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"Human, get back to where you came from. We, people of the Silver Stone Fort, do not welcome mankind." A member of the Silver Shark Clan snorted coldly with a displeased face at the gate of the Silver Stone Fort. People of the Silver Shark Clan had a shark fin on their back. This was the signature of the Silver Shark Clan. Besides this fin, they didn't look much different from humans. People said that the Silver Shark Clan had been evolved from sharks. That's how they had the fin, the signature of their kind. Among the other clans in the ocean, the Silver Shark Clan was almost as strong as the Black Flood Dragon Race, one of the strongest races in the sea.

Silver Shark’s people were born with a sense of superiority. Unless they were facing the Black Flood Dragon Clan, they were always haughty in front of the members from other Sea Tribes. This little guard wasn’t an exception when he was talking arrogantly to s.h.i.+ Yan.

s.h.i.+ Yan came here this time to find Yin Hui to ask for something related to the ancient lofty dragon’s graveyard. As the Silver Shark Clan was situated in this area, being the Patriarch of the race, Yin Hui must know the exact location of that ancient lofty dragon’s graveyard. Compared to searching alone with no clues, it'd better ask someone who might know.

"I come from Barren City, a member of the Yang Family. I heard that precursor Cru has entered the Spirit Realm, so I came here to congratulate him. Please report. Oh yeah, your patriarch Yin Hui and I have met once. I hope that you guys would give me a chance to praise precursor Cru."

s.h.i.+ Yan held a smile on his face, handing out a small purse, which kept ten pieces of good profound Qi crystal.

A female member of the Jade Clam Race couldn't hold her despising look seeing him bribe the guard. "It’s true that humans are all cunning indeed."

The guard of the Silver Shark Clan estimated the value of the purse and then changed his manner to be friendlier. However, he still had to keep his face. "Human, are you lying to me? Even if you're a member of the Yang Family, you're not eligible to meet my patriarch. However, as you know the situation, I'll let you in."

Then, he stepped aside to give way for s.h.i.+ Yan to enter the city.

It seemed that profound Qi crystals could be the pa.s.s to anywhere. This guy from the Silver Shark Clan received s.h.i.+ Yan’s bribe, couldn't help but fall into the same track and open the convenient door for him.


As s.h.i.+ Yan just pa.s.sed through the gate, the female member of the Jade Clam Race cursed, "Humans are all cunning. You didn't embarra.s.s your kind. You’re truly a villain!"

s.h.i.+ Yan ignored her, raised his eyebrows and pa.s.sed her over to get into the Silver Stone Fort.

Members of the rare Sea Tribes like the Whelks, the Merpeople, the Saber Teeth, all were living inside the Silver Stone Fort. Many members of the Sea Tribes had low cultivation bases, such as Nascent, Human and Disaster realm. They were gathering freely at a corner in the Silver Stone Fort to talk about the significant issues in the ocean or the secrets of their own races.

s.h.i.+ Yan suddenly burst out laughing.

After listening attentively for a while, he found out that the focus of their talks was him. These Sea Tribes members were gathering and talking about the event of Barren City and mentioning his name. When people of the Sea Tribes talked about him, their faces were stiff, as they knew there was a new ferocious slaughterer born among mankind. He was a brutal guy who liked to kill the Sea Tribes members, and that he had stirred up the human race and killed many members of the Sea Tribes.

Those Sea Tribes members talked about him like a wicked-beyond-redemption, utterly unbearable villain.

After a while, s.h.i.+ Yan forced a smile, shook his head and sighed. Members of the Sea Tribes didn't have a good impression of the human race naturally, just like the way they treated the Yang Family. They would favor their members, and it was totally natural.

Although the reputation of the Water Scorpion Tribe wasn't good, it was a member of the Sea Tribes. As s.h.i.+ Yan had hurt Bao Wen and subdued Bao Ke, in their eyes, s.h.i.+ Yan was already their enemy. No matter what the truth was, they considered the Water Scorpion Tribe the victim.

He couldn't change the att.i.tude of the Sea Tribes toward him. Discrimination would never be changed, even if it were in the Endless Sea, the Underworld or the Demon Area. Even if they wanted to change, it wouldn't happen.

No warrior could utilize only his strength alone to convert the awareness of other races.

Uniting all the races to one and living in peace in the same place was impossible.

Shaking his head, s.h.i.+ Yan didn't think about it furthermore. After walking one round in the Silver Stone Fort, he knew where Cru was…In the south of the Silver Stone Fort.

Inside a s.p.a.cious place around one hundred acres in area were situated many oval silver stone buildings. Those buildings had strange shapes, which had been decorated with drawings of the sea monsters.

When s.h.i.+ Yan came to that place, he took in the scene and suddenly shook his body, changing his appearance as a fin jutted out from his back. When he had entered the Silver Stone Fort, if he still used the human appearance, it would be hard for him to get in Cru’s place. Only if he had the appearance of the Silver Shark Clan's members could he mingle with the others and get the chance to visit Cru.

After his Petrification Martial Spirit had reached the peak, his control over his body had also entered a subtle, mysterious realm. He only needed a flicker of a thought, and he could conveniently change his body, turning into another person's shape.

Growing only a fin on the back wasn’t a tough job to him. After he had transformed into the appearance of the Silver Shark Clan's members, there was no strange look gazing on him along the way.

Members of the weaker races like the Jade Clams, the Whelks, and the Merpeople also showed respect to him. When he approached Cru’s house, the Silver Shark guard only threw him a look, and when he found that s.h.i.+ Yan had the Sky Realm cultivation base, he didn't say anything and just let him go.

s.h.i.+ Yan walked to the roomy court where Cru was holding his party.

It was a lively scene of celebrating peace with songs and dance.

Female members of the Jade Clams and the Whelk Tribe were shaking their bodies, dancing on the stage made of coral.

The Jade Clams and the Whelk Tribes had average powers among the Sea Tribes, but their women were really good at dancing, as their moves were charming enough to shake people's mind. On that luxurious stage, ten women from the Jade Clams and the Whelks were smiling, dancing like silk. Scattered around the stage were crystal tables. Those crystal tables had all the colors one could name. They were translucent and s.h.i.+mmering with a dreamy light.

The best warriors from the Sea Tribes were sitting at the crystal tables, drinking good wine and enjoying the fine cuisine of the ocean. They also amused themselves with the performance on the stage while chatting with the others. The atmosphere was boisterous.

Right at the middle, in front of all of them stood a giant crystal table, with an old Silver Shark man seated. His face was reddened because of the wine he took. He was talking and laughing with emotion as he was continually poured wine to a middle-aged Silver Shark man sitting next to him. That middle-aged man also had a shark fin on his back. Although he was sitting in his seat, an oppressing aura like a big mountain was spreading.

The patriarch of the Silver Shark Clan, Yin Hui!

At first glance, s.h.i.+ Yan knew right away that man was Yin Hui.

The old Silver Shark man with a long beard was the host of the party today – Cru. A young maiden was sitting next to him; perhaps she was his daughter. She was also smiling and offering fine wine to Yin Hui.

Yin Hui didn't deny her, just smiled and drank. Sometimes, he gave the girl compliment as she was a beauty that would become the dazzling pearl of the Silver Shark Clan.

There were ten crystal tables behind the table of Cru and Yin Hui. Seated there were the hotshots of the Sea Tribes.

There were members of the Black Flood Dragon Clan, the Naga Tribe, and the Water Scorpion Tribe. The lowest cultivation base those people had was the Nirvana Realm. Most of them were at the Sky Realm. All were drinking too much, and delivering their compliments to Cru and Yin Hui. The atmosphere was warm and harmonious.

s.h.i.+ Yan stood behind the stage, far away from the center of the feast. He frowned, looking at Yin Hui as he was considering what kind of excuse he could use to approach Yin Hui and ask for the ancient lofty dragon graveyard. All of a sudden, a familiar aura got to him from behind Yin Hui and Cru, making his pupils shrink.

Looking more attentively, he found six people wearing veils and covering all their bodies standing behind Yin Hui and Cru. Apparently, the aura from two among them was really familiar to him.

Cao Zhi Lan! Pan Zhe!

s.h.i.+ Yan was terrified.

When he was in the Demonic Sound Clan, he had planted a soul seed inside Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe’s souls. Although he had soon lifted the barrier, he was still familiar with their souls. In a certain range, he would be able to detect their existence and recognize them.

The man and the woman wearing the veil there were absolutely Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe.

The most outstanding young leader of the Cao Family and the Penglai Holy Land's future successor, the two prominent youths of the Endless Sea appeared at the territory of the Silver Shark Clan and in Cru’s house.

What was going on?

s.h.i.+ Yan’s face darkened as suspicions filled his heart. While he was coldly looking at Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe, he changed his appearance in silence.

After a while, his cheeks were much thinner as his sockets became deeper, that made him look more ferocious and malicious.

Both Cao Zhi Land and Pan Zhe had known him. If those two saw him, they could know his ident.i.ty right away.

For the moment, he didn't want to expose himself. He wanted to hide and observe what Pan Zhe and Cao Zhi Lan were up to.


As Yin Hui was talking with Cru, he suddenly shouted, s.h.i.+fting his look towards him as sharp as lightning. Yin Hui’s look suddenly became colder, looking at him from a distance. He was wearing a cold smile but still waving at s.h.i.+ Yan.

s.h.i.+ Yan discolored.

"I didn’t expect that we will have a friend from far away. Haha, you’re considerate indeed." Yin Hui smiled as his eyes were as bright as a torch, crossing through the hotshots of the Sea Tribes to gaze at him. Yin Hui had seen through his disguise.

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