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Ye ZhangFeng and Lin YaQi left the manor, heading to the Sacred Light Mountain. They excitedly laughed and talked together on the way, didn't let s.h.i.+Yan's mutant Martial Spirit affect their moods.

"Little Bai, tell me if s.h.i.+Yan will be discouraged because of the mutation of his Martial Spirit?" Lin YaQi asked with a regretful tone while watching the sunrise and then s.h.i.+fting her eyes to the Sacred Light Mountain which was immersed in the morning light. "That guy's ability is not bad. It is such a pity if he cannot become a warrior just because of that mutant Martial Spirit."

Ye ZhangFeng laughed out loud, dispiritedly waving the feather fan and said sluggishly, "Why do you need to care about him? It is not easy to deal with that guy even when he doesn't use his Profound Qi."

"What can he do without the Profound Qi?" Lin YaQi was a little puzzled. "Profound Qi is the cultivating foundation of all warriors. No Profound Qi means no forces. Later on, either in fighting or doing something else, without Profound Qi, it is not good at all."

"He will not be like that," Ye ZhangFeng remained his normal face, dragging a strange smile out of the corner of his mouth. "Although the Profound Qi in his body had vanished completely, I was still struck away when I was exploring his body. Don't you feel it was bizarre?"

After hearing what Ye ZhangFeng had said, Lin YaQi was astonished and suddenly recalled what had happened earlier.

When s.h.i.+Yan had fallen into the strange state, Ye ZhangFeng had explored s.h.i.+Yan's body, but then had been struck away by the purple light on s.h.i.+ Yan's right arm, breaking through three rooms before falling into the garden.

If s.h.i.+Yan had lost his Profound Qi, what had he relied on to be able to knock Ye ZhangFeng away? The more Lin YaQi thought, the more suspicious she felt. As a result, she couldn't help but ask, "Does he have some transformation?"

"He did have a little change," Ye ZhangFeng nodded with a smile and said, "He will gradually get familiar with the new transformation of his body. If he understands his body well, he will still be a dangerous man even without the Profound Qi."

Lin YaQi frighteningly sputtered, almost screamed out loud.

Ye ZhangFeng beamed a faint smile and didn't explain anything further. He quickly walked toward the Sacred Light Mountain.

In the forest at the northwest of the Sun Island.

Pine trees formed a peculiar formation, which prevented souls from penetrating. Many flags hung up on the pine trees. Those flags had drawings of many toxic insects, which were very lively as if they were moving on the flags for real, giving people a devilish feeling.

There was only one simple wooden house situated in the pine forest surrounded by rubble. Those pieces of stone seemed to be arranged accordingly to some kind of formation, forming a mysterious formation altogether.

Chilling layers of smoke rolled up from that wooden house. The ambiguous mist of smoke brought along the strange aura which paralyzed people's nerves and dazed people's mind. Anyone who inhaled this aura would instantly be affected, unable to stand firmly.

"Crack crack." A strange noise resounded from that wooden house.

Inside the house, a person with unknown appearance was enclosed in a gloomy light, sitting on a wooden bed and slightly trembling. The bed also lurched accordingly, creating strange squeaks nonstop. It then collapsed eventually.

When the wooden bed collapsed, that person also fell onto the pile of wood chips. The muddy gray light was still wrapping the body as before, which made people hardly see that person's real appearance.

"Rustling rustling."

As soon as the crisp sound of dried leaves arose from outside the house, the person who had just fallen instantly pulled himself together. The light gradually faded away, and thus, that person's appearance became clearer.

That was a middle-aged man in a gray tunic with unfriendly appearance, gray-white beard and hair, an aquiline nose, long and thin eyebrows, thin lips, strict eyes, and dark skin. He gave people a cagey feeling.

"Uncle," Dong FangHe's voice came up. He slightly called out and stood motionlessly outside the house, didn't dare to step inside.

The person inside the house with cold and miasmal eyes gradually stood up, stepped out of the door, attentively looking ahead for a while before slightly snorted and called Dong FangHe, "Come in."

Dong FangHe walked inside then said, "I went over there yesterday. That little rascal didn't want to meet me. Even the three unidentified G.o.d Realm warriors didn't want it either. On the way, I met other people from other forces who also paid them a visit, and they were not an exception as all were rejected. I didn't see anyone who was allowed to step in their accommodation."

Seeing the broken bed, Dong FangHe was very frightened but didn't show it on his face. He calmly told that person what had happened.

"I have just come back from there by using the soul." His voice and eyes became sharp and cold. "Those three G.o.d Realm warriors have exceptional soul accomplishment. I also saw that the little rascal s.h.i.+ Yan seems to have cultivated until falling into the 'possessed by the Devil' state. I was about to penetrate his consciousness to check but got hindered by the unity of those three people, which even harmed my soul. If it weren't that I had put forth all of my spiritual power into my soul, I perhaps wouldn't have gotten out of there alive."

Dong FangHe's face suddenly changed; he couldn't help but scream in fear, "How could it be?"

"Hmm," That person threw him a cold glance while his entire body emitted a bone-chilling aura. He said, "In this world, the number of people who have the profound understanding of the soul is countless. Those three people have impressed me very much in this terms. In the Endless Sea, except for Yang Yi Tian who has unreachable soul level, those three people have shocked me as well. I don't know where they are from and why they are willing to support the Yang family."

"Uncle, are they the remaining people of Yang Tian Emperor?" Dong FangHe hesitated a little bit before speaking, "Although Yang Tian Emperor has been confined in the Demon Area, everyone knows that the Yang family's ability is unfathomable. Those three people might have some relation to Yang Tian Emperor."

"Yang Tian Emperor," The man gritted his teeth while his face was full of envy, and his eyes were as sharp as an ice saber. It looked like Yang Tian Emperor was his archenemy.

"Three years ago, Dong Fang family's people arrived at the Kyara Sea and realized that there was not a sound from high-cla.s.s warriors or pagans in the Immortal Island of the Yang family. All of them had disappeared. Although the Immortal Island and the Kyara Sea were occupied, the Yang family's forces did not suffer a great loss. If Yang Tian Emperor could escape from the capture, the Yang family could have still been as strong as before." Dong FangHe said with a low voice.

"They are absolutely not the remaining people of Yang Tian Emperor." The man revealed a cold smile, snorted then said, "With his combative ambitions, if Yang Tian Emperor has three G.o.d Realm warriors in his hands, the Hengluo Sea and the Black Water Sea should soon have become his territory, losing their freedom for a long time already."

Dong FangHe was surprised, carefully thought over about it, and then nodded.

"The meeting will start tomorrow. I will not expose myself anymore so that those three people couldn't detect me." The man was hesitant before instructing Dong FangHe, "You quickly investigate the ident.i.ty of those three people, discover their relations.h.i.+p with the Yang family. Each of the forces here has their own plans and conspiracies; they don't have consensus. So, we should not let our guard down to avoid any mistakes."

"Martial Holy Palace doesn't seem to have any actions." Dong FangHe nodded and replied.

"Yang Yi Tian should have his own plan. As he has invited us to the Sun Island, he should definitely know the situation of the Sun Island like the back of his hand. Zhong Li Dun perhaps will show up at the meeting tomorrow." The man said while knitting his eyebrows.

"Zhong Li Dun," Dong FangHe mumbled suspiciously, "Is this guy who ranks the first on the Power Rankings valued that much? Yang Yi Tian also believes in him? He is still young after all, is he capable enough so that Yang Yi Tian would let him have full control over this matter?"

"That fellow is more dangerous than you think." The man coldly harrumphed and continued, "Yang Yi Tian has directly taught him martial arts for ten years. He will definitely be one of the dominators of the Endless Sea. If Yang Yi Tian let him handle this matter, it means Yang Yi Tian believes in his ability."

Dong FangHe was astonished.

"It is said that ordinary Sky Realm warriors are not his opponents." The man said coldly.

Dong FangHe's face finally changed in fear.

s.h.i.+ Yan took the papers out of the Blood Vein Ring and handed to Yi Tian Mo while smiling, "You temporarily take care of this stuff."

The first sunbeam pierced through the window and the cracks on the stone wall caused by the soul fight at the previous night, lighting up the entire room.

As the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group didn't like the sunlight, they found the dark corners to stay while wearing gloomy faces.

s.h.i.+ Yan had asked Xia ShengChuan and Xia XinYan to leave, so there were only s.h.i.+ Yan and the three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan in the room.

"Master, what do you mean by saying it?" A beam of light glimmered in Yi Tian Mo's eyes while his face was a little unhappy. He didn't lift his hands to receive the papers.

After chuckling to himself, s.h.i.+ Yan kept pus.h.i.+ng the papers toward Yi Tian Mo and said, "These papers are the owners.h.i.+p proof of some big islands in the Seas. However, the main forces that have handed them to me might not comply with the covenants. Once the Demon Dwellers' peril is solved, it is not sure that they will rest on their laurels. However, when the Demon Dwellers' threat is still there, they will temporarily be patient, didn't dare to be rebellious."

Yi Tian Mo kept silent without uttering a word.

"I know your tribe has just arrived at the Endless Sea and you are still not familiar with the Grace Mainland. I also know that the Demonic Sound Clan needs precious and rare materials for your cultivation; especially the spiritual pellets and the icy Yin stones are essentially important to your cultivation base." s.h.i.+ Yan talked to them naturally, "You can seize the time to send your men to these islands and harvest the necessary things, preparing for the future."

The three people of Yi Tian Mo's group still didn't open their mouths while their faces were getting more complicated.

"I originally wanted to take advantage of the major chaos in the Endless Sea to help you guys obtain enough resources before your return. Currently, the number of the islands in my hands is not many, but it's still better than nothing. You should quickly gather more valuable things on these islands and then prepare to leave this area."

"Before your soul scatters and perishes, you are still our Master." After keeping silent for a long while, Yi Tian Mo then received those papers and stressed each word, "Even if we have to leave, we will leave with you. If you don't go, we will also stay with you."

Ya Meng and Ka Ba immediately nodded.

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