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NingZe spewed out a mouthful of blood. He staggered a little bit and then suddenly turned into a beam of strange light, rus.h.i.+ng toward the deep place inside the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist.

Seeing NingZe fleeing, the two Sky Realm warriors finally showed fear on their faces.

Hesitating a moment, their fingers, which had released Golden Silks, suddenly burst out. The two of them cut off their own fingers, terminating the connection with the Golden Silks. Without any more hesitation, they immediately turned around and ran away.

s.h.i.+Yan’s face was cold and ruthless. He coldly sneered and instantly chased after NingZe.

A Third Sky of Nirvana Realm warrior of the Heavenly Palace was also trying to cut off the connection with the Golden Silks and flee with the other three fellows. When seeing s.h.i.+Yan fly over, his face changed instantly. He opened his hands, and a glowing golden light flashed up from his swollen golden palms, suddenly attacking s.h.i.+Yan.

"Ha ha ha," s.h.i.+Yan coldly laughed. The negative forces appeared altogether. His mind was slightly triggered, and his skin turned to purple red while each one of his muscles felt like they were jumping up.

"Bang bang."

An avalanche of explosive forces burst out from his muscles. He ignored these golden lights, rus.h.i.+ng all the way to them.

The golden lights that penetrated his body were destroyed and simply couldn’t hurt him.

After his Petrifaction Martial Spirit had reached the peak and mutated, such a level of strength could hardly cause him any damage. Falling into the golden lights, except for a little pain he felt, there was nothing causing discomfort.

s.h.i.+Yan’s mind was slightly triggered, and the five negative feelings suddenly flew out from his Sea of Consciousness, turned into a real ent.i.ty, piercing through the golden lights outward, attacking that Third Sky of Nirvana Realm warrior.

The five Devils silently grinned, stretched out their ferocious claws, seizing the warrior’s limbs and head, pulling forcefully.

Blood splashed everywhere. The five Devils split this warrior. His head, two arms, and two legs were all torn apart. He immediately died on the spot.

Under s.h.i.+Yan’s mind control, those five Devils clutched the corpse, the man’s arms and limbs, and then threw them into the Gravitational Field.

Blocks of flesh and blood spattered in the Gravitational Field which now looked like a huge meat grinder machine blending flesh and blood. The Gravitational Field also became blood red. That gray tornado turned blood red which frightened people out of their wits.

s.h.i.+Yan put forth all of his strength this time. When they were face to face, he instantly beheaded this Third Sky of Nirvana Realm warrior without hiding his real strength.

Having killed this warrior instantly, s.h.i.+Yan didn’t stop but continued to chase after NingZe.

The Gravitational Field ground his flesh into small pieces. Under the control of his mind, it looked like a whirlwind was following behind him.

AiYa, CaiYi, LaoLi, and LaoLun’s eyes all popped out, and their jaws dropped.

s.h.i.+Yan had suddenly broken through the adversity, which had already scared the four of them. At this time, they knew that s.h.i.+Yan had hidden his real strength the whole time, and had never revealed his full power.

He kept silent all the time, but once he spoke up, everyone was stunned.

AiYa and CaiYi, the two Sky Realm warriors, had been a little bit helpless in the encirclement of the Heavenly Palace warriors. It didn’t seem that they could have done anything when they faced the Golden Silks and the golden silkworms. However, s.h.i.+Yan was different. As soon as he took action, the Golden Silks and the warriors were defeated, as well as NingZe’s golden silkworm, which had destroyed NingZe’s mind and made him leave immediately without lingering.

Powerful s.h.i.+Yan had totally shocked the other four.

AiYa’s face kept changing while she was watching s.h.i.+Yan’s figure until he disappeared. Her eyes looked extremely complicated.

CaiYi was completely agitated. She had been looking for opportunities to kill s.h.i.+Yan and remove the soul barrier in her host soul. After s.h.i.+Yan’s breakthrough, her face displayed bitterness as she felt powerless and frustrated.

"This fellow is really from the Endless Sea?" LaoLun smiled and shook his head. "Didn’t you say that the Endless Sea’s warriors are not as good as those of our Divine Land? How can he be that powerful? Even NingZe had no way to deal with him."

AiYa and CaiYi also shook their heads at the same time with thoughtful faces.

"Should we chase after him or not?" LaoLi hesitated a little bit and said, "We all know about NingZe’s tricks. He was humiliated this time, and he will be certainly crazier to deal with next time. If he is not dead…"


AiYa took a deep breath, turned into a beam of light rus.h.i.+ng out and following s.h.i.+Yan.

CaiYi was a little hesitant, but she finally followed AiYa. The two brothers, LaoLi and LaoLun, also flew out without too much hesitation.

"Young Master, that kid could defeat the golden silkworms. What is his origin?"

In the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, three silhouettes were aggressively flying all the way. Among them, the Sky Realm warrior who had broken fingers wore a panicked face. He looked at his ten bleeding fingers and said miserably, "We have had a great loss this time. I was cultivating this secret technique for many years, and it is now ruined by a kid. I am not sure if we can make up for this loss when we go back later."

"This kid is not a person of White Emperor City." NingZe gritted his teeth and said with a ruthless face, "If White Emperor City had a powerful young master like him, we would have received the news. He is only in the Nirvana Realm but could control us entirely as if he has a special way to deal with golden silkworms and Golden Silks. This person is our nemesis. Absolutely, he cannot live."

"Young master, what should we do? Your golden silkworm has been taken. You will be severely punished when you go back."

"No worries. I will quickly contact another team. Wait until we gather our strength, we will make this kid suffer." NingZe grunted, "The secret technique which the other team has cultivated is different from ours. It must be able to defeat that kid. AiYa and CaiYi, these two d.a.m.n girls, I will make them lose their faces. They dare to harm me."

"Young master, that kid is chasing after us," a Heavenly Palace warrior who was lagging behind turned his head around and suddenly screamed out loud.

"Catching up already?" NingZe turned around, had a quick glance, and suddenly laughed, "It’s good that he is here. I haven’t dared to enter the Fearful Land ahead. That kid doesn’t know life from death. We can entice him to go inside and take advantage of that Fearful Land to kill him."

As soon as NingZe finished his words, the eyes of the other two Sky Realm warriors brightened up, and they both spoke up at the same time, "Master is wise!"

s.h.i.+Yan had chased after the three people of NingZe’s group the entire way. The Gravitational Field was following behind him. The auras of those warriors who had died in the Gravitational Field ma.s.sively overflowed and poured into his acupuncture points, freshening up his whole body.

Das.h.i.+ng like a rocket in the air, s.h.i.+Yan turned his head and realized that AiYa and CaiYi were also following him. He let out a sigh of relief and was more determined to kill NingZe.

The three people of NingZe’s group all had Sky Realm cultivation base. Although the three of them were all injured, s.h.i.+Yan knew that his full strength alone couldn’t handle all of them in a battle. Perhaps he would even be killed.

However, together with AiYa, CaiYi, and the two brothers, the situation would be different.

As long as the four of them could handle the two Heavenly Palace Sky Realm warriors, he was confident that it would not be difficult for him to use his real power to get rid of injured NingZe.

That was why he continued chasing NingZe’s group.

A mountain peak covered with fog suddenly appeared in front of them. Gray smoke hovered around without dispersing. The three people of NingZe’s group moved forward and disappeared behind the mountain.

s.h.i.+Yan also rushed into that gray smoke below the mountain without thinking too much.

However, as soon as his body entered that area, he immediately realized that it was not good.

That gray smoke area looked like an invisible mud. As soon as his body entered the place, it immediately got trapped as if it was confined deep inside the mud and could hardly move. The more he struggled, the deeper he would sink. The other three people of NingZe’s group had disappeared without a trace.

s.h.i.+Yan’s face changed. He was afraid that he had fallen into NingZe’s trap, accidentally entering a Fearful Land of the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist.

He didn’t even have any reaction yet, but the other four figures had already appeared behind him.

In their screams, none of AiYa, CaiYi, and the two brothers could escape. They were all surrounded by this Fearful Land; their bodies couldn’t move as if countless invisible vines were wrapping them.

"Fearful Land!"

AiYa was shocked, couldn’t help but shout. "Not good. We have fallen in NingZe’s trap. It is dangerous this time." In the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, every time before AiYa had moved forward, she had always taken out the compa.s.s not only to identify the directions but also to detect dangers around. Once she suspected that the area ahead was dangerous, she had asked s.h.i.+Yan to move first to pioneer the path.

This time, since the pursuit of NingZe was too hasty, and she thought that there was no danger as NingZe was ahead, she hadn’t taken out the compa.s.s before she entered the Fearful Land.

The countenance of the three people of CaiYi, LaoLi, and LaoLun also changed. At this moment, their bodies were all tied up, and they realized that something was wrong. They kept struggling and thus slowly sank into that thick gray smoke area.

After the five people of s.h.i.+Yan’s group realized that the more they struggled, the fewer possibilities they had to get out of this Fearful Land. Their faces darkened as they couldn’t figure out any way to leave this Fearful Land

Unfortunately, this Fearful Land was very mysterious. No matter how hard the five of them tried, they couldn’t break this area to escape in a just short time. Instead, this Fearful Land slowly pulled them down.

Feeling a little bit dizzy, s.h.i.+Yan suddenly couldn’t see anything around him as if he was going into the Transfer Formation. His Sea of Consciousness was affected and became chaotic.

This kind of feeling soon pa.s.sed very quickly.

When he could adapt to the situation, he then realized that he was going into a marvelous area full of gray clouds bobbing around his body. Gray clouds were thick and endless like a sea of clouds.

In this sea of gray clouds, the foggy mountain was hardly seen; only gusts howled and growled fiercely.

Those gusts were extremely violent and contained mighty powers. Those strong energy fluctuations were a little bit devilish as they seemed to be able to lead the Sea of Consciousness, making it unbearably chaotic.

"Faded Astral Wind."

A terrified scream came up from a place not far from there. AiYa looked at that howling gust, and her face was full of fear.

The faces of the three people of CaiYi, LaoLi, and LaoLun also changed. It seemed that those growling flurry of the wind over there were even more frightened than NingZe and other Heavenly Palace warriors.

"Faded astral Wind?" s.h.i.+Yan frowned. "Is this gust very dangerous?"

"Extraordinarily terrible!" The four people of AiYa’s group all replied at the same time with a grave look on their faces.

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