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The Gu family, on the Thousand Swords Peak.

The group of GuShao, Yuqin, Cao ZhiLan, Tang YuanNan, and ManGu was moving in the middle of sharp, disparate sounds with a hazed look on their faces.

Numerous warriors of the Gu family on the island were riding a variety of boats, carrying a large number of goods, moving toward the East.

On other small, adjacent islands to Gu family's, plenty people were also preparing to migrate.

After the escape from the Sun Island, they all gathered at this place. A part of them was discussing to find solutions while the others were busy preparing for the migration.

When GuShao came back, he immediately began to arrange, a.s.sembling all of the Gu family's high-cla.s.s warriors, relocating materials with the fastest speed, and instructing his men to evacuate to the islands of the Heaven Lake Divine Land in the Black Water Sea.

Cao ZhiLan knitted her eyebrows while her jade-like hand was holding a six-sided crystal with a serious face as if she was communicating with the Cao family through that crystal.

The four people of GuShao, Yuqin, Tang YuanNan, and ManGu stopped their convo and looked at her.

After a long while, Cao ZhiLan retrieved the hexahedral crystal with a gloomy face. Under others' scrutinizing gaze, she gently said, "I have informed my family about the major change on the Sun Island, but I haven't got their response yet. My great grandfather has still been in the secluded cultivation, but he will receive the news soon."

"Demon King ChiYan has borrowed the body of Asura King Jiao Han Yi to show up in the Endless Sea. He has the Third Sky of the Spirit Realm cultivation base with the earth-shaking power. If the two people Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian don't take actions, I am afraid that no one in this immense Endless Sea can stop him." Tang YuanNan shook his head and slightly whined, "Yang Tian Emperor used to be a hero before. If he were still in the Endless Sea, perhaps he would have a great fight with Demon King ChiYan, but…"

Having heard these words, the faces of GuShao and others became odd, and they could only keep silent.

That year, all forces in the Endless Sea a.s.sociated to carry on the conspiracy to deal with the Yang family. They have also invited Tang YuanNan to join but gotten refused as according to him, thanks to the Yang family, the powerful Demon Dwellers hadn't dared to enter the Endless Sea.

When Tang YuanNan had heard that Yang Tian Emperor had been captured and confined, he had immediately been aware of bad things. Not only hadn't he joined the rebellion but he had also persuaded the crowd to save Yang Tian Emperor out of the Fourth Demon Area.

Although Tang YuanNan had had foresight, he hadn't gotten everyone's approval. With the lead of GuShao and Yuqin, the others had determinedly eradicated the Yang family.

They had a.s.sumed that Yang Tian Emperor being under confinement was a golden opportunity once in a lifetime. Thus, they had joined forces to invade the Kyara Sea continually, which had led to the Endless Sea's current catastrophe today.

The faces of GuShao and Yuqin were obviously embarra.s.sed after Tang YuanNan had reminded them the old story in combination with the current situation. However, although they felt a little bit regretful at heart, they still didn't want to admit their fault.

"ChiYan has just borrowed Jiao HanYi's body to appear, and this state cannot last long. They will probably leave soon." GuShao pondered for a while and spoke up with his knitted eyebrows, "Jiao HanYi had Sky Realm cultivation base, and thus his body cannot withstand ChiYan's intimidating strength. Every day, that body will be damaged a little bit. Ten days or half a month max, Jiao HanYi's body will be completely crushed without the need of using the extra power."

Yuqin nodded.

Tang YuanNan laughed coldly, ridiculed them, "Ten days or half a month. Ha ha ha. In seven days maximum, HengLuo Sea will be destroyed if there is no external support. The inheritance of the Three G.o.ds Sect, and also of Gu family, Dongfang family, the acc.u.mulation of thousands of years will be gone."

"Why Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi haven't shown up yet?" Yuqin knitted her eyebrows and snarled, "Do these two see death but really do nothing? Would they wait until the Demon Dwellers eradicate Hengluo Sea and see death arrives in front of them to start taking actions?"

Cao ZhiLan revealed a wry smile, quietly bowed her head as she didn't know what her great grandfather was thinking either. She just felt something wrong.

As Yuqin didn't see Cao ZhiLan uttering a word, she snorted coldly while her eyes were a little unfriendly.

"Ah!" Right at this moment, Tang YuanNan suddenly looked at the sky, pointing toward a direction and exclaimed in fear, "What is happening?"

Everyone subconsciously raised their heads, looking up to the direction Tang YuanNan's finger was pointing.

In that direction, torrential black demon aura started surging, like a fabric roll wrapping the Sky and Earth. In that torrential demon aura, a horrendous flow of energy kept coming up nonstop. Even it was thousands of miles away, people could still feel the peculiar violence.

"That is an uninhabited island which belongs to the range of the Gu family's power. It is because of the diluted Sky and Earth aura and poor resources needed for cultivation on that island, we haven't sent any man there to guard."

GuShao was stunned for a moment while his eyes sparkled with strange lights and then said, "However, deep inside the clouds near the island, we have placed a Holy Eye."

After talking, GuShao didn't vacillate at all. A G.o.d Sword suddenly flew out from his side and turned into a ray of light piercing into the Thousand Swords Peak, seeming to activate some formation technique.

In the rumbling sounds, a huge crystal chunk suddenly came out from a corner of the Thousand Swords Peak as it was being lifted and pushed toward in front of everyone by the G.o.d Sword.

GaoShu closed his eyes, didn't say anything while his hands were constantly launching many beams of G.o.d light penetrating into the huge crystal.

Inside the crystal, three strange sparkling G.o.d Swords were quickly flying around that looked like flying dragons and dancing Phoenix, as it was projecting some scene.

In the fluttering silver lights, numerous dots of light condensed and showed a clear picture under everyone's attentive look.

"s.h.i.+Yan!" Tang YuanNan and Cao ZhiLan couldn't help but scream with astonishment. Their eyes flooded with doubt.

GuShao and Yuqin also had a slight change on their faces, blankly watched the scene showing inside the crystal, looking at a person with soaring momentum crazily sucking all the Sky and Earth aura on the island.

"That is Ma QiDun." Tang YuanNan's face changed in fear while his body trembled. He couldn't help but exclaim out loud.

"Ma QiDun has found him….Such a regret…" GuShao shook his head as he was wearing a regretful face, a.s.suming that s.h.i.+Yan would undoubtedly have to die.

He was one of few people who knew that there was an animosity between s.h.i.+Yan and Ma QiDun. That year, with the support of GuLie and Gu JianGe, father and son, Ma QiDun had gone to the Soul Gather Pool. However, s.h.i.+Yan had used some secret treasure and had almost destroyed his soul.

After that incident, Mo DuanHun had captured Gu JianGe to blackmail the Gu family so that the Gu family had had to pay a painful price.

After Gu JianGe had returned, he had told everyone the story in details. At that time, GuShao had also known that there had been an animosity between s.h.i.+Yan and Ma QiDun.

Right now, seeing Ma QiDun staring at s.h.i.+Yan, although GuShao was still surprised, he understood the reason.

Demon Dwellers always took revenge for their animosity. Ma QiDun had remembered s.h.i.+Yan's soul that year. This time, as he had entered the Endless Sea and detected s.h.i.+Yan, he obviously had to kill s.h.i.+ Yan cruelly so that he could cool down his monstrous flames of anger inside his heart.

"How can it be?" Cao ZhiLan's beautiful face was agitated while her eyes displayed a disbelieving look. She shook her head and mumbled with a low voice, "He couldn't gather the Profound Qi in his body and thus should have been killed on the Sun Island. How come he could run this far and also make such a big move like this?!"

"He and Ma QuiDun should already have engaged in a fight for a long while." Tang YuanNan didn't believe it either, bewilderedly looking at the scene inside the crystal. The light from his eyes shot out everywhere like sharp swords, "Although I also don't want to believe it, that island clearly has some traces of fight. The island has been split into two halves, and there are plenty pervasive broken ice blocks caused by the Ice Cold Flame." Tang YuanNan stretched his hand out to point at the scene while talking.

"This… How could this be?" YuQin's wrinkled face suddenly s.h.i.+vered; her eyes shot out a shocking light. She kept shaking her head and said, "That little rascal only has the Earth Realm cultivation base. Meanwhile, Ma QiDun is in the First Sky of the Spirit Realm. Moreover, Demon Dwellers are very good at fighting. If we face Ma QuiDun, I am afraid that we have more chance to lose than win. How can s.h.i.+Yan survive under Ma QiDun's pursuit until now?!"

Whether it was Tang YuanNan, GuShao, or Cao ZhiLan, they all opened their eyes wide, gazing at the scene inside the crystal.

"Do you think we should do something?" Tang YuanNan was stunned for a few seconds then quickly got his senses back and said, "That island is not far from here. I think if we are hurried, we can save him. Perhaps he will be the hope of the Endless Sea in the future."

GuShao's and YuQin's visages suddenly became strange.

"So?" Tang YuanNan's face darkened. He asked, "Don't you think so?"

"Watch a little bit more. If he cannot hold it anymore, it is still not late to go to save him." GaoShu knitted his eyebrows and said coldly, "I always have a feeling that it is a trap. Maybe ChiYan and other Demon Masters are all there together, and they just pretend to be weak so that we will go there and save him. That will then be easy for them to catch us all."

Yuqin also agreed with a nod, "Even though we are in the G.o.d Realm and have Teleport treasure, there are still some limits. If we really get trapped there, under the strength of ChiYan and other Demon Masters, we will hardly escape. Perhaps ChiYan has arranged the evil Heavenly Demon Wind G.o.d formation. Just think about Yang Tian Emperor's consequence."

Tang YuanNan's face suddenly changed. Although his heart wanted to save s.h.i.+Yan, he was a little indecisive having listened to those two people. It was because he also couldn't believe that s.h.i.+Yan with the Earth Realm cultivation base could survive that long in Ma QiDun's hand.

"s.h.i.+Yan's Profound Qi cannot be reunited. I knew about this when I was in the Sun Island. There should be something strange here." Cao ZhiLan's eyes were complicated as if she didn't want to believe that s.h.i.+Yan could withstand such a terrifying strength like that.

Believing what was happening in front of her eyes meant her judgment was wrong.

One day ago, she took the initiative to leave s.h.i.+Yan, drew a border with him, and wiped out her bud of love for s.h.i.+Yan in her heart.

She didn't want to admit that she had a short vision.

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