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The Dead Soul Mountain's topography was special. It was situated between the Radiant G.o.d Cult, the Pure Land, and the Devil Valley, and the distances between them weren't too large. However, no force managed this area.

The ones who often visited this area were the alchemists and the blacksmiths at all levels.

Rumors said that there were thousands of alchemists and blacksmiths living in the Dead Soul Mountain. This special cla.s.s of the Grace Mainland liked the Dead Soul Mountain, and made it the center of the alchemists and blacksmiths of the entire Grace Mainland.

Among the other warriors, the alchemists and the blacksmiths belonged to the n.o.ble cla.s.s.

Normally, the alchemists and the blacksmiths wouldn’t depend on any forces, as they had dedicated their whole lives to refine pellets and secret treasures. Those people were quiet, odd, and didn’t like to get along well with the others.

However, in the Dead Soul Mountain, the alchemists and the blacksmith lived in harmony. They studied and discussed the Upanishads of refining pellets and forging treasures with each other.

When warriors living around the Pure Land, the Radiant G.o.d Cult, and the Devil Valley were in need of pellets or secret treasures, they would bring abundant materials to the Dead Soul Mountain, then find the corresponding alchemist or blacksmith to refine the desired items.

Of course, they had to pay for the service.

Many warriors from the Grace Mainland came here to refine pellets and specialized treasures for their sects, even though they had to travel a long distance for this. The Dead Soul Mountain had many qualified alchemists and blacksmiths. When they came here with an attractive payment, they could have what they desired.

The alchemists and the blacksmiths here had formed a system in the Dead Soul Mountain. They didn't turn their back to the seven ancient factions or took part in the dispute between them. These special warriors had a great pa.s.sion for refining medicines and forging weapons. They wouldn’t favor anyone, as they only followed their own rules. As long as the payment was good, they could forge weapon or refine pellet for anyone.

Also, no matter how furious the battle between the seven old factions was, they would never target the Dead Soul Mountain.

In this continent, the Dead Soul Mountain was quite a peaceful place with good conditions for refining things. Warriors living around there often traded cultivating materials with the alchemists or the blacksmiths. This place was the holy temple of the alchemists and the blacksmiths.

Living on numerous grand mountains were the alchemists and the blacksmiths. The strongest alchemists and blacksmiths took the richest mountains. Some of them taught disciples, while some just cultivated alone to find the acme of their refining and forging treasures, sinking in what they called the Great Path.

Two valleys were backing each other in the center of the Dead Soul Mountain. They were called the Spirit Potion Valley and the Precious Tool Valley. These two valleys were vast, as big as a small city, and were surrounded boisterously year around. People who traveled to the Spirit Potion Valley were all the alchemists, while warriors who visited the Precious Tool Valley were all blacksmiths.

The Spirit Potion Valley and the Precious Tool Valley had many shops where cultivating materials to refine medicines or forge weapons were sold. Outsiders could always visit these two valleys to find the alchemists and blacksmiths to refine the items they wanted, as long as they could find the right person with an appropriate price.

Generally, the Spirit Potion Valley and the Precious Tool Valley were almost free. They didn’t have many rules or taxes. Not only human warriors, even the beasts and the pagans were free to enter the places. No one would specially target them.

There were almost one thousand mountains in the Dead Soul Mountain range, and half of them were occupied by intimidating beasts. Those beasts could transform to human form, and their powers were much more tremendous than human warriors at the same level. Anyway, the beasts there lived in harmony with the alchemists and blacksmiths. They didn’t fight often.

Beasts which could cultivate to the peak and have intelligence were no less smart than mankind, so they also needed good medicines and weapons.

Since they were living inside the Dead Soul Mountain range, they understood the cultivating materials there better. Beasts who came to find the alchemists or blacksmiths with sufficient amount of materials often prepared better payment than human warriors.

Usually, the alchemists and the blacksmith wouldn’t deny the offer, and would cooperate with the beasts.

Thanks to its special features, the Dead Soul Mountain range had attracted many strange races, some of them being super strong. They had settled down and earned a decent living in the Dead Soul Mountain range. They had been cultivating silently, gathering the energy of heaven and earth to increase their realms, while collecting rare and precious materials there to prepare more medicines and weapons for their tribes.

As s.h.i.+ Yan was flying over the Dead Soul Mountain range, he released his Soul Consciousness, frequently sensing strong aura emitted from each mountain. 

These auras came from humans and beasts, but some came from sources he was unsure of. Perhaps these auras came from the peculiar souls he had never encountered before.

Mankind, beasts, and pagans lived together in the Dead Soul Mountain range, and didn’t interfere each other’s life. However, they often went to the Spirit Potion Valley and the Precious Tool Valley to do business with human alchemists and blacksmiths. All of them lived together in peace and harmony.

The Dead Soul Mountain range was vast. With his Sky Realm cultivation base, s.h.i.+ Yan spent seven days flying to cross couples hundreds of mountains. Finally, he arrived the Spirit Potion Valley in the center of the Dead Soul Mountain range. 

The Spirit Potion Valley bathed in the sunbeams of a new dawn. Under the warm sunlight, he could see people moving and s.p.a.cious streets packed with stores and shops. 

Many human warriors and alchemists were moving in front of the shops, finding the raw materials they needed. Among them were humanoid beasts wearing clothes with sharp horns on their heads, or having a long tail behind their bottom. All of them were operating equally in the Spirit Potion Valley. 

No human warriors in the valley showed a strange face on seeing the beasts, because it was all totally normal to them.

Warriors living here had soon recognized the existence of the demonic beasts and pagan tribes. They would never look at them with a bias. s.h.i.+ Yan observed the situation for a while from outside the valley, and was quite surprised. 

In the Endless Sea, Cao Qiu Dao, Yang Tian Emperor, and Yang Yi Tian were totally racist. They only acknowledged mankind as the master of the continent. Except for humans, all were considered pagans. According to them, the Sea Tribes, the Dark Dwellers, the Demon Dwellers were all sinister races that should be uprooted.

When the Demonic Sound Clan and the Winged Clan had first entered the Endless Sea, the warriors there saw them with fear and hatred, as if there were a big grudge between them, and that the Demonic Sound Clan and the Winged Clan shouldn't exist. 

The Dead Soul Mountain range gave him a brand new understanding.

Warriors living around here wouldn’t make the beasts or pagans their enemies, and they wouldn’t want to kill them all. Demonic beasts, human beings, and pagans had lived together under one roof, all borrowing the rich cultivating materials of the Dead Soul Mountain range to improve their powers.

The atmosphere here was much comfortable and free than the Endless Sea.

After a long time observing from a far distance, s.h.i.+ Yan wore an admiring face. He couldn’t help but think that when the Demonic Sound Clan and the Winged Clan came to the Divine Great Land, the Dead Soul Mountain range might be the best choice for them.

Lingering outside the Spirit Potion Valley for a while, s.h.i.+ Yan walked into the valley alone. Next, he took a trip around the shops randomly. He was quite surprised and happy as he had a good feeling about this Spirit Potion Valley.

The shops in the Spirit Potion Valley sold spirit herbs, miracle fruits, and strange fluids used for refining medicine. At first glance, he could see that the raw materials that were considered precious in the Endless Sea were common and available everywhere. And, he also saw many medical ingredients which he had never seen before; they were also widely available.

It was worth being the famous center of the Alchemists in the whole continent.

He complimented in his mind as his impression of the Spirit Potion Valley grew better.

Apparently, the cultivating materials in the Spirit Potion Valley were much more abundant than the Endless Sea, and he was sure that the warriors from other areas could never have the attainment of the alchemists here.

Walking along the street, he was surprised on seeing the rare materials they had.

The sunlight faded out. Seeing the sun was about to set, he remembered the purpose of his trip.

Musing for a while, he then walked towards the general direction of the Spirit Hall of the Spirit Potion Valley. The Spirit Hall was a special place for outsiders seeking a suitable alchemist. It was a business center. Warriors could go there to advertise the mission they wanted to accomplish. When the alchemists and the blacksmith couldn’t find the materials they needed, they could also ask the Spirit Hall to notice and search for them. The payment would be decent though.

When Ye Chang Feng gave him the token, he told him to go to the Spirit Hall in the Spirit Potion Valley and give it to the person in charge, following which, someone would welcome him well.

Ye Chang Feng’s master was considered owing him a favor. In the Grace Mainland, an excellent alchemist always had good relations.h.i.+p with many connections.

The reason why he wanted to find Ye Chang Feng’s teacher was to contact the Pure Land through him, as he wanted to use the Life Original Fluid to exchange for Xia Xin Yan, and to save her soul from vanis.h.i.+ng.

In his original plan, he wanted to visit the Radiant G.o.d Cult first. However, given the advice from Bai Ge Sen, he had to give up his initial plan, as he was afraid that if he went to the Radiant G.o.d Cult, some experts there might see through the difference in his body. Thus, he had to go further to find the Dead Soul Mountain.

In the Spirit Hall, many warriors wearing bluish gray robe embroidered with the symbol of the alchemists were introducing the newest information to their customers in a business-like manner.

After s.h.i.+ Yan got into the place, he reached the nearest guard, smiled at him and showed him the token. "Do you recognize this token?"

The Mystery Third Rank alchemist was dazed, looking at the token and then s.h.i.+ Yan himself, asking him surprisingly, "What’s this?"

s.h.i.+ Yan was bewildered, showing the token to the man again. "A friend of mine gave me this. He told me to go to the Spirit Potion Valley and show the token and someone would receive me. Take another look carefully."

The Mystery Third Rank alchemist was dazed. He checked the token carefully. Minutes later, he s.h.i.+vered while his eyes brightened, "Sir, please wait a moment. I’ll bring the token to my master. Please wait. Don’t go. Wait for me here. Just a moment."

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