yan’s eyes were tranquil. They didn't carry any emotions a human should have. He looked like an evil, ancient creature from the foreign land, arrogantly looking at the creatures under his eyes as if he had the control of Death in his eyes.

Essence Qi from Qiu Hong and the warriors of the Heaven Temple had entered his body through the tentacles, stimulating his negative energy to the acme, making him evil and brutal.

When he had entered the Third Sky of Rampage Realm the second time, the bursting energy he could urge now was intimidatingly formidable, something he had never experienced before!

When it fused with his Qi and the energy in his muscles, the combination had made the power he could control surpa.s.s Yang Tian Emperor!

His eyes weren’t wild and stubborn anymore. At this moment, they were so cold that they could chill people’s hearts.

He clutched the Sky Destroyer divine sword, walking deliberately. Occasionally, he swung his arm once. No blood light was generated from his hand movement, however, one of the Ghost Mark Clan’s warriors exploded on the spot. Pieces of flesh scattered everywhere.

Many warriors who came here with Comoros had the Spirit Realm cultivation base. However, after each move of s.h.i.+ Yan, they were like they had been tied tightly, unable to even wiggle.

If someone scrutinized the scene, they would see the ‘tentacles' of his entire body jiggle furiously, as if they were capturing something.

Only s.h.i.+ Yan knew what the ‘tentacles’ were coiling; it was the soul of the warrior!

Although the Ghost Mark Clan was well-known for their soul ability, they couldn't avoid the negative energy ‘tentacles.' Even if they stood a thousand meters away, their souls would still be seized. 

It seemed those ‘tentacles’ could appear directly in their Sea of Consciousness. They were bizarre and malicious indeed!

s.h.i.+ Yan took each step nonchalantly. People present there then saw the Ghost Mark Clan’s hotshot, who was a thousand meters away from him, explode.

Afterward, the Soul Gathering Pearl would s.n.a.t.c.h their souls all, while s.h.i.+ Yan's tentacles collected their Essence Qi. s.h.i.+ Yan was now a devil walking on earth, which could easily take lives of any creatures, s.n.a.t.c.hing their rights to be alive.

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