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On the Sacred Light Mountain's flank.

Tang YuanNan and the elders of the Three G.o.ds Sect were all standing together on a branch of a small juniper tree. Their bodies swayed gently in the breeze as if they were weightless.

The faces of the Three G.o.ds Sect's elders slightly expressed their astonishment. Watching Si Yan walking toward Xia XinYan down there, they were full of suspicions. They mumbled, "Although the Immortal Martial Spirit of the Yang family is very powerful, it only has the recovering effect at the beginning, not the effect of increasing body's strength." One of the elders with a scarred face was floundered for a while and said. "As what I have known, the Immortal Martial Spirit has to reach to the last phase to become intimidating. Every time it breaks through one level, the Immortal Martial Spirit's strength enhances dozens of times. However, before that, its efficiency is to merely increase the recovery ability of flesh and the flexibility of tendons and bones."

Other elders also nodded.

"The Ancient Barbarian Body of Man Gu is different. The luridness of Man Gu is displayed through his body strength. Even if he doesn't use the Profound Qi, the strength of the 'Ancient Barbarian Body' can still be compared with a full-power strike of a normal Earth Realm warrior. If Man Gu releases all of his strength, he will be able to defeat a Nirvana Realm. In a face-to-face combat like this, I don't know how he could lose."

That elder mused for a while before continuing, "These two men didn't use any secret treasures. Man Gu having been defeated is truly unreasonable."

Tang YuanNan's face was still unchanged. He said, "There are some secrets in this little rascal's body indeed. I have noticed that the power in his body is extremely chaotic. It seems that several different strengths were coexisting within him."

"Hierarch, this little rascal is not the one who is content with staying in ponds." After that elder had thought for a while, he nodded, admitting s.h.i.+ Yan's ability.

Everyone seemed to agree.

Tang YuanNan burst out laughing. He said, "He still doesn't know how to use the Star Martial Spirit."

Everyone's eyes brightened.

"Inside the Martial Spirit that the Star G.o.d has transmitted, there is his spiritual mark. Once s.h.i.+ Yan knows how to activate the secret technique from me, it will …" Tang YuanNan didn't say further.

The Three G.o.ds Sect's elders were all shaken with fear. Their faces became strange.

"This matter, wait until we go the Moon Island to organize the Sect conference, then we will decide whether or not he can become the new Star G.o.d." Tang YuanNan finally spoke up after musing for a while.

Everyone nodded with confused faces.

At a hidden corner of the trading area, LinDa's clothes were soaking wet; her hair fell on her cheeks; her dazed eyes were looking at that st.u.r.dy figure over there.

Beside her, the eyes of a female follower of the Three G.o.ds Sect also brightened up with excitement.

"LinDa, do you actually know him? That's cool." This girl's name was Jiang Li. Her small face had already turned red, and her hands tightly clenched while she looked very nervous. She urged LinDa, "Go, go there to meet him."

LinDa's subtle body suddenly s.h.i.+vered; a beam of bitterness was revealed from the corner of her mouth. She slightly shook her head, "No."

"Why?" Jiang Li didn't understand; she tightened her fists and resentfully said, "As you know him, you have to take the chance. I can't have this chance though I want it so much. LinDa, let me tell you, this guy will be an important person in the future. If you don't grab this chance to tie him up now, you won't have any other chances later."

"I am still so far behind him," LinDa whined; her face looked disappointed. She said, "Only beautiful and powerful women like Cao Zhi Lan or Xia XinYan deserves him. I don't deserve …"

"It makes sense." Jiang Li kept silent. She thought for a while before nodding. She gloomily said, "This guy is too dangerous. Sigh, being with a person like that is not easy either. But, if it were me, as long as I could be with him, I would have been willing to do anything, even to be his concubine. I am just afraid he won't lay his eyes on me."

While talking, Jiang Li took out a bronze mirror then started counting the pimples on her face. After a while, she put her temper aside and whiningly said, "Alright, I should stop thinking about it."

LinDa was bewildered looking at the st.u.r.dy figure that was attracting thousands of eyes. As she didn't have enough courage to walk over, she could only stand at the dark corner, quietly watching s.h.i.+ Yan's vigorous body that seemingly had the G.o.d lights wrapping around it.

In the bathing area, Cao Zhi Lan's eyes became strange. While curling up her lips, she was silently watching s.h.i.+ Yan's back, seeing him revealing a smile and walking toward Xia XinYan.

"Didn't sell himself cheap just for some interests nor accepted me for the Cao family's forces. s.h.i.+ Yan, I have started to like you." Cao Zhi Lan mumbled to herself. Then, her full lips slightly s.h.i.+vered, revealed a mesmerizing smile on her face.

It seemed that she just had a true feeling for s.h.i.+ Yan as of now. Her behaviors before were merely the rationale trading. She had never been moved except for seeing s.h.i.+ Yan as her ally in the future. She had wanted to make use of the marriage to bind him without any romantic attachments.

However, when s.h.i.+ Yan had coldly rejected her in front of numerous people, his heartless words were like miraculous seeds that were planted in her heart, bringing out a strange vibration.

"It seems like I should treat you more honestly."

Cao Zhi Lan revealed a beautiful smile; her eyes were full of confidence.

In front of other people, her jade-like hands constantly patted Man Gu's body, and then she poured out all the medicinal powder inside dozens of vases and jars on his body.

Several st.u.r.dy men with leather cloths wrapping around their body suddenly appeared, standing in one line behind Man Gu.

"Wait until he wakes up, then give him the medicine in this jade vase." Cao Zhi Lan stood up, sluggishly straightened her back. The dazzling lights around her body gradually vanished, exposing a blue dress that embraced the mesmerizing curves of her body. When she slothfully stretched out her shoulders, the curve exposing at her bosom agitated everyone.

The big warriors of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect suddenly gasped with reddened faces, but they didn't dare to have any wicked thoughts.

Being one of the forces in the Tuta Sea, they knew how powerful the Cao family was, and even knew more clearly about the status of this beautiful woman in the Cao's family. Although the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect's power was mighty, they still had to submit if confronting the Cao family. People outside of the Tuta Sea knew that the Cao family was very dangerous, but they still didn't know the Cao family's real ability which was even more terrifying than what they could ever imagine.

These warriors of the Tuta Sea knew it very well. Even though Man Gu had been injured because of her, they didn't dare to show any intentions of vengeance.

"Take good care of Man Gu. He just got external injuries. After using my medicines, with his body, he will recover after seven days." Cao Zhi Lan instructed them as if the people of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect were her subordinates. Only after that, she moved her charming body and left.

Those followers of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect nodded constantly, didn't seem to be angry at Cao Zhi Lan when she treated them like the Cao family's servants.

"Hahaha, I didn't expect that you are that dangerous."

Ye ZhangFeng raised his cup of wine and took a sip. He revealed an immodest smile on his face. He then rushed towards s.h.i.+ Yan who was approaching and said, "I have been looking after your woman very carefully. She is still whole without any damages. You don't need to thank me though. Hahaha."

Xia XinYan blushed and embarra.s.sedly stared at him.

Ye ZhangFeng wasn't scared. He continued speaking and laughing, "No need to be ashamed. When Miss Cao stole your man, weren't you very proactive? When everything has been fine again, are you now going to reject it? Hahaha, you women are all deceitful. I know it."

Lin Ya Qi scolded him, "Can you shut your stinky mouth for a while? It is very hard for them to see each other. When they are about to say something that is nauseously sweet and sentimental, you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds had to have jumped in and destroyed the mood. You tell me, how can I enjoy the play?"

"Enjoy the play?" Ye ZhangFeng harrumphed, "Jie, you better watch this kind of things less. You are still young. I am afraid that you couldn't help but feel burning inside. Then, Master would blame me as well. I wouldn't be able to take it. Jie, you'd be better not to dream about this. I know that you have been waiting for pure love. But, with your personality that makes other people vomit blood, you can only attract the beasts."

"Little Bai, it has been long since we haven't fought with each other." Lin Ya Qi's eyes were half closed forming a moon shape which implied many meanings.

Ye ZhangFeng's face slightly changed. He raised his head looking toward the sky and then mumbled to himself, "Oh, it is getting dark. The stars are going to rise. It's time to find a place to rest."

Lin Ya Qi coldly looked at him. She harrumphed and then s.h.i.+fted her attention to s.h.i.+ Yan and Xia XinYan. Her face was full of expectation.

"Let's go." After approaching, s.h.i.+ Yan revealed a smile and said to Xia XinYan, "I want to see your grandfather. I have something to tell him."

Xia XinYan smiled and nodded, "Ok."

After speaking, she went straight outside without paying attention to the other people that were surrounding her.

Lin Ya Qi's face was now flooded with disappointment. She dispiritedly said, "Not like that …"

"Don't tell me you want to see the hot scene?" Ye ZhangFeng giggled. Before Lin Ya Qi got irritated, he hurriedly said, "Jie, you are free anyway, let's follow them to see."

"Uh, I will follow you." Lin Ya Qi nodded then hastily urged, "Let's go. Quick!"

"Of course, of course!" Ye ZhangFeng forced a smile. He then hurriedly ran after s.h.i.+ Yan and shouted, "Good brother, wait for me."

At a corner of the trading area.

Gu Ling Lung gritted her white teeth. Her body slightly trembled; her eyes were as if they wanted to projected flames, and her mouth kept cursing s.h.i.+ Yan nonstop, "s.h.i.+ Yan, you are such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d. You will not die decently. I curse you to be slashed into hundreds of pieces and that your soul will scatter and perish."

She both cursed and wiped away the stains on her body. Her entire body was soaking wet, exposing beautiful curves. However, with her wet clothes tightly stuck to her body, as well as being greasy, she looked a little s.l.u.ttish.

Before the tavern had collapsed, as she had been pa.s.sionately waving her hands to support Man Gu, she had jumped out of the tavern a little bit late. She had been swept along with the tavern, falling right on the redundant food floating on the water. That was why she had this appearance.

Of course, she blamed all the responsibility on s.h.i.+ Yan. When she had witnessed s.h.i.+ Yan's strength by her own eyes, she had been so angry that her entire body had trembled.

"Stop screaming. He has left already."

Qu Yan Qing, on the contrary, was clean. Her eyes showed the confusion, watching s.h.i.+ Yan leaving. Then, she suddenly remembered something, turning her head around looking at the group of young men who had stood up for her from before. Seeing their miserable appearances, their ruffled hair, and then comparing them with s.h.i.+ Yan's cold face, she felt disheartened.

Although s.h.i.+ Yan was a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he was much stronger than those soft eggs.

Qu Yan Qing thought to herself. Her eyes then flared up a strange light. It was unknown what she had just figured out.

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