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King Corpse and the two Sky Corpses raised their heads looking at the sky, standing motionlessly.

After a while, the Sky Corpses’ eyes glinted with a strange light as if they had been enlightened about something.

The King Corpse suddenly leaped up, quickly moving around the Yin Wooden Coffins in the mountain caves, seeming to remove the Corpse Controlling Technique to help the corpse slaves inside awaken.

Not long after, the Yin Wooden Coffins, one by one, followed the King Corpse’s instruction to fly west.

The other two Sky Corpses seemed to have reached a delicate connection with the King Corpse, keeping up with the others. When they arrived at the west side of the Yin Wind Island, they saw the King Corpse sitting on a Yin Wooden Coffin, floating on the sea.

The two Sky Corpses flew over to their Yin Wooden Coffins. The lids of the two coffins suddenly opened and the two Corpses got in and lied down.

When they got in their Yin Wooden Coffins, the King Corpse’s body also shrank and lied down in his coffin.

More than ten coffins were floating on the sea, quietly moving forward to the west at full speed.

Their direction was headed toward the headquarters of the Corpses G.o.d Sect.

On their way, any warrior who saw this strange scene fled.

A row of coffins not under control of the Corpses G.o.d Sect was floating on the sea, which gave those warriors a chilling feeling as they didn’t know what happened that these corpses could become this weird.

… … …

The Gu family on the Thousand Swords Peak.

At this moment, the Thousand Swords Peak had become the base where forces in the Hengluo Sea gathered to deal with Demon Dwellers.

GuShao, YuQin, and the master of the Dong Fang family - FangJue also a.s.sembled here. Even Cao ZhiLan and ManGu brought their fellows here.

In recent days, with the Thousand Swords Peak as the center, all top-cla.s.s warriors from big forces of different Seas gathered and discussed the detailed plan to deal with Demon Dwellers altogether.

The sea in front of the Thousand Swords Peak naturally became the vehement fighting area between Demon Dwellers and warriors. Both sides put their great forces into this area. Half a month had pa.s.sed, and many high-cla.s.s warriors and Demon Dwellers had died in battle.

Presently, the group of GuShao, YuQin, and Dong FangJue were happy due to some small victories of recent wars.

In the past few days, the master of the Cao family, Cao QiuDao, with the Palace Head Master Yang YiTian had responded; their forces had started departing from the Tuta and Sky Seas, approaching Hengluo Sea.

That news elated everyone. The group of GuShao and YuQin clearly knew the mightiness of Cao QiuDao and Yang YiTian, and that their appearance would give the situation an earth-shaking change.

The Demon Dwellers’ ma.s.sacre of warriors in the Hengluo Sea seemed to have aroused the anger of the two of them to the point that they had decided to unite and deal with the Demon Dwellers, although they hadn’t been in contact with each other for decades.

It was unknown whether the Demon Dwellers had also received the news because their attacks had slowed down in recent days as if they were waiting for something.

The wind blew strongly, and rain fell heavily as a big storm was on the horizon.

The Hengluo Sea was like a huge feast of strength, a place where high-cla.s.s warriors from different Seas gathered.

Everyone’s face was excited as if they saw the dawn of victory. They started to discuss what would be the next step in attacking the opponent. While everyone was delighted, QingMing, the Queen of Sky, and the King of Earth all wore dark eyes as if they had just had a dead child.

"QingMing, is that little rascal s.h.i.+Yan dead?" GuShao was sitting neatly on a G.o.d sword, revealing a rare smile. "You guys had previously sent a message saying that you could kill s.h.i.+Yan. With the unity of the three of you, together with the Queen of Sky’s illusory soul, it should have been very easy to obliterate him."

YuQin and Dong FangJue also looked toward the other three, instantly feeling shocked and surprised when seeing their eyes.

Cao ZhiLan was sitting at the Cao’s seat, and Qu Yan Qing was standing behind YuQin. They both immediately s.h.i.+fted their attentive eyes toward those three when they heard GuShao’s question.

After arriving here, QingMing, the Queen of Sky and the King of Earth all kept silent with dark eyes as they found a place to sit down. Under the other’s attentive looks, they simultaneously sighed.

Everyone was stunned; their expression became eccentric. As they felt something strange, they paid even more attention to the other three.

"QingMing, you guys couldn’t kill him?" GuShao was startled, not believing that was true, then asked with surprise, "Even though his strength can be equivalent to that of a G.o.d Realm with the help of external forces in a short time, that little rascal surely cannot escape from the unity of the three of you. I know that QingMing’s King Corpse has also been on the Yin Wing Island and we all know how intimidating it is. The King Corpse alone is enough to kill that kid. Is there something else that happened unexpectedly?"

As soon as GuShao mentioned the King Corpse, Fan Xiang Yun and the King of Earth instantly shuddered with their extremely odd faces as if a sword had stabbed them.

QingMing’s eyes were flooded with resentment like someone touching his wound. He suddenly stood up, looking toward GuShao.

GuShao was astonished, he felt awkward as he didn’t know what to say for now. "How was it?"

"The King Corpse has gotten out of QingMing’s control." The King of Earth shook his head, revealing a smile, and then reluctantly said, "Only ghosts know what happened in the end. That little rascal launched a strike on the King Corpse, and it immediately turned and tried to kill QingMing, and forced us to run away…"

"Run away?" The surrounding warriors who were thrilled suddenly became dazed when they heard the absurd story.

Cao ZhiLan shuddered, secretly gritting her teeth. Her beautiful eyes were flooded with fear and incredibility.

Qu Yan Qing was also stunned as he looked bewilderedly at the weird faces of the three people of QingMing’s group; she was frozen for a while and didn’t know what had happened.

After that, many warriors noisily screamed out ‘myth’ as they felt that the three people of QingMing’s group had lost their minds and talked nonsense.

"Ah, Queen of Sky, what happened to your body?" YuQin of the Heaven Lake Divine Land discovered the abnormal things, surprisingly asked, "You, what happened…?"

Fan Xiang Yun was still wearing a green skirt. Her big firm b.r.e.a.s.t.s, which made other women envious with admiration, had been deflated…

It wasn’t just a normal deflation. It became totally flat.

What had happened?

How come the Queen of Sky’s enormous bosom that made men crazy and women jealous has completely disappeared?

In the palace, after having heard YuQin say this, a majority of warriors all looked toward Fan Xiang Yun with eccentric faces as if they had discovered a new continent, secretly exclaiming and continuously guessing.

Fan Xiang Yun’s enchanting face suddenly became livid as if she had just been poisoned, becoming contorted, terribly changing without any trace of the charm that she used to have. The instant change made other people freeze.

Any warrior who looked at her b.r.e.a.s.t.s felt stinging in their eyes. Some warriors with low cultivation base had to hold their heads to keep them from rolling on the ground.

"Queen of Sky, what are you doing?" Dong FangJue’s face changed color. His question was like thousands of beasts roaring, breaking the illusion in the palace. As he saw the group of warriors behind spurting out mouthfuls of blood, the Dong Fang family’s people all stood up, shouting out loud.

Fan Xiang Yun’s face was distorted. She clenched her teeth, bowed her head gasping for breath, seeming to try to restrain her extreme rage.

"Let it go, let it go. Don’t fight with each other." As YuQin felt that the situation was intense, she rushed out and made peace. She then looked toward the three people of the King of Earth’s group and calmly asked, "What happened after all?"

The King of Earth constantly shook his head with an odd face. He looked at Fan Xiang Yun who was about to carry on a ma.s.sacre and then threw a glance at QingMing who wanted to use his Heaven Flame; he sighed, shook his head and said, "That was the consequence from the deed of that rascal s.h.i.+Yan."

"s.h.i.+Yan?" Everyone lowered their voices, murmuring his name while their faces were overwhelmed with fear and surging waves burst out inside their heart.

How could it be?

Just using the external forces to have the strength which could reluctantly be comparable to that of G.o.d Realm warriors, what did he rely on to make those famous master warriors not only not succeed in killing him, but also fall into such a desolate end?

Was it the truth?

Warriors inside the palace suddenly quieted down as if there was an invisible soundproof wall enclosing everyone. Even the sound of a falling needle could not be heard.

"This thing… can you tell us more details?" GuShao hesitated a little bit, carefully choosing every word to avoid irritating QingMing and Fan Xiang Yun. "We don’t know what tricks that little rascal used. If it keeps going like this, I am afraid that we will not be able to kill him next time either."

The King of Earth looked at QingMing and the Queen of Earth, seeing their uncomfortable faces, he revealed a wry smile and said, "That kid’s tricks were very strange. His sword is even more devilish. There’s nothing he could not break as it smashed down all obstacles we came at it with. The most frightening thing is that we don’t know what method he used to help the King Corpse escape our mind control. It was partially because the rebellion of the Sky Corpses that the Mind Martial Spirit of the Queen of Sky lost its effect, and we eventually had to flee. Sigh, it was such a terrible thing to remember. If you guys encounter that little rascal, you must be very careful. You cannot just use your common sense to deal with him."

Those warriors’ faces immediately changed when they listened to his last sentence.

"If we do not eradicate this rascal, we will not live in peace even if you can expel the Demon Dwellers." After contemplating, Fan Xiang Yun gritted her teeth and resentfully said.

QingMing agreed with a nod, coldly saying, "We can delay the fight with the Demon Dwellers for now. We need to obliterate this rascal. We can’t let him continue living. If he leaves the Endless Sea and escapes our pursuit, he will return and ma.s.sacre all of us. No one can stop him, even Cao QiuDao and Yang YiTian. Right now, he is even more terrible than the Yang Tian Emperor."

"I agree." Fan XiangYun said with resentment.

"I agree too." said the King of Earth.

Everyone was all stunned like wood.

A long time after that, GuShao looked at YuQin and Dong FangJue and realized a trace of fear deep inside their eyes. They were obviously beginning to be scared.

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