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Hao Hai moved slightly. The demonic patterns on his arms shot out countless black lightning bolts, looking extremely fearsome.

The smell of blood exuded from his armor, s.h.i.+ning with a cold light that could make people s.h.i.+ver. Those beams of light poured into his palms as strong as a rising rainbow.

Two spheres of black energy were spinning in his palms, as big as a grinder. They looked malicious and brutal, full of a murderous aura.

Demon electricity was activated!

This was a killing strike of Hao Hai. If everything was smooth enough, he could use one strike to rout the enemy.

Ming Mei smiled brightly. But her eyes were as cold as ice, gazing at s.h.i.+ Yan while waiting to see him be wounded badly.

Hao Hai had been practicing this strike for really long time. He had learned it from watching the Ghost b.l.o.o.d.y Dance in the Ghost b.l.o.o.d.y Cave in the Devil Valley. When added with the demon electric power from the demonic patterns, all the Elders in the Devil Valley had to admire this strike of his. 
Ming Mei knew the power of this strike. She understood well that if Hao Hai weren't enraged completely, he would never use it in the first attack.

‘Let’s see what do you do to counter!’

Ming Mei sneered inside as she was thinking about what to do to provoke Lin Ya Qi after s.h.i.+ Yan was defeated.

Lin Ya Qi was also worried, her face anxious. She didn't expect that Hao Hai would use the killing strike straight up like that.

Now, she regretted it that she didn’t tell s.h.i.+ Yan clearly how dangerous Hao Hai was.

If she had told him, s.h.i.+ Yan could have used all of his strength to counter right at the beginning. She thought s.h.i.+ Yan would find it hard to parry the opponent now.

Lin Ya Qi had heard Ye Chang Feng bragging about s.h.i.+ Yan’s skills many times, but she had never seen it with her own eyes. Thus, she still kept a suspicious att.i.tude towards the man.

Anyhow, s.h.i.+ Yan came from the Endless Sea. She understood well that martial arts and endowment of the warriors there were far behind that of the warriors in the Divine Great Land.

Hao Hai came from the Devil Valley, the ruthless fellow that successfully walked out of the thirty-six Terminating Caves in the Devil Valley.

Warriors in the Devil Valley had to compete with each other ruthlessly. The strong would win, and the weak had to accept their defeat. Disciples who could walk out of the Devil Valley had to step on countless b.l.o.o.d.y bodies after they had perceived some kinds of evil powers in thirty-six Terminating Caves.

It was no exception that all disciples who could escape the Devil Valley became the objects to receive the intensive training from the Devil Valley. And, in the future, they would become the key persons of the Devil Valley, too.

The thirty-six Terminating Caves of the Devil Valley hid danger at every step. Bodies and bones of losers filled the place, while some sorts of evil powers hovered everywhere.

Under such circ.u.mstances, if a warrior wanted to survive, he had to deal with something much more dangerous than fighting with the experts. It could be said that the area was h.e.l.l where devils dwelled. Hao Hai was among the warriors who had successfully proven himself.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoos.h.!.+

Demon electric currents shot like shuttles moving back and forth, weaving a s.h.i.+eld without the smallest split that could cover both the sky and earth. The s.h.i.+eld was stretching from above.

Lin Ya Qi’s heart felt like being hung tightly. However, s.h.i.+ Yan stood still like a ten thousand years old mountain. His eyes were cold and brutal, indifferently watching the intertwining demon electric currents slowly descending like a bunch of snakes from the sky.

The corner of Hao Hai’s mouth hung a cold smile. That man was done.

If the torrential demon electric currents covered him entirely, among the same level warriors, no one could successfully escape this strike. They could only be eroded bit by bit.

Hao Hai was confident.

However, at this moment, numerous palm-leaf fan imprints appeared in the air. s.h.i.+ Yan’s figure faded, and then divided.

Shortly, there were ten s.h.i.+ Yan, each of them looking cold and ruthless, their eyes fierce with torrential fighting will.

Phantom Change! Thousand-handed Change!

Countless hand imprints as big as a small mountain piled up in the void rumblingly attacking every corner.

Boom Boom Boom!

They then saw the demon electric currents Hao Hai had released being smashed instantly. Numerous black electric currents were destroyed with a smack.

Ten s.h.i.+ Yan piled up on each other, moving fast. The hand imprints became thicker in the sky, just like a shower of leaves covering the whole s.p.a.ce. 

Rumble Rumble Rumble! 

Cripsy explosions reverberated, as the s.p.a.ce between the two of them exploded with an ear-splitting thunder.

A burning smell spread out in the air.

The ground under s.h.i.+ Yan's feet cracked, as green stones scattered here and there. The training courts around were slightly shaking, while the tiles on their roofs flew randomly.

Shortly, the phantoms in the sky retreated. The hand imprints faded out like vanis.h.i.+ng shadows until they disappeared completely.

Dust settled.

The chaotic situation calmed down, and the field revealed little by little.


Ming Mei covered her mouth, her visage frightened. Her eyes bulged as if they were about to fall off her sockets.

Lin Ya Qi was struck. She burst out laughing as she was overjoyed.

Surrounded by debris, s.h.i.+ Yan stood still at his spot as if he had never moved. His face was as cold as usual.

Hao Hai was covered in blood, trembling and about to collapse. His face was gloomy and sinister. Two trickles of dark blood dripped down on his face that he couldn’t control.

It seemed like he got beaten by many people. His clothes were pieces of rags, and his armor was broken. The demon patterns on his arms dimmed; no more light sparkled, or any torrential energy that surged. Bruises of hand imprints appeared on his chest, arms, and abdomen, which left deep concaves on his body.

Hao Hai trembled, and then fell. The vicious light in his eyes dimmed as he fainted. Ming Mei changed her visage, flew over and grabbed him. She lifted her head, fear crossing her eyes briefly before disappearing. She put Hao Hai on her shoulder and then moved swiftly, running away from the scene.

Warriors who were cultivating in the training courts near there craned their necks from the doors and watched the scene with astonishment.

Lin Ya Qi wore a smiling face as if she had won a big prize. She kept giggling as she was happier than ever before.

"For four bottles of the Original Soul Pellet, I’ll help you deal with four people. He’s the first one." s.h.i.+ Yan frowned, throwing a glance at Lin Ya Qi as he notified the girl. He didn’t mind the surrounding warriors watching them, getting back to his gravitational room.

Lin Ya Qi arched the end of her brows and smiled until her eyes squinted, looking at the general direction where Ming Mei had left. After a while, she walked into the gravitational room with satisfaction. 

Spirit Potion Valley...

In a building exclusively for the people from the Devil Valley, Feng Biao was toying with the Original Demon Bead in his hands while explaining the characteristics of the dead souls.

Feng Biao was a Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior, an Elder of the Devil Valley in the Divine Great Land. He was also a famous brutal character.

Lining in front of him were five young people. They were all wearing gorgeous attires, but their aura were gloomy and eccentric. Their faces were stubborn as they were listening to the older man impatiently.

These five young people were the hotshots of the Devil Valley who came out from the thirty-six Terminating Caves. Four of them were at the peak of Sky Realm, while the fifth one was a handsome young man who surprisingly was at the First Sky of Spirit Realm!

Lie Feng was the most famous young expert of the Devil Valley. He had reached the Spirit Realm when he was thirty years old. Since he was ten years old, he had been training in the thirty-six Terminating Caves, killing many people. He had a pair of silver eyes and gray hair. Everybody was afraid of him.

Although Feng Biao was the Elder of the Devil Valley, Lie Feng apparently didn’t respect him. His face showed that he didn’t care.

He was the devil kind who had a greater chance to grasp the top power of the Devil Valley in the future. Although his position was low, he was extremely ominous. Young people in his generation only submitted to him. If they didn't obey his order, it would be much more terrible than going against their teacher.

His authority stemmed from the thirty-six Terminating Caves.

Each generation of brilliant warriors who had been cultivated in the Terminating Caves in the Devil Valley together with him and could get out of that evil place with him all submitted to him. If they didn't follow him, he would keep them in the caves forever.

Lie Feng leaned against the wall. It seemed like he was about to doze off at any minutes, his face idle.

Feng Biao clenched his jaw. While he was lecturing about the dead soul’s characteristics, Lie Feng obviously didn’t pay attention to him, which irritated him a lot.

Although he didn’t like it, Feng Biao didn’t dare to show his real feelings.

Lie Feng was too brutal and violent. Also, he was a devil kind. In the coming time, he would surely become the lord of the Devil Valley. If he created a grudge with Lie Feng now, his future wouldn't be so bright.

He understood Lie Feng’s characteristics pretty well. Thus, even if he felt more irritated, he wouldn’t dare to expose it.


The door was banged open.

Feng Biao got enraged, shouting with his gloomy face. "What are you doing!"

Ming Mei carried Hao Hai stormed into the room, crying with her hoa.r.s.e voice, "Elder, please check Hao Hai. I’m afraid he can’t endure any longer. That’s why I had to rush."

Both young and old men of the Devil Valley in the room changed their faces.

"Who did that?" Feng Biao asked with a ferocious face as he instantly jumped to Hao Hai and checked his situation. He immediately put many pellets into his mouth and urgently helped him to swallow them. Then, he shouted coldly, "Wounded badly! If you didn't arrive on time, even if he could recover, he would still have an ailment that would be hard to treat thoroughly. Who did that?"

Ming Mei didn’t dare to conceal. She hurried to tell them everything in detail.

"One on one? Normal battle? Hao Hai got screwed in just one strike?" Feng Biao’s face became darkened. He tried to press down his anger, asking through his gritted teeth.

Ming Mei nodded.

"Who's willing to take back the face of our Devil Valley?" Feng Biao took a deep breath, asking with a cold face. "Since he dared to provoke us, no matter where he comes from, we need to use blood to teach him!"
Feng Biao raked through the people present in the room.

Lie Feng pouted his lips, indicating that he wasn’t interested in this case.

"Cheng Ge, you’re one grade stronger than Hao Hai. You shall go!" As Feng Biao saw Lie Feng’s expression, he knew that the other wasn’t just joking. So, he had to take a step back and ask the other to take this mission.

Cheng Ge, a Peak Sky of Sky Realm, had trained in the thirty-six Terminating Caves with Hao Hai. He had visited twelves caves alone and got out wounded badly. He was one grade stronger than Hao Hai, and had gained more than what Hao Hai got from the Terminating Caves. In general, his competence was one level higher than Hao Hai’s.

Rubbing his nose, Cheng Ge knew that he couldn’t dodge it. "Well, Elder has a.s.signed me, so I don’t dare to go against you. I’m going now."

Then, Cheng Ge didn’t linger, strolling away towards the Precious Tool Valley. "He’s just a kid at the Sky Realm. I’m not interested in him. Well, I want to meet him when he reaches the Spirit Realm." 

Lie Feng’s face was cold. He walked out of the room and said leisurely. "I'm tired. I’m going to take rest. Call me if you need me. Hmm, yeah, if nothing’s important, don’t call me. My Demogorgon Technique’s about to have a breakthrough."

Feng Biao hated him and feared him at the same time.

He hated Lie Feng’s att.i.tude, and was afraid of his understanding and tremendous potential.

His Demogorgon Technique was about to break through again? How long had it been? How did he train himself? Was he human?

Feng Biao was startled. He was a hot-tempered person, but he didn’t dare to vent out his anger in front of Lie Feng.

He tried to press down his anger. Waiting until Lie Feng was gone, he threw an indignant look at the others and scolded. "Why don’t you try your best? Look at Lie Feng, his Demogorgon Technique is about to break through again. How about you guys? What are you waiting for? Move you’re a*s! Train yourself more!"

The group of people who got blamed felt like they were amnestied, fleeing away.

Only Hao Hai was left lying on the ground.

"That brat was so brutal. The Spirit Hall and the Tool Hall put a curfew on fighting, and he almost made Hao Hai bleed to death. Who is he after all?"

When all the people left the room, Feng Biao muttered to himself with a darkened face.

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