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The Kyara Sea, on a deserted island.

With the help of Ya ZhangFeng's Teleportation Treasure, the four people, Ye ZhangFeng, Lin YaQi, s.h.i.+Yan, and Xia XinYan, had luckily escaped the devastating attack of Demon King ChiYan.

There was no one on this desolated island. Other adjacent islands were also barren, didn't have any plants or gra.s.s, except for gray rocks.

Because of having used the Teleport Secret Treasure, Ye ZhangFeng and Ling YaQi had consumed a large amount of Profound Qi, and thus their faces now were a little pale. After they had arrived on this island, they still couldn't calm themselves; their eyes were full of shock and fear.

One palm of Demon King ChiYan had pierced through s.p.a.ces, covered the entire sky and earth, and instantly razed the island where the four of them had stopped earlier. That horrifying power had severely shocked all of them, made them understand more about the strength of this Third Sky of the Spirit Realm master from the Demon Area.

One palm of a Third Sky of the Spirit Realm warrior had crossed tens of thousands of miles while its earth-shaking devastating power didn't diminish, not even just a little bit. An island, as big as the G.o.d Stone Square, had easily been flattened, which was indescribably formidable.

ChiYan's strength was beyond s.h.i.+Yan's understanding. This was the first time he knew that a G.o.d Realm warrior could be that terrifying.

"Little Bai, what should we do now?"

Lin YaQi wore a distressed look on her face, dusted off her round b.u.m, gritted her teeth, and said helplessly, "This Sea is no longer peaceful. Unexpectedly, that Demon King still could find us even though we have run for a thousand miles away. I don't know if that guy can find us here."

"Go to the east, leave this Sea as soon as possible." Ye ZhangFeng stood up, cautiously looked up to the sky and said, "We cannot continue to teleport again; otherwise, we will not be able to stand it anymore and may suffer from the backfire. We can only use the Flying Secret Treasure to move."

Ling YaQi nodded.

s.h.i.+Yan and Xia XinYan blankly sat on a rock, looking up at the sky with their gloomy, dazed eyes.

Xia XinYan's grandfather had died, s.h.i.+Yan had lost LinDa, and the three people of Yi TianMo's group had been forced to yield under the pressure of the future of their children and their races.

Even the Snow Dragon Island had become the Demon Dweller's paradise.

The patriarch of the Wings Race, DiShan, and YuRou, had also become their partners.

This misfortune dispirited and depressed s.h.i.+Yan a lot even though he was always tough and optimistic.

"We should go now." Ye ZhagnFeng looked at the two of them, slightly shook his head and said, "Dead people cannot resurrect. The Demon Dwellers have appeared here all of a sudden. No one has ever expected that they had planned to come to the Sun Island and carry on this slaughter. Because of those who have died, you guys have to move on."

s.h.i.+Yan slowly nodded, his eyes were as sharp as a knife, "I understand."

"Let's go." Even though tears on her face hadn't been wiped out completely, Xia XinYan stood up determinedly then asked Ye ZhangFeng and Lin YaQi, "Where are we going?"

"Do you know the place where the great grandfather Xia Jing Hou is staying?" Ye ZhangFeng thought for a while before speaking, "Although your great grandfather is in his insanity, he still can be recovered if he takes the Vain Spirit Pellet. With his cultivation base, in addition to the predestined incident in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, once your great grandfather restores his sanity, his power will advance one step further. If he enters the Second Sky of the Spirit Realm, our safety is much more secured."

Xia Xinyan used her white handkerchief to wipe out the tears and then nodded with a sad face, "I know that place. But, we no longer have the Vain Spirit Pellet. Even if we arrive there, it is just useless."

"Who says so?" Ye ZhangFeng sneered and opened his left hand. The Vain Spirit Pellet he had already offered now appeared in his palm.

Under the other three people's astonished eyes, Ye ZhangFeng said with a low voice, "I have done a little trick with this Vain Spirit Pellet. Actually, I have wanted to take advantage of this Vain Spirit Pellet to find your great grandfather. After your grandfather's death, I have taken it back before using the Teleport Secret Treasure."

Xia XinYan's beautiful face became angry.

Ye ZhangFeng's face was full of embarra.s.sment. He shook his head and said with a smile, "This Vain Spirit Pellet is truly precious. After I have given it to you, I was afraid that you would not keep your words, so I have stealthily done the trick. If I were not careful, perhaps this Vain Spirit Pellet could have no longer existed."

"Alright," Lin YaQi knitted her eyebrow, said impatiently, "This place is only around two thousand miles away from the Sun Island. It is not safe here. I think we should quickly leave this place first and then we will discuss later. Otherwise, once ChiYan's soul consciousness arrives, we hardly leave here alive."

s.h.i.+Yan nodded and said, "Let's go."

The storage ring on Ye ZhangFeng flashed up, and a lozenge silver carpet suddenly appeared, floating in front of him.

He revealed a faint smile, his body flashed up, then instantly re-appeared on the carpet. He spoke to s.h.i.+Yan and Xia XinYan, "This flying carpet has been created by my evil master. Even though its speed is far less than that of the Teleport Secret Treasure, its full speed is still much faster than that of the Third Sky of the Spirit Realm warrior. Hop on, you guys."

While Ye ZhangFeng was speaking, Lin YaQi had casually gotten on the carpet then urged s.h.i.+Yan and Xia XinYan to hurry.

Xia XinYan's face still didn't look good. However, she knew the current situation was very dangerous and thus quickly jumped on the flying carpet without overthinking. She moved a little toward Lin YaQi to spare some s.p.a.ce for s.h.i.+Yan.

s.h.i.+Yan looked up to the sky with dark eyes. He was about to jump on the carpet, but his face suddenly changed.

A wicked consciousness, which was now only one thousand miles away, was storming in from nowhere. s.h.i.+Yan understood that this evil consciousness came for him.

"That's the Demon Master Ma QiDun." The Ice Cold Flame's consciousness suddenly resounded from the Blood Vein Ring. "This guy has your soul aura, and thus he has locked you. He is the First Sky of the Spirit Realm warrior. The distance of ten thousand miles only took him around half an hour. After half an hour, he will certainly appear here."

s.h.i.+Yan's eyes became cold while he immediately sent out a message, "Can I avoid him?"

"His soul accomplishment is higher than yours. As your soul has been targeted, it 's hard to escape from him unless you can teleport ten thousand miles in just a flash. Otherwise, he will always know your position." The Ice Cold Flame helplessly replied, "It seems you cannot escape from this fatal destiny. Within this short distance, you have no chance to survive being hit by a full-power strike of a G.o.d Realm warrior."

s.h.i.+Yan's body became freezing; he exhaustedly slumped down on the ground.

Previously, he had always been full of confidence in himself as he had a.s.sumed that he had an innate ability and perseverance that no one could be compared. In only five years, he had broken through straight to the Peak Earth Realm from the elementary Realm. Besides, he also possessed different kinds of mysterious Martial Spirits as well as peculiar living forms like the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame. He had been expected to surpa.s.s everyone else in the future.

Today's shock had destroyed his self-confidence, making him understand that his current Peak Earth Realm cultivation base was still weak. When facing the real strong warriors, he realized he was too fragile, didn't even have a trace of resistance power.

The agitation that ChiYan had brought about had pulled him down from the clouds, made him recognize his real current situation.

Also today, he earnestly comprehended that only mighty powers could a.s.sure his safety in this cruel world. He had been relying on the people of Yi TianMo's group or DiShan's group for a span of time, but at the critical moment, that relations.h.i.+p was no longer reliable, and he couldn't save himself.

In this world, everything depended on their owns; one should not hope to entrust his life to someone else.

He decided from now on, he would give up all the unrealistic illusions, and enhance his own strength.

Unfortunately, when he realized these things, he was also about to be crushed to death by Ma QiDun.

"Three of you should go now. I still have something to do." s.h.i.+Yan helplessly sat down cross-legged, raised his head looking at Xia XinYan's heart-stirring face, then gently said, "XinYan, take care. I hope that we will see each other again one day."

Xia XinYan's elegant body slightly trembled while her beautiful eyes displayed an astonis.h.i.+ng look. She caressingly asked, "What do you want to do?" She had realized something strange in s.h.i.+Yan's voice.

s.h.i.+Yan had never been this depressed before. He seemed to give up his hopes.

She and s.h.i.+Yan had known each other for long, but she had never seen s.h.i.+Yan expose this demeanor. She felt that he should certainly have made a bad decision.

"Little rascal, what are you doing?" Ye ZhangFeng shouted, "The Hengluo Sea is very complicated now. Your G.o.d Realm warriors have yielded to the Demon Dwellers, so what else do you want to do here? Do you want to suicide?"

"Ma QiDun has locked me. He will be here in half an hour. If you guys don't go now, you will never be able to leave here." s.h.i.+Yan inhaled a deep breath and then spoke to Ye ZhangFeng, "Control XinYan and take her out of here. I don't know where you are heading, but I always want her to live well."

Ye ZhangFeng's body s.h.i.+vered.


Lin YaQi stretched out her hand, placing it on Xia XinYan's long neck. A soft, resilient flow of strength instantly infiltrated into Xia XinYan's body, exhausting her body, putting her into unconsciousness.

Before falling into the coma, she had struggled, wanting to come down from the carpet, but Lin YaQi had grabbed her back quickly.

"Thank you." s.h.i.+Yan relaxed, revealed a smile and urged, "Take her away. I am happy to know you both. After she wakes up, tell her that in this world, she is the only woman who touches my heart."

"Take care. I hope we would see you again." Ye ZhangFeng's face was extremely heavy. He stared at s.h.i.+Yan and slowly nodded, "I will tell her exactly what you have said without lacking a word. But, I hope that you can tell her about this by yourself one day in the future."

After that, without waiting for Lin YaQi to say more words, Ye ZhangFeng activated the silver flying carpet, turning into a beam of light, and das.h.i.+ng toward the east.

The three of them disappeared in the horizon.

s.h.i.+Yan sat on the ground, blankly watching them flying away.

He subconsciously thought that he could hardly see them again.

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