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Chapter 35 Blocking the Cave
s.h.i.+ Yan slowly opened his eyes. He looked at Di Yalan, who was still in an absolute bliss, and said with a smile, “Congratulations! Sister Lan!”
After figuring out what the mysterious Martial Spirit was truly capable of, s.h.i.+ Yan was just as excited as well. Although Di Yalan was just s.h.a.gging him for a couple of days, she had already benefited enormously and reached the Human Level. This was almost a miracle, which proved that this mysterious Martial Spirit indeed had limitless power.
“Thank you so much!”
There was a warmth of grat.i.tude s.h.i.+ning through Di Yalan’s gorgeous eyes.
She didn’t need to be a genius to realize that what happened to her was due to s.h.i.+ Yan. For the past few days, she really saw enormous improvements.
“Well, this might have something to do with the medicine within my body. Anyway, Sister Lan, you’ve also earned all this by yourself.” s.h.i.+ Yan replied with a cool face, “So, now that you have reached the Human Level, could you show us the power of your Martial Spirit - Blue Magic Flame? Could there be any difference with before?”
Di Yalan smiled like a blooming flower. She slowly raised her left hand, with a blue flame suddenly bursting on her palm.
The flame was the size of a watermelon, which gradually covered her entire hand .
The blue flame was like a living creature. It suddenly turned into dozens of fire snakes, moving around her beautiful arm.
Moreover, this magic blue flame could change into various shapes with Di Yalan’s thoughts. It would suddenly turn into snakes, and then into birds, just like actual living creatures, which would almost fly away from her palm at any time.
“The moment I reached the Human Level, I could distinctly sense that my Blue Magic Flames had changed. My Martial Spirit is stronger than ever.” Di Yalan couldn’t hide her excitement, “Not only it has become bigger in size, from the size of a fist to the size of a man’s head, but it also has achieved the capability of matter condensation, which means that it has already reached the second stage.”
Her Martial Spirit was capable of matter condensation?
s.h.i.+ Yan nodded. He instantly realized that Di Yalan’s Martial Spirit - Blue Magic Flame was also quite something. He complimented, “Well, congratulations again!”
“This is all because of you!” Di Yalan said with a s.h.i.+ne in her charming eyes. She couldn’t hide her s.e.xual desire in her smile.
“How… how is this even possible?”
Mu Yu Die, who was resting on the tree, was filled with doubt and suspicion. “It only took Sister Lan a couple of days to reach the Human Level. That’s way too fast! How is this even possible? Sister Lan, I clearly remember that you only reached the Third Sky of a Nascent Warrior six months ago. ”
“Yes, that’s true.” Di Yalan was on top of the world, and said proudly, “I did just enter the Third Sky of a Nascent Warrior six months ago. Even I didn’t expect that I could reach the Human Level so soon. I thought it would at least take me another 3 to 5 years of hard practice before I could ever reach the Human Level. Hehe!”
Mu Yu Die had no idea how to answer her bragging, so she simply rolled her eyes.
How come… this guy’s essence… does it really have that kind of magical power?
With her mind lingering on that thought, Mu Yu Die couldn’t help but blush again. She forced herself to stop right there and almost called herself a s.l.u.t.

Another five days had pa.s.sed by.
The three of them continued to proceed in the Dark Forest with great caution.
In those five days, each night, they would always hear chaos from the Dark Forest, mixed with the roaring of demon beasts and the crying and screaming of human warriors, as well as mercenaries. This continuous noise and chaos would make even the bravest man be filled with horror.
s.h.i.+ Yan instantly realized that there must be some human who had irritated the higher level demon beasts. That’s why during those nights, he would find a peaceful and an absolutely safe area to rest, and never took any chance to go out at night.
During this period, he decided not to confront with any demon beasts, or to pick fights with any mercenaries, i.e., avoiding any trouble from both sides.
Because of this code of caution that they took, during those five days, although the three of them didn’t cover a long distance, they didn’t run into any trouble on their way either.
Apart from that, if s.h.i.+ Yan got lucky, he would still find some dead warriors freshly killed by those demon beasts. As soon as those demon beasts left, s.h.i.+ Yan would rush to those corpsesto collect their lingering Profound Qi.
But for the sake of safety, he would always wait for a while after those demon beasts had left, before showing up around those corpses.
Although he didn’t harvest much Profound Qi from each corpse, with the stolen Profound Qi acc.u.mulating within his body, s.h.i.+ Yan also managed to enhance his own Petrification Martial Spirit by a bit.
Until now, his body was already able to petrify entirely within seconds, just with a thought. All of his skin would change to dark brown, and his defense power was also slowly enhancing.
For the past few days, there was never a second when he ever forgot about the practice for controlling his own madness.
However, the last threshold was just too difficult for him to break through. Every time he tried to operate the negative energy within his meridians in his brain, he would suffer from a mind-splitting pain. And when he reversed his Profound Qi within his body, he would be under so much pain that he would faint instantly.
After a few days of practice, he still could not manage himself through the last stage of Rampage.
And after such a series of fainting, s.h.i.+ Yan guessed that he was probably using the wrong approach. Therefore, he gave up on this tough approach and figured that he should try another way, after a few days’ reflection.

It was night again.
The three of them were hiding in a dark cave within a valley. With the opening of the cave covered with bushes, they talked in a low voice.
They could hear troops of demon beasts pa.s.sing by their cave on the outside. It seemed there were the roaring and howling of demon beasts everywhere. G.o.d knows how many demon beasts were out there on that night.
“It is a little unusual tonight. It seems that all the demon beasts in the dark forest have come out.” Di Yalan said with a frown on her face, “This is too strange. Usually, even if the warriors and mercenaries are too out of line, those demon beasts would at most attack them for 2 or 3 days. There is no reason for all these demon beasts to come out. G.o.d knows what the h.e.l.l is going on out there. ”
“Behind such large scale attacks and movements of these demon beasts, there must be orders from a demon beast of a much higher level.” s.h.i.+ Yan said with a serious face, “The Silver Thunder Wolf is already a Level-7 demon beast, equaling our warrior of the Sky Level. It not only has Demon Crystals within its body, but also possesses the intelligence of the same level as humans. As even the Silver Thunder Wolf has showed up to lead, there must be a huge fight behind.”
“Thank G.o.d we proceeded with great caution these days, not aiming to cover more distance, but making safety our first priority. Otherwise, we would have been in loads of trouble.” Di Yalan nodded.
“Tata! Tata!”
There were some messy footsteps from the outside of the cave. They a.s.sumed that this was the movement of human warriors out there.
With such frequent movement of the demon beasts out there, those human warriors who were still moving around must be in some serious trouble, probably also being chased and hunted by those demon beasts right now.
“Maybe we should go out and take a look? Maybe we could offer some help?” Mu Yu Die asked the other two people dimly.
s.h.i.+ Yan and Di Yalan both took a glimpse at Mu Yu Die, but didn’t say anything.
“What? You wanna let them die just like that?” Mu Yu Die frowned. She was obviously quite upset.
“There are so many demon beasts out there. We can barely hide ourselves right now. If this cave also got compromised, I am afraid we wouldn’t have much luck with those demon beasts. Apart from that, how can you be so sure that the warriors outside are not a disaster to us? What if they also l.u.s.t for your beauty? G.o.d knows how much trouble that could bring us. I suggest you mind your own business.” s.h.i.+ Yan sniffed with no mercy at all.
Mu Yu Die was not that naïve. Of course she knew all about these. She only said this because she couldn’t bear the idea that humans were killed by those cruel beasts.
But after being taught a lesson by s.h.i.+ Yan like that, her pride was badly hurt. She puckered her lips and mumbled, “Cold blooded! You are not even a human! Hum, I guess you are just too scared of dying. I misjudged you before…”
“According to your suggestion, you are not only not scared to die, you are literally begging to be killed!”
s.h.i.+ Yan sneered with a grin, “Miss Mu. You did save my life twice, but I have already repaid your favor. Just so you know, the only reason I am still here, is not because of you, but because of what your Uncle Luo has entrusted me with before he died.”
s.h.i.+ Yan paused a little and continued, “You are not my princess, so don’t pull your drama on me, this annoys me a lot! If I really got p.i.s.sed one day, I will just leave you here. Whatever you’d like to do is none of my business.”
“You a.s.shole!” Mu Yu Die felt so wronged that her eyes were starting to wet. She tried her best to control her tears and said with a crying voice, “You know nothing better than lecturing me!”
“OK, give it a break you two! At this time, we should be united. We are all heading towards the Merchant Union, so we’d better stick together and look after each other. Stop fighting over such trivial stuff.” Di Yalan intermediated in their conversation.
“Oh c.r.a.p!”
s.h.i.+ Yan suddenly stood up, and his face looked like h.e.l.l. “It seems those people have discovered this cave. They are heading towards this way.”
“s.h.i.+t! No way!” Di Yalan was also astonished. She quickly picked up her dagger and guarded the entrance of the cave together with s.h.i.+ Yan, “What should we do now?”
“Ow!” “Woo!”
The roaring and howling of the demon beasts could be heard outside the cave. It seemed that there were more and more demon beasts coming toward their way.
“Block the entrance!”
s.h.i.+ Yan suddenly changed the look on his face. He put his hands against the rock on the entrance of the cave and shouted, “Come here and pin these rocks. We cannot let anyone into this cave! As soon as other humans get into this cave, those demon beasts would figure out quickly that we’re here. If those demon beasts stick around, then sooner or later they would discover us and that would be a complete disaster! I am not going down with those guys out there!”
After s.h.i.+ Yan entered this cave, he not only had covered the entrance with bushes and leaves, but had also moved some big rocks to block the opening, just in case for this type of situation to happen. He didn’t expect that these rocks would actually be put to use.
“OK!” Di Yalan was a little shocked, but she also quickly joined s.h.i.+ Yan in pinning the big rocks, thus blocking the entrance of the cave.

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