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s.h.i.+Yan was silent while his face looked a little odd. He was still quietly condensing the Sky and Earth aura without saying a word.

The three people of Yi TianMo's group, Ye ZhangFeng, and others had scattered further away from him, surrounding and watching him in silence. A beam of regret and disappointment flickered in the eyes of the four people Ye ZhangFeng, Cao ZhiLan, Lin YaQi, and Xia ShenChuan as if they were watching s.h.i.+Yan falling into a deep abyss from the G.o.d position in the sky. Because of this mutation, he would probably lose his will and hardly break through the next realm.

Xia XinYan's face looked calm, but her heart was actually agitated. She didn't dare to imagine that if s.h.i.+Yan couldn't condense the Sky and Earth aura, how the situation would be. When he lost his body strength completely and became an ordinary person, she wasn't sure if he could stand it, given his haughtiness.

Yi TianMo, KaBa, and YaMeng were even more anxious. They had served s.h.i.+ Yan as their Master, betting the future of the Demonic Sound Clan on him. If s.h.i.+Yan became an ordinary person, they would be lashed for this.

Under the other people's scrutinizing eyes, s.h.i.+ Yan closed his eyes, attentively condensing the Sky and Earth aura. The Black Head Lotus tattoo on his chest started exerting its effect, gathering the Sky and Earth aura around him, creating a flow of the spiritual aura pouring into his chest. After condensing a little bit and being controlled by his spirit, this flow of aura flowed along the vessels toward the beam of Profound Qi light on his belly. This beam of Profound Qi light was the fist-sized tornado-like type. When s.h.i.+Yan sent his spirit into it, he realized that its interior was empty, not a single Profound Qi nor the marvelous ancient Profound Qi tree remained. Only the nihility existed there.

Previously, the first step of the cultivating process was to gather the Sky and Earth aura which would be refined and condensed by the tornado on his belly to transform into the feeble Profound Qi that then poured into the center of the tornado and converged at the beam of Profound Qi light. However, this time was different.

After the Sky and Earth aura had poured into that tornado, the whirling speed was enhanced rapidly. But after a while, the Sky and Earth aura which had just poured into the tornado disappeared again as if it had swirly diffused and gotten out through the pores on the belly instead of being condensed and transformed into the purified Profound Qi.

s.h.i.+Yan was worried but not hopeless. He continued condensing and refining the Profound Qi. However, the result was still the same.

After he had condensed the Sky and Earth aura and poured them into the tornado, during the spinning time, the tornado threw out all the aura that had just been poured in. As the Profound Qi was gone, the tornado also slowed down and eventually was motionless like a dead pond. His mood gradually sank into the bottom of the gla.s.s as his face became grimaced.

When the three people of Yi TianMo's group saw his gloomy face, they were worried if he could endure this fatal shock or not.

"It seems this Martial Spirit's anomaly has stopped you from being able to gather the Profound Qi. If so, you have no Profound Qi to use." Ye ZhangFeng slightly released a sigh and regretfully said, "Without the Profound Qi, you cannot be considered a warrior. Such a pity…"

Cao ZhiLan's charming face slightly changed. Her beautiful eyes gazed at s.h.i.+Yan complicatedly for a moment while she was thinking about not to build up the relations.h.i.+p with s.h.i.+Yan anymore. Due to this mutation, her previous romantic interest in him had been restrained reasonably. Such a regret. Cao ZhiLan quietly thought as her picturesque eyebrows knitted tightly. Her mind was considering the relation with s.h.i.+Yan's group. She felt that giving her lifetime happiness in s.h.i.+Yan's hands right now was extremely unwise. Therefore, she decided to leave s.h.i.+Yan, giving up her initial choice.

Xia ShenChuan was frustrated. In fact, Cao ZhiLan's and his way of thinking were similar. He considered s.h.i.+Yan the future Master of the Yang family who could surpa.s.s Yang Tian Emperor one day to become the most admiral warrior in the Endless Sea. He had felt that s.h.i.+Yan could help the Xia family regain the top position. Regretfully, the entire plan had been thwarted by the mutation of s.h.i.+Yan's Martial Spirit. It was no longer practical. However, his intention was different from Cao ZhiLan's. He didn't decide to stay away from s.h.i.+ Yan; instead, he wanted to advise and comfort him in the hope of s.h.i.+Yan could pull himself together and wouldn't easily collapse because of this upheaval.

"It's alright," Xia XinYan was still smiling, looking at s.h.i.+Yan and then gently said, "I believe that you will recover. At least, you will still have a chance to start all over again."

s.h.i.+Yan's face was toneless like a rock. However, after hearing Xia XinYan' words, he felt moved and regained some hope.

That's right. At most, he will start everything over again. As he first came here, his body was just ordinary and nothing special anyway.

Thanks to the Mystery Martial Spirit's effect, his body had gained a little of Profound Qi. After a long time of hards.h.i.+ps and striving, together with the help of the Mystery Martial Spirit, he had reached the Peak Earth Realm in just a short time.

Presently, although he couldn't gather and condense the Profound Qi, he was still able to use the forces in his meridians. Moreover, his Sea of Consciousness had been formed; many secrets still stayed hidden in his body; his rings still contained and controlled the Ice Cold Flame, the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame, and the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame. All those things could provide him with strength. As long as he used them well, he would not be worse than before; moreover, n.o.body was sure that his current incident of impossibly gathering the Profound Qi could not be cured.

He vaguely felt that this incident was just temporary, which might have something related to the mutation of the Mystery Martial Spirit. Waited until the mutation was over, he would restore his normal state.

"I am okay. I will think about this carefully. I perhaps will have a solution for it."

A bunch of thoughts zoomed over in his head, but s.h.i.+Yan still forced a smile and remained his calm face then said, "I need time."

"Yeah, I believe you can recover." Xia XinYan revealed a smile and said.

"I hope you are lucky enough," Ye ZhangFeng slightly shook his head, looking at s.h.i.+Yan with strange, meaningful eyes. "The transformation caused by the Mystery Martial Spirit's mutation is usually hard to recover. I just want to warn you in advance so that you can be well prepared. Moreover, if you want to find a way to fix this, your right arm should be the key."

s.h.i.+Yan knitted his eyebrows but didn't say anything.

"Sure you are not in a good mood today." Ye ZhangFeng beamed a faint smile, "I don't bother you anymore then. We will take a walk and buy some stuff in the auction of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland on the way." After a short pause, Ye ZhangFeng continued, "I want to stay here tonight. Is it possible?"

"Up to you," said s.h.i.+Yan. "Anyway, there are many chambers here. Another two more people of you would not make it cramped. You can come if you want."

"That's good." Ye ZhangFeng nodded, signaling Lin YaQi, and then both of them left together.

"s.h.i.+Yan, can you remove the Formation Technique in my soul?" Cao ZhiLan had contemplated for a long while before speaking up with a smile, "I can rightfully hand out five islands of the Cao family as the ransom for my freedom. Is it okay?"

While she was talking, her storage ring suddenly flared up and a sheaf of papers emerged from her white hand.

Cao ZhiLan's smile was still beautiful, but it seemed to lack something. After giving s.h.i.+Yan those papers, she gently retracted her hand and said, "Those five islands all have mineral mines and exceptional auras, which are not inferior to those of the Gu family. What do you think?"

From Cao ZhiLan's manners and tone, s.h.i.+ Yan obviously understood why she had that kind of deeds. He secretly smirked within his heart and emotionlessly said, "Possible."

Upon his words, s.h.i.+Yan regarded Yi TianMo with complicated eyes and said, "Can I ask for your help?"

The three people of Yi TianMo's group remained their calm faces and gravely nodded to s.h.i.+Yan. They didn't change their att.i.tude toward s.h.i.+Yan just because of his body's mutant transformation.

s.h.i.+Yan was a little bit a.s.sured after seeing their att.i.tude. He then said with a sarcastic tone, "Remove the formation technique for her, set her free. My current situation cannot afford to keep that dangerous slave."

Cao ZhiLan's long eyelashes slightly s.h.i.+vered while she was looking at s.h.i.+ Yan with a complicated visage. After a while, she released a sigh and said, "s.h.i.+Yan, although there is no more chance between you and me, I still have to say that you are the only man who has ever moved me. Regretfully, we are not meant to be together. Sigh."

The three people of Yi TianMo's group bowed, sending their souls into her brain altogether.

Just after a short while, as soon as a noise resounded in Cao ZhiLan's brain, her soul has been freed from the control of the formation technique.

"I hope you don't lose your will. Take care of yourself." Cao ZhiLan looked at s.h.i.+ Yan, slightly released a sigh, and then glided away.

s.h.i.+Yan sneered with a mocking face but didn't say anything further.

"That woman is dangerous indeed, very decisive and straightforward. As soon as she has realized that things are going out of her plan, she immediately cuts off the bond, doesn't let herself get hurt." Xia ShenChuan watched Cao ZhiLan's figure, contemplated for a while before speaking, "She is very decisive even though she is still young. We cannot disdain this girl in the future. Although I don't like her, I have to admit that she is not easy to deal with."

"It is normal." s.h.i.+Yan revealed a smile. "As a lady from a big family, she has been fed with many thoughts of fights for power, and thus, she has never felt safe. Her wicked intentions are very big, so she needs to find a leverage force to carry on her dreams. When she has realized that I could not bring her what she wants, she decisively leaves me at once. I really admire her at this point."

"Why don't you have any discontent?" Xia XinYan was somehow astonished.

"It is not the first time I have encountered this, I have understood…" s.h.i.+Yan revealed a faint smile and said, "Not only do I understand the situation but I also know her very well. Everyone has different purposes. There is nothing wrong with choosing a better man for a better future. As long as she doesn't fish in the troubled water taking advantage of my current situation to do something bad, I have nothing to be discontented."

"You have actually thought it through," Xia SengChuan exclaimed, "Seeing you optimistic instead of disappointed and dispirited, I am now less worried."

"I just temporarily cannot gather and condense the Profound Qi. It doesn't mean that I'm going to die. So, it's useless to be frustrated." s.h.i.+Yan dragged a smile out of the corner of his mouth. "Even when I don't have the Profound Qi, it is not sure that Nirvana Realm warriors can defeat me."

Xia ShengChuan was astonished.

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