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s.h.i.+Yan soon found out that AiYa was a ruthless person and no better than CaiYi. At the bottom of the lake, when he had been sinking toward the octopus’s mouth, he had clearly seen AiYa let out a sigh of relief.

Before leaving the lake, CaiYi had also reminded him to be careful with AiYa. She had told him that AiYa was the daughter of the Master of White Emperor City, very arrogant and crystal pure. As he had seen her naked body, she certainly would want to kill him.

Therefore, seeing AiYa suddenly approach, s.h.i.+Yan secretly stayed alert and was ready to deal with AiYa’s attack.

Wearing a cold face and fluttering clothes, AiYa quickly flew over and stood in front of him.

s.h.i.+Yan’s face remained unchanged. He indifferently looked at her, but was secretly well-prepared and grinned. "Didn’t you go to find a quiet place for meditation?"

AiYa’s beautiful eyes intensely looked at s.h.i.+Yan, and she didn’t hurry to answer. Her beautiful eyes flashed up with countless points of light, wanting to see through all s.h.i.+Yan’s secrets.

A faint smile hung on s.h.i.+Yan’s face. He calmly confronted her, not revealing any trace of fear as if nothing had ever happened at the bottom of the lake.

AiYa stared at s.h.i.+Yan for a while and then gently nodded and said, "I really want to meditate to restore my Profound Qi. The Thousand-hand Ink Octopus injured me, and thus, I have lost a considerable amount of strength and must meditate immediately. It is just that this place seems to have many abnormalities, and I am now injured and very weak. So, I need someone to guard while I am meditating."

s.h.i.+Yan was startled.

He had originally a.s.sumed that AiYa came here to kill him so that her heart could release its predicament. Not only could this put her state of mind at ease but it could also preserve her pure body from being stained by his eyes.

He didn’t expect that AiYa came here to ask him to guard for her without mentioning the incident at the bottom of the lake as if nothing had ever happened.

Although he was suspicious, he didn’t reveal it. He just nodded and said, "Ok."

AiYa didn’t say a word as she sat down in front of s.h.i.+Yan. The storage Ring on her finger flashed up; sparkling Demon Crystals emerged one by one in her jade-like palm. These Demon Crystals were different in size, and there were total ten pieces which contained the power that could be absorbed directly. It should be AiYa’s entire gains during her time here.

Her hands held a piece of Demon Crystal. She seemed to be sure to take that one to restore her Profound Qi, but then she suddenly looked hesitant.

s.h.i.+Yan bewilderedly looked at those sparkling Demon Crystal in shock as he didn’t expect that AiYa could have harvested so many.

With as many Demon Crystals gathered in the same place, any warrior in this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist would probably be greedy and rob her of these precious Crystals.

However, for s.h.i.+Yan, although these Demon Crystals were precious, they couldn’t make him lose his mind.

AiYa held each of those Demon Crystals and observed them while tightly knitting her eyebrows. Not long after that, she picked a red diamond-shaped Demon Crystal and put the rest back inside her Storage Ring. She then told s.h.i.+Yan, "I am severely injured now. Don’t let anyone come close. Otherwise, if I encounter a sneak attack during my meditation, I will not be able to bear it."

s.h.i.+Yan’s face slightly changed. His heart stirred a little bit while his body was agitated. He suddenly understood what was happening.

It was an explicit enticement.

She had taken out all of the Demon Crystals to engender his greed. She had even told him clearly that she was now injured seriously to make him think about ambus.h.i.+ng her.

AiYa apparently wanted to kill him but couldn’t find a suitable excuse. That was why she had used the Demon Crystals as bait to raise his greed, and thus trying to make him desperate to take this chance when she was meditating.

Each Demon Crystal was a piece of bait. She had even said that she was wounded and afraid of other people coming close, which actually encouraged him to buy into her plan.

s.h.i.+Yan coldly sneered at heart figuring out AiYa’s intention. He secretly cursed her for being deceitful and ruthless. If it weren’t because he didn’t need Demon Crystals to restore his Profound Qi, he would probably have taken the bait. If he decided to take action, he was sure that AiYa would have told CaiYi, Borg, and the two brothers about it and used it as a suitable excuse to kill him.

Greedily depriving and killing a companion for Demon Crystals was an extremely appropriate reason.

When AiYa was meditating, s.h.i.+Yan was coldly looking at her. He was struggling inside his heart while his eyes kept changing.

If he took advantage of when she was meditating to cast out his hidden full strength, perhaps he would be able to kill AiYa even though AiYa had prepared her own calculation toward him.

However, the risk was big. If he tried to kill AiYa with just one blow and failed, they both would get involved in a fight, which would definitely draw the attention of other people. When those people rushed over, he would hardly succeed. Once AiYa successfully avoided his single strike and was still alive, it would not be easy to try and kill her a second time.

While he was quietly considering his gains and losses, s.h.i.+ Yan’s eyes kept changing unpredictably. He finally decided to give up; he wanted to keep things going on to see if she had any other tricks up her sleeve.

He then stood next to AiYa, leaned against a tree with a lazy pose, pretending to keep guard for AiYa.

A long while later, with his soul consciousness, s.h.i.+Yan suddenly realized that something wasn’t quite right with CaiYi.

On the other side, CaiYi secretly wanted to look at the soul barrier in her host soul, but her body then suddenly shook, her face turned pale, holding her head miserably.

"Sister! Sister!" Borg was panicked. He even a.s.sumed that CaiYi had fallen into a ‘possessed by the Devil’ state (a Chinese term used to indicate that something has gone wrong in spiritual or martial arts training) and hastily cried, "How are you? Are you ok? How can I help you?"

d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

CaiYi secretly cursed s.h.i.+Yan in her heart, holding her head as she whined in pain for a while. Her beautiful face was full of resentment while her body gradually stopped trembling.

She knew that it was s.h.i.+Yan teaching her a lesson, but he hadn’t really hit her soul yet. Otherwise, with this soul barrier, she would not be able to bear even one single blow.

"I am alright. There was something wrong with my power, but it is fine again." CaiYi barely sat straight, didn’t dare to continue to peep at the soul barrier. She then used a Demon Crystal again to restore her Profound Qi.

Not far away, s.h.i.+Yan revealed a cold smile, raised his head and glanced at CaiYi.

After a long while.

AiYa slowly opened her eyes, the power of the Demon Crystal in her hand had been absorbed entirely, and it became an ordinary stone.

She was a little disappointed, looking at s.h.i.+Yan, as she silently stood up and said, "I am done. Let’s go find CaiYi and the others."

s.h.i.+Yan nodded but coldly sneered in his heart and kept silent.

He clearly saw a trace of disappointment flash up in Ngãi Nhả’s eyes. Through those eyes, he figured out that AiYa didn’t have a good intention indeed. She had still stayed alert while meditating. If he had a go at her, AiYa would obviously release a full-power strike to kill him.

Women’s hearts are the most ruthless.

s.h.i.+Yan secretly scolded her, following AiYa while his eyes were stuck on her moving b.u.t.t and back with an unpredictable look.

AiYa suddenly turned around; her eyes showed her coldness.

s.h.i.+Yan was startled. His Profound Qi started to churn up, and a frenzy of power couldn’t help but burst out from his body.

AiYa looked at him fiercely and said coldly, "You should keep your eyes clean." After saying this, she turned back and continued to fly up.

s.h.i.+Yan was stunned, shook his head and slightly smiled, not saying anything more.

CaiYi, Borg, together with LaoLi and LaoLun soon appeared in front of him. As soon as CaiYi saw him coming, her beautiful eyes aggressively stared at him, shooting out looks of resentment.

Shrugging his shoulders, s.h.i.+Yan revealed a faint smile, pretending that there was nothing to talk about. "Should we depart now?"

CaiYi knew that she had the lower hand and tried to restrain her anger. She stopped looking at s.h.i.+Yan and then spoke to AiYa, "Let’s go."

AiYa nodded, looked at the other four people CaiYiBorgand said, "Follow me." After taking out the compa.s.s to identify the direction, AiYa led ahead like before, and continued to go to the deepest place of the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist.

A long period had pa.s.sed.

They kept following AiYa going deeper inside the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. Every time AiYa detected something abnormal, she would instantly let s.h.i.+Yan step forward to take the risk, waiting for s.h.i.+Yan to be dead in the demon beasts’ mouths or be killed by other warriors. s.h.i.+Yan let her down every time. In all kinds of dangers, he could always turn danger to safety, which he made look like it was because of his great luck and nothing to do with his strength.

During this time, s.h.i.+Yan and the other five people had encountered several flocks of beasts and had harvested some Demon Crystals through killing them. They had also met other teams of warriors, and both sides had started fighting. In the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, there were no rules at all. Those who were powerful could always plunder Demon Crystals from the weak. Every time they saw other groups of warriors, the people of AiYa’s and Thái Y’s group instantly jumped in to kill them without saying a word. They were even more ruthless than the beasts.

s.h.i.+Yan had still been preserving his strength.

His demand of Demon Crystal was not much. Every time they encountered beasts, he didn’t wholeheartedly take action or fight with AiYa’s group for Demon Crystals. When confronting warriors, he didn’t make it look very strenuous either, didn’t seem to have interest for the Storage Rings on those warriors’ body. He let AiYa and CaiYi take the trophies. He didn’t seem to be greedy as he just stood and watched the scene.

However, by absorbing the auras of those dead warriors, s.h.i.+Yan could always refill his Profound Qi to the max as if he just began, which also helped him progress in breaking through the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm.

However, many times after that, the mysterious power didn’t flow to the Profound Qi halo anymore but burst into the Star Martial Spirits instead. This made s.h.i.+Yan realize that the Profound Qi halo in his body was mighty enough. If he wanted to make progress, it probably would require him to reach the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm.

Therefore, he quietly paid attention, considering breaking through the new realm was his main purpose.

One day, the group of six people, including s.h.i.+Yan, was temporarily resting on a suspended bare hill in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist.

Suddenly, ear-piercing sounds came up from around the hill. Warriors in gold costumes instantly appeared, grinned and rushed over to the six of them.

Along the way there, other warriors had become the prey of AiYa’s and CaiYi’s group. However, right now, seeing those warriors in gold costumes, the faces of AiYa and others immediately changed as if they were confronted with a pandemic. They quickly got up.

s.h.i.+Yan frowned as he looked around. His heart felt chilled just after a quick glance as he was afraid that they would become someone else’s prey this time.

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