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In the room, the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group were sitting in three different directions surrounding s.h.i.+ Yan. Ye ZhangFeng was in the middle, and the other people were beside him, remaining alerted with somber faces.

Cao Zhi Lan and Xia XinYan stopped opposing each other; instead, they both raised their heads up looking toward the sky and were carefully watching around.

Only Lin Ya Qi was leisurely. She took out a purple headscarf on which the image of clouds was embroidered. The clouds seemed to have several kinds of plants embroidered inside it as well. Putting the headscarf on, Lin Ya Qi was even more comfortable, deliberately looking east to west.

As soon as she put on the headscarf, the clouds on it started moving slowly, and the plants inside the clouds began to grow miraculously and quickly spread out the entire headscarf in a blink.

Those plants rapidly emitted a strange flow of spiritual power that produced many peculiar circles of light wrapping around Lin Ya Qi's head and eventually covering her entire body.

Those circles of light swayed and wiggled before flying up to the sky. They then stopped at the place where the Soul Defensive Formation of the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group had condensed earlier.

"Sacred Level Secret Treasure!" Cao Zhi Lan's beautiful face was full of astonishment while she was glancing at the purple headscarf on Lin Yi Qi's head. She said with a gentle voice, "It is also the Sacred Level Secret Treasure of the Soul Defensive type. It is really surprising indeed."

Xia XinYan's and Xia ShenChuan's eyes were glowing while they quietly nodded their heads.

No wonder why this girl didn't seem to worry at all. It turned out that she had the Sacred Level Secret Treasure of the Soul Defensive type. She obviously didn't need to be worried at all when holding that kind of treasure in her hand.

There were a few of the Sacred Level Secret Treasures in the Endless Sea, and all of them were in the hands of the most powerful forces of the Endless Sea.

The Sacred Level Secret Treasures was always the most precious value of each Sect. It could sometimes be even more valuable than the G.o.d Realm warriors themselves.

All of the Sacred Level Secret Treasures were in the G.o.d Realm warriors' hands, and only the G.o.d Realm warriors were able to make the most use of those treasures' powers, as well as protecting and keeping them safe.

The Sacred Level Secret Treasure could be transmitted throughout many generations. It was seemingly unable to be destroyed, and thus, its value could be sometimes higher than that of the G.o.d Ream warriors.

Currently, although Lin Ya Qi was still ranked at the Peak Earth Realm, she already possessed a Sacred Level Secret Treasure. Xia ShenChuan and Cao Zhi Lan were terrified when they kept thinking about this. They couldn't imagine how powerful her Old Master's ability could be. Xia XinYan was certain that the person who offered a Sacred Level Secret Treasure to another one was definitely an extremely powerful one.

"Creak creak creak."

Some peculiar sounds came up from the roof of the house. Everyone raised their heads up and realized that the roof was being oppressed by layer upon layer of ripples and would explode soon.

The dazzling light suddenly flared up while different kinds of soul powers intertwined in the air, which brought other people a feeling that those souls were about to break. It was terrifying.

Even Xia XinYan and Cao Zhi Lan, the future masters of the Endless Sea, didn't seem to be able to endure it. Under the waves of energy, the buzzing noise resounded in their heads that seemed like it was going to explode very soon. That was still taking place given the situation where the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group had already set up the Soul Defensive Formation.

If the Soul Defensive Formation hadn' been created by the unity of the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group above their heads, the people under that formation should have been crushed by that tremendous soul power until their souls scattered and perished.

Until now, only Lin Ya Qin was unharmed. With the effects of the purple headscarf, she wasn't affected at all. She kept s.h.i.+fting her eyes from here to there, even showed a little of the boringness as if she didn't know what was happening above their heads.

The faces of the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group were terrifyingly somber. Their minds had never been as concentrated as this moment.

With their soul cultivation Realm, they certainly would not lose to this intruder in a one-on-one battle. Yi Tian Mo could even be a little bit stronger. However, they had to be more careful this time as there were many people in the room. The purpose of the three of them was not only to resist the enemy's soul attacks but also to a.s.sure the other people's safety, which was their number one priority. That was why they were enc.u.mbered and had to spare a part of their soul powers to arrange many layers of the Soul Defense to protect s.h.i.+ Yan and the others from being harmed.

Because they had used the majority of their powers in defense, they obviously couldn't concentrate all of their soul powers to launch any other kinds of powerful attacks.


The roof of the house exploded. In the middle of five-colored soul dots of light, many peculiar light circles from Lin Ya Qi's headscarf suddenly condensed into an ent.i.ty and then turned into thin curtains of light that restrained the soul powers striking from above.

"Leave the defense to me. You guys focus on dealing with that fellow." Lin Ya Qi was a little impatient. She couldn't help but shout, "No worries. He won't be able to break my Sacred Level Secret Treasure. You can comfortably combine all of your powers to fight."

The eyebrows of the three of them slightly arched, which indicated that they were about to launch the full-power attacks.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh."

Numerous rays appeared. Tens of thousands of light soul beams twisted together and crushed the opponent's soul in just a few seconds.

Scattering soul dots of light which resulted from their fight were blocked by the curtains of light that had been emitted from Lin Ya Qi's headscarf.

Many flows of soul aura quickly disappeared. Lin Ya Qi raised her head up looking towards the sky for a while before retrieving her headscarf and mumbling, "That stealthy b.a.s.t.a.r.d is annoying. He deserves bad luck."


Yi Tian Mo slightly exhaled, slowly opened his eyes, and said with a somber look, "His soul got injured this time. It will not recover in a short time. He probably won't dare to come here again."

Ya Meng and Ka Ba opened their eyes wide with elated faces and kept on grinning.

The cultivation base of those three people was not inferior to that of the opponent. If it weren't because they had been distracted in protecting the other people, that fellow wouldn't have dared to break in.

Even if the fellow had calculated it by hook, he would have never expected Lin Ya Qi to be present here, and more importantly that she had the peculiar Sacred Level Secret Treasure. Thanks to this secret treasure, Lin Ya Qi had freed the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group from the enc.u.mbrance, helping them in being able to launch their full-power attacks and seriously harm the opponent.


While everyone was excited, the purple light on s.h.i.+ Yan's right arm noisily exploded all of a sudden. The violently intense lights created many flows of power like ocean waves that ma.s.sively spread out with the tremendous aura that could even wash mountains away.

Ye ZhangFeng's skinny body was struck away, breaking through three layers of walls before falling in the middle of the garden.

At the same time, s.h.i.+ Yan's Sea of Consciousness was suddenly shaken, his host soul slightly trembled. He also opened his eyes. s.h.i.+ Yan's eyes were somehow in a daze, looking at the people surrounding him. He asked with astonishment, "What are you guys doing?"

"Korf korf."

In the middle of the garden, Ye ZhangFeng constantly dry-coughed before standing up. His face was pale with a trickle of blood gus.h.i.+ng out from the corner of his mouth. He took the pellet while walking over and miserably speaking, "s.h.i.+ Yan, you've made me injured, you have to be responsible for this."

Lin Ya Qin astonis.h.i.+ngly asked while her face changed dramatically, "Little Bai, you, are you injured?"

Ye ZhangFeng awkwardly nodded.

"Hahaha, interesting!"

Lin Ya Qi wasn't worried; instead, she clapped her hands and gloatingly said, "That's fantastic. It's not easy to see you get injured. It is interesting when you are injured although you have many secret treasures on your body."

"Little rascal, you are dangerous indeed. You could even get Little Bai injured. Good, very good. Your ability seems to have proved that you are qualified enough to fight against a Nirvana Realm warrior. As far as I have known, the First Sky of the Nirvana Realm warrior even has to take risks to be able to harm Little Bai."

After hearing what she had just said, other people couldn't help but be surprised, shockingly looking at s.h.i.+ Yan, and then Ye ZhangFeng. According to Lin Ya Qi, Ye ZhangFeng's ability was even more terrifying than that of a Nirvana Realm warrior! With the Heaven Flame, together with many secret treasures, and his shocking ability, this guy was indeed a monster.

"What happened?" s.h.i.+ Yan knitted his eyebrows.

"It is like this…" Yi Tian Mo seriously told him about what had happened before asking, "What happened to you last night?"

"According to your a.s.sumption, I have accidentally encountered the 'possessed by the Devil' while cultivating?" s.h.i.+ Yan shuddered but remained calm while speaking.

While talking, he quietly transmitted the spirit power to his right arm and realized that each muscle fiber in his right arm was flooded with some kind of strange powers. These powers stayed hidden in each of his muscle fibers, and it was not easy to detect them unless he used his spirit power. It was unknown why his right arm also became so abnormally heavy that he could hardly move it. Meanwhile, his left arm was still fine. As soon as he effortlessly swung it up, the mirage appeared right away.

After quietly sensing for a while, he frighteningly realized that the weight difference between the left and the right hand was not only one hundred times. His face turned pale with fear inside his heart when he bewilderedly and shockingly looked at his right arm.

He remembered clearly that before he had been unconscious, six hundred thirty-nine muscles on his body had been shaking nonstop. This kind of tremor had spread out all over his body, flooding into his Sea of Consciousness and his host soul, and then constantly agitated his entire body. In this kind of state, the mystical power and his entire body's Profound Qi converged together and absorbed into his right hand, fusing with the muscles there to form some kind of peculiar transformation. Currently, when this transformation had ended, his right arm was now overwhelmed with the mighty refined power which also caused the weight increase and the difficulty in the movements of this arm. After all, was this good or bad?

"It's not the 'possessed by the Devil' state." While s.h.i.+ Yan was still thinking with his strange face, Ye ZhangFeng suddenly spoke up. Under other people's astonished eyes, he smiled and confirmed, "That is the mutant Martial Spirit."

Everyone's faces changed.

The Martial Spirit's mutation was extremely complicated. Its rate was microscopic, and ordinary people hardly noticed it. Even the people who had experienced it didn't know that they had already undergone the transforming process of the anomalous Martial Spirit. There had ever been many tales about the Martial Spirit's mutation, including its mystery or unpredictability. However, no one knew why or how the Martial Spirit mutated, nor were they able to control this kind of mutation.

Normally, the Martial Spirit's mutation only occurred in a specific phenomenal circ.u.mstance. No one possibly knew of this mutation before it actually happened and couldn't stop it while it was happening. After the mutation, the Martial Spirit transformed irregularly and marvelously. That was the special feature of the mutant Martial Spirit's.

The Martial Spirit's mutation was not something fun to the warriors. The Martial Spirit's mutation wasn't a good thing to many of them. Let's take the Flora Martial Spirit as an example. Before the mutation, while fighting with other people, one would immediately have an advantage as long as they were in a luxuriant and verdant forest; they could even rely only on the Martial Spirit to be able to control trees and plants to wrap and squeeze their enemies to death without the use of their forces. However, after the Martial Spirit mutated, the ability to control plants might disappear, and the fighting strength might also dramatically decrease, except for the remaining ability to foster and nourish trees and plants.

A lot of Martial Spirits were very dangerous before the mutation but were clearly weakened after the mutation.

However, nothing was absolute. There were also some cases where the Martial Spirits became stronger after the mutation, which enhanced its intimidation. This probability always existed, just much lower than the chances that the Martial Spirits got weakened. Therefore, everyone's faces remarkably changed when they heard that s.h.i.+ Yan's Martial Spirit had just mutated as they all a.s.sumed that was the bad mutation, especially when this kind of Martial Spirit's mutation had caused s.h.i.+ Yan's Profound Qi to have been completely consumed. That made other people more anxious.

"Although I don't know how this kind of Martial Spirit's anomaly will develop, I am sure that the mutation has occurred. It's just I still don't know whether it will continue happening or not." Ye ZhangFeng looked at s.h.i.+ Yan with a complicated face and said, "As this mutation prevents you from gathering the Profound Qi, it might not give you many chances to be able to break through, and thus, the mutation will probably happen in the bad direction."

After hearing what he had said, the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group and Xia XinYan were even more worried. Everyone knew what it meant when being unable to gather the Profound Qi. A warrior who couldn't gather the Profound Qi was not a warrior anymore. Having no Profound Qi meant having no source of strength. A warrior without Profound Qi was not different from an ordinary person. That was the fatal strike for a warrior.

Xia ShenChuan's and other people's faces dramatically changed with fear while they confusingly looked at s.h.i.+ Yan. Would a top future master of the Endless Sea become an ordinary person just because of the Martial Spirit's mutation? Everyone had the same thought.

Xia XinYan was broken-hearted and kept on sighing. Her heart was full of sorrowful innermost feelings, but she didn't know what to say.

s.h.i.+ Yan's face became heavy, and his eyebrows slammed together. He sat down cross-legged without saying a word. After taking a deep breath, s.h.i.+ Yan held his breath, concentrating his mind to make another attempt in condensing the Profound Qi. As long as he could condense the Profound Qi, it meant that the tragic case was not happening. As everyone saw him sitting down, they were all quiet and anxiously waited for the result.

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