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A flowing water curtain protected the Star Original Essence in the core of the ancient formation. Just like the Soul Was.h.i.+ng Divine Water, it was a fist-sized water drop, which looked really magnificent.

Inside the water drop, the Star Original Essene looked like a giant diamond, radiating glorious halo. Sometimes, light dots shot out from it, piercing through the ‘flowing water’ sh.e.l.l. Starlight shot out around the ancient formation, making the formation glow while emitting a wave of magical energy fluctuations. 

s.h.i.+ Yan held his breath and calmed his soul, making his mind clear of thoughts, gazing at that water drop. Gradually, he seemed to form a connection with that water drop, or the Star Original Essence inside the drop to be exact.

Star Original Essence flew out from the ancient formation, trembling in the void and floating towards him. Starlight bloomed out, making s.h.i.+ Yan comfortable. His heart bounced with vitality.

The Star Martial Spirit in his heart turned into countless light dots and expanded. If someone used the Soul Consciousness to sense his heart at this moment, after zooming in several times, he could see an entire galaxy, which was adorned with innumerous stars.

Under the attractive magical force, his Star Martial Spirit came to his front and stopped at his chest. Star dots from everywhere swarmed into his heart.

s.h.i.+ Yan felt his whole body refreshed. The rising negative mood was steadied.

At this moment, his acupuncture points were refining the Essence Qi of Ning Du Quan and the old woman. During this process, the raising negative feeling was unavoidable.

In the past, he used to fall into bedevilment at this phase easily. He couldn’t hold the desire in his heart, and gradually, he lost his mind.

However, everything was smoother than he expected. It was the effect of the Star power in the Star Original Essence, which calmed his entire body, and even his thoughts. He was like a baby in his mother’s embrace, feeling an indescribable peace.

His soul, his Soul Consciousness, and thoughts were like invisible silk threads grabbing the water drop, forming a magnificent connection to gain the fluctuation coming from the inside.

Gradually, he seemed to enter the starry night, visiting the star and watching the changes happening on the star.

When it had just begun, the star was a big as a grain of sand. Gradually, it had absorbed some kind of energy in the vast galaxy. After so many years of acc.u.mulation and dragging the giant meteor pa.s.sing by, it had been built up slowly. The star had grown little by little.

That star still ascended magically like a creature growing. It slowly gained vitality, as it stopped collecting the scattered energy in the starry sky. Something began to change inside the small star. From a little sapling, eventually, it became a giant, towering tree.

s.h.i.+ Yan's soul sank into this miraculous scene. He didn't notice any changes in the outside world, just focusing wholeheartedly.

Yang Tian Emperor, Di Shan, and Li Zheng Rong were curious. They stood next to him and watched him. They could see the magical star energy fluctuations from him, while star dots were sparkling at his chest continually.

After an unknown time, a strong suction force arose at his chest.

The never-vanis.h.i.+ng stars in the vault of the sky above the lake seemed to be activated instantly. Scattering starlight plunged down from the sky just like billions of fireflies flying toward the lake.

Yang Tian Emperor’s group was frightened. They couldn’t help but look at the surface of the lake above their heads. They then saw so many star dots flying towards the lake. They all sank and gathered at s.h.i.+ Yan’s location.

"This… This is…" Li Zheng Rong stammered in astonishment. Afterward, he mumbled. "The Wandering Star Shower. Not many people cultivate the Star Secret Art in the Radiant G.o.d Cult’s history. Comprehending the Star power in just a flash could lead to the shower of star dots gathering at the warrior. Excellent. Really Excellent." 

He knew the history of the Radiant G.o.d Cult, and this strange phenomenon was mentioned somewhere in their flow of history.

It was similar to the Brilliance Sunlight Bathing, which happened when cultivating the Flaming Sun Secret Art to the required degree. They all had the same magical effects. This happened when the warrior understood the mysteries of his power, inspiring the change of earth and heaven.

"s.h.i.+ Yan would receive a great thing this time, right?" Ye Chang Feng shook his head in awe. He beamed a forced smile. "This kid’s innate endowment always makes people jealous. How could he comprehend the realm that easily?"

"Genius," Li Zheng Rong acclaimed. He squinted as he was resentful towards his apprentice for not meet his expectations. "If you become like s.h.i.+ Yan, even if I have to die, I’m willing to do it." 

Ye Chang Feng could only laugh to cover his embarra.s.sment. He didn't dare to answer.

"Not good!" Li Zheng Rong shouted as he suddenly recalled something. "He has created a big change. As long as someone knows about the Wandering Star Shower, he will come here to satisfy his curiosity. Especially… many disciples of the Radiant G.o.d Cult in the Perpetual Night Forest."

Listening to him, Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan discolored in fright as they realized the seriousness of this situation.

Fiery Flame, Fiery Dragon, Silver-horned, and Blood-maned had left to prepare the materials for their body quenching. Fiery Dragon had come to Blood-maned's territory to exchange the materials to strengthen himself and to explain the details to the giant ape. 

At this moment, there were only four people, including Yang Tian Emperor, Di Shan, Li Zheng Rong, and Ye Chang Feng. If a strong warrior at the True G.o.d Realm appeared, all of them would have to pay a b.l.o.o.d.y price.

Especially, s.h.i.+ Yan was now at the critical time to comprehend the power of the Star. He shouldn't be disturbed. Otherwise, not only he wouldn't be able to take the Star power, he would also have his soul perished. 

"It’s tough!" Yang Tian Emperor pondered for a while and then made a quick decision. "We’ll go up there first. No matter who dares to come here, we will kill them all. We won’t let anybody leave alive. No one else should know about this." 

When they were in the Endless Sea, Yang Tian Emperor was the tyrant overlord of a whole sea. When he killed people, he would never hesitate. He understood that s.h.i.+ Yan’s current situation was unique, and also the importance of the Creator’s Divine Pond. Ultimately, he came to the best solution at this moment.

"Okay!" Di Shan nodded.

"Chang Feng, you break the seal at the water surface and let us out." Li Zheng Rong mused for a while and then nodded. "You stay here. Later on, unless you receive the message sent by my soul, you should never go up there!"

He and Ye Chang Feng could use a secret treasure to engage in soul communication. He was afraid that Ye Chang Feng could engage in bad things, so he had asked some blacksmith to forge this treasure.

"Teacher, please be careful. If you can endure, just run… Surviving is more important than anything," Ye Chang Feng’s eyes were reddened. He nodded heavily. "I’ll protect myself. I won’t make you worried. Teacher, take care!"

The Perpetual Night Forest had many experts of the seven ancient factions operating. The alien tribes also sent their men here. Clansmen of the Ghost Mark Clan and the Dark Spirit Clan also appeared in the forest. The number of level 9 beasts in was more than the number of one’s fingers.

Li Zheng Rong had only the Third Sky of Spirit Realm, as his efforts had all been put into refining medicines. So, his cultivation base wasn’t worth mentioning. If he encountered a strong expert, it wasn’t easy to survive.

He couldn’t help but worry.

"Yeah, you have to open your eyes wider and live well!" Li Zheng Rong took a deep breath. "After this calamity, when I’ve entered the True G.o.d Realm, I can protect you well, kid."

Then, Li Zheng Rong was the first one moving towards the lake surface.

Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan followed closely behind him.

The center of the Perpetual Night Forest…

Heaven Temple’s warriors got out of the Secret Domain. While they hadn’t done anything yet, they saw the strange phenomenon in the sky in a daze.

The white-haired warrior kept silent for a while and then said with bright eyes. "We’ll go there and check."

He had the Peak of Spirit Realm, just a little bit more to reach the True G.o.d Realm. He was a strong warrior who no one knew where he had been found from. No one knew his profile. But everyone knew he was a dangerous man who possessed a strange energy.

He was just a Peak of Spirit Realm warrior, but he had fought with Chu Bai Qing, the one who had just reached the True G.o.d Realm. However, he didn't lose that battle.

From that day, he became a character who no one dared to underestimate in the Heaven Temple. The Master of Heaven Temple favored this man a lot. If the situation this time weren’t so bad and the Master weren’t enraged, he wouldn’t have had to get out of the Secret Domain.

Heaven Temple’s warriors accompanying him didn't dare to go against his idea, and all nodded.

As they had set the target, they moved immediately without any hesitation. They dashed towards the Blood-maned Giant Ape’s territory.

Almost at the same time…

Grand Elders Ji Mu and Yue Ying of the Radiant G.o.d Cult were staying in a different area. They were looking at the sky with a puzzled countenance.

These two had received the order from Yun Hao. They were finding s.h.i.+ Yan. Not long after they had gotten out of the Secret Domain, they found the strange phenomenon in the sky. They were stunned instantly.

"Some expert of our cult is still in the Perpetual Night Forest?" Ji Mu’s visage was odd. He was bewildered for a long time. Then he slammed his brows together. "A warrior that could inspire such phenomenon, and he still stays somewhere out there. This seems not right to me." 

Yue Ying kept silent for a while and then said in a faint tone. "s.h.i.+ Yan’s cultivating the Star Martial Spirit. He… He’s in the Perpetual Night Forest!"

Ji Mu was dumbstruck. He acclaimed and then sighed. "What a genius!"

Yue Ying’s eyes were complicated, her face strange. "Perhaps our Master has predicted something?"

"How could it be?" Ji Mu shook his head constantly as though he didn't know whether he should cry or smile. "You think our Master is that superb? If he could even predict this, he would have s.n.a.t.c.hed s.h.i.+ Yan from the Endless Sea earlier. He would never wait for the man to turn himself in, right?"

"Oh, it’s true," Yue Ying got it.

"Anyway, our Master has always protected him. Certainly, he has seen the young man’s potential. This proves that our Master’s eyes are sharp and his vision is excellent." Ji Mu contemplated for a while and then said, "Our Master always wanted to protect them before, even if he had to go against the other six factions or our own members. I didn’t get it before. But now… Yeah, I really admire his wide vision."

"I told you. s.h.i.+ Yan will go beyond people’s imagination. How could we compare to our Master’s knowledge?" Yue Ying snorted.

Ji Mu forced a smile, raising one hand. "Alright, my bad. I shouldn’t have scolded you. I’m sorry. Okay?"

"Forget it. I’m not going to haggle with you." Yue Ying put on a serious countenance and then said faintly, "Quick. We should go there and check. That kid is really a genius."

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