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Frankly speaking, it was all because of the word ‘benefit.’

When the Yang family was still strong, they could transport a significant amount of inland cultivating materials, so all the Sea Tribes got benefits.

For this reason, even if it were in the Barren City at the bottom of the sea, the Sea Tribes determined to protect the Yang family, making the Yang family become the real leader of the City.

Since the Yang family had declined, they could no longer provide any support for the Sea Tribes. Obviously, the Sea Tribes wouldn’t continue to protect the Yang family.

Not only that, because the Sea Tribes knew that the Yang family had transferred a large quant.i.ty of cultivating materials to Barren City, they even got greedy for them. So, the warriors in Barren City either secretly encouraged or supported human warriors who had evil intentions towards the Yangs.

s.h.i.+ Yan was enlightened. His mind was clear about that matter.

"How many clans of the Sea Tribes no longer trust the Yang family? And, how many clans are neutral? How many still want to get the Yang family’s materials?" After contemplating for a while, s.h.i.+ Yan suddenly asked.

Fei Ya beamed a faint smile and shook her head, "This depends on what you observe by yourself. I am a member of the Sea Tribe anyway, so I cannot help you. I can only say that the Snakeman Clan do not fish in troubled water. Our matriarch even wanted to stop other warriors, but we are outnumbered, and thus can only be neutral, not taking any sides."

"It’s not bad when you remain neutral." s.h.i.+ Yan nodded, but his att.i.tude couldn’t be said to be friendly. "It seems that no matter where it is, there are always some bad people with a short vision. I come to Barren City this time to help the Yang family to re-establish the order of Barren City, making some people more obedient."

The six Snakeman Clan people were stunned for a moment. They looked at him strangely as they didn’t seem to be very optimistic about him.

"Although you have a Sky Realm cultivation base, it doesn’t seem to be realistic if you alone want to revitalize the Yang family’s glory."

"Wait and see." s.h.i.+ Yan coldly said with an arrogant voice.

Fei Ya and the other five seemed to restrain their feelings, revealing ridiculing eyes. Apparently, they didn’t think that s.h.i.+ Yan could have that ability.

s.h.i.+ Yan didn’t talk much, furrowed his brows and kept silent. His eyes flashed up with cold lights, while his face cracked a brutal smile.

In Barren City at the bottom of the sea...

That was a city with surrounding barriers that prevented water from flooding in; also, it was filled with a heavy humidity. A large number of human warriors stayed in the city.

This city had different business alliances and was divided into five areas, the East, the South, the West, the North, and the Central. In Barren City, the buildings were made of hard stones and some colorful corals, scattering mesmerizing lights and looking extremely luxurious.

The barriers above Barren City s.h.i.+ned with lights year-round, making the city always bright even without the sun, moon, and stars.

In each of the five business areas, there were a large number of human warriors. Big shops, streets with a variety of stalls that sold colorful cultivating materials, jade stones, spiritual pellets, ancient books, secret treasures, everything one could look for was available.

Many Sea Tribe people stayed in Barren City as well. They had a lot of cultivating materials found on the seabed, which they either brought to Barren City to sell or exchange them with human warriors for other highly valuable materials.

This was a huge multiracial trading place.

In the past, the Yang family had maintained the order in these old areas in the city. Human warriors who came to Barren City to sell their materials needed to have the Yang family’s permission to get in, and also had to pay a certain fee on time.

The Sea Tribe members, on the other hand, were not subjected to this restriction.

Any tribe of the Sea Tribes could freely travel in Barren City and didn’t have to pay the fee to the Yang family.

In this city, the Yangs had a big complex of buildings made of s.h.i.+ning stones and colorful corals. They were not only rigid, but also extraordinarily luxurious. This showed how powerful the Yangs were in Barren City.

Many businesses were originally set up in the complex of the Yang family, including for a variety of cultivating materials that could not be found on the seabed. That was the place for different Sea Tribes members to come and find valuable materials for themselves.

Big businesses all happened in the place.

If Sea Tribe warriors wanted some precious cultivating materials, as long as they paid enough deposits, the Yang family would search for them on the land. In return, they also obtained other equivalent cultivating resources from the Sea Tribes.

Through this kind of business, the Yang family got many rare treasures of the seabed. Once these treasures were transported to the Kyara Sea, they would be distributed through the Yang family’s channel and sold to the Cao family, the Martial Spirit Palace, and the Evil Wonderland. In the end, the Yangs got huge profits from those business affairs.

The fact that the Yang family could become the most prominent force in the Endless Sea and have good businesses in Barren City was substantially a.s.sociated with the Sea Tribes’ trust for the Yangs. They made the Yang family become their connection with the Endless Sea. Because of that, they maintained a good relations.h.i.+p with the Yang family, as well as supported the Yang family’s dominating status in Barren City, accepting their management towards human warriors.

This situation had continued and only changed after the Yang Tian Emperor was imprisoned.

In the center of Barren City.

In the Yang family’s complex.

A beautiful building made of coral that used to be a busy trading market was now empty. None of the Sea Tribes went there to find unique cultivating materials anymore.

Since the Yang family withdrew from the Kyara Sea, this business place was gradually shut down, as the Yang family no longer had enough cultivating materials to sell, nor continued to buy precious items that the Sea Tribes got from the seabed.

The Yangs always stayed hidden in that beautiful complex, and rarely went out, as if they had all sunk in there.

Over the past year, human warriors rarely came here to pay the fees and always found excuses to s.h.i.+rk, saying that they had no crystals at hand.

The Yang family’s att.i.tude was tough at first, and they even handled those human warriors strictly. However, after several incidents, they couldn't get any benefits and also suffered a great loss.

Gradually, the Yangs gave up on managing those human warriors’ fee payment.

Therefore, more and more human warriors started to ignore the Yang family’s leaders.h.i.+p and no longer paid the fees.

Over time, those who didn’t pay the fees secretly had greed for the cultivating materials that were hidden in that complex watched by the Yang family. They started to find excuses to provoke the Yangs, saying that the value of the materials that they had previously sold to the Yangs was very high, but the Yang family had given them too little rewards.

Some of them began to ask the Yangs for compensation.

Inside a vast building.

In a chamber, there were a variety of cultivating materials, including rare ores, submarine spiritual herbs, medicines, pellets, and even many precious treasures in the Endless Sea.

This part of the cultivating materials was only one-tenth of the amount that had been kept in the Immortal Island. When the Yang family left Immortal Island, they brought all of those materials to Barren City through the Transfer Formation.

In the chamber, a group of the Yang family warriors was checking the inventory of materials with wry faces, frowning and talking unpleasantly.

Yang Mu, Yang Zhu, Yang Xue, Yang Kei, Yang Meng, and Li Feng all stayed in there.

Four generations of the Yang family were gathering in this chamber, looking at a large quant.i.ty of cultivating resources with worries.

Yang Zhou, Yang Zhu’s father, had a cultivation base of Nirvana Realm, and was the elder of this group. He worriedly looked at the pile of materials on the floor, shook his head, and sighed unceasingly.

"Father, this part of the materials must be sent out early. If we’re late, I’m afraid that they will not belong to us anymore." Yang Mu’s face was cold while saying. "Many people in Barren City are aiming at these materials. Lately, they have become less and less impatient. If it continues like that, they will attack this place directly.

"Father, although there is no news yet from the trip to the Xia family, we still have to prepare in advance." Yang Zhu let out a sigh. "If the Xias can come earlier, perhaps they can scare these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds a little bit. Unfortunately, we might not be able to wait for them to come. Hmm, if we could have either Grandpa Mo or Grandpa Li here, we would not be in this pa.s.sive situation."

Mo Duan Hun and Li Mu were the two of the three great Asura Kings at the Sky Realm. They were very famous in both the Endless Sea and Barren City. Many people were afraid of these two people.

Unfortunately, there was no news from them since these two Asura Kings had entered the Fourth Demon Area.

"Grandpa let the high-cla.s.s warrior sneak into the Fourth Demon Area because of the future of our family. We now temporarily suffer the humiliation, but we are waiting until the right time comes to bring the Yang family back into the sea, suppressing everyone and becoming the true leader of the Endless Sea again." Yang Zhuo looked calm while talking.

"The fact that our Great Grandpa is in the Fourth Demon Area is not an accident?" Yang Mu wryly smiled and asked.

"You should never doubt your Great Grandpa." Yang Zhuo hummed and said, "For many years, your Great Grandpa has always been waiting for a chance to let the Demon and Dark Dwellers invade the Endless Sea, which allows the Yang family to go dormant to protect our own strength and forces. When the crucial time comes, we will then come out and regain glory. Right now, the Yang family is temporarily staying low as our Great Grandpa had planned earlier. As long as we stay patient, we will have a day when the Yang family’s forces dominate everything."

"But I’m afraid that it’s hard to protect these materials." Yang Mu gently shook his head. "I fear that we cannot resist any longer."

"If we can resist for even only a day, we will do it." Yang Zhuo contemplated for a while before speaking with a complicated face. "That year, your Great Grandpa said that at the most difficult time, there would be a big change. So, we should be patient. No need to take action yet."

"A big change?" Yang Mu, Yang Xue, and others all looked stunned.

"Hmm," Yang Zhuo didn’t seem to be so sure and said with a strange complexion. "That year, your Great Grandpa used the immortal blood to foresee s.h.i.+ Yan’s future. He said that s.h.i.+ Yan would be a great help in the future, supporting the Yang family to enter Barren City at the bottom of the sea. Our Great Grandpa said that we should wait for his arrival when we are in the most difficult time."

Everyone was dumbstruck.

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