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"Great Grandpa once said that in our most difficult times, s.h.i.+ Yan would appear."

After listening to Yang Zhuo’s words, all of the Yang’s descendants immediately cheered up.

In the crucial time, s.h.i.+ Yan did come.

He really came.

The young man kept drinking wine and strolling around amidst the warriors, who looked like a pack of wolves. He grinned and walked step by step, attracting all the warriors’ attention.

"I want to see who dares to start?"

The young man looked at Jiu Lan Xin and Ming Hai with cold eyes, disregarding everyone around, revealing a domineering look.

"Kid, who are you?" Fu Hao’s face darkened. He coldly looked at s.h.i.+ Yan and suddenly waved his hand towards a young warrior next to him. "Fu Jie, kill him."

Fu Jie was Fu Hao’s cousin, who had entered Barren City with him. Fu Jie was at the Second Sky of Nirvana Realm, Fu Hao’s cruel and ruthless right hand. During these years, Fu Jie did a lot of shady things for Fu Hao.

Fu Hao was confident about his cousin’s cultivation base.

"Got it."

The two-meter-tall hefty guy with a scarred face fiercely laughed and rushed to the young man.

The young man grinned, revealing teasing eyes. He held the wine jug in his right hand and continued drinking. Only until Fu Jie’s body rushed over like a sharp sword did the young man then lazily launch his shot. His left hand stuck out like lightning and quickly grabbed Fu Jie’s neck.

The young man grabbed the neck of the two-meter-tall guy by one hand and lifted him up, while his iron fists bombarded on that st.u.r.dy guy, producing dull sounds of metal colliding. The young man’s face remained calm, without even the slightest change.

With one hand lifting the st.u.r.dy guy, the young man grinned, shook his head and said, "You’re the first one."


The young man squeezed vigorously, and Fu Jie’s neck was totally squeezed off. Fu Jie’s head flew up from his body into the sky.

Blood splattered out ma.s.sively.

Under the violent power of a squeeze, Fu Jie’s neck was actually smashed.

Such an incredible power!

Everyone was suddenly chilled.

The young man looked indifferent, disregarding the blood splas.h.i.+ng in front of him. He held the wine jug and continued to drink from it, and then burst into laughter. "Strong wine grows murderous intention. Drinking and killing at the same time is a great thing in life."

While talking, the young man kept walking forward, ignoring the crowd who was now chilled to the bone.

A First Sky of Nirvana Realm warrior stood in front of him with a frightened look, subconsciously wanting to retreat.

The young man’s visage remained unchanged. He slightly frowned and suddenly launched a punch.


His two hands drilled straight through the chest of that First Sky of Nirvana Realm warrior.

His hands forcefully ripped that warrior apart from the chest, splitting his body into two halves. Organs and blood mixed and splashed everywhere, sputtering to a group of other warriors next to him.

Whether it was Fu Jie or the warrior who was torn into halves, they seemed to be just a thin sheet of paper in that young man’s hands. They couldn’t bear even one strike of his; the neck was squeezed and broken, and the body was ripped apart without any resistance.

Many warriors felt a s.h.i.+ver running down their spines. Their eyes were full of fright.

Yang Zhuo, Yang Mu, Yang Xue, Li Feng, and other Yang family warriors were utterly shocked and dumbstruck.

"s.h.i.+ Yan, s.h.i.+ Yan, is it you?" Yang Mu paused for a moment. His lips were dry as that b.l.o.o.d.y scene frightened him very much. He started to doubt about everything that he had just witnessed.

The two warriors at Nirvana Realm were crushed to death just like that, without being able to resist even a bit. How strong was that young man?

The young man couldn’t help but burst into laughter, looking at Yang Mu on the platform and said, "Big brother, it’s been only four or five years. How come you don’t recognize me?"

Yang Mu smiled embarra.s.sedly; he was both surprised and delighted.

"Kid, who are you?" Ming Hai changed his face, subconsciously taking one step backward while his eyes were unpredictable. "You are one of the Yangs?"

s.h.i.+ Yan smiled and nodded. "That’s right. That year, Jiao Han Yi entered the land of Quiet Cloud to take me to the Endless Sea. Hmm, uncle Jiao was arrested because of me. I’m very uneasy about it. Since I meet you today, uncle Hai, it seems I can do something for uncle Jiao."

"You, what do you want to do?" Ming Hai grunted, trying to show his toughness.

"Clean up some trash."

s.h.i.+ Yan looked cheerful, raising his head up and looking at Yang Zhuo. He smiled and said, "Uncle, do you mind me doing something for uncle Jiao?"

Yang Zhuo was stunned for a moment and said, "Ming Hai has the cultivation base of Second Sky of Sky Realm. s.h.i.+ Yan, be careful…"

"It’s a piece of cake," s.h.i.+ Yan smiled. "Leave the matter here for me to handle. No need to bother or you, uncle. Well, uncle, big brothers, you observe from the platform and see those who have betrayed the Yang family have a tragic end."

All of the Yangs looked strange, wanting to say something more.

"Such an arrogant kid," Jiu Lan Xin suddenly screamed and then hurriedly told the others, "Everyone joins hands. Kill this annoying brat, and we’ll deal with Yang Zhuo later."

Fu Hao, Yan Feng, and Ming Hai also had the same intention. After listening to the woman, they all nodded with dark faces and wanted to take action right away.

"No need to be hurried. Don’t team up. I’d like to take time to handle things." s.h.i.+ Yan smiled and waved his hands indifferently. A white, icy smog suddenly spread out like rippling water, storming towards Fu Hao, Yan Feng, and Jiu Lan Xin, forming a layer of ice that prevented the three of them from joining hands with Ming Hai.

At the same time, s.h.i.+ Yan’s suddenly reddened. He shouted, "Come out."

A blood halo emerged from the Blood Vein Ring, and a bunch of light flashed. A ferocious demonic insect flew out and rushed towards Ming Hai.

The King of Demonic Insects! A level eight beast! 

The sharp, s.h.i.+ning green eyes of the King of Demon Insects gazed at Ming Hai coldly. A terrifying power like an electric current struck and bored into Ming Hai’s Sea of Consciousness.

Ming Hai wanted to launch his attack, but suddenly felt an extreme headache. He held his head and groaned.

The King of Demonic Insects flew out, turning into a bunch of green light and then disappeared into Ming Hai’s body.

Crack crack crack.

The creepy gnawing noise came out from Ming Hai’s body, making people tremble and be chilled to the bone.

Ming Hai suddenly screamed crazily, rolling on the floor while his body gradually shriveled. He frantically cried and shouted continually. "Kill me! Kill me quick. I’m begging you, kill me!"

The King of Demonic Insects was nibbling the organs in his body. He could even hear the sound!

Everyone’s scalp tingled. 

Watching Ming Hai’s miserable appearance, the other warriors were all frightened. Their legs trembled, and they subconsciously receded.

s.h.i.+ Yan calmly looked at Ming Hai, who now didn’t look like a human anymore. He cracked a smile and said softly, "Uncle Ming Hai, how does it feel? Do you feel wonderful when your organs are being chewed? Well, you can take time to enjoy that feeling. This demonic insect is very reasonable. It will eat your body first and then go into your head and enjoy your brain. By that time, you may die immediately."


A few people started to vomit. The warriors who followed Ming Hai felt their stomachs turn upside down. They even puked out all the food they had yesterday.

Jiu Lan Xin, Fu Hao, and Yan Feng, the three of them paled, as they had never seen such a terrible scene before. Even the Yang family people on the platform turned their heads around, unable to bear to watch it.

Yang Xue, Li Feng, and some other girls couldn’t hold it any longer. They all squatted down, vomiting while their faces didn’t have any colors.

Too cruel.

Anyone who saw this scene felt chilled to the bone as they were terrified. s.h.i.+ Yan was incredibly vicious.

Even before fighting, they were already scared.

"A crazy brat. He’s a crazy brat."

Someone screamed in fear. "Jiu big sister, I quit. Even if you give me money, I have no blessing to use it. Goodbye." After talking, that person clutched his stomach and was about to retreat.

s.h.i.+ Yan suddenly turned around, calmly glanced at that guy and said softly. "I didn’t say ‘go’… No one is allowed to move. You’d better be obedient."

That guy shook his head. "Only ghosts believe you."

He hurriedly receded, ignoring Jiu Lan Xin and ran away desperately.

s.h.i.+ Yan grinned. "Then you can’t blame me."

As soon as he finished his words, the running man’s body was instantly lifted in the air. It looked like a big, invisible hand was slowly grasping him and suspending him in the air.

Golden silky fibers appeared in the air from nowhere, weaving into a net and lowering down slowly.

His body was like a piece of tofu that was cut into numerous small pieces. Blood flowed out and dripped down from the sky.

The six warriors who retreated with that guy could run only ten meters away before realizing that they were entering an unknown gravitational field. They were then covered by countless golden silky fibers and split into numerous pieces.

They even couldn’t let out a cry.

s.h.i.+ Yan beamed a smile, ten gently shook his head. "I just said that without my permission, no one is allowed to move. If you don’t want to listen, kindy step forward."

Nearly eight hundred warriors around the Yang family paled while their strengths seemed to be taken away by a mysterious force. They could hardly stabilize their breaths.

Watching that ruthless young man, everyone was terrified, not knowing what to do.

Phew phew.

A Nirvana Realm warrior suddenly kneeled down and kowtowed towards the young man. "I was wrong. I was bewitched. I deserve to be killed millions of time. I’m begging you to spare us. I want to live."

"We want to live." Another warrior kneeled down. His eyes were flooded with tears while he mournfully whined, letting out miserable cries like a cuckoo singing.

"You want to live?" The young man laughed, paused for a moment, and then gently nodded. "I’ll give you one chance."

"What should we do?" Everyone kneeling on the ground was overjoyed, constantly shouting cheerfully.

Pointing at Fu Hao, Yan Feng, and Jiu Lan Xin, the young man said, "Kill those three, then you can live. Otherwise, all of you will die."

Fu Hao, Yan Feng, and Jiu Lan Xin trembled, showing their pale faces and frightened eyes.

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