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As soon as s.h.i.+Yan shouted, changes started to suddenly appear on the two rivers that were interweaving and hanging in the sky.

The weaving point of the two rivers discharged beautiful dazzling lights and an extremely violent energy suddenly spread out from that point.

In the middle of those blazing lights, ancient corpses sank into the flas.h.i.+ng lights and were pulled up and down by the river. The river seemed to contain some secret treasures which were vaguely visible and were moving toward that weaving point for convergence.


Silver raindrops dripped down. The small rain quickly turned into a downpour. The silver shower net came down from the sky collecting in a shallow lake in the center of the ancient city.

That small lake was originally dry. However, after that silver rain, it immediately became moist; and in a short time, the lake had acc.u.mulated a few centimeters of water.

The silver lake emitted drizzling silver lights, covering the entire sky.

When the silver raindrops touched those beasts that were near the lake, they all screamed miserably and turned into diluted blood within seconds.

However, human warriors who gathered there were unharmed when the splas.h.i.+ng rain drops touched them.

The silver raindrops from the sky seemed to aim for the beasts while they caused no damage to human warriors.

This mutation made those warriors extremely overjoyed. The warriors who were still wandering around rushed into the lake quickly and were shrouded by the silver halo.

Some beasts came close to the small lake but could only stare at those warriors with eyes filled with hatred, not daring to jump into the lake nor approach that silver halo because they seemed to know that those silver lights were only meant to harm them. Hence, they only stayed in the periphery area of the lake, fiercely looking at those human warriors.

All warriors were moving toward and gathering in the center of the ancient city. After realizing the lake’s abnormality, they were all excited and rushed toward the lake.

Anyone could see that other areas of the ancient city were not safe. Only the lake area in the center of the city could prevent the beasts’ attack.

Countless stars were sparkling on s.h.i.+Yan’s body. He could also see the marvelousness on the other side and thus shouted, "Go over there!"

AiYa, CaiYi, and other people looked excited as they could see hope. They hurriedly rushed out of the stone castle. AiYa and CaoYi, who were in the Sky Realm, suspended next to s.h.i.+Yan and shouted, "We must hurry. If too many beasts gather around, we won’t be able to pa.s.s through them."

"AiYa and CaiYi, you go with LaoLi and LaoLun. Elder ChiXiao, bring ZuoXu and Zuos.h.i.+ over there with your fastest speed. I will stay behind to support you guys." s.h.i.+Yan shouted.

ChiXiao didn’t say anything as he brought ZuoXu and Zuos.h.i.+ with each hand and quickly flew over to s.h.i.+Yan’s side.

"s.h.i.+Yan, can you do that?" Zuos.h.i.+ worried. When ChiXiao was carrying her, she tried to stretch her head out with a tense face. "Although you have the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm cultivation base, you cannot resist these beasts as there are too many of them. If you are careless, it will be dangerous for you."

"Can you do it?" AiYa also asked the same thing. His face, however, didn’t show much emotion. She simply asked because she was afraid that if s.h.i.+Yan couldn’t complete this work, it would put her in a difficult situation.

AiYa and CaiYi actually didn’t want to bring LaoLi and LaoLu. Carrying a person would hinder them when facing the beasts and prevent them from casting out their strength, which would slow down their speed.

"Stop talking nonsense. s.h.i.+Yan grunted. Before we can leave the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, we will have to work together. The two brothers LaoLi haven’t reached the Sky Realm and thus cannot fly. If you leave them behind, I will have to abandon you. I have already had a look, and that lake is not big. If we arrive there too late, the lake will be filled with too many people. Thus, if we want to get into that lake, then we will have to kick some others out of it. And if we do not have consensus now, we will have less help by that time."

LaoLi and LaoLun expressed appreciation.

After listening to s.h.i.+Yan, they reluctantly agreed and were no longer long-winded. They quickly grabbed the two brothers’ hands and leaped up.


s.h.i.+Yan suddenly moved the Gravitational Fields while roaring out loud. The three Gravitational Fields now looked like crazy meat blenders, reverberating ear-piercing sounds.

The three Gravitational Fields immediately changed directions, moving toward the beasts which were wandering and approaching the group of ChiXiao and CaiYi, creating a road leading straight to the center of the ancient city.

ZuoXu’s group didn’t dare to hesitate and immediately sped up, moving toward the center of the ancient city.

s.h.i.+Yan lagged behind. His eyes were cold while he revealed a sneer. He used his mind to control the Gravitational Fields, clearing the road for the people of ZuoXu’s group.

Three Gravitational Fields floated around ZuoXu’s group, preventing the beasts from coming closer.

With these three Gravitational Fields, Thả Hư’s group didn’t have to be scared of the beasts which were now on their sides or behind them. They just rushed forward all the way.

s.h.i.+Yan was the last one, controlling the Gravitational Fields. s.h.i.+Yan waited for the three people of ZuoXu’s group to leave and then once again triggered his mind, ordering the three Gravitational Fields to gather in one place, forming an enormous gray tornado.

After the integration of the three Gravitational Fields, this gray tornado was indeed obscure and almost comparable to the one-hundred-meter-high castle.

More than ten st.u.r.dy beasts saw the people of ZuoXu’s group fly away and then suddenly made their way to s.h.i.+yan, staring at him.

Seeing the beasts coming toward him aggressively, s.h.i.+Yan remained calm. He turned into a bunch of star lights, and instantly merged into the huge gray tornado, controlling the gray tornado and moving toward the direction of ChiXiao’s group.

As s.h.i.+Yan was in the Gravitational Field, the beasts didn’t dare to come close but just stared at s.h.i.+Yan from a distance.

This gray tornado monopolized the whole area behind ZuoXu’s group. The beasts that wanted to pa.s.s through the tornado were forced to take a detour.

While they were detouring, s.h.i.+Yan would display the Life and Death Seal. The seal's power bombed out of his hands. The Life and Death Seal created huge roars and hit those beasts making them wobble and stagger.

Having built the Gravitational Field, he naturally couldn’t suffer from its strangling force. After having fallen into it, his mind was agitated. The Gold Silks were bound in a region, influenced by the Gravitational Field and thus stayed motionless in one spot.

The Golden Silks were extremely sharp. Even he didn’t dare to see if his body could withstand them or not.

At this time when the situation was critical, he didn’t dare to try the powerful Gold Silks. In the Gravitational Field, he was stagnant and could only concentrate on controlling the Gravitational Field, slowly moving toward the center of the ancient city.

ChiXiao and the others sprinted in the air. They instantly avoided the beasts as soon as they came close. In case they really couldn’t avoid the beasts, they would work together to push the beasts to the side.

They didn’t seek to kill many beasts. They just needed to save a little more time to reach the center of the ancient city.

What AiYa and ChiXiao did was undoubtedly correct.

The beasts rushed over from the four surrounding mountains. Most of them were in the periphery area of the ancient city. On the contrary, there were much fewer beasts in the area near the center of the city.

In the center of the ancient city, the warriors who were hiding in the small, silver lake had beheaded some beasts, helping reduce the number of them.

Therefore, the closer they got to the center of the ancient city, the fewer beasts they had to face, and thus, it was naturally quite safe.

On the contrary, outside the city center, as more and more beasts hustled over, those warriors, who hadn’t realized the situation, were quickly submerged by the beasts and bitten into pieces.

The Gravitational Field flew around with moderate speed. Along the way, s.h.i.+Yan continuously took actions, dragging ten warriors who had been killed recently into the Gravitational Field to absorb their auras. Thus, his harvest was not small at all.

He was willing to bear the task of guarding at the back because he precisely spotted the opportunity to take advantage of the chaotic situation to absorb the auras of the dead warriors.

With the Gravitational Field, he didn’t need to worry about being besieged by those beasts. Having this confidence, together with this coincident opportunity, he certainly would not let it go.

Dozens of dead warriors’ corpses were also tied up at the same places with the Golden Silks in every corner of the Gravitational Field and were firmly wrapped up by the Gravitational Field as well.

While the auras were running into his body, he took the Demon Crystals out and stored them inside the Blood Vein Ring. He calmly controlled the Gravitational Field moving toward the center of the ancient city.

Suddenly, mutations started to happen on the small, silver lake in the center of the ancient city again.

The small lake was only ten square meters, which was not large and only able to accommodate around ten warriors.

The warriors who got into that lake were enjoying their peaceful time without being worried about the beasts’ attacks. Thus, they obviously didn’t want to leave.

However, warriors who rushed into the center of the city after having gone through many dangers also wanted to jump into the lake.

With that modest area, it was not enough for all the warriors. The newly arrived warriors could only occupy the position of others if they wanted to get into the lake, or else they would be left outside of it.

At this time, hundreds of beasts were starting to gather in the center of the ancient city. Once all of those beasts made it to the center, they would absolutely exterminate warriors who were left outside of the lake.

By that time, those warriors who stayed outside of the lake would be torn down into pieces and wouldn’t be able to escape.

Therefore, in order to occupy the positions in the lake, the warriors began to fight with each other for their own lives. Hence, those warriors recklessly rushed to the lake.

The strange thing was that warriors couldn’t fly above the lake, even if they were Sky Realm warriors. They couldn’t just hang around above the lake and enjoy that silver halo.

Everyone who wanted to get into the lake to avoid the flood of beasts’ attacks would inevitably have to fight.

This was the human warrior-led battle and even more cruel than the one with the beasts. In the Gravitational Field which was a few of hundreds of meters away, s.h.i.+Yan saw an area where many secret treasures were rampaging. Brilliant lights splashed out everywhere; all kinds of ice and lightning were constantly bursting out.

Suddenly, two messages were transmitted out from the Blood Vein Ring, "Let us out."

The messages came from the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame. These two Heaven Flames were moving and swaying inside the Blood Vein Ring as they seemed to realize some potential benefits.

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