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Numerous waves of energy spread out from the two water pillars. After having radiated dazzling lights and shot out thousands of water arrows, they collapsed quickly. At this time, s.h.i.+ Yan and Man Gu were standing, facing each other on the surface of the water. Their powerful punches collided, creating a shaking explosion like a terrible roll of thunder. Many beams of light that could dazzle and dizzy other people instantly covered both of them, making their figure ambiguous. In just a few seconds, it was unknown for how many times they had launched their strikes.


The waves tumbled, their bodies were like long lances that plunged at a mind blowing speed to the bathing area, creating a huge crater in the middle of the lake. Water flows crazily flooding in the crater was struck straight up to the sky by the horrendous powers inside the crater, turning into a water dragon with incomparable strength. The water flows kept pouring into the crater then transformed into rampageous water dragons soaring up to the sky. After the power gradually dissolved, they returned to drops of rain falling.

"d.a.m.n it! Can't see anything."

"Why are you burrowing into the ground? Sh*t, you've just p.i.s.sed on my fireworks. I want to go down to see."

"If you want to die, go ahead. I a.s.sure that you will no longer exist in this world tomorrow."

On the terrace of the shaking tavern, many warriors were whining, wanted to go down there to have a better look, but they were afraid of the aftershocks from the powers of the two of them. Thus, they could only continue staying in the tavern and were complaining nonstop.

"Boom boom boom."

Inside that deep crater, which was like a well, s.h.i.+ Yan and Man Gu were still hanging onto each other. The tremendous strength ma.s.sively rolled out from the two of them. The violent strength, which could easily crush down ordinary warriors, flowed out through their limbs, colliding with each other and creating the explosive sound like rolling thunders. The inside of the earth was destroyed so terribly that deep ditches appeared everywhere.

s.h.i.+ Yan activated the Petrification Martial Spirit which made his body as solid as stone or steel. The negative power was like surging tides, joining with his profound Qi and torrentially flowing everywhere inside his body. Every time a punch was launched, earth-shaking explosive sounds resounded from inside his arm's bones.

While he was freely discharging the power, his body, which had been tempered thousands of times before, suddenly released an indescribably wonderful feeling as if his body contained the unlimited strength which wasn't unlikely to burst out.

When the tremendous power of Man Gu struck on his body, a sound, which was like pieces of mental consciousness that collided with each other, arose. s.h.i.+ Yan felt that his entire body was in pain as if all of his cells had been smashed at once.

However, during the pain, he also felt refreshed at the same time. A miraculous illusion had appeared. He had a feeling that his body was a magic weapon and Man Gu was a big hammer pounding on his body. It seemed that this was an indispensable step when forging the magic weapons. Man Gu's strength, which was enough to smash all of the insides of his body, also seemed to have some effects that helped his body go through a marvelous tempering process.

Under Man Gu's torrential attacks, inside his ironed body, the cells continuously divided and then combined, the blood vessels were overstretched too much that it would possibly break at any time. Even the bones inside his body also produced the 'shrieking' sound as if they were about to have some transformations.

Under the effect of the powerful punches, the fabulous essence of the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame, which were hiding inside his body, were also miraculously blended into his bones and then became a part of the cells and blood vessels.

Under the violent attacks of Man Gu, s.h.i.+ Yan felt abnormally comfortable.

However, Man Gu didn't like it. Being in the first rank of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect's young generation, he had always been transmitted the most powerful strength of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect since he was little. Since he was born, he already had the innate G.o.d power; his vessels and blood were also different from ordinary people. The current body provided him with an incomparably mighty strength which helped him cultivate many dangerous combat techniques of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect to the extent that n.o.body could even have imagined.

So far, Man Gu had always a.s.sumed that he was the next generation's Barbarian G.o.d. At the same Realm, no one was able to fight face-to-face with him.

However, while fighting with s.h.i.+ Yan today, he had realized that the legend of Barbarian G.o.d's Body, which had been spread throughout the history of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect, was not the only truth. In this world, it turned out that without cultivating the magics of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect nor help from the spiritual pellets of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect, there was still someone who possessed a body that was as mighty as his.

The horrendous strength that he had strived to release was able to crush the beasts at the same level although the st.u.r.diness of these beasts far surpa.s.sed the ones of the warriors at the same level.

He used to try it. He truly could smash the organs of the fifth-level beast 'Green Eyes Armored Lion' with only one strike, which led to its miserable death.

The body of the Green Eyes Armored Lion was very st.u.r.dy. Even the organs inside the body were covered by some layers of flesh which were as hard as the iron armors. Even if the strong Profound Qi of the ordinary warriors could get into its body, it was still tough to break those layers of flesh to harm the internal organs. But, with only one punch, accompanied by the crazily explosive strength of the punch, he had crumbled the organs of the Green Eyes Armored Lion, even the flesh layers, which were as hard as the iron armor that just had been broken.

The incomparable G.o.d power.

He has a.s.sumed that n.o.body in this world could be stronger than his Barbarian strength, or possess a body which was st.u.r.dier than his.

However, today, his torrential power that was like the strong wind and the big storm hadn't been able to smash s.h.i.+ Yan's system after having swept all over his body. He even felt that he was fighting with a thousand-year-stone. His punch seemed to strike on a rare lava rock instead of a living body.

"Boom boom boom boom."

An explosive sound that could even remove mountains came up from the huge deep hole. After that, water dragons undulatingly flew up to the sky one by one amid the splendid water shower, dazzling other people's eyes.

Many vibrating waves suddenly spread out from the middle of the bathing area. Wherever the vibrating waves diffused, the ground instantly split open.

Those taverns, which had been shaken and almost collapsed, finally violently shook as they couldn't stand the consecutive shockwaves anymore. Being surrounded with many screams, many warriors hurriedly leaped up and flew out. Before those warriors could get out completely, the remaining taverns eventually collapsed at the same time as they had to suffer too many of consecutive vibrations.

Xia XinYan, together with Ye ZhangFeng and Lin Ya Qi, and other warriors hastily moved away from the bathing area, running towards the trading area in the distance. The buildings in the trading area were made of the Blazing Yang Stones, which could only be found on the Sun Island. Moreover, each building was reinforced by a special formation.

Therefore, all vibrations reaching the trading area would be instantly suppressed. The trading area was still safe. Not long after that, many warriors who were as wet as a drowned rat s.h.i.+fted to the trading area to continue watching the fight. Three people, Xia XinYan, Ye ZhangFeng, and Lin Ya Qi were also among those people. The three of them didn't seem to worry for s.h.i.+ Yan. Xia XinYan's face was still calm; Ye ZhangFeng and Lin Ya Qi even showed their excitement, discussing together nonstop on the way.

The peculiar vibrations inside the earth were getting more and more violent to the extent that the elders who were secluding for cultivation on the Sacred Light Mountain of the Sun Island were also alerted. In front of the caves on the mountain flank of the Sun Island, some figures that emitted heating aura quietly appeared. They were standing under the shades of the ancient trees in front of the caves, coldly looking down.

A ray of G.o.d light zoomed over.

The Hierarch in power of the Three G.o.ds Sect, Tang YuanNan, silently appeared on the mountain flank. He stood underneath the shade of a luxuriant juniper tree, waving at those who were standing in front of the caves. As soon as those elders saw him, they immediately leaped up, flew over and stood next to him.

Waiting until those elders stood neatly, Tang YuanNan revealed a smile then pointed toward the clamorous noise down there and said, "The one who is fighting with Man Gu is s.h.i.+ Yan."

Some of the elders with doleful eyes but robust spirits displayed astonishment after hearing it. One of them slightly bent down and said with a low voice, "Are you sure that he is the successor of the Star G.o.d?"

Tang YuanNan was still somber. He said seriously, "Yes. I am sure."

The elders' expressions were all shaken. When looking down there, they were even more attentive as if they were thinking of something for the future of the Three G.o.ds Sect.

"According to the Three G.o.ds Sect's rules, once he successfully enters the Nirvana Realm, he can also become the Star G.o.d of the next generation." Tang YuanNan's face was heavy. He lowered his voice, "If five out of nine of the Three G.o.ds Sect's elders in power agree, he will become the new Star G.o.d and immediately receive the newfound n.o.ble position and status in the G.o.ds Sect. You need to think carefully. I believe he is very close to the Nirvana Realm…"

The countenance of the elders slightly changed after hearing those words.

"Once the Star G.o.d's ident.i.ty is confirmed, the benefits of the Three G.o.ds Sect should also be altered. Therefore, you will have to concede some of your current benefits. Tang YuanNan meaningfully looked at the elders and then continued, "I know you will feel that it is difficult. Obtaining something is easier that giving it up. But, I hope that you can sacrifice and make concessions for the sake of the Three G.o.ds Sect. Even I myself will concede a part of my benefits to support the new Star G.o.d."

The elders of the Three G.o.ds Sect kept silent without uttering a word.

"Hierarch, we have heard that he is a member of the Yang family?" One of the elders suddenly spoke up.

Tang YuanNan secretly released a sigh. He reluctantly nodded, "That's not wrong. Yang Tian Emperor has a.s.signed Jiao Han Yi, one of the three Asura Kings to pick him up. That has proved how much the Yang family respects him. While Yang Tian Emperor hasn't returned yet, if we take this chance, tightly binding him with the G.o.ds Sect, isn't it a good thing for the G.o.ds Sect?"

"What if he had the benefits of the Three G.o.ds Sect, but his heart was for the Yang family?"

"The G.o.ds Sect has its own rules." Tang YuanNang hesitated for a while before replying.

The elders' faces slightly changed. They then quietly nodded. After that, without asking further, they s.h.i.+fted their eyes towards the bathing area down there. They wanted to see if that little rascal was qualified enough to make them willingly concede their current benefits or not. Opportunity should only be obtained by one's real ability.

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