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Bao Wen grinned and finally appeared above the Yangs, turned into a beam of light and landed next to Jiu Lan Xin.

"You finally come." Jiu Lan Xin smiled and said shyly, "I even thought that you don’t love me anymore. You haven’t shown up lately, and I have been longing for you for too long."

Bao Wen cracked a l.u.s.tful smile, stretched his hands to pat her rear end. "My little beauty, I was just outside talking to the other fellows. That’s why I came a little bit late, making you wait for so long. Why wouldn’t I love you anymore? Here I am!"

"It’s good that you came." Jiu Lan Xin had a broad smile that squeezed her eyes into two thin lines. She then raised her head, looking at s.h.i.+ Yan and coldly said, "That brat instructed other people to kill me, and even said that even if you came, you couldn’t stop the fact that he would kill me." Jiu Lan Xin wore a callous look.

Bao Wen grinned. A two-meter-long scorpion tail jutted out behind his back. It curved and swayed in the air, producing a burst of chilling, surging energy that froze everyone’s heart.

He glared at s.h.i.+ Yan and said, calmly "Only a young guy at the Sky Realm dares to be defiant toward our Sea Tribes. Human warriors really don’t know life and death, or who’s the real master on the seabed."

After talking, Bao Wen’s eyes suddenly flashed. A bunch of gray energy light burst out. The mixture of the energy light and surging spirit was like a sword, directly piercing s.h.i.+ Yan’s Sea of Consciousness and seeming to wash it away.

"Soul attack…" s.h.i.+ Yan smiled, shaking his head. "This kind of soul attack is the one I’m afraid the least of. Hmm, I thought you have more than that. You have disappointed me."

Bao Wen’s spiritual attack dashed all the way straight to s.h.i.+ Yan and instantly covered him. Surging spirit ma.s.sively swamped into his Sea of Consciousness.

In his Sea of Consciousness, s.h.i.+ Yan’s host soul suddenly opened its third eye. The soul devouring flame from the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame suddenly burst out, rus.h.i.+ng towards the soul attack that was attacking his Sea of Consciousness.

Like ice being melt under boiling water, all of the energy that struck his sea of consciousness was quickly burned down. Not a single trace of the soul consciousness remained.

Bao Wen’s vicious eyes suddenly flashed a sign of misery. He held his head with one hand while his face changed dramatically as he cried. "Kid, you… you can destroy my soul consciousness?!"

"As I already said, whoever comes here today cannot avoid death." s.h.i.+ Yan wore a cold face, sneered, and then pointed to Bao Wen. "Eat him!"

A bunch of light suddenly flew out from Ming Hai’s body. The King of Demonic Insects instantly appeared and stormed toward Bao Wen.

"The King of Demonic Insects, level eight beast!" Some Sea Tribes warriors who knew the origin of the King of Demonic Insects couldn’t help but exclaim in fear, expressing frightened faces. The King of Demonic Insects was a level eight beast that could be compared to a Spirit Realm warrior. As it had been gone through many years of arduous cultivation, its strength was not much lower than that of a Second Sky of Spirit Realm human warrior. It also knew soul attacks. As soon as the King of Demonic Insects came out, energy fluctuations diffused and enveloped Barren City entirely.

Immediately, all the warriors were affected. They realized that their consciousness was a little fuzzy, and their spirit became difficult to concentrate.

It was because the King of Demonic Insects' surging spirit had aimed at Bao Wen only. If it spread all of its spiritual power, the warriors would suffer more tragically.

Bao Wen’s face also changed and became serious. Seeing the King of Demonic Insects das.h.i.+ng over, he cried, "You rely on a level eight beast, no wonder why you’re that arrogant." Bao Wen didn’t dare to neglect and quickly launched all of his powers. His scorpion tail made sizzling sounds and rippling lights that naked eyes could see, forming a beam of light that shot towards the King of Demonic Insects. In that light beam, the King of Demonic Insects’ speed slowed down, but it still kept das.h.i.+ng towards Bao Wen.

Bao Wen’s scorpion tail urged the strength. Bao Wen’s face convulsed, and a strange piece of mask quickly grew up on his face.

A sinister aura was released from him, which made the area surrounding him explode continually. Some structures of the Yangs’ building were shaken, apparently getting affected from his energy.

Once a Spirit Realm warrior released his power, it could affect the movement of heaven and earth energy.

The energy that Bao Wen gathered made the vital force at the bottom of the sea stir up, resulting in a huge change in the sea that rose all the water around.

Bao Wen shouted, wanting to cross the King of Demonic Insects to directly behead s.h.i.+ Yan. The King of Demonic Insects seemed to know his intention. When he launched his power, many powerful spiritual energy fluctuations suddenly lined up and darted towards Bao Wen.

Bao Wen was flying over, but then suddenly became stagnant in the void while his face showed a pained look.

s.h.i.+ Yan stood on the platform, coldly looking at Bao Wen, the King of Demonic Insects and then Jiu Lan Xin. He sneered, revealing a confident look as if he wanted to say, ‘You would not be able to escape from my hands.’ Seeing Bao Wen be hindered by a level eight beast, the Sea Tribes warriors who were waiting around all had a surprised visage

At this moment, they know that s.h.i.+ Yan feared nothing because he had a level eight beast.

Those who wanted to take the opportunity to launch their attacks had to be docile, and quietly moved backward on seeing the King of Demonic Insects.

Watching Bao Wen and s.h.i.+ Yang fight, seven hundred human warriors were secretly relieved, quietly moving away as they were afraid that the battle would affect them, making them its innocent victims.

Fei Ya and the five male Nagas frowned, gradually moving away from the battlefield and coming closer to the Yang family’s building.

A figure wearing bamboo veiled-hat with a black tunic suddenly appeared next to Fei Ya. She reached out to stop Fei Ya from moving backward, then asked with a low voice. "What happened?"

Fei Ya turned her head to look at the woman. She immediately had a shocked face, hurriedly wanting to bow down.

The woman of the Naga Tribe waved her hand. "No need to conduct the formal greetings."


The faces of the five male Nagas changed as they stood motionlessly, not knowing if they should bow down or not.

"Do not conduct the formal greetings. I happened to pa.s.s here and heard the noise, so I come to check the situation." The bamboo hat and the black tunic had covered her entire face and body. Her voice was mild and seemed to have the magical soothing effect. When her voice arose, Fei Ya and the other five males were all silent.

"Tell me what you know," The woman asked softly.

Fei Ya quickly nodded, slightly bent down, revealing a look of flattery, and then hastened to tell her about the situation related to s.h.i.+ Yan.

That woman nodded gently. When Fei Ya finished, she was astonished for a while and then spoke up strangely, "I didn’t expect that after him, the Yang family still has such a monster. Seems even if he completely disappears, the Yang family will not decline fast."

"Matriarch, that guy’s really powerful. He’s at the Sky Realm but could easily kill the two Silver-horned Electric Eels. It’s terrific," Fei Ya interpreted.

"First Sky of Sky Realm…" The woman of the Naga Tribe muttered, slightly raised her head. She watched s.h.i.+ Yan for a while before saying solemnly, "Even if a First Sky of Sky Realm warrior launches his full power, he can’t kill two Silver-horned Electric Eels even in an hour. If he could do it that fast, it means his strength is certainly not just at the Sky Realm. The Yangs usually have some magical means. I think this kid isn’t simple."

"Matriarch, we…" Fei Ya looked at the woman and asked for her opinion.

Waving her hand covered by a glove, the Naga Tribe woman casually said, "Do not take any action. We just watch. There is not only Bao Wen who is coming here. Hmm, I think Bao Ke will also be here shortly. We just stay here and watch."

"Ah, the patriarch of the Water Scorpion Clan is also coming?" Fei Ya and the others couldn’t help but shout.

"Yes," the woman nodded and said, "The Yang family has to be removed from Barren City today. Their cultivating materials may become ownerless. It’s unexpected if some people have wicked intentions. However, with the current situation, the calculation of many people might fail."

"Is it true?" Fei Ya looked at s.h.i.+ Yan with disbelieving eyes and said with surprise. "That guy only has the cultivation base of Sky Realm. If the patriarch of the Water Scorpion Clan comes here, what can he do? I think the Water Scorpion Clan’s patriarch will kill him instantly, without any surprise."

"Such an arrogant person like him certainly doesn’t have just that little strength. Let’s watch. That guy’s very lucky. I really didn’t expect that the Yang family have this folded card. Seems like my guess is correct. Many people have made wrong calculations as they all thought that since that guy has been imprisoned in the Demon Area, he will not be able to retake the lead." The Snake Tribe’s matriarch quietly sighed and commented with a sad tone.

Fei Ya and the others knew the relations.h.i.+p between her and Yang Tian Emperor. So, on listening to what she said, they all mused and didn’t dare to have any ideas.

Outside the Yang family’s walls, many clans of the Sea Tribes were slowly gathering. It seemed that all the Sea Tribes hotshots dwelling in Barren City already knew about the situation here. Intimidating aura rippled from time to time from the city.

It was unknown how many Sea Tribes supreme hotshots were hiding in Barren City, using special ways to conceal their auras and secretly observing the situation that was happening with the Yang family.

The young man, who was now the focus of everyone, was standing upright like a sharp sword plugged into the platform of the Yang family’s main building. He wore a cold face while smirking. "With such a big and noisy incident like this, everyone will probably come here. I also want to see if these Sea Tribes' people are fools or not."

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