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On a deserted island near the Immortal Island of the Kyara Sea.

In front of the Heaven Gate that was immersed in the dazzling light, numerous Demon Dwellers like a colony of ants were going back and forth. The Heaven Gate, which was originally big enough for only one person to get through, was gradually widening more and more.

There were dozens of Demon Beasts of the Six-Horned Demon Dragon Demon Area in the sky. They were more than fifty meters long, carrying a bunch of corpses. They came here from everywhere then dropped those corpses on the ground.

On this island, besides the Demon Dwellers with peculiar shapes, many human corpses piled up on the ground. The corpses covered the entire island, stacking as high as a small mountain.

The ground became red as dark red blood flooded all over the island.

In the middle of the Demon Dweller's cries and shouts, countless corpses on the island were flung into the Heaven Gate. In just a few minutes, the number of human corpses that had been hurled into the Heaven Gate had gone up to hundreds.

The scene of people whining was happening throughout the Kyara Sea.

The Demon Dwellers kept slaughtering nonstop throughout the thousands of islands in this area. The islands which had been protected by the Yang family, Xia family, and the Evil Wonderland had turned to be dead islands. There was no one left on these islands.

The Demon Beasts of the Demon Area had always been patrolling the islands in the Kyara Sea. All of them had huge bodies and were ridden by the Demon Dwellers. They went to every possible place to collect the human corpses. Every time the Demon Beasts' backs were strapped full of corpses, they would fly back to the island that connected with the Heaven Gate and then threw those corpses upon the piles of corpses that were now as high as a mountain on the island.

Many Demon Dwellers were screaming and throwing human corpses into the Heaven Gate tirelessly.

It was unknown for how long this scene had been occurring. It looked like they would never stop unless they had transported all of the corpses.

The Fourth Demon Area.

The gloomy sky didn't have the moon nor the stars nor the sun, except for the savage and dreary scene all the way to the horizon. Pitch-black mountain chains dominated, covering the entire sky and earth.

In a vast dark forest, dense demonic miasma hovered above the intimidating giant trees that couldn't be seen in the Grace Mainland. Demonic beasts, which had ma.s.sive bodies of dozens of meters, were furiously fighting against each other. b.l.o.o.d.y battles happened here and there.

Above the immense dark forest, countless corpses were hovering about in the sky. Those corpses were connected, forming a lump of meat that extended to the skyline.

All of the corpses were humankind, to be exact, the humankind from the Kyara Sea of the Endless Sea.

Numerous corpses piled up, interconnecting to form a big bridge. One side of the bridge connected with the splendid Heaven Gate. Every time the corpses appeared, hundreds of Sky Realm Demon Dwellers in the Heaven Gate poured the souls of the humankind out of the vases and jars in their hands.

As those souls from the Kyara Sea had been tempered by a secret technique, they were full of evil auras. As soon as they got out of the vases, they were roughly refined one more time before turning into a black liquid. This liquid ran onto the corpses, which made the gap between these corpses extremely solid.

It seemed that the Demon Dwellers of this Demon Area were building a bridge. This construction was exceptionally huge. It was unknown for how long it had been carried on.

Millions of human corpses were used to build the foundation of this bridge. The black liquid, which was created by millions of human souls, was used to make the concrete. It was floating in the sky of the Demon Area, leading to an extremely remote place in the Demon Area. Black lights constantly sparked on the big bridge.

The Soul Bridge hanged in the Demon Area's sky. One end connected to the Heaven Gate and the other end led to a mystical place of the Demon Area. Every time more corpses and souls were thrown into the Heaven Gate, the Soul Bridge would slowly extend a little bit. The distance between one end of the bridge and the mystical place of the Demon Area were getting shorter.

This spectacular construction looked like it was going to be completed soon.

Sevenfold Underworld.

The sky was dark green, and the air was overwhelmed with icy and erosive aura. Further ahead, the ground was full of deep holes. Those deep holes were like big wide opened b.l.o.o.d.y mouths that were waiting for human flesh. Inside the holes, the colorful liquid was babbling, in the middle of which, air bubbles blistered constantly.

The air bubbles blistered then exploded. The auras with different colors spread out from inside the holes and then blended with the Dark aura of this world, making the Dark aura even denser.

If looking down from the sky, there were no even and flat areas in this land. The ground was rugged and rough. Those deep holes, where the air bubbles constantly blistered, were like pimples; whenever they broke, some frightening auras flew out.

Among those holes, there was a huge cave which occupied one tenth of the territory of this continent.

Inside this huge cave, the black liquid was gurgling. This cave had many paths which connected with other numerous caves that made the liquid from all of the caves in the entire continent stream to one place, creating the peculiar Deep Sea.

The Deep Sea was boundless. It was even much bigger than the five big Seas of the Endless Sea combined.

In the Deep Sea, the sea water was black which seemed to be boiling up all the time. Bubbles, big and small, continually blistered then broke out, spreading out the colorful auras.

The colorful auras condensed into a dense undispersed miasmatic curtain, covering the entire Deep Sea's sky.

Above the Deep Sea, countless Dark Dwellers' corpses were hovering around. Many Dark Dwellers were standing on those corpses.

Inside a whirlpool amid the Deep Sea, the spin of the whirlpool was constantly swallowing up the Dark Dwellers' corpses which were hovering around above the Deep Sea. With every pa.s.sing second, dozens of corpses were swept into that whirlpool.

In the middle of the whirlpool, many Dark Dwellers in the air were pouring out the souls of the Dark Dwellers which were contained in the vases in their hands. After that, these souls also turned into the black liquid watering on the corpses.

Besides, in the center of the whirlpool, a dull light column, which was like a big mouth of the Demon Beasts, was slowly devouring the corpses.

The other side of that big mouth was a gloomy place. In the middle of the air, the Soul Bridge, which was made of the Dark Dwellers' corpses, was gradually extending toward a persistent direction.

In this s.p.a.ce, no aura of strength existed. There was no sky, no earth, and no living creatures, except only for the Soul Bridge.

In this murky s.p.a.ce, the Soul Bridge seemed to be spurred by some unknown strength. Every time one corpse was added, the Soul Bridge again reached out a little bit more.

The direction that this Soul Bridge was aiming for was the same with the place that the Soul Bridge of the Demon Area was leading to.

Once these two Soul Bridges adjoined, the Sevenfold Underworld and the Fourth Demon Area will be interconnected after tens of millions of years.

In order to link these gloomy s.p.a.ces, the Dark King of the Sevenfold Underworld and the Demon King of the Demon Area had planned it for over hundreds of years.

The point of time when these two worlds connected was coming closer.

In the Fourth Demon Area.

On the peak of a mountain which had been created by the stack of white bones, forty-nine Demon Dragons were flying around in the sky. The Demon Dragons opened their big mouths, exposing the sparkling fangs that could make other people fearfully tremble and then disgorged black smokes. The dragon aura of the Demon Dragons was overwhelming the entire bone mountain's peak.

On the peak, there were one hundred and eight white-bone pillars. The pillars were splendid like jades, the images of the Demon G.o.ds of the ancient time were engraved on the surface of the pillars.

One hundred and eight white-bone pillars formed a miraculous formation. Their positions were arranged based on the changes of the stars. The dragon auras, which were disgorged by the forty-nine Demon Dragons, were all absorbed by those white-bone pillars.

When those bone pillars had absorbed the dragon aura to a specific degree, the Demon G.o.ds of the ancient time, which were engraved on the surface of the pillars, would revive and then rush to the altar in the middle of the formation.

The rhombus-shaped altar was made of white bones. Layers of boundaries blockaded the surroundings of the altar. Between the layers of boundaries outside the altar, many kinds of earth-destructive auras were conflicting with each other nonstop, shooting out waves of energy that were so violent that all the warriors of the Demon Area were able to feel them.

A skinny old man with white hair on his temples and a serious face was standing in the middle of the altar.

He was totally naked, suffering different kinds of power striking his body. Besides, he was also enduring the attacks of the Demon G.o.ds of the ancient time which could hit him at any time.

Every time one Demon G.o.d of the ancient time broke through the boundaries and went inside, a Holy Armament suddenly appeared on his naked body that radiated thousand-zhang holy lights. The Holy Armament contained tremendous G.o.d power, emitting the light which was similar to the converged light of the sunlight and the moonlight. Moreover, the Holy Armament kept discharging impetuous aura nonstop.

The Demon G.o.ds of the ancient time released a variety of magics, either swinging their arms in launching thousands of lightning strikes, or the violent punch that was as heavy as a mountain, or dividing into hundreds of Demon G.o.ds. However, these attacks on that elderly man were all crushed and bounced right off by the Holy Armament's energy waves.

While battling, sometimes his bare body was full of wounds; other times, his arms had been both cut off. However, they were all regenerated and regained their normal state just in a short time. His body was almost immortal, eternally indestructible.

At the same time, he also opened his mouth, spurted out a drop of blood. That blood drop was as red as ruby and able to tear apart the boundaries and smash the white-bone pillars.

Nevertheless, every time one white-bone pillar had been broken, the thousand-zhang bone mountain instantly vibrated, and then a brand-new white-bone pillar rose up again. The number of the one hundred and eight white-bone pillars had remained unchanged so that the formations could operate normally.

Outside of the formation, three White Bones Dharma Bodies were as big as mountains, emitting demon aura that was as vast as the sea. On the sparkling white-bone body, thousands of strange badges, which looked like stars in the sky blinking nonstop, were slowly changing their positions.

One of the three White Bones Dharma Bodies was looking toward the altar. Two demon flames were dancing in its sockets. Its eyes were staring at the person on the altar.

"Yang Tian Emperor, the strength of your body has been consumed eighty percent. The reason you have been able to have persistently endured until now is due to your peculiar Immortal Martial Spirit and the Yang family's Eternal Holy Armament that has been transmitted throughout many years.

"Although you have just reached the First Sky of the Spirit Realm, you can rely on burning the Immortal Blood to strain that long. Yang Tian Emperor, you deserve to be the once-in-a-thousand-year exceptional genius of the Yang family." The White Bones Dharma Body in the middle suddenly spoke up. "But your Immortal Blood is limited; the Eternal Holy Armament requires the Immortal Blood to continue releasing the G.o.d power. When you have used up all the Immortal Blood, how much longer can you sustain this Heavenly Demon Wind G.o.d formation?"

The person on the altar still closed his eyes tightly. When the Demon G.o.ds of the ancient time disappeared, he regained his naked body.

"I, Bo Xu, have been engaging in wars for my whole life. I have met so many warriors, but I have to admit that you are the opponent that I respect." The White Bones Dharma Body hesitated for a while before giving the advice, "If you agree to let the Yang family belong to the Demon Area, I will immediately remove the Heavenly Demon Wind G.o.d formation and a.s.sure the Yang family's glory throughout ten consecutive generations."

"No one on earth that can make me, Yang Tian Emperor, submissive."

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