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The Fiery Dragon lived in a natural limestone cave in the Perpetual Night Forest. This cave had fiery walls, which were red like blood. The ambiance was hot year around, and the ventilation was horrible.

As the fiery flood dragon who had just leveled up, Fiery Dragon had his intelligence awakened, which made him an official member of the Monster Clan.

However, it was hard to change someone's characteristics in a short time. The limestone he lived was still stinky and dirty, with a pungent smell that always nauseated people.

Of course, Fiery Dragon wouldn’t bother with these minor details. Quite the contrary, he felt much comfortable in such conditions, and he could relax well.

To the Human Clan, his place was disgusting.

In the past, humans who were captured and imprisoned in this limestone cave all died after several days because of the revolting smell.

This Fiery Dragon also had a special smell that humans couldn't endure. Except for the other beasts, the other high-grade creatures couldn’t stand his nauseating odor.

Inside the s.p.a.cious natural cave, the Fiery Flood Dragon that was around three hundred meters tall was balling its giant body, squinting lazily near the vivid red lava rock. The Fiery Flame Gold Lion and the Silver-horned Giant Python were waiting silently near him.

This limestone cave was s.p.a.cious, extending in all directions. Although the scarlet lava rock stood in the middle, it didn’t hinder their visions.

Not far from them were hundreds of different size beasts all lined up. They were like the guards, standing on two sides of the place as if they were waiting for something.

"Master Fiery Dragon, the human called s.h.i.+ Yan asked to meet you." A level 7 beast called over from the entrance of the cave with unnatural howls. His voice echoed through the large cave.

"Bring him in," The fist-sized garnet eyes of the dragon brightened. He spoke with a calm, relaxed voice; his words were clear enough.

Shortly, a figure entered the cave through the entrance. After taking seven turns, he got to the s.p.a.cious cave where the three great beasts stayed.

Lying in the center of the cave, on the vivid red lava wall, the giant body of the Fiery Dragon was like a giant block of rotten meat. Pungent smell exuded from him, permeating the whole place.

This cave wasn't a well-ventilated room. Usually, beasts would have an unusual smell. In this cave, besides Fiery Dragon, there were the Fiery Flame Gold Lion, the Silver-horned Giant Python, and some rotten organic bodies somewhere. This combined nauseating odor could even shake people's souls.

The blood-red eyes of the Fiery Dragon opened, gazing at the man maliciously. The man was walking deliberately as if he didn’t smell the nauseating scent in this place. He looked pretty relaxed.

Fiery Dragon, Fiery Flame Gold Lion, and the Silver-horned Giant Python were surprised at first. Afterward, their hostile look faded. Unknowingly, their feeling towards the man who had just visited them was getting better.

Naturally, humans hated the smell of beasts. They always considered the inhabited area of the beasts the most disgusting place. 

Fiery Dragon, Fiery Flame Gold Lion, and the Silver-horned Giant Python had communicated with many people. They had also captured a lot and imprisoned them here.

No one was an exception. Every human being entering this limestone, no matter he was an ordinary people or a warrior, couldn't stop vomiting.

Some with a cunning heart would try to restrain their upset stomach, but they couldn’t hide the hatred in their eyes.

To high-level demonic beasts like Fiery Dragon, they hated the human's discrimination the most, as they always thought that humans didn't respect them.

Thus, these sort of humans would become their meals.

Today, after observing the young man for a while, Fiery Dragon, Fiery Flame Gold Lion, and the Silver-horned Giant Python didn’t find even a slight bit of loathing or despise on his face. Well, at least, they couldn’t see it. 

This pleased the three high-level beasts. Their intense anger was calmed down.

"Why did you come here?" Fiery Dragon snorted, his voice rumbling like thunder. "I’ve given you time. Don’t try my patience. But, because you’ve come here yourself, I’ll give you another chance. Leave quickly, and I won’t take this as a grudge anymore."

s.h.i.+ Yan’s countenance was faint. He didn't show that he was scared or disdainful. He didn't answer the Fiery Dragon but asked, "I heard that Master Fiery Dragon has an enemy, the level 9 Blood-maned Giant Ape. I heard that he has reached level 9 earlier than you? Rank 2 of level 9, right?"

These days, he had studied the ranking of the beasts. The Monster Clan also had a cla.s.sification of the level. Each level had some smaller ranks, just like the different skies of a realm of human warriors' cultivation base.

As the Fiery Dragon had just entered level 9, he should be at rank 1. The Blood-maned Giant Ape had reached level 9 for a longer time, so he should be relatively stronger than the Fiery Dragon.

The red eyes of Fiery Dragon were suddenly flooded with blood, as if it could drip from the dragon’s sockets at any minute. He thundered furiously. "What does it matter to you?"

"I can help Master Fiery Dragon increase your power. Yeah, including them." s.h.i.+ Yan waved his hand, pointing at the Fiery Flame Gold Lion and the Silver-horned Giant Python. "You Monster Clan don't know how to refine treasures, but I do. If you have a good weapon, when you compete for the territory with the Blood-maned giant Ape, you can be more certain about your triumph." 

"Refining treasures?" Fiery Dragon was dazed. Then, he shouted indignantly. "Our bodies are the best weapons! We don't need to use external things! Kid, you've wasted a good plan this time."

"I mean… refining your body," s.h.i.+ Yan laughed. "Master Fiery Dragon, if the horns on your head are refined, the power they release will be much more tremendous and purer. Yeah, I’m well aware how dangerous your limbs are, but my point here is your bodies."

Fiery Dragon and the other two beasts were stunned.

"Will you let me demonstrate?" s.h.i.+ Yan smiled again.

Fiery Dragon and the two beasts nodded instinctively as they wanted to see what trick this human had.

"Call it here," s.h.i.+ Yan had a plan before, pointing at a level 6 Sharp Claw Blue Hunter not far from him.

The beast arrived. s.h.i.+ Yan’s Storage Ring flashed. More than ten materials emerged. He refined them into a strange potion, then poured onto the pair of the monster’s sharp claws, and started to refine them.

Fiery Dragon and the other two beasts observed him.

After a long time, s.h.i.+ Yan finished. The Sharp Claw Blue Hunter now had a pair of snow-white claws seeming like exquisite longswords. Cold light radiated, from them, as a sharp and cold halo moved along the claws.

The Fiery Dragon sent his thought to the beast. Next, it stabbed one claw into the rock wall.

Just like a pointy knife pierced through tofu, its claw sank into the rock wall instantly, leaving only its arm outside.

Fiery Dragon, Fiery Flame Gold Lion, and Silver-horned Giant Python were suddenly stirred up. The unique heavy breathing of demonic beasts arose in the cave, which showed their excitement.

"You are a human, but you dare cooperate with us. Aren’t you be afraid of getting killed if someone knows your little secret?" Fiery Dragon pondered for a while and then said with a surprised tone. "The hatred between races in the Divine Great Land now is as deep as the Antiquity era. Our Monster Clan and your Human Clan are the archenemies. Do you dare to do so?"

s.h.i.+ Yan shrugged, "I did that."

Fiery Dragon and the Fiery Flame Gold Lion observed him silently. No one knew what they were thinking.

"Well, if you reject it, it’s okay," s.h.i.+ Yan smiled coldly. "I can always visit the Blood-maned Giant Ape. Perhaps… he’ll be interested in my offer."

"Master Fiery Dragon!" Fiery Flame Gold Lion and the Silver-horned Giant Python shouted.

Abruptly, Fiery Dragon shot out the fierce light everywhere. A formidable energy wave rippled from him, as if he wanted to crush s.h.i.+ Yan into pieces.

"I want to make it clear that if I dare to come here, I’m not afraid of you. Although my powers aren’t much strong, you guys can’t just swallow us that easy." s.h.i.+ Yan stood firm. "I think you get it. Otherwise, you should have attacked us already, without just threatening like that. You have the Blood-maned Giant Ape as your enemy, and we have our enemies too. We can cooperate to win. If you want to have a b.l.o.o.d.y fight between us, it won’t benefit either side."

"What do you want?" Fiery Dragon stayed quiet for a while and then asked.

"Not much. We need peace. We don't want to be attacked in your territory. And, if I help you increase your power, you have to pay me big." s.h.i.+ Yan curled his lips. "I know there are so many precious cultivating materials in the Perpetual Night Forest. And you, of course, know which ones are the useful ones. Haha, you can use them only after I’ve processed them. At this moment, besides me, there should be no other human blacksmith who dares to cooperate with you. Especially… at this critical time… What do you say?" 

"Deal," the Fiery Flame pondered for a while and then thundered with his husky voice.

"Deal," s.h.i.+ Yan wore a smiling face, as he was actually joyful.

Inside the limestone was a s.p.a.cious fiery cave, as big as a football court. Strange and rare cultivating materials piled up like mountains.

Dark Blue Water Jade, Phoenix Bone Stone, Soul Nurturing Tricolored Gra.s.s, Thick Earth Topaz…

The rare cultivating materials were laid like trash in many corners, covered with a thick layer of dust. Without a close look, it was hard to identify these were all the treasures that all warriors would drool over.

Fiery Dragon took s.h.i.+ Yan to this place. At first glance, s.h.i.+ Yan was stunned as if he got hit.

"Our Monster Clan has great longevity. Take me as an example, I've been living for more than one thousand years," Fiery Dragon said, "During this endless period, we got to know that human warriors always wanted to collect many things in the Perpetual Night Forest. Although I don't know their functions in details, I know they are precious. Usually, my men and I will collect some. After more than one thousand years, we have a big collection. Sometimes, we will exchange with human warriors. Anyway, in most cases, we will just kill and eat them…"

s.h.i.+ Yan shook his head and beamed a forced smile, but he didn't say anything, walking directly to those piles of dazzlingly colorful materials.

All of a sudden, some pieces of strange wood in a corner came into his sight.

Those timbers were like they were struck by lightning. Thunder and lightning power seemed apparent on them. The wood grain on these logs was both natural and exquisite. The wood grain looked like a natural formation, which dazzled him.

Thunder Witch Wood!

A light flashed in his head. s.h.i.+ Yan’s fingers were trembling, as he couldn’t restrain the joy in his heart. He laughed contentedly.

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