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s.h.i.+Yan was reluctant.

These five people clearly didn’t have good intent when they asked him to stay. He had been well-prepared as he had guessed that they would ask him to do the pathfinder’s job.

However, in his view, it would not be safer if he left these five people and went off on his own.

His understanding of the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist was too little. Venturing around in here, he might encounter powerful beasts or dangerous traps. Therefore, what they asked him to do was not too difficult to do.

They were five people divided into three parties that watched over each other. This was exactly what he had expected. He thought to himself that although he would not be completely safe, he could still take advantage of these five people to handle several affairs as he pleased. If they united, he would not dare to stay with them for much longer.

He also knew that CaiYi and Borg wanted to use him, turning him into a sacrifice.

In the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, there was no Heaven and Earth aura, and hence, if ordinary warriors wanted to restore their Profound Qi, the only way was to kill the beasts.

However, he was different.

He considered CaiYi, AiYa, Borg another kind of beast. If they died, he would absorb all of their auras and thus restore his strength. With his specific Mystery Martial Spirit, nothing was impossible, even in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist.

As long as someone died, he would get what he needed.

Therefore, staying with these five people would probably bring him benefits as well.

This group always had bad intents toward him, so why should he care?

"Are you ready? Let’s go." AiYa was slightly surprised as she saw him readily agree with a nod. She took out a delicate, square compa.s.s from her Storage Ring. A strange pattern was engraved on the surface of the compa.s.s; its four corners were encrusted with four Demon Crystals, which seemed to provide energy for the compa.s.s.

AiYa held the compa.s.s in her hand; her small finger pointed to the center of the compa.s.s, seeming to identify the direction.

CaiYi didn’t say a word. Her eyes gazed at the compa.s.s in AiYa’s hand, paying attention to the direction that the compa.s.s pointed as she was in fear of AiYa’s mischief.

In the middle of the compa.s.s, a silver needle was slightly trembling before it stopped and pointed to the left side of s.h.i.+Yan. AiYa looked at that direction for a moment, put the compa.s.s back into the Storage Ring, and then said, "The direction has been determined."

CaiYi and others nodded with a smile.

AiYa didn’t say anything further. As the tip of her foot slightly touched the stones on the ground, she instantly leaped up flying away with moderate speed, as she wanted to save her Profound Qi as much as possible.

"s.h.i.+Yan, aren’t you coming?" CaiYi waited until AiYa had left, moved a little bit backward, looked at him with a smile and said, "You should follow AiYa. When she asks you to go to the front, maybe there’s something abnormal. Be careful, and remember to shout out loud if you see the beasts. Otherwise, we are afraid that we will arrive there late, and you will probably…"

s.h.i.+Yan’s face remained unchanged. He clasped his hands and caught up with AiYa.

After s.h.i.+Yan had left, CaiYi’s smiling face gradually disappeared. She frowned and murmured, "This guy is very careful. I don’t know what AiYa has told him, but I feel that he seems inclined toward AiYa. AiYa has the most powerful strength. If she has this guy’s a.s.sistance, she will be even more dangerous."

Borg wanted to say something, thinking to himself that it was his sister who had asked to keep this kid. Borg remembered when CaiYi had scolded him earlier, and he had endured it without daring to ask. Until now, he felt a little bit puzzled.

The brothers LaoLi and LaoLun chuckled while their eyes displayed some secret meanings. They didn’t talk to CaiYi but flew toward s.h.i.+Yan instead.

CaiYi coldly smiled and then talked to Borg, "It is not easy to bully that little rascal. You should be watchful. Don’t let him be too close to AiYa. I am afraid AiYa will seduce him, and he will then voluntarily serve and protect her. Although I am not afraid of it, it is still troublesome. If you have a chance, remember to provoke him to break the relations.h.i.+p between him and AiYa. It is best if you can make him hate AiYa. Do you understand?"

Borg was startled, but forced a wry smile and nodded, "I will try my best."

CaiYi didn’t say anything further. She flipped her hands, producing a pleasant sound and flew in s.h.i.+Yan’s direction.

AiYa was taking the lead, and s.h.i.+Yan was following her. The brothers LaoLun and Lao Li were next, and the last two were CaiYi and Borg.

A line of six people maintained the distance of twenty meters from each other; the flying speed was not very fast as they had to save their Profound Qi as much as possible.

s.h.i.+Yan was always on alert from in front and from behind as he carefully observed any movements on his sides.

Every time AiYa flew to a mountain, she stopped for a short while and took out the compa.s.s to check the direction. After determining that there were no abnormalities, she then continued to move forward.

s.h.i.+Yan was twenty meters behind her, watching AiYa’s indistinct figure in the sea of clouds. In this zero gravity environment, her body looked like a willow with her small waist, long limbs, and plump thighs. He felt quite pleased but didn’t dare to have any wicked thoughts.

They had been flying for a long while; AiYa was still silent without uttering a word. She took out the compa.s.s to check every time she stopped in front of a mountain and then hurriedly left, not asking s.h.i.+Yan to scout.

s.h.i.+Yan didn’t dare to relax, always paying attention to the surrounding area, guarding against the two brothers, LaoLun and LaoLi, as he was afraid that if he were not vigilant, the two brothers would ambush him.

Suddenly, AiYa stopped in front of another mountain, took out the compa.s.s and observed their surroundings.

After a while, AiYa turned around looking at s.h.i.+Yan and said, "There is something strange in the gap between the two mountain peaks. Go check what is over there."

s.h.i.+Yan nodded and moved to AiYa’s position while still staying alert.

AiYa turned her head around watching him approach.

s.h.i.+Yan knew that AiYa was guarding against him. He sneered inside his heart but still kept a natural look on his face. He didn’t look at her. Instead, he focused on the mountain’s cliff in front of him. He attentively observed it while exposing a thoughtful expression.

AiYa’s vigilance wasn’t reduced. She continued looking at s.h.i.+Yan until he pa.s.sed her side and went forward. After that, she then relaxed a little bit, but her eyes were still watching s.h.i.+Yan’s back carefully.

"There is a high possibility that beasts are hiding on the side of the mountains. You should observe carefully. It is best if you can find out how many there are of them as well as their levels." Just after s.h.i.+Yan flew pa.s.sed her, he heard her cold reminder.

"Yes," s.h.i.+Yan replied coldly. His face suddenly darkened while he was activating his Profound Qi. A stream of refining power quietly rolled in his veins.

While the Profound Qi was running, his body slightly trembled. It seemed that the tremendous power in his body could explode at any time.

After perceiving the body’s transformation, s.h.i.+Yan’s eyes gradually calmed down.

AiYa didn’t say a word. Her beautiful, slender body stood in the misty group of clouds in the air while she looked at s.h.i.+Yan with a cold face. Then suddenly she turned around glancing at the two brothers LaoLi and LaoLun who were coming close to her.

When the two brothers saw AiYa’s scrutinizing look, they stopped moving and revealed a bright smile. LaoLi looked at s.h.i.+Yan then AiYa and asked, "How is the situation? What can it be?"

"Beasts," AiYa answered coldly and turned back to look at s.h.i.+Yan.

The two brothers didn’t ask anything further. One of them looked at AiYa, and the other one looked at CaiYi. They paid attention to both the front and back.

The two mountains were about five hundred meters high. It was all red on the top of the mountains. Some abnormal trees and plants seemed to grow there.

Between these two mountain peaks, there was a saddle which was one hundred meters wide. The thick, misty fog made this area even more dark and gloomy. Dense plants and trees fully covered the mountain flanks. Because of the heavy fog, nothing could be seen clearly. There were some faint black shadows which looked like rocks or some plants.

In the case where soul consciousness couldn’t be used, and one could only observe with his own eyes, going closer was the only way to know the situation better.

s.h.i.+Yan started to activate his Profound Qi and got closer to the other cliff. His eye brightened up, staring at black shadows on the two flanks of the mountain, wanting to see what they were after all.

"Sizzle sizzle."

It was the sound of pythons coming up from the mountain flanks. s.h.i.+Yan could only see the black shadows suddenly move and fly out from the cliff.

That shape should be a Purple gold python.

Purple gold python was a sixth level beast that lived in groups and liked to be in the icy, yin environment. There were two yellow and purple round patterns on its skin. Its body was from seven to ten meters long. It had sharp fangs and could spew out the toxic fog. Moreover, it could quickly dart out while its big, long, vigorous body could instantly wrap around and break a warrior’s waist.

As soon as a Purple gold python that was wrapped around a tree on the mountain flank saw him, it immediately sprang toward him with breakneck speed while its mouth spurted out purple venom aimed straight at s.h.i.+Yan.

With a quick glance, s.h.i.+Yan now realized that there was a total of eight pythons rus.h.i.+ng toward him. His face couldn’t help but change. Each of these Purple gold pythons was eight to nine meters long. Their mouths were full of fangs; their small eyes flashed up with poisonous lights that frightened people out of their wits.

Without thinking, he immediately moved his Profound Qi to his legs. As soon as the venom reached him, he had already jumped backward.

"There are eight sixth-level Purple gold python." s.h.i.+Yan’s figure retreated as fast as lightning and then stopped around one hundred meters in front of AiYa. He turned his head around and shouted.

"Kill them." AiYa’s eyes brightened up; her face was a little excited, her body dashed toward the group of Purple gold python like a sharp spear.

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