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"Why are you laughing?"

Li Sha furrowed her brows, wearing a disgruntled face when she thought that s.h.i.+ Yan was taking pleasure in other’s misfortune.

"Nothing. I just didn't expect that a Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior like Nu Lang also would meet difficulty refining secret treasures." s.h.i.+ Yan’s expression became serious. He thought and then continued, "Precursor Li Sha, thanks for your explanation. With the information you’ve provided, I think we will have a better arrangement."

"What should be told, I’ve told you all. What the Yang Family will do, I can’t control it. But I do hope that the Yangs would stay in Barren City like before. The Sea Tribes have co-operated with you guys for many years. Please don't let this current event affect our mutual cooperation. If there’s nothing else, I think the other leaders won’t have any other thoughts." Li Sha hesitated for a while before giving another advice.

"Matriarch Li Sha, thanks for your reminder," said Yang Zhuo.

"Don’t be too polite," smiled Li Sha and then turned to Fei Ya. "Then, I will not bother you guys anymore. The other warriors in Barren City were manipulated by Ming Hai, Yan Feng, Fu Hao and Jiu Lan Xin, and as those four are dead, you guys shouldn't attack them further. Maintaining the order of Barren City is what the Sea Tribes want to see."

s.h.i.+ Yan and Yang Zhuo exchanged looks.

"I should go back." Li Sha didn’t linger, leaving together with Fei Ya.

Yang Zhuo’s group was calm, looking at the Sea Tribes warriors leaving. Then, they all wore an excited face.

"Little Yan, I’ll take you to see the materials that we are storing."

Yang Zhuo contemplated then suddenly burst out in laughter. "That part of cultivating materials has taken account of just several percents of the goods we store. But in the others' eyes, it's huge. This time you've visited Barren City, if you need any materials to cultivate, just take them from the storage."

Yang Mu and the others left with happy countenances.

"Oh, good." s.h.i.+ Yan felt refreshed, following people of the Yang Family behind the meeting hall, entering the secret channel leading to the vault that kept many kinds of fundamental stones.

Looking at the colorful, dazzling cultivating materials, s.h.i.+ Yan was moved.

This batch of commodities included crystals for cultivating, rare five-element metals, and many rare, precious pellets and other materials found on the seabed.

Any types of materials for cultivating that were rare on land could be found here. If there were some good blacksmiths and alchemists here, with this tremendous amount of cultivating materials, they could refine many kinds of rare treasures and pellets.

When the Yang Family still had had the control of the Kyara Sea Area for many years, they had done trading with hotshots from the Sea Tribes and Demon Dwellers from the Demon Area. Over hundreds of years, the Yang Family had been gathering so many types of cultivating materials from the Endless Sea, the seabed and the Demon Area. The Yang Family could control the Kyara Sea and attract warriors from everywhere. This was also related to this huge amount of cultivating materials.

"Do you need anything?"

Yang Zhuo wore a proud face. "Speaking of cultivating materials, the Yang Family has much more than the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace. As long as they are the materials on the Endless Sea, the Demon Area or undersea, we almost have them all. Some blacksmiths and alchemists of the Endless Sea will come to the Yangs if they need rare materials."

"Big Uncle, do we have our private blacksmiths and alchemists?" Suddenly, s.h.i.+ Yan remembered the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success he had obtained from the exotic land. If they had an excellent blacksmith, with this book, he could learn the secret methods from it.

"Blacksmiths and Alchemists are really scarce in the Endless Sea. In the Divine Great Land, these two of warriors are very honored. So, excellent blacksmiths and alchemists will travel around, and they won't stay in one place for a long time."

Yang Zhuo frowned and explained slowly. "When the blacksmiths and the alchemists come to one place, they come for the materials and then start to refine stuff. When they’re done, they will continue their journey to other places to find new materials. Blacksmiths and alchemists don’t have a permanent residence. I heard that only in the Divine Great Land is there a place where the blacksmiths and the alchemists gather. Currently, there’s nothing like that in the Endless Sea."

"So, who had refined the Immortal Nature Pellet for the Yang Family?" s.h.i.+ Yan was surprised. Without a private alchemist, who had produced this pellet for the Yangs?

"Some alchemists visited the Endless Sea and came to our Kyara Sea for some rare cultivating materials. Your Great Grandfather had talked to them personally, using the materials they need to exchange for their help. They then refined some pellets for the Yang Family and left afterward."

Yang Zhuo explained then shook his head. "Outstanding blacksmiths and alchemists usually don’t want to be controlled. Even the Yang Family couldn't make the Spirit level blacksmiths or alchemists produce treasures exclusively for the Yangs. Most of the time, we just use money to buy the goods. But those are usually not matched with us. Only the customized treasures could promote one’s power the best." s.h.i.+ Yan’s eyes brightened.

"Let alone the Yang Family, even the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace with their formidable forces in Endless Sea couldn't have excellent blacksmiths or alchemists. In the Divine Great Land, the best blacksmiths and alchemists have just the Spirit Level. And those excellent blacksmiths at this level will come to the Divine Great Land. They will absolutely not linger around the Endless Sea." Yang Zhuo sighed reluctantly.

"So, the outstanding blacksmiths and alchemists are delicious cakes in the eyes of the forces from everywhere?"

"Of course."

"Is Nu Lang from the Black Flood Dragon Clan a blacksmith? Otherwise, why does he want to forge secret treasures?" s.h.i.+ Yan was suspicious, and couldn't help but ask.

Yang Zhuo smiled, shaking his head. "No member of the Sea Tribes was born with a Fire martial spirit. I’ve never heard of any hotshots of the Sea Tribes becoming a real blacksmith or alchemist. Since the Sea Tribes members’ bodies can’t generate a fiery flame, they will not have the human flame, and they can’t control the fiery flame skillfully. That makes them unable to become real blacksmiths or alchemists. Excellent blacksmiths and alchemists will not accept the Sea Tribes members as their disciples either."

"How about that Nu Lang…"

"He isn’t a blacksmith," Yang Zhuo smilingly shook his head. "He found a volcano undersea, threw some rare cultivating materials in there and melted them into treasure shapes. He then uses his soul to refine them, using his blood to grind. This way can be considered a way to forge treasures. But it's thousands of miles away from what the real blacksmiths will do."

"Do the blacksmiths do the same when they forge the treasure?"

"Of course not," Yang Zhuo had a serious face. "Apparently, a true blacksmith has a human flame. If he’s better, he can use the earth flame. In legends, the best alchemists even have the Heaven Flame! When a real blacksmith refines the secret treasure, he needs to carve the earth-and-heaven mysterious formation inside the treasure personally. Those magical formations are the essence of refining. Every magical formation has its own special effects. It can collect energy, or can gather the fire elements, or even condense the beast’s soul to create telepathy with the owner. With just a flicker of one’s thought, the secret treasure will answer instantly!"

"To check whether the rare treasure is made by a blacksmith or not, we just need to see if there’s a mystical formation in it. The ones that have the mystical formations are made by blacksmiths. The ones that don’t have the formation are just created by combining and melting some materials. That’s not refining. However, the treasures that many warriors from the Endless Sea are using, including our Yang Family, are all fabricated with this bluntly cheap method."

"So, Nu Lang isn’t a real blacksmith?" s.h.i.+ Yan burst out laughing. "Haha, if the Sea Tribes know how to do smiting, why would they need the blacksmiths? If anybody could become a blacksmith, it wouldn't be a rare profession anymore. Otherwise, how could the blacksmiths maintain their superior position?" Yang Zhuo also laughed.

"Yeah, seems like becoming a blacksmith benefits a family or even a force." s.h.i.+ Yan was startled, as a strange ray of light sparked from his eyes.

"Of course. In the legends, during the ancient times, each warrior was both a blacksmith and alchemist. According to the legends, the warriors at that time were divided into, blacksmith or alchemist. Any warrior would consider refining weapons and pellets as a part of their realm. So, each warrior was a blacksmith and an alchemist. Warriors at that time wouldn't count on someone else to fabricate their treasures and pellets, as they would do it themselves. However, as time changed, the warriors were then divided into blacksmiths and alchemists among the community of warriors. In our times, the blacksmiths and the alchemists have become the special characters among the other warriors. I’m not sure whether this change is good or bad."

Yang Zhuo said after letting out a sigh.

s.h.i.+ Yan attentively listened to his explanation. He was stunned for a long while. His eyes sparked radiant beams as if he was considering something.

"Little Yan, do you need any materials? Just take them directly," smiled Yang Zhuo.

"I’ll stay here for several days. I’ll check it out first. You guys can go." s.h.i.+ Yan suddenly woke up from his thought, smiled then said.

"Stay here?" Yang Zhuo was surprised.

s.h.i.+ Yan nodded to confirm. "Yes, this place. Big Uncle, don’t worry. The Black Flood Dragon Clan wouldn't take action for now. Wait until I get out of here, I’ll come to the Black Flood Dragon Clan to visit Nu Lang."

"Visit Nu Lang?" Yang Zhuo’s face slightly changed.

"Don't worry. I have my calculations." s.h.i.+ Yan was full of confidence. "I a.s.sure that I can solve Nu Lang. I’m 100% sure."

People of the Yang Family couldn't make head or tail of it. They didn't know where he got his confidence from. However, today, s.h.i.+ Yan had brought them many surprises. Although they found it vague, they still had hope in him.

"Good then. If you need something, just ask. If you’re not sure, just find me directly." Yang Zhuo didn’t say anything further, leading the group of Yang Mu back to their place.

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