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In the center of a scorching fire sea deep inside the limestone cave laid a giant dragon covered in thick beast scales. It was screeching and howling fiercely.

Flows of blood-like flame covered the scale all over his body. They were blazing, overflowing towards his head, sizzling and getting into his horn. His sole horn sparkled like red melting iron, while scarlet flames were emitting continuously.

A neat silhouette was floating above the fire sea. He was waiting in silence, his face stern. He was making some mysterious hand seals, which seemed to have their own lives as they swam lively like fishes in the fire sea.

The temperature of the limestone cave was increasing unceasingly. Feeble light sparkled in the Fiery Flame Gold Lion's and the Silver-horned Giant Python's eyes as they were watching from other places. They didn't dare to breathe loudly, as if they were afraid that would cause some bad influence.

Blood-red flames moved randomly like lightning on Fiery Dragon. Each flame flower had a streak of a strange light. This strange light was the essence after the refining materials were melted, which had unmeasurably magical effects. 

Flames guided those strange beams of light, seeping through the slits between the dragon’s scales to enter his body, which increased his body’s tenaciousness to an unimaginable degree.

An immense fiery halo expanded like a natural light cage and shot backward from the dragon's scaled body. In the place submerged in red flames like this cave, the giant dragon's body wasn't significant, but the heat it was emitting was intimidating.

The Fiery Flame Gold Lion and the Silver-horned Giant Python suddenly had their minds clear. They held their breaths, while radiant light sparkled from their eyes. Their soul fluctuated as their hearts became restless.

The Fiery Dragon was screeching painfully. Thundering explosions echoed in the cave, that even burst off the rigid rock wall of the cave. 

The man hovering above the fire sea kept his posture indifferently and didn’t move, as though he was a statue sitting neatly in the air. Even the hand seals he was making were ceased.

Shortly, he opened his eyes. Freezing electric currents shot out from deep inside his eyes, weaving in the void. These currents were added with imposing soul fluctuations, pouring furiously into the fire sea.

So many treasures of heaven and earth that melted and refined in the fire sea now received the life seal. They transformed into beams of light and rumblingly overwhelmed the fiery flame flood dragon’s body, without even a drop remaining. 

The flames shrank gradually. After ten breathings, the fire sea vanished, leaving only one pure fire flower bouncing and dancing before it disappeared into an ancient blood-red ring on the young man's finger.

The heated limestone cave gradually restored its quietness. People could even hear the noise when a needle fell to the ground.

The giant body of the Fiery Dragon had a garnet halo of fiery flame moving on his body in the center of the scorching lava rock bed. This halo was dazzling like a strange meteor. His natural scale armor was covered with a layer of light energy, which actually looked like some liquid lingering on the dragon, as it was still releasing the extreme heat.

The single horn on his head dazzled, as if it was an earth-shaking divine weapon that could even shake people’s hearts. Just like the sunlight, it was hard to conceal.

Fiery Dragon balled his body, breathing slowly as he was sensing the changes of his body and adjusting the rhythm of his energy to be consistent with the energy of heaven and earth. Fiery Dragon seemed to have a flash of recognition, as a light of wisdom sparkled in his giant eyes.

Time seemed to stop right at this moment.

Afterward, the giant body of the Fiery Dragon shook continually. Dirty black contaminants seeped through the gaps between his scales. A stinky, pungent smell that could turn people’s heart and lungs upside down permeated the whole place.

Even the Fiery Flame Gold Lion and the Silver-horned Giant Python, which were the beasts themselves, couldn’t endure it. They had almost plugged their nostrils and ran away. This was the first time they realized how uncomfortable it was for humans to stay near the beasts. 

Only the Fiery Dragon didn’t notice anything unconsciously when he eventually woke up. At first, he was astounded. Then, he laughed contentedly, his laughter soaring up to the sky and shaking the entire limestone cave.

"Clean it up." Fiery Dragon stopped laughing. His garnet eyes raked through the Silver-horned Giant Python and a.s.signed it nonchalantly.

This imposing, solemn manner was inborn. Although he didn't intend it, it could storm to the deep place in people’s hearts, making their souls recognize his existence.

The Silver-horned Giant Python suddenly got it. It stayed dumbstruck for half a moment before screaming with fright. "Master Fiery Dragon. You… You have shed your mortal skin?"

When demonic beast completed its shedding process, its aura and blood would be refined thoroughly. At that time, the nauseating odor of the beasts would be washed away. Quite the contrary, they would have a pleasant aroma. That was the Monster Clan.

Only if the beast could shed it mortal skin could it finally become a member of the Monster Clan. Its body and blood would have a miraculous change. Its demon power could move easily in its body, and the monster could urge its power at any minute. The challenging gap between the demonic beasts and the monsters was this mortal skin shedding process.

Fiery Dragon cracked a big, wild smile. In his laughter, his giant body shrank, forming the shape of human flesh body. He looked as imposing as a mountain, with blood-red skin and a beautiful, radiant horn on his forehead.

Taking out a bronze mirror, Fiery Dragon observed his new appearance seriously. He couldn’t help but laugh contentedly again. "Muahahaha. Not bad! Really not bad! You, fella, you have good tricks. From now on, you are my friend. My real friend!"

Fiery Flame Gold Lion and the Silver-horned were s.h.i.+vering in thrill. A powerful desire sparkled in their eyes, like a raging fire that could burn the young man.

The Silver-horned Giant Python was hesitant. It swept the tail which was as big as a tree trunk over the place. A strong wind blew through, was.h.i.+ng away the contaminants from the Fiery Dragon’s body instantly.

"The materials in your cave are consumed for the most part. Only to refine your body, I almost used them all." Retrieving the Earth Flame, s.h.i.+ Yan was still relaxed. Suddenly, he said, "Actually, I can help you refine a good weapon if you have enough materials with Fire attributes. Well, yeah, in just a short time, I can't help Fiery Flame Lion and Silver-horned Python refine their bodies. We don't have enough materials."

Fiery Flame Gold Lion and Silver-horned Giant Python s.h.i.+fted anxiously. Their eyes gazed at Fiery Dragon while crying. "Master Fiery Dragon!"

"Do you have any solution?" Fiery Dragon swung his arm to calm Fiery Flame and Silver-horned down. "As long as we have enough materials, you will proceed, right?"

"In principle, yeah…" s.h.i.+ Yan smiled humbly. "Hey… The Blood-maned Giant Ape is also a level 9 beast. I think he has collected cultivating materials for so many years like you, so it shouldn't be less than your collection, right?"

The fiery flame lion and the silver-horned python had their eyes sparkled while they looked frightened.

Fiery Dragon was bewildered for a while. He frowned, but didn't say anything. After a long while, he spoke up. "I… I’m not sure."

s.h.i.+ Yan smiled as he knew that beast had misunderstood his idea. "I don’t ask you to attack him. I meant, the Blood-maned Giant Ape is also from your clan, right? He has collected a lot of materials, perhaps?"

Fiery Dragon was surprised. He nodded, but then his eyes flared with a brutal light. "Are you… Are you going to help Blood-maned Giant Ape to refine his body, too?"

"What’s the matter?" asked s.h.i.+ Yan.

Fiery Dragon got enraged immediately. "That b*stard is my archenemy. He always wants to claim my territory. I will never let him improve his power!" He said resolutely. His face reddened and distorted in anger.

Only he knew how tremendous the benefits his body got from s.h.i.+ Yan’s refining process were.

Shedding mortal skin was just a byproduct. The current power of his body was increased at least one level. Even if he had to fight with the Blood-maned Giant Ape, he would have a chance to win.

"The Perpetual Night Forest is so vast but does it have only the two strong members of the Monster Clan including you and the Blood-maned Giant Ape? Don’t you two have other enemies?" s.h.i.+ Yan beamed a smile.

At this moment, Fiery Dragon was startled and discolored. As though he was thinking of something perilous, his eyes shrank, and he even retracted his neck. "Of course not. There's someone stronger than us. At present, the Perpetual Night Forest isn’t a peaceful place. Members of the other clans often operate here. Besides Human Clan, members of the Demon Clan and the Ghost Mark Clan are also present."

"If you can exchange refining materials with the Blood-maned Giant Ape, both of you will receive bigger benefits. It’s good for you two." s.h.i.+ Yan continued to persuade him. The amount and types of cultivating materials in the Fiery Dragon’s cave had seriously surprised him. Thinking about the Blood-maned Giant Ape, he could almost confirm that what the other treasured were also rich and full of variety. Perhaps, he had stored many things s.h.i.+ Yan had desired.

At this moment, he didn’t care about principle. As long as he could improve his competence, he didn’t care if he had to engage in business with the pagans.

Not only did he want to have a good relations.h.i.+p with Fiery Dragon, but he also wanted to get to the other hotshots around through Fiery Dragon. As long as they became his business partners, s.h.i.+ Yan could collect the most valuable cultivating materials.

"Currently, I don't want to talk with that Blood-maned Giant Ape. We should slow down for a while." Fiery Dragon kept silent for a while. "If the cultivating materials are not enough, I know a place we can take some. Hmm, that place's a little bit dangerous. Perhaps you would like it." 

"Where?" s.h.i.+ Yan’s eyes brightened. Indeed, he was interested in such a place.

"It is also in the Perpetual Night Forest. But it isn’t in my territory," Fiery Dragon contemplated for a while. "It’s in that Blood-maned Giant Ape’s territory. However, he has never dared to reach there. As you know blacksmithing and the formation, perhaps you can get in."

"Is it related to the Human Clan?" s.h.i.+ Yan’s spirit was high.


 "Alright, take me there. If we find something, we will gain big benefits."

"We should avoid that Blood-maned Giant Ape. He’s not someone we can provoke. Currently, I don't want to fight with him."

"I’ll listen to you."

s.h.i.+ Yan and Fiery Dragon planned their next steps. However, a Sound Stone in s.h.i.+ Yan’s Storage Ring started to send a fierce soul fluctuation before they started to move.

s.h.i.+ Yan discolored in fear. He hurried to take the Sound Stone and sink his soul into it.

Fiery Dragon didn't say anything, just watching him in silence. When he saw s.h.i.+ Yan’s worried complexion, he knitted his brows. "What’s happened?"

"People of the Ghost Mark Clan are in my shelter. They aren’t so friendly. I have to go back." s.h.i.+ Yan put the Sound Stone away, waving his hands and then disappearing.

". . . Ghost Mark Clan," Fiery Dragon was surprised. He hesitated for a while then a.s.signed his guards. "Fiery Flame, Silver-horned, you take our soldiers. We will go there and see."

 "Master, we aren’t involved with the Ghost Mark Clan. We don’t need to go there," Silver-horned reminded him.

"I know it isn’t necessary, but that kid is useful to us. I want him to live well." Fiery Dragon snorted. Then, he checked his appearance a little bit. After he felt he looked perfect, he left the limestone cave.

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