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The Original Soul Pellet was much more effective than the Soul Restoring Pellet indeed.

After he swallowed ten pills, they turned into a warm current, flowing toward his Sea of Consciousness. The Sea of Consciousness seemed like it was watered with a fluid of growth, being restored rapidly.

The consumed Soul Consciousness had been supplemented quickly under the magical effect of this warm current. When using the Soul Restoring Pellet to recover the consumed Soul Consciousness, it required more than half a day. However, the Original Soul Pellet needed only fifteen minutes.

His Soul Consciousness was recovered.

After sensing it, s.h.i.+ Yan could confirm that if he had more Original Soul Pellets, after his Soul Consciousness was restored, it would enlarge a little bit more.

However, Lin Ya Qi didn’t give him more time.

As soon as his Soul Consciousness had been restored, Lin Ya Qi immediately screamed out, calling him to get out of the gravitational room and take revenge for her.

s.h.i.+n Yan was in high spirits, narrowing his eyes. Cold light sparkled in his pupils, while he curled his lips. "No need to bother, they’ve come for you already."

Lin Ya Qi smile froze as she snorted. "That quick? Seems like they always keep an eye on me. Those jerks do have bad thoughts. Indeed, none of them are nice."

s.h.i.+ Yan stood up, facing Lin Ya Qi. He then took off his dirty greenish-gray warrior clothes and changed into a pure black one. Adjusting his collar, s.h.i.+ Yan kicked the door open and strode out.

Outside the room, Hao Hai and Ming Mei stood there with their electric-sharped eyes and deep, gloomy aura.

Third Sky of Sky Realm!

s.h.i.+ Yan’s eyes lit up. Just at first glance, he recognized their cultivation base precisely.

Hao Hai and Ming Mei were wearing silvery a gray armor and scarlet armor respectively. Their precious armors covered half of their bodies, and light sparkled s.h.i.+ningly from their arms and knees. Vaguely, people could see energy fluctuations from these spots.

There were some sorts of strange and evil formations carved on their armors, which could gather the heaven and earth Qi. Although the two stood still, heaven and earth Qi in the surroundings gathered proactively towards them, entering the formation on their armors and getting absorbed into their bodies. This supported them to condense the Essence Qi at any minute. 

They both wore Storage Rings and another five-colored ring on their fingers. These rings s.h.i.+mmered with tender, translucent halo, which indicated that they weren’t just normal items.

‘Worth their ident.i.ty, the successors of the ancient factions!’ s.h.i.+ Yan complimented them in his head. Their clothing, accessories, the Storage Rings, and the rings on their arms were most likely all priceless items. They should have some special effects that could enhance their strength while fighting. 

The Third Sky of Sky Realm cultivation base of these two people was full of the aura of the ancient era. Their Essence Qi was pure, which was obviously higher than the ordinary Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors.

While his eyes were raking through Hao Hai and Ming Mei, the other two were observing him too.

A jet black warrior cloth covered a muscular body with a cold att.i.tude. His long black hair draped over his shoulders. His eyes were like two stars s.h.i.+ning and oppressing people's minds.

Hao Hai and Ming Mei were shaken inside, but still kept their faces stiff.

They could feel the brutal aura exuded from s.h.i.+ Yan while his breath was filled with clear murderous intention.

Not a soft persimmon! (Not the type of person that could be bullied easily – TL)

Just at first glance, Hao Hai and Ming Mei understood something. They then could see the fear deep in each other's eyes.

The murderous aura couldn't be gained through cultivation. A warrior could only obtain it from fatal fights and slaughter, in which he had to kill many other warriors.

If others sensed them carefully, they could see the murderous aura on Hao Hai and Ming Mei too. However, it was much less than s.h.i.+ Yan’s.

Who was this man?

Hao Hai and Ming Mei exchanged looks, their hearts filled with surprise while they were searching for the ident.i.ty of young and outstanding men in the Divine Great Land in their heads. 

Names of prominent young men crossed their minds fast.

Shaking his head, Hao Hai realized that none of the outstanding young men in the Divine Great Land matched with the bearing s.h.i.+ Yan had.

Lin Ya Qi let out a light chuckle. She slowly strolled out of the gravitation room, throwing a glance at Hao Hai. Her beautiful eyes showed her disdain towards the young man. She snorted and said impatiently, "You come here again… For what?"

Hao Hai was enraged. A cold light slowly crossed his phoenix eyes that could scare people. "The pellet you sold me contained an extreme poison. I almost fell in bewilderment! You tell me what I come for?"

"Ah," Lin Ya Qi didn't change her face. On the contrary, she giggled. "When I gave it to you, didn't I remind you that I didn't refine it? I remember I told you that already. Remembering it or not, it's your responsibility."

An interesting smile hung on Ming Mei’s face as she was retreating her graceful body, keeping a distance with Hao Hai. Then, she spoke mildly, "Ya Qi mei mei, I’m here just to watch the fun. You don’t need to be bothered with me."

Lin Ya Qi’s face was cold. She snorted and muttered something under her breath, as if she was cursing someone else.

"Turns out I can’t reason with you," Hao Hai wasn't angry. He seemed to be calmer, nodded as he said, "Give me back the materials I've given you to refine pellets. Or, give me the real pellets. Otherwise, I won't let this slip away. Regarding me getting poisoned, as long as you apologize, I won't trouble you more to give Old Li face."

"In your dreams," Lin Ya Qi cracked a mocking smile, her face full of disdain. 

Hao Hai’s countenance became tenser. He took a deep breath. The ring on his arm had many black fibers which looked like seaweed in the deep ocean, extending and winding around both of his arms.

Those black fibers were moving with some mysterious trajectory, forming tiny but dense demonic patterns on his arms. After the patterns were formed, they started to absorb the Essence Qi in his body.

The black, fine fibers forming the patterns became more exquisite after receiving the Essence Qi. Now, they looked like the s.h.i.+ny long black hair.
Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

Strange sounds echoed from his armor, as energy fluctuations expanded everywhere.

Heaven and earth Qi was suddenly restrained.

The overflowing rich heaven and earth aura seemed to be separated by an invisible barrier. Not only the s.p.a.ce surrounding them, but also the heaven and earth aura surrounding s.h.i.+ Yan and Lin Ya Qi were cut off.

A s.p.a.ce-twisting energy appeared next to Hao Hai. s.p.a.ce then started to crumple as if it were about to collapse, giving people a strange feeling of shrinking.

Trace of grudge sparkled in Lin Ya Qi’s eyes. She stepped backward quietly until she reached the door of the gravitation room. Then, she smiled, pointing at s.h.i.+ Yan. "This is my cousin. He said that, as long as he’s here, no one can bully me anymore."


Hao Hai and Ming Mei were suspicious. Since when did she have a cousin?

As they were all the young talents of the Divine Great Land, it wasn’t the first time Hao Hai and Ming Mei visited the Dead Soul Mountain range, or the first time they had contacted Lin Ya Qi. They knew that Li Zheng Rong’s two disciples were both orphans, whom Li Zheng Rong had been taken care since they were little. 

How could an orphan have a cousin all of a sudden?

"Well, nowadays, cousins are things we can’t clarify. The one I love, I could call him cousin too... Haha." Ming Mei beamed a tender smile, looking at s.h.i.+ Yan and Lin Ya Qi with dark thoughts showing on her face.

Hao Hai got it, as his face turned colder.

He liked Lin Ya Qi, and Ming Mei knew that well. He was still suspicious, but after Ming Mei stirred up the matter, he got it immediately.


Lin Ya Qi glared at Ming Mei with hostility as she was cursing the girl in her head. Actually, she had mouthed the word, but she didn’t make a sound. Lin Ya Qi wasn’t an idiot. She understood that Ming Mei burned it up on purpose.

The relations.h.i.+p between Lin Ya Qi and Hao Hai used to be a bit harmonious. If Ming Mei hadn't added things at the wrong timing, which provoked Hao Hai's mood, Hao Hai wouldn't have misbehaved with her. It would not accelerate to a violent dispute like right now.

The hatred she had for Ming Mei was deeper than what she felt for Hao Hai. If it weren’t that Ming Mei was more dangerous than Hao Hai, she would have taken action against that woman earlier.

"Cousin, they want to bully me," Lin Ya Qi called out with her soft voice and innocent appearance. She pointed at Ming Mei and Hao Hai. "These two aren’t good people. They harm other people daily. Well, especially the one who always pours oil into fire, I think she regrets that she can’t kill some girls who are more beautiful than her. Well, you know, that sort of people are the most disgusting ones." 

Ming Mei’s pupils shrank. She curled her lips and snorted. "Are you talking about me?" Women always cared about their appearances, especially pretty women. Lin Ya Qi’s words, of course, got the other girl on her nerves.

"Nah, how dare I talk about you. Everybody knows that you are the most beautiful woman. Ming Mei, yeah, right, you are so beautiful," Lin Ya Qi mocked with a cold face. 

Ming Mei let out a light chuckle, but her eyes s.h.i.+mmered with cold light. She was a bit gloomy as she was looking at the other girl, seeming to be thoroughly provoked.

"Do you want to interfere in others’ business?" Although Hao Hai was enraged, he still had his clear mind. He could recognize that s.h.i.+ Yan wasn’t just an ordinary man. 

"I will not interfere in others’ business," smiled s.h.i.+ Yan. 

Hao Hai relaxed his stiff face, while Lin Ya Qi got angry, rolling her eyes at him. Ming Mei found it interesting, chuckling and looking at him.

"It’s my cousin’s business, how I can consider it ‘other people’s business’?" s.h.i.+ Yan smile faintly. He stood upright and curled his lips, his manners as sharp as a knife when he shouted, "Stop babbling! If you want to fight, move you’re a*s. I don't have much time for you." 

In that fraction of time, the indignant feature on Lin Ya Qi ‘s face vanished. She smiled cheerily until her body shook. "I knew it. My cousin likes me the most."

s.h.i.+ Yan felt his hair raising as he beamed a forced smile in his heart. However, he still appeared cold as usual.

Hao Hai was enraged. Cold light sparked like electric currents in his eyes. The aura on him became more murderous, but his face was getting calmer.

‘Brilliant hotshot!’ s.h.i.+ Yan exclaimed in his head. It was the first time he showed his serious countenance. Now he knew that the young generation nurtured by the seven ancient factions were really tough to deal with. 
During a fight, the more one got angry, the more chances one had to fall into the disadvantaged circ.u.mstances. When the hotshots fought, they competed each other in aura, mood, experience, and intelligence.
During a battle, if the opponent could control the mood, one’s aura would change accordingly, which would affect the whole picture of the battle. 
When a warrior had rage affecting his mind, he couldn’t react with clarity. Losing the mind meant losing the grasp of the whole situation.

Right before the fight, Hao Hai could restore his sound mind, which was what a typical hotshot would do. 
"I don’t care if you’re her cousin or not. Frankly speaking, you irritate me. If I don't feel good, you shouldn’t expect to feel good either." Hao Hai gave him a faint smile, his face calm and relaxed. However, his aura became more dangerous.

Replying to Hao Hai, three words came from s.h.i.+ Yan’s side, "Come beat me!"

All of a sudden, Hao Hai moved like a thunderbolt tearing the sky… Strong, determined, evil, and brutal.

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