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At the foot of the Sacred Light Mountain.

The sea water was ultramarine. The afterglow was of a mesmerizingly blazing red hue. Clouds were pink and the sea was blue. Many groups of clouds were floating around. The scene here was originally peaceful and relaxing. However, the two aggressive young men who were fighting had already destroyed this beautiful scene.

At this time, in the oval-shaped bathing area, the rubble of stones was scattering everywhere in the air. The ground had been indented, forming many deep craters. After an earth-piercing explosive sound, the ground was split open, creating a bottomless crater.

The sea water immediately flooded into that crater which was like a thousand-of-zhang-deep abyss. The two tremendous conflicting powers had made the sea water rise as if it wanted to drown both the sky and the earth.

Inside the bathing area, the wreckages of the taverns were littered everywhere; many pots and pans were floating on the water. Some food was also bobbing up and down on the water.

The natural bathing area had become a garbage dump and didn't retain any of its former elegance. Everything had been caused by the two people who were fighting inside that gaping crater.


A sound like the rolling thunders came up from inside the crater. The entire bathing area was vibrating.

Inside that crater, countless energetic seals condensed altogether in the middle of the dazzling lights.

Seven big energetic seals merged into one, which was like a giant hand of an angel bringing along the earth-destructive aura, das.h.i.+ng toward Man Gu.

Man Gu was struck out of the crater. In the middle of the splattering shower, Man Gu's face was pale, and the muscles on his st.u.r.dy body was convulsing nonstop.

His horrendous strength was still there, but it seemed that Man Gu wasn't able to use his strength anymore. Under the attack of the energetic seals, Man Gu was then struck up to hundreds of zhang and continued getting slammed and pinned by a huge flow of water.

The Man Gu's buffalo-like body was now like a small boat in the torrent which was clearly about to capsize. In the middle of the full force of the barraging water, his strength seemed to be in the state of 'the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.'

The talented seed of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect, the young man who was ranked at number two in the Power Rankings, at this moment, seemed to… lose.

Many people in the trading area didn't believe in their own eyes. In the middle of the buzzing discussions, from a corner where n.o.body had paid attention to, a graceful shout suddenly came up, "Enough."

Cao Zhi Lan, who had disappeared for long, abruptly emerged. Her body was covered with a layer of splendid lights as she was walking on the surface of the water, approaching Man Gu.

No one knew that she had been hiding in the lake all that time. When the two men had been fighting, as she had disappeared without a trace, people had thought that she had soon left already. It was unexpected that when the fight was coming to an end, she had now reappeared all of a sudden.

It seemed that she had been coldly watching the violent fight between the two men in the dark and laughing to herself. Perhaps the fact that being bluntly refused by s.h.i.+ Yan had irritated her so much that she, from the beginning until now, hadn't shown up to prevent the fight nor asked Man Gu to stop.

Many people knew that Man Gu of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect seemed to have listened only to her. However, why she hadn't stopped him, was unknown.

It was unknown either she wanted to ridicule s.h.i.+ Yan or to let Man Gu know how dangerous s.h.i.+ Yan was that she had just quietly been hiding during that time.

n.o.body knew her real intentions.

However, at this critical point of time, she finally showed up.

As soon as she appeared, she slenderly leaped up like a phoenix. The brilliant lights were moving around, covering her entire body.

Cao Zhi Lan's body, which was like a rainbow, moved toward Man Gu. After that, when she lifted her jade-like hand up, magnificent lights in the sky suddenly intertwined, forming a silver net which tied up Man Gu just in a blink. One of her hands held the silver net while her other hand, relying on the torrent, pulled Man Gu up and then landed on the ground.

"Let go of me. I want to kill him." Being tied up inside the silver net, Man Gu was struggling and angrily screaming. A murderous aura suddenly struck people's faces.

At this time, it seemed that Man Gu's strength was still as violent as before. Thus, he still wanted to risk his life in fighting s.h.i.+ Yan, knocking s.h.i.+ Yan out right in front of Cao Zhi Lan.

"You should calm down." Cao Zhi Lan knitted her eyebrows and then threw him a jade vase. "Take the pellet inside the vase quickly. Your body is severely injured. You don't have the Immortal Martial Spirit as he does. If you continue to fight, you will definitely die."

"I don't care." Man Gu screamed out loud; his face was vivid-red. "I certainly can kill him. Let me go! I want to kill him."

Man Gu's scream was still powerful as usual. But, when the people heard it, it somehow expressed his helplessness...

"Stupid buffalo!" Cao Zhi Lan cursed him under her breath before using her jade-like hand to pat on the back of Man Gu's head strongly. A dark blue octopus suddenly appeared on the back of his head. Its tentacles quickly held Man Gu's head, and black streams of power ran out from those tentacles, absorbing into Man Gu's brain.

The haughtiness in Man Gu's eyes gradually vanished. He felt that his eyelids became so heavy that he couldn't open his eyes anymore. When he closed his eyes, his body finally relaxed, and his stiffened muscles loosened.

Streams of red blood gradually gushed out from the muscles on his body. After a short while, Man Gu's body was full of blood.

It turned out that Man Gu's body had soon torn down; however, when the muscles had stiffened, those injuries had been suppressed, even a drop of blood couldn't have spewed out because his skin and flesh were too solid. However, at this moment, when his spirit had relaxed, and the muscles on his body were no longer tense, those injuries then surfaced.

Cao Zhi Lan's eyes flared up a beam of remorse; she secretly released a sigh. After that, she quickly sat down, taking out many vases and jars then applied the medicinal powder on Man Gu's body.

In front of many people, s.h.i.+ Yan's blunt refusal had made an arrogant person like her too resentful.

Therefore, a person who was always calm like her hadn't been able to be discerning anymore. Having seen Man Gu challenge s.h.i.+ Yan in combat, she hadn't stopped him as she had thought that Man Gu would have taught s.h.i.+ Yan a lesson.

She obviously knew the depth of s.h.i.+ Yan's abilities, but as being from the Tuta Sea, she also clearly knew how unpredictable Man Gu's innate G.o.d power was.

In the Tuta Sea, Man Gu had soon performed the great strength that ordinary people could hardly believe. She understood Man Gu's power. Once Man Gu went crazy, he would be able to release the strength which was enough to destroy a Nirvana Realm warrior.

That was why she had felt that Man Gu would have had defeated s.h.i.+ Yan, helping her save her reputation in front of the other warriors of the Endless Sea. Regretfully, she had underestimated s.h.i.+ Yan.

"d.a.m.n it!" Cao Zhi Lan gritted her teeth while checking on Man Gu's wounds and quietly observing the bathing area.


The water arrows continuously flew up to the sky. In the shower of the water arrows, s.h.i.+ Yan's face was pale; his skin and flesh had been torn apart. He looked even more miserable than Man Gu.

However, his eyes still expressed the same coldness as before.

The G.o.d light remained in his eyes proved that he still had a lot of energy. Although his appearance looked miserable, those were just external wounds. He was definitely able to engage in another fight if needed.

With just a quick look, everyone was clear that Man Gu had lost. Man Gu was ranked second on the Power Rankings, yet was defeated by an unknown little rascal. Until now, the majority of people still didn't know s.h.i.+ Yan's real ident.i.ty.

"Who is he after all?"

"Really strong. Man Gu is ranked second on the Power Rankings, yet has been defeated. Would he perhaps be more dangerous than Zhong Li Dun of the Martial Holy Palace?"

"Impossible. Zhong Li Dun has already broken through the Nirvana Realm for a long time and is about to reach the Second Sky of the Nirvana Realm. In this world, only the ancient and mystical place like the Martial Holy Palace can temper that kind of monster."

"That's right. The gap between their Realms is too big, so he obviously couldn't defeat Zhong Li Dun."

"What if he also breaks through the Nirvana Realm?"

"Ah, if so, it's hard to say."


Everyone in the trading area was boisterously discussing, secretly comparing s.h.i.+ Yan with the person who was the number one on the Power Rankings, Zhong Li Dun. For them, as having just defeated Man Gu, s.h.i.+ Yan had become the new most s.h.i.+ning star on the Power Rankings. However, they still didn't know who s.h.i.+ Yan was.


s.h.i.+ Yan was like a big bird stomping on the water and then constantly leaping up. In just a short moment, he was already on the ground and walked towards Cao Zhi Lan.

The wounds on s.h.i.+ Yan's body had stopped bleeding, and in front of numerous eyes of other people, those wounds started healing with a visible speed.

"Immortal Martial Spirit!"

"Monster of the Yang family!"

"My gosh, he is the monster of the Yang family. No wonder …"

"I have told you, only the monster of the Yang family has the peculiar fighting strength like that."

Everyone clamored and displayed the excitement on their faces. Some of them also started to be frightened and worried for their forces back home.

Wasn't it that the Yang family had been expelled from the Endless Sea?

Many people were suspicious as well as astonished. They didn't know where s.h.i.+ Yan came from after all. But, anyway, this fight had startled everyone. The news of the Yang family's return to the Endless Sea was immediately spread throughout the entire island.

"What are you coming here for?" Cao Zhi Lan's charming face suddenly paled. As she knew that s.h.i.+ Yan was very cruel, she couldn't help but s.h.i.+eld Man Gu who was unconscious and then lowered her voice begging, "s.h.i.+ Yan, you and he are not enemies nor have any prior resentments. Please be merciful."

s.h.i.+ Yan's eyes were still frigid; his face was as cold as ice. He looked at Cao Zhi Lan and said, "I come here because of you, not Man Gu."

"Because of me?" Cao Zhi Lan was astonished; her beautiful eyes beamed out a look of surprise.

"You have known that XinYan is here, yet still played tricks in the lake. If I am not consistent, I would have gotten trapped." s.h.i.+ Yan knitted his eyebrows then coldly smiled, "I don't like to be fooled around with. I warn you, if this happens again, don't blame me for not having mercy."

"You intentionally fought with Man Gu because you want people to pay attention to you through Man Gu's defeat. Haven't you got what you want?" Cao Zhi Lan was not frightened, she still gently smiled and then lowered her voice, "Two of us are the same kind of person. You are not better than me. To achieve your purpose, you disregard any tricks. It is an outstanding personality to obtain our goals. s.h.i.+ Yan, that woman is too honest, she isn't suitable for you."

"So, you are suitable for me?" s.h.i.+ Yan mocked.

"Of course, I can help you attain your goals."

"Goals?" s.h.i.+ Yan shook his head. "Understand? My a.s.s."

After finis.h.i.+ng, he immediately turned his head around, ignoring Cao Zhi Lan and walked straight toward Xia XinYan. His frigid look gradually disappeared.

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