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Eight Purple gold pythons arched their heads and waved their tails, diving out from the cliff with incredible speed. Terrifying eyes flashed up, looking brutally at s.h.i.+Yan.

s.h.i.+Yan snorted coldly and stood still on the spot waiting for the Purple gold pythons to come.

If he alone fought with these eight grown-up Purple gold pythons, he was not sure that he could kill them all. However, together with the other five people, who had unpredictably profound strength, the situation would be different.


AiYa’s body looked like a spear that was shot out with intimidating momentum. She instantly came to his position but didn’t stop. Instead, she continued to dash forward into the place where those pythons were gathering.

Her slender body kept changing in the air, giving other people the feeling that they could never catch her.

A bunch of dark blue lights shot out from her fingers. Those sharp lights, which were flas.h.i.+ng on and off, contained an extremely powerful force.

The dark blue lights intertwined in the void, forming a light net covering all of the pythons in just a short while.

A clear shout resounded coldly. AiYa curved her waist, penetrated the light net in the air, and stood opposite the group of Purple gold python.

"Fragmented Blade!" After her shout, a bundle of icy light shaped like a sword flew toward the group of Purple gold python.

The two Purple gold python in the front were slashed down and split away even before they could spurt out their venom.

Under the control of AiYa’s five fingers, two pellucid Demon Crystals instantly fell into her palm and then disappeared into the Storage Ring right after the ring had flashed up.

Behind her, the four people of LaoLi’s and CaiYi’s group were worried as they saw AiYa had quickly taken the two Demon Crystals first. Thus, they put all their strength into flying over. A bundle of pink light beams suddenly glinted and zoomed across s.h.i.+Yan, rus.h.i.+ng forward to fight for the Demon Crystals of the Purple gold python.

CaiYi was as charming as a fairy. Her clothes fluttered while the bracelet on her pale arm suddenly flew out, producing a terrifying whistle and dazzling lights.

While flying toward the Purple gold pythons, the bracelet suddenly had a transformation. Inside of it shot out a sharp, one-meter-long saber with blazing lights slas.h.i.+ng the Purple gold pythons into pieces.

Borg’s eyes flashed up with a furious light. A pellucid, one-meter-long sword flew out from his sleeve and instantly turned into a giant three-hundred-meter-long dragon raising its face up to the sky, howling, opening its mouth and swallowing a Purple gold python whole.

A bunch of chilled silk inside that crystal dragon’s belly wrapped around the Purple gold python and then crushed it within seconds.

The two brothers LaoLi chuckled while both of them were standing on a Purple gold python, controlling its mouth, preventing it from moving. A mighty power burst out from their bodies as they continuously punched the Purple gold python’s body. In moments, the python turned into a sticky pulp of flesh and blood.

s.h.i.+Yan stood at the side, frowning and looking at the five people killing the Purple gold python.

Very quickly, they had harvested all eight Demon Crystals. AiYa was the fastest and thus got three Demon Crystals, CaiYi got two, Borg had one, and the brothers LaoLi got one each.

Eight Purple gold pythons had been killed and their Demon Crystals had been stored inside the Storage Ring. Although s.h.i.+Yan had detected the Purple gold pythons first, he didn’t get anything. He stood motionlessly looking at them harvesting the Demon Crystals.

s.h.i.+Yan wasn’t frustrated either.

Even though he didn’t harvest anything this time, he had carefully observed those five people and knew more about their abilities.

Among them, AiYa was the most powerful. She alone had killed three Purple gold pythons. CaiYi ranked second; the two brothers LaoLi were number three; Borg was the worst, and he had to use his secret treasure to be able to kill one Purple gold python.

AiYa’s martial technique was mysterious; her actions were quick, precise and ruthless. CaiYi was unpredictable with her peculiar secret treasures. The two brothers LaoLi had terrifying forces; moreover, they also wore gauntlets which seemed to help increase their strength.

Having stood aside and quietly observed them, s.h.i.+Yan had the better understanding of their abilities as well as their attacking methods.

The Purple gold pythons’ dead bodies were pulled down into the sea under the gravity’s influence and disappeared shortly.

The five of them carefully stored those Demon Crystals and seemed to be very satisfied with their harvest. As s.h.i.+Yan didn’t get anything, they comforted him and advised him not to let the opportunity go but to take action immediately.

s.h.i.+Yan beamed a smile and nodded. His gesture looked like he was modestly listening to their advice.

After that, the five of them separated again like before and then used Demon Crystals to restore their Profound Qi. Four of them stayed on this side of the mountain, and AiYa went alone to the other side. While CaiYi was meditating, Borg walked to s.h.i.+Yan after AiYa had left.

"I did not treat you well earlier because I didn’t think you were worthy. However, after this cooperation, I found you are more useful than I have imagined." Borg came over with a smile, seemingly wanting to break s.h.i.+Yan’s reservations toward him.

s.h.i.+Yan also smiled, looked at Bac Cách, nodded and said, "I hope that we can continue to cooperate well."

"We are happy to work with you," Borg goggled and lowered his voice. "At least, my sister and I will have good cooperation. The others, I am not sure."

After talking about it, Borg couldn’t help but look toward the mountain where AiYa was meditating and continued with a low voice, "As you have known, AiYa didn’t have good intentions when she gave you one-third of the Demon Crystal. She actually wanted to use it to provoke me to kill you." When talking about this, Borg forced an embarra.s.sed smile, "You also know how precious Demon Crystals are in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. If we want to survive in here, we have to rely on Demon Crystals. Earlier, as I thought that you were useless but was given one-third of the Demon Crystal, I couldn’t help…" Borg used those words that CaiYi had told him, only adjusting them a little bit and told s.h.i.+Yan almost the same thing.

After explaining things for a while, he gritted his teeth and said with a strange voice, "Among us, AiYa is the most intimidating. She has used different ways to kill other fellows who had entered here with us. s.h.i.+Yan, you have to pay attention to AiYa. Don’t be killed because of her. I have come here to warn you. If you are alive, I will not have to scout, and thus I really hope you will be alive as long as possible. Understand?"

s.h.i.+Yan sneered coldly inside his heart, but he still wore a grateful visage, nodded and said, "Thank you brother Borg for reminding me."

"Uh, as long as you can understand it," Borg revealed a smile, nodded, and then went back to CaiYi’s place. After that, he began to restore his strength while CaiYi was guarding for him.

"s.h.i.+Yan, you were able to get away from those Purple gold pythons’ besiege quickly, such an amazing reaction. If it were me, I would probably have been poisoned." LaoLi, who was not far away from s.h.i.+Yan, laughed and spoke up, "The python’s venom can paralyze your nerves. Once you are covered with venom, your strength will be gone. The fluid inside a Purple gold python’s belly is really horrible. Any creatures that are swallowed into their stomach will die shortly after."

s.h.i.+Yan was stunned. He was not very clear but still beamed a smile.

"Do you want to drink?" LaoLi raised a bottle of wine in his hand, and without waiting for s.h.i.+Yan to reply, he took out a delicate bowl, filled it with the wine, and then said, "You are a mighty man. I am sure you like to drink. Let’s drink together and become good friends."

"Thank you LaoLi big brother." s.h.i.+Yan walked over with a big smile as if he was very relaxed without any precautions. He then sat in front of LaoLi, took the bowl of wine, and raised his head gulping down the wine.

Nor far away from there, LaoLun closed his eyes meditating. His rough eyebrows slightly s.h.i.+vered, seemed to be secretly alert but then quickly relaxed.

"Hahaha, you are indeed our fellow," LaoLi burst into laughter as if he was really excited. "Danger is everywhere in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. We can be killed at any time. So, if we can enjoy a little bit, why not, right?"

s.h.i.+Yan nodded.

"You don’t seem to know about the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist?" LaoLi asked unintentionally.

s.h.i.+Yan was a little startled and humbly said, "I accidentally entered this place, and so I have no idea about it. I will need big brother to enlighten me."

"I don’t dare to give some lessons, but I can tell you why we came here." LaoLi glanced at CaiYi who was sitting a little bit further from them and lowered his voice, "Rumor has it that there are two abnormal things deep inside the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. The first one is the Sacred level Secret Treasure, maybe even the G.o.d level Treasure and the other one is the Pure G.o.d Soul."

"G.o.d Treasure? Pure G.o.d Soul?" s.h.i.+Yan was stunned and then asked again.

"That’s right," LaoLi confirmed with a nod. "Sacred level Secret Treasures are very rare. Even in the Divine Land, it is not like everyone can have it. As for the G.o.d level Secret Treasures, ha ha ha, because we don’t have blacksmiths and G.o.d level Alchemists in the Divine Land, the lowest G.o.d level Secret Treasures and Refined Pills can be enough to drive people crazy. I think you can understand this point."

s.h.i.+Yan was astonished and nodded.

"As for the Pure G.o.d Soul, do you know how precious it is?" LaoLi looked at him and asked.

"Please do tell," s.h.i.+Yan asked humbly.

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