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"Be careful with this guy. He has become crazy already. Don’t stay too close to him." The middle-aged warrior with a scarred face snorted coldly then said impatiently, "At this time, if he really wants to die, I don’t mind fulfilling his wish."

While he was talking, his eyes were cold as he was observing s.h.i.+Yan aggressively. He looked like he wanted to finish s.h.i.+Yan.

It was unknown if it was that warrior’s hostility that drew s.h.i.+Yan’s attention, but he let out a loud roar and fiercely looked at everyone. His crazy, bloodthirsty eyes suddenly gazed at that middle-aged warrior.

"What are you staring at? Do you want to die?" That warrior revealed a cold, disdainful smile. "What’s good about having Bedevilment? After all, you’re only at the Nirvana Realm. Since you want to die, I will satisfy your wish."

"Tu Ke, this kid’s a disciple of our Divine Radiant Cult. If you touch him, I will not forgive you," shouted ZhaoFeng.

"He’s insane. You want to cover a madman?" That middle-aged warrior with his scarred face, whose name was Tu Ke, revealed a cold countenance as he contemptuously ridiculed. "This kind of person doesn't have a firm will-power. In this critical time, he let himself fall into bedevilment. I am afraid that even when he wakes up, he will not be of much use. You shouldn’t care for him."


However, at this point in time, s.h.i.+Yan roared once again. He now looked like a crazy beast; his entire body poured out a white mist rus.h.i.+ng toward Tu Ke.

Tu Ke wore a cold face, as he sneered. "Want to die?!"

"Tu Ke, don’t do anything rash," ZhaoFeng shouted. "This guy is our Divine Radiant Cult’s disciple. Dealing with him means dealing with the Divine Radiant Cult. If you dare to kill him, I will not forgive you."

"Since when has Pure Land been scared of the Divine Radiant Cult?" Tu Ke laughed strangely. Seeing s.h.i.+Yan rus.h.i.+ng over, Tu Ke pulled out a corpse next to him, which he had captured and tied up. The body of this ancient corpse, which had lost its secret treasure, was badly damaged and had no power remained. After a blow from Tu Ke, a beam of blood-like light suddenly poured into the ancient corpse.

The ancient corpse dashed toward s.h.i.+Yan. On the way, the b.l.o.o.d.y, flesh body of the ancient corpse fell off, leaving only a skeleton.

Under the repulsive force, the skeleton of the corpse abruptly burst out. Its hard thick, long bones turned into a stream of blood, splas.h.i.+ng on s.h.i.+Yan’s body.


The sound of metal collision came up from s.h.i.+Yan’s chest. Sharp, b.l.o.o.d.y bones pierced through his body, which was like bombarding a hard stone. Light spurted out from s.h.i.+Yan’s chest; his clothes were torn down, but his skin remained undamaged.

Tu Ke squinted while his face revealed a glimpse of fright.

ZhaoFeng, LiYue, and others were also dumbstruck, looking at s.h.i.+Yan with disbelief in their eyes.

Tu Ke had the Third Sky of Sky Realm cultivation base. Pure Land’s secret martial techniques were famous for strange and aggressive features. This method of using a warrior’s bones as attacking spears was called Variant Flesh-bone Spear, which was terrifyingly intimidating. Ordinary secret defensive treasures could barely resist it.

Although s.h.i.+Yan faced that fierce Blood Spear's stabbing force with only his st.u.r.dy body, his whole body was totally unharmed. That gave other people a bone-chilling and panicked feeling.

Is this kid an ordinary human? How come this guy’s body could be even mightier than typical beasts?

The crowd couldn’t help but have this thought in their mind. They all looked at s.h.i.+Yan with frightened eyes. They subconsciously took one step backward, scared that s.h.i.+Yan in the ‘Bedevilment’ state would consider them as prey.

"Ha ha ha, Tu Ke, you couldn’t do it." ZhaoFeng was about to lend a hand to s.h.i.+Yan, but when he saw s.h.i.+Yan is still safe, he suddenly became happy and couldn’t help but burst into laughter. "It looks like your Pure Land's secret techniques cannot compare to our Divine Radiant Cult's. This disciple didn't even use a secret treasure, and your Variant Flesh-bone Spear still couldn’t harm him. It really makes me doubt if Pure Land has the unearned reputation."

LiYue also showed a contemptuous smile and said, "Well, despite having such high reputation, Pure Land seems to exaggerate their fame. From what I’ve witnessed today, it turns out to be just regular."

The faces of Tu Ke and the other Pure Land’s warriors were all pale while their eyes became gloomy.

At this time, s.h.i.+Yan once again roared loudly as he was crazily das.h.i.+ng toward Tu Ke. A bunch of starlight spots flashed out from his chest. It seemed that he was enhancing his defensive power.

Like a beam of starlight, s.h.i.+Yan zoomed over and instantly appeared in front of Tu Ke. Terrible soul fluctuations flowed out from his red eyes.

Just with a look at s.h.i.+Yan, Tu Ke’s Sea of Consciousness was strongly stirred up. He had a feeling of being submerged in an endless sea of blood and besieged by many ancient corpses.

"This kid’s eyes can shoot out mind attack. Be careful!" A Third Sky of Sky Realm warrior suddenly shouted when he saw Tu Ke revealing a trace of unconsciousness.

Tu Ke’s eyes instantly restored to their normal state. He felt his blood was chilled while his st.u.r.dy body twisting like a snake. His bones then produced a loud sound which constantly reverberated from inside of his body.

His bones burst out like fried beans popping. When the sound echoed from inside his body, Tu Ke’s body suddenly emitted a dark green halo. This halo was like some kind of liquid covering his entire body. This dark green light was a little devilish. Amongst the misty drizzle, there seemed to be a malicious spirit lodging on his body.

Waiting for s.h.i.+Yan to rush over, this green liquid quickly opened and turned into three green spooky ghost claws, which then stretched out and s.n.a.t.c.hed s.h.i.+Yan.

"Dark Green Ghost Hand!" Tu Ke sneered coldly and opened his mouth, spitting out a bunch of lights, which divided into three and went into the claws separately.

The three ghost claws, under the lights from his mouth, exposed three green eyes looked like ferocious ghosts from h.e.l.l peeping into the human world and spreading out icy, green lights.

A soul devouring thought spread out and directly infiltrated SY’s Sea of Consciousness through his red eyes.

"You dare!"

ZhaoFeng roared angrily and couldn’t help but finally take action. He launched a bunch of scorching Sun G.o.d Light toward Tu Ke. In the divine light, people could vaguely see the sun nouris.h.i.+ng all creatures. Those creatures could survive and reproduce under the suns.h.i.+ne.

Another Pure Land warrior grunted, leaped up and instantly appeared next to Tu Ke. A round drum flew out from his sleeves. As soon as the drum emerged, it bulged and produced a dull ‘thumping’ sound.

After releasing the Sun G.o.d Light, under the impact of that drum sound, creatures which appeared in the G.o.d light seemed to be destroyed one by one leaving no trace.

The Intent Domain lodging on the Sun G.o.d Light was smashed down. The intimidation of the Sun G.o.d Light also reduced significantly. That warrior took the opportunity to launch a blow. Five different lights from the round drum flashed up and disappeared, instantly shooting to the Sun G.o.d Light and destroying the power of that Sun G.o.d Light.

Crack crack.

Tu Ke's three ghost claws had now grabbed s.h.i.+Yan's neck. The devil claws were as sharp as knives, mercilessly pressing s.h.i.+Yan’s throat, releasing a creepy sound.

As soon as ChiXiao, CaiYi, and others saw s.h.i.+Yan encountering danger, they immediately rushed over, attempting to help s.h.i.+Yan confront the enemy.

The two brothers LaoLi also shouted. They seemed to have some kind of divine power as the gloves on their hands released a fierce, torrential Intent Domain striking toward the group of the Pure Land’s warriors.

The three ghost claws squeezed s.h.i.+Yan’s neck even more tightly. Although there was a horrifying sound, his neck wasn’t torn apart but remained unscathed.

The Dark Green Ghost Hand revealed the ghost eyes staring at s.h.i.+Yan’s red eyes. A cold, evil G.o.d power penetrated his Sea of Consciousness attempted to make him unable to control his body or form an effective defensive force…


s.h.i.+Yan roared crazily. A bunch of blood-red lights burst out from his red eyes. An Intent Domain of destruction, violence, and bloodshed jumped directly into the ghost eyes of the three ghost claws.

Those three ghost eyes exploded one by one. The Intent Domain inside the ghost eyes that came from Tu Ke was fragmented.

Right after that, Tu Ke’s body was also affected by that evil Intent Domain. His face suddenly changed as a small stream of blood light flashed up in his eyes.

s.h.i.+Yan swung his arms which were now a purple hue. Violent power spewed out and aggressively shrouded the three Dark Green Ghost Hands.

Bang bang bang.

The three Dark Green Ghost Hands condensed by Tu Ke all burst open, turning into many green dots of light, which then dissipated into heaven and earth.

"How can it be?"

Tu Ke subconsciously screamed out loud. "You are only at the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm. How can you break the Dark Green Ghost Hands that I have condensed? Impossible!"

Tu Ke shouted while his face finally revealed a glimpse of fright. He hurriedly stepped backward.

s.h.i.+Yan’s figure wiggled a little bit. A huge purple-red fist suddenly appeared on Tu Ke's right side and fiercely hit him.

This kind of power was like a surging tide, bringing along the Intent Domain of destruction, bloodthirst, and craziness that instantly poured into Tu Ke’s body.

When this horrifying energy struck his body, an explosive sound resonated from Tu Ke’s body. His ribs even protruded through his skin.

Tu Ke screamed tragically. Blood kept flowing out like a river on his left hip. In his screams, Tu Ke looked like he was encountering devils and hurriedly dodged away in panic, not daring to face s.h.i.+Yan anymore.

He was terrified.

A few warriors, who were surrounding and watching them, wore a frightened look. Their eyes glued on s.h.i.+Yan in fright.

Although s.h.i.+Yan was only at the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm, which was one level lower than Tu Ke, he could still injure Tu Ke severely. What kind of situation was this?

"s.h.i.+Yan, you’re really powerful."

LaoLi burst into laughter. An arrogant divine power flowed around his body. Together with his brother LaoLun, he was dealing with a First Sky of Sky Realm warrior of Pure Land who was now covered in blood. It seemed that this warrior didn’t have even the slightest resistance left.

s.h.i.+Yan fought with a warrior who was one level higher than him and defeated his opponent. Zuos.h.i.+’s eyes sparked strange lights. Seeing s.h.i.+Yan who was in his Bedevilment displaying his intimidation, her heart was moved a little bit as she felt that s.h.i.+Yan somehow had an unspeakable evil charm in this state.

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